God Emperor Chapter 3810: face up



Chapter 3810


face up


“I’ll leave it to you here! I’ll take care of those little devils.”


A silver light flashed from Qing Yunque’s body and disappeared in place.


At about the same time, the Ice Emperor’s figure disappeared.


Thousands of miles away.


The Ice Emperor and Qingyun Que appeared at the same time, their palms touching each other.




The desert under their feet was torn apart, the dust was flying, and the violent power and blood were vented in all directions.


The Ice Emperor and Qingyun Que each flew out a hundred miles upside down, but they were evenly matched.


“What a Xiahuang Dynasty, I didn’t expect your cultivation to be so advanced.”


The old voice of Qingyun Que sounded, and the smile on his face became stronger to hide his surprise.


Qingyun Que has only cultivated eighteen pairs of wings, which seems to be one level lower than the palace master.


However, he possesses the remnant soul of an ancient powerhouse. He has cultivated and cultivated for many years, and his combat power is never under the palace master, but he can compete with the heavens under the immortality.


Xia Huangchao only cultivated four or five Yuan Hui, and he actually reached this level.


If there is another breakthrough, it will be immortal.


Before smelting the corpse of the past, Qing Yunque did not want to fight recklessly with the monks of the same realm, and said, “Xia Huangchao, do you really want to destroy Bai Cangxing in a battle?”


“The White Cangxing won’t be destroyed, take a good look around!”


Ice King Road.


Qingyunque’s pupils turned blood red, breaking through the dense dust.


I found that just now, he and the Ice Emperor slapped each other with all their strength, but it did not cause much destruction. The fluctuation was suppressed within tens of thousands of miles, and did not escape into the Longevity Blood Forest and the Blood Shadow God Forest.


Bai Cangxing does have a solid space structure, and the rules of heaven and earth are dense.


The hall master who planned to capture Chi Kongle, Yan Ying’er and others also felt abnormal, so he became vigilant and did not act rashly.


Ice Emperor said: “How can the ancestral land be destroyed so easily?


Are you so unsure of your undead ancestors?


Ancestor Qingtian, when you were alive, did you set up protection measures in Bai Cangxing? “


Obviously, the Ice Emperor did not think that the other party was the remnant of the first ancestor, so he called him “the ancestor”.


“By the way, you are just a remnant soul, not the real ancestor of Qingtian at all. You have less than one-tenth of the memory, right?”


The Ice Emperor’s divine sense is released, and the divine soul communicates with the world.




A deafening voice came from the void.


In this desert, one after another golden planets appeared from the void.


A total of 24 pieces, each about a thousand miles in diameter, but the hall master and Qingcheng Yun knew their true size, which was more than a hundred million times larger than the current one.


On these golden planets, there are dense rivers of blood flowing, releasing ancestral patterns and ancestral energy. Obviously, they are the planets of the gods of a certain ancestor in the history of the undead blood race.


The hall master was also shrouded in the twenty-four constellation planets, but he did not panic, and said, “It turns out that the half-ancestor of the blood must hide the constellation planet in the white sky.”


Qing Yunque said: “He was too careless. He was found by Xia Huangchao so easily, and his strength was greatly damaged! It seems that the ancestors have to help him get it back.”


Ice Emperor’s eyes were slightly stern, and he said, “The remnant soul of the bloodless half-ancestor has also returned?”


If the remnant soul of Xue Jue Half Ancestor returns, the body of the Half Ancestor in Xue Jue Clan must be taken first, and the Xue Tian Clan is likely to have a big mess!




Qingyun Que said nothing, and sacrificed the artifact Qingyun Banner, covering the twenty-four Throne Planets.


At the same time, the hall master stabbed out his spear, taking the Ice Emperor’s body directly.


They all know very well that the Ice Emperor can greatly increase the combat power by mobilizing the ancestral patterns and ancestral qi left in the twenty-four God Throne Planets.


However, as long as he cuts off his connection with the Throne Planet and attacks his true body, he can do nothing.


In the same realm, if you want to fight one against two, you are definitely courting death.



Outside the White Cang Star, Boundless carries his hands on his back, peeping at the battle of gods in the desert.


Ten heavenly knights, riding on dragon-shaped beasts, holding god-killing battle girdles, stood in ten directions on the disc of the **** array, and they were full of evil spirits.


They are all dressed in black robes, but the black robes are empty, as if they are only pretending to be the wind.


One of the knights in the heavens said, “What a strong half-ancestral spirit, Bai Cangxing is really not that easy to break.”


“This is the most important holy place for the undead blood race, and it is not as simple as having twenty-four demigods.”


“If it’s so easy to break, why should we come together?”


“Although the half-ancestor spirit and half-ancestor **** pattern are thin, it is enough to be overwhelmed! The hall master and Qingyunque of the Undying Temple are not necessarily the opponents of Xiahuangchao.


Boundless, should we do it? “


The ten knights of the heavens are the remnants of ten ancient powerhouses recruited by the Nine Dead Emperors on the Santu River. They were all heavens of at least one era during their lifetime.


The Emperor of Nine Deaths promised to help them find a suitable body, or the body of a previous life, so they chose to submit.


Of course, they don’t have much choice in the face of a powerhouse like the Nine Dead Emperor.


Boundless eyes, looking at the starry sky, said: “I haven’t arrived yet, it seems that something happened to Wuwei and Qingchengyun!”


“What are you worried about?”


A knight of the heavens said.


“If something happens to the two of them, then someone will know that we are going to deal with Xia Huangchao, and we must break down Bai Cangxing as soon as possible.”


“Xia Huangchao is restrained by the temple master of the Immortal Temple and Qingyun Que, and it must be flawless to motivate the Great Qi Ancestor Rune Formation. Now is the best time.”


Boundless eyes gradually turned cold and said, “Do it!”


He took the lead, and a black hole appeared above his head.


This black hole is getting bigger and bigger, and finally, it reaches one-tenth of the size of Bai Cangxing.


This void has become darker, and no light can be seen.


The ultimate defense of Bai Cangxing was arranged by the Great Qi Heavenly Emperor.


And Daqi Tiandi is the strongest of the undead blood race since ancient times, except for the ancestor Yin, and he is likely to be a real ancestor.


It was the Great Qi Tiandi that established the strength of the first tribe of the Qitian tribe, and has not fallen in the rankings so far.


Boundless is very clear that it is impossible to break the Great Qi Ancestor Rune Formation by brute force, and can only slowly swallow its power.


Fortunately, due to the civil war of the undead blood race, the Ice Emperor now has no time to control the Great Qi Ancestral Fushen Formation, which gave them a chance to break the White Cangxing’s defense.


“Boom! Boom! Boom…”


The ten knights of the heavens stabbed out the battle, ten beams of light, hitting the white star.


Inside the twenty-four Golden Throne Planets, the Palace Master saw that the Ice Emperor was getting stronger and stronger, and could not suppress him in a short time, and said again: “Boundless has launched an attack! Once he is allowed to enter the White Cang Star, he belongs to the undead blood. Everything will be taken away.


Is this what you want to see?


You will become the sinner of the undead blood? “


While fighting back, the Ice Emperor said, “What are you afraid of?


A mere boundless, can win the white star? “




A stone pillar of the Demon God swung down from nowhere, causing the blood-colored atmosphere of the White Cang Star to tumble endlessly, causing the star to sway.


The light of the talisman in the blood-colored atmosphere became dim.


The hall master’s expression changed.


He had already guessed that Boundless’ dealing with the Ice Emperor was just a pretense, and using him to take down the White Cangxing was the ultimate goal.


However, the Ice King brought him too much pressure, and the benefits promised by the Dark Temple were too attractive to help him survive, so he decided to gamble.


I bet that I can quickly take down the Ice Emperor and control the White Cangxing.


Boundless is really just trying to kill the Ice King.


At the moment when the Demon God’s Stone Pillar fell, the Palace Master already knew that a real Immortal Boundless was followed in secret.


What can he do now?


It’s hard to get down on a tiger and can’t stop at all.


Even if he stops, the Ice Emperor will kill him.



At the moment when Boundless and the Ten Heavenly Knights shot, the ripples of divine power leaked out, and Zhang Ruochen sensed the approximate direction immediately.



After Tianmu returned, there was a new temple in Luozu Yunshan.


Witch Hall!


The Temple of Witchcraft was brought out by Tianmu from the ancient and abandoned city. It is taller than the sacred mountain and exudes ancient rhythm. With the bones of the dragon as the beam and the stone as the pillar, it exudes witch power all the time.


Just this temple is comparable to a Chapter 1 artifact.


On this day, the gate of the Witch Hall was surprisingly not closed.




A cool breeze blows.


A seventy-two lotus in a blue Buddhist robe appeared outside the temple gate.


She could see Tianmu standing with her back to the temple, and said: “Next page! Current page 1/total 2 pages


You expected me to come? “


Tianmu is like a body in chaos, vague and erratic, but the red clothes on her body and the white hair on her head are always eye-catching, saying: “Qingcheng Yun and Wuwei appear on Ice King, I know, You’re almost there! Have you broken through?


Why don’t you dare to come in? “


The seventy-two rank lotus walked into the witch hall calmly and said, “Although Zixin Tianzunlan helps, I have to say that in this era, breaking the realm has indeed become easier!”


Tianmu turned around ~IndoMTL.com~ looked her straight at her and said, “Who are you working for?


The immortal?


Underworld? “


“I don’t do anything for anyone, only for myself, for the morality of my heart.”


Seventy-two lotus paths.


Tianmu said: “One hundred thousand years ago, you forced him to death, right?


He’s your brother! “


“I didn’t force him, he begged to die.


Besides, this is the price the Zhang family should pay, because they lost their morality first. “


Seventy-two Pin Lian’s eyes were flat, and she said, “Actually, you are not qualified to speak to me with such an attitude.


Because you don’t understand the pain I’m going through. “


Tianmu already understands that it is impossible to persuade her to get lost and return, and said: “You came to Luozu Yunshan Realm to kill me?”


The seventy-two rank lotus nodded calmly and said, “The world is like a chess piece, and the array eye is here.


To achieve a decisive victory, it is natural to destroy the Array Eye first. “


“Besides, you are his disciple, so of course you must die.


After you die, the entire Luozu Yunshan world and the entire Rakshasa clan can be used to feed those ancient remnant soul slaves and make them grow rapidly. “


Tianmu said: “You actually call them slaves?”


“What’s the difference between them and slaves?


Already dead, and lingering in this era, do you still want to be the master again?


The world doesn’t allow it, and I don’t allow it either. “


Seventy-two lotus paths.


Tianmu couldn’t see a trace of Kong Fanning in her back then. She was too paranoid and too unfamiliar. She was only full of anger and resentment, but she thought her heart was like a mirror.


“Without the Witch Hall, you are not my opponent.


You have now entered the Hall of Witchcraft, and it is difficult to escape. How can you kill me? “


Tianmu’s eyes gradually sharpened, showing her determination not to show mercy just because the 72nd Pinian Lian is the daughter of Da Zun.


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