Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 1721: I’m afraid too


The sound was so loud that everyone in the courtyard immediately looked over.

A middle-aged man in ordinary clothes and a plain old man stood outside the yard. This man also wore a pair of ordinary black-rimmed glasses. He looked very serious and now had an expression of unconcealed surprise on his face. .

And the old man also looked at the three people in the yard in surprise, and didn’t speak for a long time.

Yin Ya was the first to come back to her senses, and said in a positive tone: “Yes, it does exist, and I have already inspected it on the spot, it is very suitable for Miao Miao.”

“It’s great, it’s great.” The serious middle-aged man was beaming with joy, and kept repeating.

“This is a great thing, it’s a good thing.” At this time, the old man outside the yard also responded.

“But, does this require a lot of money?” Only Tian Miao’s grandparents looked at each other, and then asked hesitantly.

“I can fund part of it.” Before Yin Ya could speak, the middle-aged man with black-rimmed glasses immediately spoke up.

The old man next to him picked up the dry cigarette in his hand, took a sip, and said gruffly, “I’ll let the people in the village come together and see if it works.”

As soon as she said this, Yin Ya immediately knew the identity of the old man. He was the head of the village.

“Thank you teacher Guan, thank you Tian village chief.” Tian Miao’s grandparents immediately turned around and bowed at the two, their faces full of thanks.

It’s not that the two old men are fighting snakes with sticks, but they hope Tian Miao can study and have a good future in the future.

It doesn’t matter to them. Anyway, more than half of life has passed, so it doesn’t matter anymore, but Tian Miao is only ten years old, and she is too young to let her little granddaughter study because of certain things.

No matter how poor you are, you can’t be poor in education. This is the view of many older generations. They can stay here to support Miaomiao and pay off their debts. They just hope that Tian Miao will be better.

“It’s okay, I’m Miao Miao’s head teacher, I should.” The middle-aged man known as Teacher Guan resumed his serious expression and said seriously.

“What’s wrong with this, we can’t help the others.” The old village chief was more direct and waved his hand.

And Yin Ya finally had room to interject at this time, and hurriedly said: “Grandpa and grandmother, and about the teachers and the village, I didn’t make it clear, this school is a public welfare, and does not need tuition and medical fees, only needs Just bring your own living expenses.”

What Yin Ya didn’t say is that if the orphans don’t even need living expenses, the school will take care of them until they reach adulthood.

But Tian Miao’s situation is different. She is not an orphan, so she needs to provide her own living expenses.

“There are so many good people, and there are such good good people.” Tian Miao’s grandparents felt stunned by surprises, they couldn’t stop chanting Buddha, and they recited the principal whom they had never seen before. Become like a living Buddha.

“The principal is really a selfless and great person.” Mr. Guan said with awe.

“Yes, he is a good person, and there are many good people out there.” The old village chief also sighed.

“The principal is a very respectable and good person.” Yin Ya nodded affirmatively.

“And there can be accommodation for grandparents there. You can find some buddies in the school to earn some living expenses to accompany Miao Miao.” Yin Ya said again.

“Ah? It’s too troublesome. How can we get money when we are so old? That’s not good. If we can’t delay the principal, that’s not good.” Hearing that the money was returned, he immediately shook his head and refused.

“Yes, there are children like Miao Miao in that school, and that school is in the magic capital, outside the province.” Yin Ya said.

“Ah? Magic Capital, it seems to be far away.” Tian Miao’s grandparents hesitated.

“Can Miao Miao do it alone?” Grandma Tian Miao thought worriedly.

“No wonder I haven’t heard of it, it turned out to be in the magic capital.” Teacher Guan muttered in his heart.

And the old village chief was smoking a dry cigarette, not knowing what he was thinking, and didn’t speak.

At this time, Yin Ya didn’t speak anymore, waiting for the two old people to think, when she stopped, Yin Ya saw Tian Miao standing at the door of the house.

The little girl stood there, her eyes were a little red, and she didn’t know how much she heard, so she stood there and didn’t move.

“Miaomiao come here.” Yin Ya waved and called.

“Yeah.” Tian Miao nodded, then walked into the yard.

When walking to the middle, Tian Miao first bowed to Teacher Guan who was standing outside the yard: “Thank you Teacher Guan, thank you.”

“Why are you being polite, I’m your head teacher.” Teacher Guan said that again, and declined Tian Miao’s thanks.

And Tian Miao continued: “But you helped us a lot.”

After speaking, Tian Miao turned around and bowed to the old village chief: “Thank you, grandpa, the village chief, thank you, and thank you for those uncles and aunts who didn’t come.”

The old village chief had a look of shame on his face, he turned slightly sideways to avoid Tian Miao’s thanks, put down the dry smoke, and said: “I know Miao Miao, you are a good boy, as long as you don’t hate those people, they can’t help it either. , wronged you.”

Speaking of this, the old village chief couldn’t help but sighed, turned his face away and stopped talking.

What the old village chief said was of course what the villagers forced Miao Miao to be unable to go to school twice.

The first time was when Miao Miao was just diagnosed with HIV. The village jointly protested that Miao Miao and her own children went to school in the same class.

At that time, Miao Miao was only in the second grade. That time, Miao Miao was forced to drop out of school at home~IndoMTL.com~ It was her grandparents who went to school for a long time to beg. It is slightly better if schools offer lectures on prevention.

But as Miao Miao got older and showed more illnesses, people in the village protested again, this time even from the parents of the whole school, as well as people from other villages.

After all, the primary school was not the only one where children from this village were studying there.

That’s what happened when Miaomiao completely dropped out of school this time, at the end of school.

And the grandson of the old village chief is also at that school, the tall boy who used to help Miao Miao carry the cardboard box.

So the old village chief was naturally guilty and didn’t dare to look at Miao Miao’s purely grateful eyes.

“The village chief grandpa, that’s not the case. Miao Miao will not hold grudges against uncles and aunts. In fact, uncles and aunts are right. Miao Miao is still a child and sometimes does not know how to control herself not to be injured or to bleed. If it is Miao Miao Miao Miao will be afraid too, so it is right for my uncles and aunts to be afraid.” Tian Miao explained seriously.

“Alas!” Hearing this, the old village chief shook his heart, couldn’t bear it, and could only sigh.

“Yes, we don’t blame others, don’t think too much about the village, it’s all life, it’s our life.” Grandma Tian Miao said.

“Yes.” Grandpa Tian Miao nodded as well.

For a while, the atmosphere inside and outside the yard was a little heavy. At this time, Boss Guan frowned and opened his mouth.

“Miao Miao, do you want to continue to school?” Teacher Guan asked.

Tian Miao looked at Yin Ya’s encouraging smiling face, her grandparents looked expectantly, and nodded heavily: “I want to.”

“Okay, we’ll help you.” Teacher Guan also nodded as if promising, and then looked at Yin Ya expectantly.


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