Fortunately, The Avatar Can Be Placed in Myriad Realms Chapter 773: Go and invite the ancestors of the empire!


This is a disgusting gadget, and the second personality born is not under Li Yu’s control, it can only make him feel uncomfortable.

This lurking journey can be described as full of twists and turns. He thought he was going to be exposed, but he came here by accident.

When he thought this was the headquarters of the Forerunners, the reality gave him another surprise.

But no matter what, his trip was not fruitless.

I don’t know when I will wait until now, but if I take this thing away, there is no guarantee that this thing won’t wake up halfway. Moreover, he was not sure what this thing was.

After thinking for a while, he suddenly murmured: “It’s not my responsibility to attack the forerunners alone, so why should I let it go?”

“Shake people!”

He edited a message and sent it to Loren with a simple and rough title——

It’s a big deal! Hurry up and invite the patriarch of the empire!

He briefly described the matter, and then slightly exaggerated it.

However, the involvement of super life forms must be one of the core secrets of the forerunners, and it does not count as deceiving the Star Empire.

Checked my inventory again to see if there are any gadgets that can be used.

There are still a few props that can lock the target position, so I simply added one to this thing.

Even if people are shaken, the final result is uncertain, so let’s take some insurance measures first.

The next step is to wait for the arrival of the ancestors of Xingyao Empire.

It’s just that he was idle, so he simply took out the giant ax and looked at the humanoid stone up and down.

It can be predicted that this human-shaped stone must be a relatively powerful life form.

Causing obvious damage to his body should weaken his combat effectiveness.

Although the Titan Ax can’t deal obvious damage directly, he can grind it slowly.

Half an hour ago, on the other side, darkness gave birth to everything, but “darkness” is not enough to describe everything in front of you

Even, in this place, the word “before” does not exist.

This place jumbles all the information into a chaotic place that cannot be perceived or described in any way.

Endless information is ups and downs here, they can form any matter and life form, the three-faced gods overlooking everything, the terrifying and hideous flesh and blood creations.

Everything is composed of information but is extremely empty.

Because everything here is in a state that cannot be accepted by conventional logic and senses, any information rooted in the real world cannot describe the essence of the sea of ​​chaos.

If something is completely unperceivable to you, it doesn’t exist for you.

In this sea of ​​chaos, ordinary life forms are blind and deaf, and they can only see darkness.

But for higher life forms, the danger here cannot be increased.

The most powerful and terrifying matter and life in their cognition will be born here, and then defeat them.

They can’t restrain this fear, and the more they fear, the stronger the creatures will be.

This is one of the dangerous areas in the barren universe – Chaos!

People who haven’t had a deep understanding of the barren universe usually guess that it is a boundless and dark vacuum area, and they can’t feel anything. Most of the starry sky is like this, so it is normal to have this illusion.

However, this description is far from the truth.

There are multiple dangerous areas in the barren universe, and the characteristics of some dangerous areas are beyond the understanding of normal life forms.

Terrifying energy ripples dissipated, and a giant roared in the starry sky, chasing two tiny figures.

Only halfway through, it turned into a special creature exuding radiant light. With an incomparably sacred feeling, it swayed countless golden lightsabers! “What is this!?”

Xinghuo gritted his teeth and shouted angrily, and built an energy barrier around him, but before he could resist for a while, a dense mass appeared


“Guangyao Pillar God, one of the Four Pillar Gods!” The silver shadow tossed and turned in the gap, and it was very hard to avoid it.

The next moment, the God of Guangyao Pillar changed his form again, turning into a tall faceless man in black robe, looking down at the two of them, holding a huge black sword, with an unparalleled sense of oppression.

“I haven’t seen this thing before, have you?” Silver Shadow looked at Xinghuo.

“They are the monitors…” Xinghuo paused.

“Overseer?” Silver Shadow seemed a little surprised.

He is not ignorant of this chaos.

Basically, only the most impressive of the living body’s thinking will be manifested.

Under normal circumstances, they are all objects of inner fear.

However, this guy said before that they were supported by the supervisor, so he shouldn’t have such a fear of the supervisor.

But in this case, he didn’t think about it, because the inspector in front of him changed again, becoming a powerful life form wearing armor. “Kai Zun, shit!” Yin Ying couldn’t help but yelled, without the slightest hesitation, he stepped up his horsepower and continued to flee.

This seems to be an extremely powerful life form, which makes the silver shadow escape faster,

Xinghuo followed closely behind, but at this moment, a burst of purple light suddenly burst out from his chest, and his whole body seemed to be hit by an invisible force, and he suddenly flew backwards.

Intensive cracks appeared on the chest area, and the body became slack for a while, as if it was about to collapse.

“How could this be!”

“The main body has been destroyed?” Xinghuo’s expression changed drastically, as if he had thought of something, his body emitted a bright light, as if he wanted to activate some special ability.

But immediately, the light on his body gradually dimmed, and his face became ugly.

This chaos prevented him from connecting with the main body, and he couldn’t return directly.


The giant red fist struck, dazzling energy radiance filled his field of vision.

At this critical moment, Silver Shadow turned into a ray of light and rushed to save Xinghuo. At the same time, he scolded unceremoniously: “What are you doing!?” Will not take the risk to save each other.

“There is something wrong with my main body…” Xinghuo looked gloomy.

Yin Ying’s expression flickered slightly, he had known for a long time that the other party was not a normal life form, and what was active outside was just a projection.

“We have obtained the information core, and we must first deal with the troubles in front of us. Only after getting away from chaos can we deal with the troubles outside.” There will be danger to life.

“What kind of thing is he, how dare he scold me like that?” Xinghuo suddenly had this thought in his heart when he heard this.

He looked unhappy, and just about to have an attack, but restrained his emotions.

How did you come up with this idea?

Silver Shadow is right, he should deal with the troubles in front of him now.

The core of the information has been obtained, so get out in advance when it is urgent.

I am not someone who is easily swayed by emotions, such thoughts should not arise.

“Since the information core has been obtained, he is useless, and the blueprint is also in my hands. The next cooperation should be led by me!” Xinghuo’s eyes changed slightly, but he quickly restrained himself, his heart was full of doubts.

What’s going on?

There seems to be something different about myself.

Silver Shadow didn’t notice this, and Xinghuo didn’t have time to think about it, so he could only concentrate and continue to escape from here.

Silver Shadow is right, this place is too dangerous, you must leave here before you can calm down and think.

More than ten days passed quickly, and under Li Yu’s spare no effort to hack with the axe, he finally chopped off…half of his arm.

He really thought about where to start for a while.

He thought that without any interference, he could always chop off the opponent’s arm.

But he didn’t realize how difficult it was until later.

But it’s all cut off

It’s halfway, and he can’t give up halfway, so he can only continue.

This human-shaped stone has almost no parts thinner than the arm, except the crotch…

Li Yu really wanted to have a major excision operation, but it was too shameful, and his crotch felt chilly just thinking about it.

In fact, the main reason is that he has been hacking at that thing for so many days, and he is afraid that he will have some psychological shadow.

Just as he was about to continue grinding, two powerful auras quickly approached here. Li Yu paused, knowing that the ancestor of the empire had come. Alfred first appeared in the cabin, his eyes didn’t even communicate with Li Yu’s eyes, they were all on the human-shaped stone. “That’s the thing…” he murmured softly.

“You know each other?” Li Yu was quite surprised. Why didn’t Loren mention this matter in his reply?

Hiding and tucking, old bastard.

“This is the prototype of the Titan artifact…” Alfred replied directly, not hiding it this time.

“The prototype of the Titan artifact?” Li Yu was even more surprised when he heard this, no wonder it was so hard, it turned out to be the prototype of the Titan artifact.

He then said: “Are you sure? But this thing is obviously alive…”

“Alive?” Alfred was also shocked, the golden armor still had the same paralyzed face, standing beside him pretending to be cool.

“This must be the prototype of the Titan artifact. At first, the cracks on the arm don’t match, but everything else matches.” Alfrey is very sure: “As for why it is alive, I don’t know too well .”

The crack on the arm…that’s what I just cut!

Li Yu was a little speechless, and then asked carefully, and roughly figured out what was going on.

Not every Titan tribe has enough strength to create Titan artifacts.

There are as many Titan tribes as a cow, but those who are qualified to forge Titan artifacts are only the top few.

As for the normal steps of building a Titan artifact, there is no difference between building a normal weapon, and you need to collect various materials.

It’s just that there is an extra step to integrate into the source quality.

It is also the key to the power of the Titan artifact.

This humanoid stone is the rudimentary form that has been integrated into the source quality. Next, it needs to be carefully crafted and step by step to become a real Titan artifact.

It’s just that the sudden outbreak of war didn’t give the so-called Cangyu Titan tribe a chance.

Causes this prototype to be shelved.

But because it is a prototype, it is very special. It has not been stored in the Titan Temple, nor has it experienced wars, so it is said to be brand new from the factory, and it has not even left the factory.

According to Alfrey’s information, the prototype of the Titan artifact appeared shortly after the Titan’s destruction, causing a multi-party melee, and finally its whereabouts are unknown.

He can make it clear that under normal circumstances, this thing can never be a living body.

“Something must have happened in the middle…” Li Yu pondered.

“Take it away, no matter what it is, you can always find out why.” Alfred suggested.

Li Yu cast a glance at him, and it was strange that he had to tell him this in advance, because he was afraid that he would eat alone and take it away.

And just when Alfrey was about to speak, the expressions of the three of them changed, because the human-shaped stone once again burst into an astonishing aura. “Hide it first, and talk about it later.” Li Yu said in a deep voice.

The three moved quickly and disappeared here at the same time,

The flow of red particles swept by, and the surrounding scenes returned to their original appearance, the traces were cleaned, and no abnormalities could be seen.

The next moment, the rough surface of the human-shaped stone gradually turned into normal-colored skin, and the facial features were also manifested, and soon turned into a seemingly normal human being.

Except for the amazing crack in the arm, there are no blood vessels or muscles in it, only gray stone.

The moment he woke up, he found the crack on his arm, and his expression became extremely gloomy.

Even though he couldn’t feel any residual aura or abnormality around him, he was not an idiot, so he naturally knew that this place had been discovered.

Even say, destroy this body

People, it is very likely that they are here, but they are just hiding.

“I don’t know what’s going on at the Silver Shadow over, if there is any abnormal situation, the two of us can handle it.” He thought to himself. He has a special body, even if there is a strong enemy, running is not a problem, and it is almost difficult for anyone to stop him.

Just don’t know what the **** happened here, and how the place was exposed.

He didn’t know these things, and he didn’t want to leave for the time being.

Even among the pioneers, there is only one person who knows the coordinates here.

If you understand this, you can probably guess where the enemy came from.

“How dare you bully me, you must let those guys die without a burial.” Such a thought suddenly popped up in his heart, and he frowned, always feeling that he seemed to have become extremely arrogant recently.

He could feel that there seemed to be something wrong with his mental state, but he couldn’t find the root of the problem for a while.

Then, the body of this sentence turned into a human-shaped stone again, without any breath, lying here quietly.

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