Grasping Evil Chapter 1243: Lagerstroemia four artifacts



There are only three real worlds in the world, the world of dust, the world of anti-dust, and the world of mountains and seas.


Among them, Nichen Realm is composed of four Great Desolate Continents. There are countless immortal kingdoms and immortal territories on the four wastes, and they are constantly fighting with each other.


At that time, Immortal Emperor Zidou had not yet achieved the Tao, and the most powerful among the four deserts was the ancient fairyland. Desolate Ancient Immortal Xiu dominates the Eastern Desolation, and no one dares to challenge his majesty.


Second only to the Desolate Ancient Immortal Territory are Ziwei and Beidou Immortal Territories. These two immortal domains jointly occupy the Northern Wilderness, and their power is also no trivial matter.


No one thought that such a powerful Ziwei and Beidou would eventually be destroyed by one person.


On that day, Immortal Emperor Zidou defeated the two Immortal Emperors by himself and dominated the Northern Wilderness. His fierce reputation swept the three worlds, and everyone who heard it changed color!


On that day, Ziwei and the Second Emperor Beidou were crushed by the wheel of history and became the stepping stone for Immortal Emperor Zidou to become famous.


The remaining descendants of Ziwei were sealed by Immortal Emperor Zidou into the fantasy world he created. Also sealed into the fantasy world is the Ziwei North Pole Palace, the holy place in Ziwei Xianxiu’s mind.


In the Ziwei North Pole, the word “North Pole” refers to the Arctic Mountain where Immortal Emperor Ziwei succeeded. It is rumored that the day when Immortal Emperor Ziwei became enlightened, the entire Arctic Mountain was transformed into a cave dwelling, which is the origin of the Arctic. As for the word Ziwei, it refers to the Ziwei Avenue, the way of Immortal Emperor Ziwei’s life.


As a taboo for the Venerable, the descendants of Ziwei dare not call the Ziwei Arctic Palace indiscriminately. When calling this palace, it is often referred to as the Arctic Palace.


This is a palace that sank at the bottom of the Jiehe River. It has existed here for an unknown number of years.


This is a palace that no one can enter. Only those who hold the key and have the permission of Immortal Emperor Ziwei can make an exception.


The key to the Ziwei North Pole Palace is in the hands of the patriarch of the Feng female clan, which has been passed down from generation to generation. The Feng female clan is the guardian of the Ziwei North Pole Palace, but even the members of this clan cannot remember how long they have been guarding the palace.


At this moment, outside the Ziwei North Pole Palace, there is a Zishan fish cart riding the water waves and slowly coming. On the fish cart, a woman in a purple imperial suit was riding. Around the fish cart, a large number of aquarium honor guards followed, all with solemn expressions.


This woman in imperial clothing is not someone else, but the king of the female family, the one who wants to concoct the alchemy of the True Monarch Yuanshen of the North Sea.


“Your Majesty, are you really planning to enter the Arctic Palace? The post inviting alchemists has been sent to all ethnic groups. With the king’s appeal, a large number of alchemists will soon come to help. Kill Beihai. Old thief, just around the corner. Why does the king have to enter the North Pole Palace to take risks? I think back then, the king entered the North Pole Palace seven times and was injured by the monsters in the palace seven times. After swallowing most of it, I almost fell. Please think twice and give up this trip!” Several female guards persuaded.


“You don’t need to persuade you any more. The Beihai old thief is a second-tier title quasi-sage. With his strong cultivation, he is able to confer his own mana by binding his own primordial spirit, and it is difficult for others to kill him. It is more than ten times more difficult to refine such an existence into an elixir. Only by adding the holy herb, the soul-turning leaf, and the Fengdao Lingquan when refining the elixir, can there be a small chance to use it. Refining and killing. These three things, only the North Pole Palace has… The father and mother hate each other, and they are inseparable! No matter how dangerous this trip is, I will go through this!” The imperial clothing woman’s tone was firm.


“Your Majesty…”


“Okay, there is no need to discuss this matter. If alchemists of various ethnic groups arrive, you will be in charge of receiving them, and there must be no negligence. At least three days, as many as five days, I will definitely return.”


The woman in the imperial clothing no longer spoke, her toes lightly tapped, and she stepped on the water waves and flew towards the entrance of the Ziwei Arctic Palace.


Lagerstroemia Arctic Palace is composed of twelve palace groups, so there are also twelve entrances to enter, which are called the twelve palace gates by the women. The woman in the imperial clothing was walking at the gate of the Quailwei Palace among the twelve palace gates. When she tried to approach the palace gate, the purple thunder ban on the palace gate immediately reacted.


But instead of attacking her immediately, the restraints were waiting.


Wait for the woman in imperial clothing to show her key, if there is, don’t kill; otherwise, kill without mercy.


“Xianxian Fuyao girl, holding the key of this immortal emperor, if you want to enter this palace, please let me go.”


The woman in the imperial suit had a sandalwood mouth, and a purple light flew out of her body. After circling nine times in front of the palace gate, the purple light flew back into the woman’s body.


No one can see clearly what is wrapped in the purple light of the Fengnu people around.


But after showing this thing, the woman in the imperial clothing successfully entered the gate of the Quailwei Palace, which is probably the so-called key.


Ning Fan was surprised.


He just pushed the door of the treasury lightly, trying to get out of the treasury, but he would be destroyed by the purple thunder ban on the door of the treasury. The power of these prohibitions is truly remarkable.


Ning Fan’s eyes swept to the iron gate of the treasure house, his eyes were extremely focused.


After a long time, Ning Fan withdrew his gaze and felt the injury on his right hand. Because of forcibly pushing the door of the treasure house, his right hand was restrained by the purple thunder on the door and turned into coke.


He felt the surrounding space again. There was the fourth-step space interference in this North Pole Palace. Under such interference, even the sage could not freely enter and exit by means of escape and teleportation. The six teleportation techniques cannot be used here either.


If you want to get in and out of this place, you can only go through the door, you can’t escape the void.


“Above this door, there are a total of 3,122 Zi Lei prohibitions. Due to their age, half of the prohibitions have expired. When I pushed the door, only about 1,400 prohibitions responded… But these 1,400 prohibitions actually Easily ruined one of my hands…”


“If these prohibitions are intact, even the saints of the third step will never try to break through these prohibitions. But if there are defects between these prohibitions, even me, it is possible to break the prohibitions.”


Lagerstroemia arctic palace, the twelfth house, analysis (xi) wooden palace.


In the interior of Ziwei North Pole Palace, there are a total of twelve palace groups, namely: Xingji Palace, Xuanqi Palace, Qiao(ju) Zi(zi) Palace, Jianglou Palace, Daliang Palace, Shishen Palace, Quail Head Palace, Quail Fire Palace, Quail Tail Palace, Shouxing Palace, Dahuo Palace, Ximu Palace.


To Immortal Emperor Ziwei, the existence of Ziwei North Pole Palace is like the meaning of Xuanyin Realm to Ning Fan. He occasionally retreats to practice in the palace, and also grows elixir here to store treasures and sundries.


Among them, there are more than 3,000 palaces in Ximu Palace, all of which are used to store sundries.


At this moment, outside a certain palace in Yanmu Palace, two drunk little demons are patrolling nearby.


“Hiccup…I haven’t finished eating the wine and vegetables, why did the king call us to patrol…hic…” Among the two demons, the blue-faced demon complained drunkenly while burping.


“Stupid! Really stupid! Since the king asked us to patrol, naturally a thief entered the wood palace! Hiccup…” Another red-faced demon replied drunkenly.


“What? Another thief came to us to steal something? Wouldn’t it be those liquor demons from Daliang Palace again? Hiccup…”


“It is also possible that the elixir demons from Quailtail Palace are taking revenge on me. Didn’t our king go to steal the elixir some time ago? It’s probably because of revenge. Hiccup…”


“If you say that, it’s possible for the calligraphers to descend to Lou Palace… hiccup…”


While the two little demons were talking and laughing, a certain palace not far away suddenly made the sound of the ban collapsing!


“No, there really are thieves! Instead of looking like internal thieves, they look like outside thieves!”


The surprise of the two little demons is not small. They are Jindan little demons. They have just become demons and don’t know much about the Arctic Palace.


But even they know some basic things, that is, the prohibition of the North Pole Palace, they will not attack the demons in the palace like them, because these demons are transformed by the possessions of Immortal Emperor Ziwei.


In this way, even if monsters like them occasionally go to the palaces of other forces to steal treasures, they don’t need to break the ban. Of course, there is no way for ordinary little monsters to break the ban.


However, this scene actually happened!


“It is said that the only people who can enter the palace from the outside are the Fengnu family. The people who come here must be thieves of the Fengnu clan!”


“It’s the direction of the Four Hundred and Sixty-Sixth Hall! Quick, don’t let the thief run away!”


The two little demons rushed to the four hundred and sixty-sixth hall, and then, the scene in front of them was so frightening that they could not stand still.


The iron gate of the temple in front of me has been smashed to pieces by life, and the ban on purple thunder will be destroyed! The one who caused all this was a young man in white with a cultivation base that reached the sky!


This person resisted the ban on the purple thunder, and he was severely injured by the ban, but he had three mulberry trees of inexplicable origin to protect his body, and the terrifying wounds all over his body healed in just a few breaths!


“Three, Sansang Demon Tree! This person actually has the Sansang Demon Tree to protect his body. Could it be that he is actually a descendant of the Sansang Kingdom. I heard that the Sansang Kingdom was destroyed by our Ziwei Xianxiu. Could it be that this person is Come to seek revenge on us!” The two little demons were obviously not high-leveled, but their eyesight was astonishing, and they could see the origin of the ancient Sansang tree at a glance.


Thinking of the horror of the descendants of Sansang Kingdom, the two little demons were so scared that their legs were weak. At this moment, they finally saw the true appearance of the two thunderbolts surrounding the young man in white.


Ancestral Thunder Sparrow!


Destroy the Thunder Baby!


On the shoulders of this young man in white, there is a royal raccoon!


“The ancestor Thunderbird, known for his arrogance, actually surrendered to this person! Fake it!”


“My darling! This is the real Dao Destruction Lei Ying! According to the book, it can kill the semi-sacred Dao Destruction Lei Ying!”


“The fourth-ranked nine raccoon of all races, actually surrendered to this person! And this person subdued a royal nine raccoon!”


The legs of the two Jindan little demons were so frightened that they fell directly to the ground, trembling non-stop.


As everyone knows, Ning Fan was really frightened by the two golden elixir demon Bo Wen Guang Ji in front of him.


Not surprised by the strength of the other party, but by the eyesight of the other party.


“These two little demons are only the first step to cultivate, but they can easily see through my methods. This seems a bit strange…”


Ning Fan did not kill these two little monsters casually, but gave birth to a little bit of exploration.


“Hurry up and report to the king, there is an intruder…” The two little demons were clearly paralyzed on the ground, but they still dared to take out the sounding arrow, wanting to inform their own king, but they were loyal.


Unfortunately, Ning Fan didn’t give them a chance to inform them. With just one look, the two little demons were hit by his illusion and couldn’t resist.


“Does the master still need the black devil to break the mine ban of other palaces?” The black devil lying on Ning Fan’s shoulders asked respectfully.


“No need for now, I need to find out the situation here first. You guys have done a good job, you’ve worked hard, go and rest.” Ning Fan praised the Black Demon and the other two members of the Black Demon team, Lei Que. and Lei Ying.


“It’s not hard, it’s not hard! The master doesn’t know anything! The Leijing here is too delicious, and it is very beneficial to the cultivation of the subordinates. The subordinates have not eaten enough, the master will find more Leijing for the subordinates to eat. .” Ancestor Thunderbird begged.


It has lived for a lifetime, and it is the first time that it has eaten such pure thunder power. If it can eat more, it is confident that it will break through the cultivation level in a very short time.


“I’m not full, I still want to eat…” Mie Dao Lei Ying looked at Ning Fan with a pitiful expression of “help me get up and I can still eat”.


Ning Fan was speechless.


These two foodies know what the thunder ban they just ate, that is the fourth step of the ban on the strong planted here!


Ning Fan used the power of his own thunder map to reduce the speed of the thunder force in the thunder ban, and slowly tore it apart from the most broken part of the ban with the secret method of potential characters. Ying assisted by the side, and this was the luck to break the ban.


Although he broke the ban, Ning Fan was very tired, and he was injured in many places. He was healed by relying on the ancient Sansang tree.


These two guys had a great time eating, don’t they know that the process of breaking the ban, if there is a slight error, will be faced with ashes…


“Come back!”


Ignoring the demands of the two foodies to continue eating thunder, Ning Fan took the Black Demon Squad back to the Xuanyin Realm, and then walked towards the two little demons.


The situation in front of him is different from what he expected. He thought that he could leave this place by breaking the ban, but he did not expect that he would leave only one of the many palaces in front of him.


I thought I could just leave this place, but it really isn’t that simple.


It seems necessary to gather some information about this place…


“The two of you, answer my question. Let me ask a question, and the two of you will answer…” Ning Fan ordered to the two little demons.


“Yes, Your Majesty. Alright, Your Majesty…” The two little demons were hit by an illusion, how could they resist.


“Let’s ask the question that puzzles me the most first. You can’t wait for the Jindan cultivation base, why can you see through my many methods…”


“It’s Lord Duowen, the king told us that all the knowledge we have acquired is the power of Lord Duowen left in the Arctic Palace… Duowen Wushuang, Ziwei Four Divine Artifacts… Duowen Wushuang, Ziwei Four Divine Artifacts.”


After a stick of incense, Ning Fan ended the question, and the illusion power was activated again, causing the two little demons to fall into a deep sleep, and after waking up, they would not remember seeing Ning Fan here.


“Interesting, I didn’t expect that I made a mistake and came to Immortal Emperor Ziwei’s cave. This is really a coincidence, or some kind of calculation of Beihai old man…”


“The possibility of calculation is not high. After all, when I was photographed into the turbulent flow of space, I clearly felt that the Beihai old man was also photographed into the turbulent flow by the pattern. Facing the power of the saint’s pattern, Beihai The old thief lost his physical body in just a split second. Whether the Primordial Spirit can survive such a situation remains to be seen. If all this is just to calculate me, the price would be too high…”


“If all this is not a calculation, it can only be explained by luck. In the age of the end of the law, only ancient great cultivators have the possibility to cultivate nine-colored luck. Although my realm is only an immortal king, I already have nine-colored luck. The power of the slaps of the sage’s array pattern was not enough to lead me to invade this Immortal Emperor’s Palace. However, the palace has been in disrepair for a long time, and the ban has been damaged. Instead, he helped me stray into the treasure trove; he wanted to kill me, but instead he harmed himself… If all this is dominated by luck, then luck is too terrifying…”


Obviously entered the Immortal Emperor’s treasury by mistake and gained a great opportunity, but Ning Fan’s expression at the moment was not happy, but solemn.


Because he thought of someone.


An arch-enemy who made his fortune by luck is the Great Emperor of Fortune.


This person claims to be in the palm of his hand, and I am afraid that he has the palm position of Qi fortune… Qi Luck is so terrifying, what kind of power will the palm position of Qi be…


“To deal with the old man in the palm of your hand, maybe you can’t just rely on your cultivation base and supernatural powers. The word luck is the key… If there is no luck of the same level, there will not even be a chance to fight on a peer-to-peer basis… Normal luck is very It may be invalid for this person. Even if I cultivate the Nine Colors of Immortal Luck, I am still under the control of this person. The best way to deal with the luck palm position is still black luck. Palm movement, the strength of Fuli is the key, with my current Fuli strength, it is not enough to compete with the palm position…”


“I’ve always wanted to increase the strength of Fuli, but I can’t find a way… If what these two little monsters say is true, there may be something in this Ziwei North Pole Palace that I’ve always dreamed of.”


According to the two little demons, the reason why they were able to see through Ning Fan’s magical powers had nothing to do with their own knowledge and eyesight, but had a power they were born with.


In the world, if you want to gain knowledge, you don’t need to learn, but there is a treasure that can be known to people.


The name of this treasure is [Duo Wen Wushuang], and it is one of the four artifacts that Ziwei Xianxiu dreams of.


A person who possesses Duo Wen Wushuang can be born to know it. The reason why the two little demons can see through Ning Fan’s supernatural powers is precisely because they have received Duo Wen Wushuang’s little power, and their knowledge has been greatly improved.


“According to the two demons, Immortal Emperor Ziwei had four treasures during his lifetime. Together, they are a heaven-opening tool, and they can also have many magical uses when separated from each other. These four treasures are regarded as the four artifacts by Immortal Ziwei. For worship, in today’s Ziwei North Pole Palace, there is Duowen Wushuang among the four artifacts. Except for Duowen Wushuang, the other three artifacts have been lost and are not in the palace.”


Unparalleled knowledge, can be born to know, to obtain all the knowledge needed.


The eyes are boundless, which can make the pupil power infinite. Unlimited casting of magic powers will not damage the pupil power.


Growing infinitely, it can break the upper limit of qi and blood, and grow infinitely.


When the country is invincible, the world is invincible when one steps on the country.


“I never imagined that there is such a magical treasure in the world, which can make monks know about it. Once you enter Baoshan, how can you return empty-handed, this is so much heard, it belongs to me…” Ning Fan said with a smile.


The ant master couldn’t help but laugh.


She has been watching everything silently, but she doesn’t want to talk to Ning Fan!


She is jealous of Ning Fan’s luck!


If she can report Ning Fan to heaven, she must report Ning Fan’s bad luck every day!


You can even be photographed in Immortal Emperor Ziwei’s cave. If True Monarch Beihai knew that Ning Fan was blessed because of him, his mind would explode.


Besides speechless, she also felt a little worried.


She is worried that Ning Fan really found Duowen Wushuang and other treasures in this Arctic Palace. This is a situation she doesn’t want to see!


“Bengong lives in this kid’s sea of ​​knowledge, and he is at peace with him, just because he can’t kill Bengong. But if he obtains Duowen Wushuang and supreme knowledge, he may not understand any special way to kill him. Die Ben Gong… It’s not good, it’s not good! Although Ben Gong helped him develop the umbrella of merit, he also ridiculed him every day. If he really obtained the method of killing, he might not be willing to spare Ben Gong’s life! Damn Beihai, kill The Beihai of a thousand knives! You can’t take this kid anywhere, why do you have to take it here to add to this palace…”


The more the ant master thought about it, the more worried she became. She decided that she would never help Ning Fan hunt for treasure! As long as Ning Fan doesn’t get Duo Wen Wushuang, she can be safe and sound!


“You think too much, you and I are in the same mind, and you should know who I am. You help me to develop a merit umbrella, even if I look at the face of this umbrella, I will not do anything to you.” Ning Fan said helplessly.


“Really?” Ant Master doubted.




“You! Lie! People! A man can be trusted, and Ning Fan will climb a tree!”




After the death of Immortal Emperor Ziwei, the treasures in the Arctic Palace of Ziwei experienced a long and lonely period of no owner.


That period of time was too long, long enough to make things that shouldn’t have wisdom, give birth to wisdom, and turn into demons.


Analysis of the wood palace is the place where Immortal Emperor Ziwei stored the sundries, and the demons in the palace were all transformed by the sundries. Here, the most numerous are the Daojing demons, followed by the demons transformed by low-level magic weapons and medicinal pills. As for the sundries, of course, most of them are low-level things. Even if such things are transformed into demons, the Taoism will not be too high.


There are many little monsters here, but there are not many powerful monsters. In the Ximu Palace, there are only a few hundred demons who have reached the second step in their cultivation. Among them, the demon with the highest cultivation is a pill demon transformed from a Rank Nine Silver Pill. The person respected as King Ximu.


There are more than 3,000 palaces in Ximu Palace, the most magnificent one is holding banquets.


Today is the great day of King Ximu. After 30,000 years of bitter love, Mrs. Jin Ping finally agreed to his request and is willing to form a Taoist partner with him.


“Too slow! It’s been so long, why haven’t Qingmian and Redmian come back! Could it be that these two idiots got drunk on the road? Why is it so difficult to let these two idiots get down to business!” A demon dressed in happy clothes and with a big and three rough appearance complained unhappily, this is King Xiamu.


Beside him, there is a banshee who is also dressed in happy clothes, that is Mrs. Jin Ping, the Taoist companion he loves.


Mrs. Jin Ping is not very beautiful. In the Ximu Palace, there are many more beautiful banshees than her, and many banshees with higher cultivation than her.


But only she can make King Ximu fall in love.


The King of Wood was transformed by the medicinal pill, and she was transformed by the pill bottle.


She used to be the pill bottle to protect him, but now, she can no longer protect him.


Today, she is just a bottle demon whose cultivation base has been completely destroyed and her time is short.


And he is the king of the wood palace.


“With the ability of the king, I should have looked for a better one. At this time, I regret it, and there is still time… The time is short for the cheap concubine, so why should the king put his heart on the cheap concubine, which will only add to the sadness…” Mrs. Jin Ping bit Biting her lip, she whispered.


“Hahaha! Madam loves to laugh with this king! Although there are many banshees in Yanmu Palace, who can compete with Madam at all. In this king’s eyes, Madam is…”


King Xianmu was about to say something sweet when suddenly his face changed greatly and he said in shock.


“You you you… who are you!”


But it turned out that at the banquet where the demons were having fun, at some point, one more person appeared!


It was a young man in white, no one had seen him, and King Ximu asked himself, he had never seen him!


The young man found a vacant seat at the banquet and drank himself without revealing his breath, as if he was one with nature. If King Xianmu hadn’t just glanced in this direction, he would never have noticed that there was such an outsider here!


The whole banquet became dead silent in an instant due to the shock of King Ximu, and all the rituals and music stopped! All the laughing demons have their expressions replaced by fear!


“My name is Ning Fan.” Ning Fan said lightly, glancing between King Xianmu and Mrs. Jin Ping, and with just one glance, he seemed to see through the two of them.


With just one glance, it seems that the whole world has been pressed down!


Can’t compete!


Even if the demons of the entire Ximu Palace are added together, they can’t resist this person’s fleeting moment!


King Xianmu broke out in cold sweat. At this time, he still didn’t know that Ning Fan was an outsider.


There are also two types of outsiders. One is the previous patriarch of the female family. Obviously, Ning Fan is not.


There is another kind of thief who invades by force.


Obviously, Ning Fan is the latter!


Outsiders only know that the Ziwei Arctic Palace cannot enter and exit freely, but only the demons in the Arctic Palace know that, since ancient times, this Arctic Palace has been invaded by several outsiders!


The white-haired immortal sects against the pirates! This person is transformed by the white hair of Immortal Emperor Ziwei, so he can freely enter and exit this palace, no one can stop him, no one dares to stop him!


And Beihai giant kun! This hungry thing is the fish that Immortal Emperor Ziwei personally ordered. He has been promised by Immortal Emperor himself, so every time he is hungry, he can enter the Arctic Palace for food. Entering the Arctic Palace is like going home, very happy.


A few years ago, another mysterious eyeball monster, riding a magical feather, broke into the palace. It seems that the sacred artifact originally sealed somewhere in the palace is boundless, and it was lost at that time.


Afterwards, several demons broke into the North Pole Palace. These demons claimed to be from Fengmo Peak, and they slaughtered as soon as they entered this place, and no one could stop them.


On that day, blood flowed into a river in the Arctic Palace.


On that day, King Xianmu was nailed to the ground with a sword by one of the several demons, a man who claimed to be a greedy old demon. That person’s cultivation base is too high, so high that just blowing his breath is enough to kill King Xiamu! But the greedy old demon didn’t give him any pleasure, and seemed to enjoy the terrified expression on King Xianmu’s dying face.


A little torture.


A little bit of dismemberment.


No one dares to save King Xiamu.


Only Mrs. Golden Bottle…dare.


“I don’t allow you to hurt him…” said Mrs. Jin Ping.


Then, the person who was nailed to the ground by a sword became Mrs. Jin Ping, her ghost was chopped up a little bit by the old demon who was greedy for life, and it was also at that time that Mrs. Jin Ping’s cultivation was completely destroyed…


At the moment when all the demons were desperate, an old demon named Duowen appeared! At the cost of his life, this person released the original source of thunder in the Thunder Pond, repelling the demons. Before he died, Na Duowen separated some of his own power and transformed it into the Arctic Palace.


Since then, the demons of the Arctic Palace have become knowledgeable one by one, even the new-born demons are no exception. Out of gratitude, many demons named Duo Wen who died in battle as Lord Duo Wen to show respect.


King Xianmu showed hatred, and in the hatred, there was fear.


He was very afraid, afraid that Ning Fan would come from Fengmo Peak again, and that this time, his wife would be nailed to the ground with a sword.


Sir Duowen is dead, and this time, no one will save these monsters.


His heart was filled with fear. It wasn’t just the fear of Ning Fan, it was more of the fear that the old demon greedy for life had left in his heart.


He was trembling with fear, he even lost his breath, he wanted to fall, he wanted to run away, he wanted to cry, he wanted to beg, he wanted to…


“Don’t be afraid, husband.”


Mrs. Jin Ping held the hand of King Ximu, and no longer called the king, but called her husband.


“If you are going to die today, you and I will go with you.”


Ning Fan was speechless.


Does he look murderous, or is his name scary? If the other party asks his name, will it scare the couple to die in love?


“I’m just here to ask for directions. Could you give me a map of the North Pole Palace, there are too many restrictions on spiritual sense.” Ning Fan put down his glass.


“Yes, yes…” King Xiamu nodded his head like garlic, dare he say no! Of course, he hurriedly presented the map of the Arctic Palace.


“Thank you. Your wine is good.”


Ning Fan glanced at the map, then put it away, turned around and walked out of the palace.


Seeing Ning Fan leave, all the demons breathed a sigh of relief.


However, some demons noticed that a wooden box was left on the table where Ning Fan was drinking.


King Xianmu also noticed this, how could he not remind Ning Fan that he forgot something.


“Shangxian stay here! You forgot something here!”


Ning Fan walked too fast. He wanted to catch up, but Ning Fan was gone, as if he was worried that staying for a while would continue to spoil the atmosphere of the other party’s wedding banquet.


“Wow, I’m really scared to death. This person didn’t kill me. It seems that they are not the same as Feng Mo Peak.” Some monsters who had experienced the previous catastrophe were all relieved.


King Xiamu didn’t feel any rejoicing.


He stared at the wooden box in his hand, like an enemy!


This is what Ning Fan left behind. The ghost knows if there is a ban inside, and it will explode as soon as it is opened!


There is no shortage of people with twisted hearts in the demons of Fengmo Peak. When the enemy is the rest of his life, they send the opponent an explosion. This kind of perversion may also exist…




The king of the wood was full of fear, but he still opened the wooden box. If the wooden box is really malicious, if he doesn’t open it and doesn’t satisfy the other party’s bad taste, the other party will kill him directly.


“Hey, this is…this is…” King Xianmu was stunned.


Of course the wooden box couldn’t be the detonating talisman in his brain.


It’s an elixir with a strange fragrance.


King Xianmu, with supreme knowledge, saw the origin of this pill at a glance.


Nine-revolution Soul Pill!


A nine-turn golden elixir that specializes in healing ghosts!


He went to the site of the pill demons to steal the medicinal pills for this purpose, but was beaten out by the powerful pill demons.


Now I have it!


“Madam! Madam! You are saved, saved! Thank you, God, thank you!”


A long time after Ning Fan left, King Xianmu’s banquet finally returned to a happy atmosphere, and there was more laughter than before Ning Fan arrived.


The laughter spread far and wide, until it reached Ning Fan’s ears, and finally turned into a smile on Ning Fan’s mouth.


“This wine is really good.”


Ning Fan took out the black wind gourd and took a sip of the wine in the gourd. This wine, of course, was poured from the banquet. Drinking with the famous black wind gourd, the heart is really not ordinary.


Wine isn’t really good wine either.


But in Ning Fan’s opinion, this kind of wine is better than the wine in the world.


“The map is also in hand, and the next step is to find out the whereabouts of Duo Wen Wushuang from this huge palace complex. The whereabouts of this thing seems to be the biggest mystery in the Arctic Palace, not the demons in the palace. But it doesn’t bother me.”


Ning Fan crouched down and picked up a stone from somewhere under the dilapidated palace wall.


“Dare to ask Brother Shi, do you know Duo Wen Wushuang’s whereabouts…”


“Huh? You know, but you won’t tell me?”


“This is not good, very bad. Huh? What are you saying, you are not Brother Shi? Are you girl Shi?”


“Sorry, the name was wrong. So Miss Shi, can you tell me Duo Wen Wushuang’s whereabouts?”


“You still don’t want to say it? Haha, I’m very stubborn, but what if…”


After this, this, and this…


“Haha, finally decided to compromise, what, you want to do it again, it’s not good…”


The ant master wants to cry without tears.


Her three views were refreshed by Ning Fan again!


“Stop! Please stop! That’s a stone, that’s a stone! Please don’t pollute Ben Gong’s eyes! Ben Gong calls you Brother Ning, please stop, Brother Ning, Brother Ning, please stop Don’t bully Shishi, I’m here to help you, I’m here to help you find Duowen Wushuang! Let this stone go!”


“You’ve got a picture, Miss Ant. A stone can be a stone, but it can also be a stone…”


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