God Emperor Chapter 2: Open the mark of Shenwu


はDef§passed§lv The following is a typo, according to the pinyin It is called “Yunwu County”, which is just one of thousands of commanderies in the eastern region of Kunlun Realm.

The so-called county is actually the first county of the First Central Empire, which must pay tribute and pay taxes to the First Central Empire every year.

The monarch of the county is called “the county king”.

Zhang Ruochen’s current identity is the ninth son of the Yunwu County King.

Lying flat on the cold, hard wooden bed, Zhang Ruochen was still thinking about the sacrifice ceremony tomorrow.

“The original owner of this body did not open the ‘Sacred Martial Mark’ until the age of sixteen. He must have been abandoned by the gods. What should I do to have a greater chance to unlock the ‘Sacred Martial Mark’? “

In the Kunlun world, if you want to open the “Mark of Shenwu”, you must get the approval of the gods.

It is called, the divine authority of martial arts.

During the sacrificial ceremony, there will be a bridge between the gods and the Kunlun realm, connecting the two realms. After the gods enjoy the sacrifices, they will give some gifted human beings the “Sacred Martial Mark” to help them open the door to cultivation.

The higher the talent, the sooner you can get the “Mark of Divine Martial Arts”.

Zhang Ruochen’s last life, when he was still in the womb, opened the “Sacred Martial Mark”, which can be said to be a natural genius.

In this life, until the age of sixteen, he has not opened the “Mark of Shenwu”, which is basically a person who has been abandoned by the gods. Even if you participate in the sacrificial ceremony tomorrow, it is almost impossible to obtain the “Sacred Martial Mark”. Please Baidu じじ, thank you!

Zhang Ruochen couldn’t fall asleep, so he sat up from the bed, holding a white spar in the shape of a jujube nucleus in his hand.

He began to study this white spar, perhaps, it could help him to gain the approval of a certain **** and open the “Sacred Martial Mark”.

This white spar was a gift from Emperor Ming when he was sixteen years old.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t know what this white spar was, but he just wore it close to his body. Unexpectedly, eight hundred years later, it is still on his body.

“I will go from 800 years ago to 800 years later, maybe it has something to do with it.”

Zhang Ruochen squeezed the white spar tightly, closed his eyes, and the figure of his father Mingdi appeared in his mind. I wonder if his father is still alive in the world?

That night, it snowed heavily in the royal city.

In the early morning of the next day, the entire royal city was covered with thick snow, and the vermilion palaces, buildings, and pavilions were all covered with a layer of ice sculptures.

The winter solstice is the coldest day of the year.

The warriors of the entire royal city gathered outside the ancestral halls of the emperors, under the leadership of the county king, to worship the gods.

Outside the ancestral hall of the emperors, there is an ancient altar built with boulders. On the altar, not only tens of thousands of livestock, cattle, sheep, pigs, etc., but also many powerful beasts were bound with iron chains.

Civil and military officials, martial arts cultivators, princes and concubines, countless teenagers and girls waiting to unlock the mark of Shenwu, and even some infants.

This is a national grand ceremony, not only in the royal city, but in every city, every town, and every village in Yunwu County.

“Hey! Ninth brother, you are already sixteen years old. Even if you participate in the sacrificial ceremony, you will not be able to obtain the ‘Mark of Divine Martial Arts’.

The sixth prince stood beside the eighth prince, with a cold face, and said, “It is said that the dragon has nine sons, each of which is different. What a heroic character, the father, but gave birth to you this waste, sixteen years old, even The ‘Mark of Shenwu’ has not been activated, and the face of the royal family has been thrown away by you. What are you doing in this world? Why don’t you die?”

This sentence is a bit exaggerated, but it is the voice of several princes present.

The family affection of the imperial family is the weakest, and this moment is vividly reflected.

In the Kunlun Realm, there are not many people who can open the “Mark of Shenwu”, and there is only one in ten people at most. It can be said that the status of each warrior is extremely high.

Of course, for martial arts experts, it’s another matter. The bloodline of martial arts masters is strong, and the descendants will also inherit the strong bloodline, and the probability of opening the “Sacred Martial Mark” is much higher.

The Prince of Yunwu County has a total of nine sons, eight of whom have the “Sacred Martial Mark”, but only Zhang Ruochen, who is sixteen years old, but still has not turned on the “Sacred Martial Mark”, becoming the laughing stock of the royal family.

Many people laugh at him and call him a “tiger father and dog son”.

There are even some rumors in the court, claiming that Zhang Ruochen is not the biological son of Yunwu County King. Although it was just a rumor, it also made the faces of the royal family dull.

So, most of the other princes thought that Zhang Ruochen was a disgrace to the royal family.

In recent years, even the Prince of Yunwu County has alienated Zhang Ruochen and Concubine Lin. Under the exclusion of other concubines and princes, last night, Zhang Ruochen and Concubine Lin were finally kicked out of the main hall and forced to move to the side hall.

Zhang Ruochen just stood there silently, ignoring the fifth and eighth princes.

Until you don’t have enough strength, any battle of words will only make others look down on you even more.

Concubine Lin stood with the other princesses, and saw Zhang Ruochen, who was being ostracized, was heartbroken, but there was nothing she could do.

“Sacrificial ceremony, start!”

The national teacher of Yunwu County stood above the altar, holding a scroll of blessings and reciting it.

Afterwards, above the altar, big conch shells and big horns were blown, and each of the court ladies in graceful clothes played 16 kinds of musical instruments including chime, chime, and bell.

Then, behead animals and sacrifice their blood to the sky.


The rich blood energy turned into a thick beam of light that shot straight into the sky, smashing the clouds and rushing into the vast sky.

Suddenly, a starlight flew down from the sky and landed on the eyebrows of a six-year-old boy.

In the crowd, there was an exclamation, “Xue Dutong’s youngest son, when he was only six years old, he opened the mark of Shenwu!”

“The Chiyan Divine Martial Seal belongs to the Fourth Grade Divine Martial Seal. It is too powerful, and the future is promising!”

Sacred Martial Marks are also graded, from 1st to 9th rank.

Rank 1 Divine Martial Seal is the weakest, while Rank 9 Divine Martial Seal is the strongest.

Everyone stared at the six-year-old boy with admiration.

When he was six years old, he was able to open the rank 4 Divine Martial Mark.

Among the many military generals in Yunwu County, a burly man patted his chest, laughed loudly, and was very excited, “Okay! As expected of my son Xue Liang, tonight will be a banquet in the Tongfu, everyone will be sure I want to come and see the light. Haha!”


Above the sky, countless starlights flew down and fell into the eyebrows of the young and young girls, turning into marks of gods and martial arts.

Among them, the first-rank Divine Martial Seal is the most, and the youngsters who can unlock the second-rank Divine Martial Seal are very few. The most powerful person is still the son of Xue Dutong, the fourth-rank Divine Martial Seal, which makes everyone Out of sight.

After all, there are only a small number of people who have opened the mark of Shenwu, only about one-tenth of the total number. Everyone was inexplicably excited, and finally got the approval of the gods and opened the door of martial arts.

Those teenagers and girls who did not unlock the imprint of Shenwu were all very disappointed, and some even cried bitterly.

Seeing that the sacrifice is about to end, but Zhang Ruochen still hasn’t opened the mark of Shenwu.

I haven’t unlocked the Divine Martial Seal at the age of sixteen, and it is almost impossible to unlock the Divine Martial Seal. From now on, I can only be a mediocre ordinary person.

Everyone ignores him like a speck of dust in a corner, not paying attention at all.

At first, Concubine Lin also held a trace of fantasy, hoping that her child could create a miracle and unlock the mark of Shenwu. Even if you can’t become a martial arts expert, at least you can keep your body healthy and not be tortured by the disease again.

As the sacrifice drew to a close, Concubine Lin’s hope once again turned into disappointment, even despair.

Just when Zhang Ruochen thought he couldn’t unlock the imprint of Shenwu, the white spar he held tightly in his hand lit up slightly.

At the best moment before the end of the sacrifice, a starlight fell from the sky and landed on Zhang Ruochen’s eyebrows, turning into a white circular mark of divine martial arts.


A burning sensation came from between the eyebrows and then spread all over the body.

It’s on!

Zhang Ruochen was so excited that he finally opened the mark of Shenwu.

As long as the Divine Martial Mark is activated, even if it is a first-rank Divine Martial Imprint, he doesn’t care at all.

At first, no one paid attention to Zhang Ruochen, but at the moment when Zhang Ruochen opened the imprint of Shenwu, it attracted everyone’s attention.

“That’s not the Ninth Prince, he is sixteen years old, and he is frail and sickly, so he can actually unlock the mark of Shenwu!” Many people stared at Zhang Ruochen with unbelievable eyes, thinking it was incredible.

The sixth prince and the eighth prince, who were standing beside Zhang Ruochen, also widened their eyes and looked surprised.

How is this possible?

Concubine Lin looked towards Zhang Ruochen~IndoMTL.com~ After seeing the mark of the gods and martial arts on Zhang Ruochen’s eyebrows, she shed tears with joy, and immediately rushed to Zhang Ruochen, hugging Zhang Ruochen’s body tightly, “Chen’er, you Finally made it! Made it!”

An old **** next to the King of Yunwu Commandery walked up to Zhang Ruochen and said with a smile, “Congratulations to Concubine Lin, congratulations to Her Royal Highness Ninth Prince for unlocking the imprint of Shenwu! The queen asked the old slave to invite His Royal Highness Ninth Prince over, she We must personally test the grade of the Divine Martial Seal opened by His Royal Highness the Ninth Prince!”


The smile on Concubine Lin’s face froze immediately, and she nervously protected Zhang Ruochen behind her.

“Mother, let’s go see the queen!”

Zhang Ruochen noticed Concubine Lin’s subtle changes, and secretly thought in his heart, it seems that this queen is not a good person, so be careful.


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