Godly Student Chapter 5490: Human routines are deep!



It is actually not the first time that Cheng Yu has fought this spider king, but most of the time Cheng Yu is actually just delaying time, so he has hardly had a head-to-head battle with this spider king.


This time it was obviously just an accident. He was tricked by the spider king and almost killed himself.


This also made Cheng Yu truly realize for the first time that there is a huge gap between himself and this spider king in real strength.


Head-to-head fighting like this can no longer appear, otherwise, as Zhen Hun said, if he is hit like this a few more times by the spider king, his fighting power will definitely be greatly reduced, and he may even be killed at any time. kill.


So from now on, he and his avatar should try to avoid confronting him head-on.


Especially now that there are still a few loose immortals around this guy who haven’t been removed.


Don’t look at these scattered immortals as if they can’t kill them, but the existence of these guys is holding back several of his avatars, making it impossible for him and the nine avatars to work together, and it is impossible for them to concentrate on it To deal with this spider king.


Thus, these Sanxians are like a few flies now, interfering with their battle with the Spider King.


If he wanted to deal with the Spider King wholeheartedly, he had to get rid of these loose immortals first.


However, these fairy tarantulas and spider kings have obviously reacted, and Cheng Yu and the others can no longer defeat them one by one.


So now the only remaining five loose immortals in the entire fairy tarantula group have always been by the spider king’s side, and they will never leave the spider king easily.


Cheng Yu tried several times to lure these loose immortals out but failed.


He even directly wanted to kill these fairy tarantulas from a distance, but all these attacks were blocked by the spider king.


His attack still poses a great threat to those fairy tarantulas. Although it cannot be killed instantly, it is the same as the gap between him and the spider king. If there is enough threat, it can cause serious injuries .


With more injuries, the natural strength will be greatly reduced, and even be killed.


But the problem is, the spider king will not give them this chance again, the attacks of Cheng Yu and the avatar can be easily blocked by the spider king, leaving Cheng Yu helpless.


So the two sides suddenly entered a confrontation.


It is impossible for the Spider King to raid Cheng Yu and his clone again now, and it is also impossible for Cheng Yu to get rid of the flies around the Spider King first.


As for the mortal-level fairy tarantulas on the ground, they ran around on the ground, as if they were waiting for them to fall at any time, and then devoured them.


But Cheng Yu doesn’t need to pay attention to them at this time, after all, they can’t fly, so they can’t threaten them at all.


So now their enemies are actually only the Spider King and the five Sanxians in the sky.


It’s just that now both sides seem to have nothing to do with each other, which is very difficult.


“Don’t worry, since the advancement of the Spider King has been interrupted by you, it must be impossible to advance independently at this time!


As long as it can’t advance, then you have a chance to kill it.


And you’ve been fighting them for so long, you need time to recover first.


Wait for the time to come, get rid of those annoying flies first, then the next step will be much easier! Seeing that Cheng Yu couldn’t hold back anymore, Zhen Hun reminded him immediately, fearing that he would be impulsive and make a move before he was ready.


“You are right, although there is enough fairy energy here, but this guy is really struggling, which consumes a lot of my immortal power.


Since it cannot be advanced now, let me restore it first! “Cheng Yu nodded, and several avatars also quietly began to recover.


Just because they are recovering now, it doesn’t mean they have let down their vigilance.


After all, there is a powerful spider king on the opposite side, and those fairy tarantulas at the level of loose immortals can be ignored, but this spider king has to make them stand up.


If it launches an attack suddenly like before, it will be very dangerous.


But these fairy tarantulas obviously don’t understand human methods, so they definitely wouldn’t have thought that these guys are still secretly recovering the power of immortality at this time.


Spider King is just looking for an opportunity now, and wants to launch a one-hit-kill offensive against Cheng Yu and his clone.


In about half an hour, the nine clones that were originally standing with the main body suddenly separated, immediately surrounding the six fairy tarantulas.




The two avatars on the opposite side suddenly attacked two of the fairy tarantulas at the Sanxian level, and the spider king turned around to block the two attacks.


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But at this time, Cheng Yu and the other three clones also launched an attack on this side, and the target was not just the spider king, but the three loose immortals here.


Bang bang bang!


Spider King is indeed very strong, but it can’t beat four hands with two fists. While it can protect the other side, it can’t protect this side.


However, these three fairy tarantulas at the level of Loose Immortals are not waste, they are also existences of Loose Immortals. Even if Cheng Yu and the others launched a surprise attack~IndoMTL.com~, it doesn’t mean that they can only sit and wait to die.


The three of them dodged directly, avoiding the attacks of Cheng Yu and the three clones.


However, they never thought that Cheng Yu’s target was not the three of them, but the other two fairy tarantulas on the other side.


Not only the three fairy tarantulas didn’t expect this attack, but even the spider king didn’t think about it. They kill.


But it miscalculated, the two clones were just bait, and their attack on the two fairy tarantulas was actually just an illusion.


So when the Spider King attacked, the two clones immediately retreated.


But at this time, Cheng Yu and the four of them had already shot at the two fairy tarantulas.


Bang bang bang!


The four people hit the two fairy tarantulas separately, and the two fairy tarantulas were sent flying, even in two different directions.


At the same time, two clones on each side also shot at this time, and their target was this fairy tarantula that flew out.




Two clones deal with a fairy tarantula that was knocked out, and what they are after is speed. was beheaded directly.


At this time, the spider king had obviously reacted, knowing that he had been fooled by these humans again, he howled angrily, turned towards the one who had just killed a fairy tarantula. Two clones attacked.


Seeing this, the two avatars quickly retreated to the distance, and the angry Spider King followed suit.


The other three fairy tarantulas wanted to keep up with the Spider King, but they were suddenly surrounded by Cheng Yu and the other seven.


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