Godly Student Chapter 5794: You are inferior to me!


Because Xu Jingshu and Lu Yuan did not buy insurance, they no longer mixed with these people, but they found a place not far away alone, and used the formation of breath isolation to separate themselves. Protected.

So what are they arguing about here, they don’t care.

All they care about now is not to bring other strong men over.

However, what they really need to worry about is not now, but in the last twenty days, the most dangerous time is when they rush to the source.

Because what Cheng Yu said about the next stage is just preparing to open the exit.

So the 20 days of rushing to the source did not belong to the stage of opening the exit, because the insurance period Cheng Yu mentioned before was nearly two months, so the 20 days of rushing time also belonged to the stage of opening the exit. within the time frame of the insurance period.

“Do you think we can reach the source safely?” Lu Yuan looked at Xu Jingshu with his eyes closed and said nothing, and asked curiously.

Although he is in the middle stage of Xuxian, and he is sure that his strength is still higher than Xu Jingshu, but he does not seem to have much confidence in himself.

Because the time for the opening of the exit is getting closer and closer, more and more people appear, and naturally there are more and more strong people.

And in the process of going to the source, they will meet more and more people.

So the last twenty days were really the most dangerous time. As long as he thought about this, he would inevitably feel worried.

“Since you are so afraid, you still refuse to hand over the fifty years of resources.” Xu Jingshu said disdainfully.

He obviously looks down on Lu Yuan, this guy is so cowardly in the middle stage of Xuxian.

He is not afraid at the early stage of Xuxian, so there is nothing to be afraid of in the middle stage of Xuxian.

“How can I be afraid? I’m just a little worried.” Seeing what Xu Jingshu said, Lu Yuan felt a little unconvinced.

“How can you be worried if you’re not afraid? Do you think I’m worried?” Xu Jingshu’s expression was even more contemptuous.

“Although I know that your strength is good, but you are only an early Xuxian after all, so you are so confident that you will be fine when you meet Xuxian’s Dzogchen?” Lu Yuan asked rhetorically.

“What’s wrong with Xuxian’s early stage? That guy is still in the tribulation stage? Although my strength is not as good as his, but I won’t be afraid of anyone I meet.

Isn’t it Xuxian Dzogchen? It’s not that I haven’t killed before, as long as I have a chance, I can also kill Xuxian Dzogchen. It’s just not as easy as him. “Xu Jingshu said very proudly.

“It’s as if no one has killed the Xuxian Dzogchen, but you have to understand our current situation. Today is different from the past. In the past, we might encounter a large group of Xuxian Dzogchen?

But after we go to the source, let alone a group of imaginary immortals, it is not uncommon to encounter hundreds or even thousands. Under such circumstances, can you still be so confident?

If you really have this confidence, why bother to hand over resources and tokens to Brother Cheng? It’s fine if you don’t go by yourself, and save two hundred years of resources! “Lu Ji obviously felt that Xu Jingshu was pretending.

“Can’t I be willing? I’m willing to give him the resources. Anyway, I don’t lack resources!” Xu Jingshu still refused to admit defeat, and said bravely.

In fact, where is he really not worried at all?

As Lu Yuan said, they may encounter hundreds or even thousands of Xuxian Dzogchen at that time.

But since they have already embarked on this road, what else can they do?

Even if he can’t handle it, he can only walk and see.

Why don’t you talk to Cheng Yu now and buy another insurance?

Cheng Yu, that guy, he can see clearly, he only recognizes resources but not people.

Although only a few days have passed and they have not encountered any danger, Cheng Yu will never allow them to use fifty years of resources to buy insurance.

Besides, he couldn’t see Cheng Yu’s villainous appearance, so it was obvious that he was destined for him.

Hmph, but he refused to let Cheng Yu do what he wanted.

If the time comes and it’s really unbearable, it’s a big deal to spend another hundred years of resources to ask Cheng Yu to save his life.

Although he will lose more in this way, he can’t let Cheng Yu look down on him if the Buddha fights for a stick of incense and people fight for his breath.

Besides, he really doesn’t believe that Cheng Yu will die at that time?

At that time, he didn’t have any friendship with Zhou Qi, didn’t he also save Zhou Qi?

And if there were really too many enemies and too strong, he would run to Lu Jie and the others, or even to Cheng Yu’s side.

The enemy is right in front of his eyes, so he can’t pretend he can’t see it!

Anyway, he has already made up his mind, even if he is cheating, he will not spend these fifty years of resources.

I had 50 years more resources than others, and this guy still wants to cheat him for 50 years. Is he really being taken advantage of?

I only have more than 100 years of resources in my hands. If he takes away another 50 years~Soverse.com~, then he is still playing a fart. Cheng Yu is making a wedding dress.

“Okay! You have a lot of resources, aren’t you good enough?” Lu Yuan said angrily.

This guy’s mouth is really hard, and he is still pretending in front of him at this time.

The strength is only so little, so what’s the use of pretending?

Cheng Yu can pretend that it is because he has absolute strength in his hands, so he doesn’t need to worry.

But what does this guy have?

In the early days of Xu Xian who was at the same level as him, his strength was indeed very strong, even he didn’t feel that his strength was much stronger than him.

But now they need to go to the place of exit. In this special period, almost all the powerful people in this world are gathering there.

In such a comparison, his strength does not have any advantage.

A random old monster can kill them with their eyes closed.

So in front of these absolute powerhouses, can he still pretend? Isn’t that just courting death?

“Just admit it, anyway, I’m not worried. If you are worried, you can buy insurance now. But now that guy will definitely ask you for a hundred years of resources. If you don’t have the ability, why should you follow me?” Xu Jingshu Said disdainfully.

“Did I learn from you? You are confident in your own strength, so I have nothing to worry about. Anyway, my strength is stronger than yours, and my chance of surviving is much better than yours!” Lu Yuan Said unwillingly.

“Are you sure you are stronger than me?” Now Xu Jingshu was not convinced.

“Isn’t it? Don’t think that your strength is stronger than that of other virtual immortals in the middle stage, so you will be stronger than me. Do you really think that I am the same as those fakes?

Your realm is not as good as mine, and your strength is also not as good as mine. This is a fact! “Lu Yuan said confidently.


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