Heavenly Monarch of All Times Chapter 2253: Rakshasa Sect Leader


bsp;”Nie Tian, ​​that suspended sword intention seal is the Holy Heaven Sword Seal.” Jun Chujian came to Nie Tian’s side, staring at the Holy Heaven Sword Seal with blazing eyes, and said solemnly.

Nie Tian nodded slightly, feeling extremely shocked.

He felt that the sword intent in the Holy Heaven Sword Seal seemed a little different from other sword intent breaths.

The sword intention in the sword seal is not only powerful, but also contains a very mysterious aura.

This kind of aura was something Nie Tian had never felt in any sword intent.

This feeling is like the aura in the Holy Heaven Sword Seal is a super sword intention that transcends all sword intentions.

Nie Tian was very confused. The Holy Heaven Sword Seal was very unusual.

It seems that breaking this sword seal is not a simple matter.

“Nie Tian, ​​what do you feel?” Jun Chujian looked at Nie Tian and asked seriously.

Nie Tian explained his feelings and finally said: “Why is the sword intention in the Holy Heaven Sword Seal different from other sword intentions? It’s so strange.”

“According to rumors, the Shengtian Sword Seal is a mysterious swordsman from a long time ago, left by the Shengtian Ancestor.” Jun Chujian smiled bitterly and said: “What level is the Shengtian Ancestor? No one knows the swordsman anymore.”

“No one can tell how terrifying his sword intent is.”

“The Holy Sky Sword Alliance has been established for nearly a million years, and has produced countless swordsman geniuses.”

“But no one can break the Holy Heaven Sword Seal.”

“This sword seal is like a big mountain pressing on the Holy Sky Sword Alliance, making it difficult for all the leaders of the Sword Alliance in the past to breathe.”

Speaking of this, Jun Chujian couldn’t help but sigh and said: “I have been the leader of the Holy Sky Sword Alliance for 200,000 years.”

“For two hundred thousand years, I have been dreaming about how to break the Holy Heaven Sword Seal.”

“But it is a pity that there are so many swordsmen in the Holy Sky Sword Alliance. No matter how amazing and talented you are, there is nothing you can do with the Holy Sky Sword Seal.”

After saying that, Jun Chujian couldn’t help but sigh again.

Nie Tian frowned, suddenly looked at Jun Chujian, and asked: “Master Alliance Leader, I want to know, what is sealed under the Holy Heaven Sword Seal?”

“Sword Tomb.” Jun Chu saw it and said without concealing it: “The Holy Sky Sword Seal is actually a gate, a door leading to the Holy Sky Sword Tomb.”

“The Holy Sky Sword Tomb is a sword tomb left over from the era of saints in an abandoned place.”

“It is rumored that there are swordsmanship inheritance left by countless saint-level swordsmen in the Holy Sky Sword Tomb.”

“As long as you can open the Holy Heaven Sword Seal, you can obtain the inheritance of the Saint’s Sword Dao.”

As he said that, Jun Chu’s eyes revealed an unconcealable passion, and he obviously longed for the Saint Sword Tomb.

Nie Tian raised the corners of his mouth slightly, finally understanding.

No wonder Jun Chujian wanted to break the Holy Heaven Sword Seal so much. It turned out to be for the inheritance of swordsmanship in the Holy Heaven Sword Tomb.

The inheritance of swordsmanship at the saint level is a fatal temptation for any swordsman.

As long as you can integrate the swordsmanship inheritance of the saint, it will be possible to become a saint with swordsmanship in the future!

But no matter how great the desire in Jun Chujian’s heart is, until the Holy Heaven Sword Seal is broken, everything is just a fantasy.

Nie Tian glanced at Jun Chujian and said in his heart: “Breaking the Holy Sky Sword Seal is definitely a great thing for the Holy Sky Sword Alliance.”

“The mysterious man must have put forward very big conditions to Jun Chujian, otherwise he would not have let Rang Lai break the sword seal.”

The benefits of breaking the Holy Sky Sword Seal are self-evident to the Holy Sky Sword Alliance. qcwr

The mysterious man is obviously not a fuel-efficient lamp. Such a benefit must also come with a huge condition.

Nie Tian also understood now why Jun Chujian was willing to risk offending his great enemy to save him.

Because breaking the Holy Sky Sword Seal is so important to the Holy Sky Sword Alliance.

“Nie Tian, ​​let’s leave first.” At this time, Jun Chujian nodded slightly and prepared to leave.

Nie Tian nodded in agreement, and the two of them left immediately.

Breaking the Holy Heaven Sword Seal is a very big deal, and it is obviously impossible to do it directly.

And Nie Tian knew that if he tried directly, there would be no guarantee of success, and there would be great danger.

The sword intent contained in the Holy Heaven Sword Seal is so powerful that it can easily backfire on Nie Tian.

Soon, Nie Tian and Jun Chujian returned to Qingxin Courtyard.

“Lord Leader, the Rakshasa Sect Leader has arrived and is waiting in the Holy Sky Hall.” Just as the two figures fell down, a voice came from outside the courtyard.

“It’ll be here so soon.” Jun Chujian had already expected it. He smiled faintly and said, “Tell him that I will be here soon.”

“Yes.” The person outside the courtyard agreed, and then his breath disappeared.

“Lord Leader, since you have something to take care of, I won’t bother you anymore. You can just arrange a place for me to live.” Nie Tian said with a faint smile.

When Jun first saw him, he shook his head, smiled, and said, “Nie Tian, ​​the Rakshasa Sect Master is here for you, how can you not go?”

“Are you coming for me?” Nie Tian was stunned for a moment, a little confused.

“You are the person I invited to break the seal of the Holy Sky Sword. Of course these sect masters of the Holy Sky Sword Mang want to meet you.” Jun Chujian smiled faintly and said: “Come with me to meet you. Meet them.”

Nie Tian frowned and looked helpless, so he could only follow Jun Chujian.

Until now, he still doesn’t know what the seven major sword sects of the Holy Sky Sword Alliance are.

He only knows that Rakshasa Sword Sect and Lingyun Sword Sect are the two strongest sects among the seven sword sects.

The sword sect that Jun Aoqing belongs to should be the Holy Sky Sword Sect.

The Holy Sky Sword Sect is the authentic sect of the seven major sword sects. The leader of the Holy Sky Sword Alliance is the swordsman of the Holy Sky Sword Sect when we first meet him.

Previously, Nie Tian had already met Luo Sanfeng of the Rakshasa Sword Sect and Ling Hanfeng of the Lingyun Sword Sect.

Judging from their attitudes towards Jun Aoqing, the relationship between the seven major sword sects of the Holy Sky Sword Alliance is not harmonious.

The conflicts between various sword sects should be deep.

Nie Tian couldn’t help feeling a little uneasy as he followed Jun Chujian.

Faintly, he felt that something was going to happen next.

A moment later, Jun Chujian and Nie Tian arrived outside the Shengtian Hall.

“Lord Leader, long time no see.” Before the two of them entered the hall, a majestic voice came from the hall, with an extremely strong violent aura, resounding through the space, like thunder.

“Sect Leader Luo!” Jun Chuqian smiled faintly, and his voice turned into a gentle force in the air, easily dispelling the violent energy in the air.

The next moment, a burly figure in black flew out of the hall and landed heavily in front of Nie Tian and Jun Chujian.

Nie Tian looked at this person and couldn’t help but be shocked.

This man’s aura was very powerful, and a very violent sword intent surged around his body, flowing in the space, making his whole person look ferocious and violent.

What is even more frightening is that the sword power around this man is very terrifying, and he is faintly inferior to the three legends.

This figure in black is none other than the leader of the Rakshasa Sword Sect, Luo Tong!

“Boy, you must be the one who injured my son.” Suddenly, Luo Tong’s eyes darkened and he stared at Nie Tian with murderous intent in his eyes.


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