Fortunately, The Avatar Can Be Placed in Myriad Realms Chapter 772: Accident


“So, what do you want to do? Get rid of me?”

Although he was in a complicated mood, he still asked calmly.

It turns out that there is something wrong with being too powerful

Although this lurking seems to have the possibility of falling into the sand, it can be regarded as rewarding anyway.

It really doesn’t work, just take it away, take the blueprint back and ponder it slowly.

It’s just that what the first first officer said next made him a little stunned.

“I’m not qualified to deal with you, but if you really have no problem, I hope you don’t resist in the future. I will send you to the leader. When the leader comes back, he will personally verify whether you have betrayed the organization.”

The first first officer said slowly, the eight-year-old kid next to him was eager to try, it seemed that as long as Li Yu had the slightest intention to resist, he would strike without hesitation.

Send it to the leader?

Isn’t the place where the leader of the pioneers is located, the headquarters?

Li Yu silently took back the idea of ​​taking it away here.

I didn’t expect my goal to be achieved in such a wrong way.

However, he still has a problem.

“Since you suspect that I might betray you, why didn’t you stop me from coming here?”

The First Officer couldn’t have just suspected him.

There must be doubts when he returned with the forerunner.

But still sit back and watch the pioneers bring him back.

Is he not afraid of being exposed here?

“Actually, I just began to doubt whether you are the third precursor, so I asked the second precursor to verify.” He looked calm and explained to his former colleagues:

“He confirmed that you are the third pioneer, so I let someone bring you back.”

“Otherwise, you can’t get here.”

Li Yu suddenly realized that the second forerunner was to verify his real body.

“Regardless of betrayal or not, Xingyao Empire must have done a good job in letting you out.” The first forerunner continued:

“And during this period of time, you have almost no news about the organization, and you are completely unable to determine whether this place is important or not.”

“That means, even if you really betrayed the organization, before you confirm the importance of this place before, it is impossible to pass the information here to Xingyao Empire.”

There were waves in Li Yu’s eyes, tsk tsk, it’s not easy to be the first official.

If the third forerunner really betrayed, I’m afraid he will really follow the other party’s guess.

He has completely lost touch with the forerunner, and has no idea what this place is for.

In case it doesn’t matter here and he passes the message on.

Even if Li Yuduan drops here, the other party loses a chance to find out the headquarters of the Forerunner.

Thinking of this, Li Yu looked serious and said: “I have a clear conscience, let the leader decide, he will prove everything.”

There was an inexplicable expression in the eyes of the first pioneer, and then someone put on special equipment for him.

The ability of the third forerunner is special, it can adjust the information state, and it is not an actual energyization ability.

With the help of some specific weapons and equipment, it can also be upgraded, and its strength has jumped again.

It’s just that after being captured, the equipment was confiscated by the Xingyao Empire.

After all, he grew up among the forerunners, and the forerunners also have corresponding countermeasures.

It’s just that the prison measures to suppress the information state are not suitable for Li Yu.

He was imprisoned in a black sarcophagus.

This sarcophagus is not a mechanized technological device. It is engraved with a large number of runes, which seems to be another way to suppress the ability of the third forerunner.

Immediately, the First Precursor stepped forward and put his palm on the sarcophagus.

As the runes on it gradually lit up, black chains wrapped around the coffin, sealing it completely.

“Build an information state channel and send him there.” The first officer ordered.

The subordinates acted quickly, and the black coffin completely disappeared here through the information channel, turning into a golden streamer.

“Since there is a possibility of betrayal, then it’s fine to kill them directly. There’s no need to go to such trouble.” The Seventh Forerunner muttered.

The first pioneer shook his head and said: “Even if he really betrayed, the leader can correct him. He is a top-notch fighter with unlimited potential. It is a pity to lose it.”

The seventh forerunner curled his lips, revealing the child’s heart to the fullest.

At the same time, an unknown silent room suddenly lit up with light, and a black sarcophagus surrounded by chains suddenly appeared here, and fell heavily on the ground with a bang.

There are metal bulkheads all around, and the lights are very dim. Even though the sound of the sarcophagus falling to the ground is loud, no one came to check.

About half a day later, a large flow of red particles escaped from the gap in the black sarcophagus, silently covering the entire room. Then, the runes on the surface of the black sarcophagus suddenly lit up, the chains trembled, and dense cracks soon appeared.


Accompanied by a clear cracking sound, the runes were sad, the chains shattered, the sarcophagus opened, and Li Yu walked out of it.

The flow of red particles covered his whole body. In this state, most detection equipment could not find him.

Then he returned the black sarcophagus to its original shape. After dealing with all this, he was able to look around.

This place looks like a cabin in a large base.

He looked at the metal liquid crystal cover on the left side of the cabin door. After opening, there were a large number of data interfaces and wires.

“Little noisy, take down this base.” Li Yu ordered.

“Yes, master.”

The mother box flew out, and metal probes extended from the surface, inserting them into the data interface.

The base’s management system is isolated from the interstellar network and forms its own intranet.

Most organizations will also use this method to avoid being attacked by the network, especially after the smart disaster.

And after going through a lot of small noises that have been strengthened, it is naturally not difficult to win the intelligent management system of this base.

In less than ten minutes, the hatch in front of me opened directly.

“Report the general situation of this base.” Li Yu frowned slightly, and the small noise was too fast.

At any rate, it is the headquarters of the pioneers, so it is too late to break through from the inside, and only persist for ten minutes.

“Yes, master…”

“This base is called Forerunner, with a total area of ​​1,500 square kilometers…”

“How much?” Li Yu suspected that he had heard wrong.

“The total area is 1,500 square kilometers.” Little Noise repeated.

“1,500 square kilometers…” Li Yu felt a sense of absurdity in his heart.

It’s too small, and it’s very different from the Forerunner headquarters he imagined.

Such a small base cannot be used as the headquarters of the pioneers.

“Continue to report…”

Li Yu didn’t know what was wrong, did the leader of the forerunner stay in such a small place?

“Administrator – 0…”

“No one manages?” Li Yu’s face was dark, and he simply said: “Forget it, don’t report it, just show it to me.”

A holographic screen popped up in front of him, and a large area of ​​data was refreshed. Li Yu frowned and studied it carefully.

I don’t know how long it took before he raised his head, the expression on his face was hard to describe, he couldn’t help but said:

“There is no one in this place, and it is not a research base. There is no information in the management system. Where did that guy send me?”

“It’s just that so many high-concentration nutrients have been sent to that shadow room. I want to see what it is.” Interestingly, the management system of this base does not completely control the entire base .

There is a shadow in the center of the base, which cannot be touched by the intelligent management system. It is completely isolated and operates independently.

The management system here is only to ensure that a large amount of nutrients can be transported into it,

No other effect.

The database in it only has normal system logs.

Unimpeded all the way, Li Yu came to the center of the base, a room surrounded by thick metal walls.

Thick metal pipes connect here, and countless high-concentration nutrients and life substances rush into this room. Li Yu didn’t enter rashly, or could not enter because there was no door in this room.

However, this didn’t bother him, as the palm of his hand was pressed against the metal wall, the Reality Gem played its role, and the thick metal wall gradually turned into transparent glass. A yellow-green thick liquid floated before his eyes, dense bubbles churning from time to time.

But what surprised Li Yu the most was that there was a person suspended in it. To be sure, it was not a person, but a stone similar to a person. The surface is rough, and only the contours and organs of a person can be roughly seen.

It seems to be no different from some ancient stone statues, even rougher than them.

It’s just that this thing is devouring a large amount of nutrients and life substances.

Even if there are more than sixteen metal pipes injecting life substances and nutrients at a rate of more than 100 liters per second.

But the liquid level in the room isn’t even halfway up.

“What is this?” Li Yu frowned, he couldn’t feel any breath of life from above.

But various evidences show that this is indeed a living body.

He suddenly thought about what the first officer said, and his eyes couldn’t help but become strange.

Is this thing the leader of the pioneers?

A rock?

“What the hell, let’s go in and have a look.”

Li Yu thought for a moment, held the giant axe directly, and then turned on the full fighting form, opened a passage with the reality gem, and walked in directly. He went straight to the human-shaped stone, first entered various data, and then touched left and right. No matter how you look at it, this thing looks like an ordinary stone.

“Forget it, let’s chop an ax first.” Li Yu acted simply and rudely.

With eyes narrowed, he raised the titan axe, and on the [Infinity Gauntlet], four gemstones shone brightly, and the terrifying aura was confined here.

Although [Blood War] does not have a long-term superposition, nor does it use the eternal core to fuse Transformers, it is not really at its peak.

However, his strength should not be underestimated. The most important thing is the lethality of the Titan Axe, which is real.


A smear of purple light flashed across the edge of the axe, without revealing the slightest power, it slashed firmly on the human-shaped stone.

However, something that surprised Li Yu happened.

This seemingly ordinary human-shaped stone was not damaged in the slightest under the power of the giant axe of the titan.


Li Yu raised the ax and took a closer look. There were indeed some cracks where the ax tip fell, but they were so subtle that it was almost impossible to see it without looking carefully. Not all the halves he imagined.

“So hard” Li Yu frowned, the result of this trial was beyond his expectation.

He put away the giant axe of the titan, and tried to embed it into the [symbiosis outfit], but unfortunately…he couldn’t do it either.

“This thing can’t really be the leader of the forerunner…” Li Yu wandered around the stone, trying all kinds of methods to make it put away.

Even simple movement is very difficult, and the weight is beyond imagination.

“But didn’t that guy say that the leader of the forerunner entered the barren universe?” Li Yu muttered to himself.

At the next moment, his pupils shrank suddenly, and he felt a terrifying aura suddenly emanating from the humanoid stone in front of him, which made him shudder. “Alive?”

Without hesitation, he turned around and left here, broke through the wall of the base, came to the starry sky, and was about to flee.

He has no interest in fighting with something whose body can resist the giant ax of the titan.

However, the aura behind him suddenly began to weaken again, and soon disappeared again. “Huh? Something went wrong?”

Li Yu looked hesitant, glanced at his inventory, suddenly gained some confidence, and returned to the base cautiously.

When I came to that room again, I found that the human-shaped stone had regained its calm. It seemed that the powerful aura just now had nothing to do with him.

A special life form that was seriously injured?


Li Yu skipped a lot of speculation in his mind for a while, but there is no doubt that this must be a big secret of the forerunner.

Judging from the strength of the aura that erupted just now, at least it is a super life form, and its body strength is even more astonishing.

“No matter how you look at it, you seem to have a big problem. I’m sorry for wasting time on this trip.

Li Yu pondered secretly, and took out a test tube from the system space, in which the green liquid kept churning.

[Special item – chemical potion impregnated with clowns: it has the ability to corrupt the spirit body and give birth to a second personality, and it must be soaked in it to function. 】

Open the stopper, and the green liquid soaks in nutrients.

Li Yu didn’t forget to isolate himself, he didn’t want to give birth to a second personality to play with him.

In an instant, the liquid in the entire room turned into a turbulent bright green liquid, which was absorbed by the human-shaped stone at a speed visible to the naked eye.


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