Fortunately, The Avatar Can Be Placed in Myriad Realms Chapter 771: The lurking failed?


In order to avoid the Xingyao Empire’s spare no effort to attack, the pioneers also tried their best.

They have been forced to build stargate passages in extremely remote places.

Most civilizations in the interstellar world will basically set up stations to detect space fluctuations in the territory to avoid the occurrence of smuggling.

In order to hide the traces of activities as much as possible, the pioneers have set up the main star gate channel in an extremely barren star field.

Li Yu moved at least four or five bases with them, but still did not reach the place where the batch of materials should go.

He was extremely speechless in his heart, but he still had to pretend to be calm on the surface.

Every link of their transshipment is extremely strict. Before receiving the goods, they don’t know where the destination is or where the goods will come from.

This extremely cautious way of docking allows them to barely continue to be active under the attack of the Star Empire.

Li Yu doesn’t know much about the interior of the Forerunner, but he also knows that the location of the Forerunner’s headquarters is also a secret among secrets within the Forerunner. He was not sure whether people at the level of the first officer could enter.

But the Pioneer recently collected various materials on a large scale, which also aroused his interest.

Since it is necessary to collect materials on a large scale in this situation, it must be because they will be used in a short time.

These materials will definitely be shipped to the place where they are used. As long as Li Yu follows, there is a high probability that he can figure out what they are going to do. However, in a certain stronghold, Li Yu met an unexpected person.

“You really escaped…”

In the room, a life body with wings on its back faced Li Yu.

His pupils exude a pale golden light, and his wings are gathered behind him. His appearance looks neutral, and he cannot distinguish between men and women.

The other party is the second forerunner, which Li Yu can tell from the information he got from the Star Empire.

“Why are you here?” Li Yu asked without any emotional ups and downs.

The third forerunner has always been detained by the Xingyao Empire, and it is normal for him to be unclear about the transfer within the organization.

“I’m in charge of collecting resources. I heard that you were out of trouble, so I came here to take a look.” The second pioneer said lightly.

Actually, when he heard the news, he was somewhat skeptical.

Because the leader has clearly stated that the third forerunner is a bait deliberately released by Long Zun.

Since it was deliberately released as a bait, how could it be so easy to escape from the Xingyao Empire.

So, he suspected that there was something tricky in it, so he was going to test it out here.

But when he saw the other party, he had another thought – this guy was really out of trouble.

But there was no doubt in his mind, only doubts, doubts about how the third forerunner escaped from the Xingyao Empire.

“Li Yu is too arrogant and thinks he is in control of everything. I found an opportunity to get out of his control.” He explained in a general way:

“You also know my ability, it is difficult for him to leave any tracking marks on me.”

However, upon hearing this explanation, the second forerunner frowned, and said, “Li Yu shouldn’t be a careless person, he won’t leave any behind, right?” Li Yu was stunned, a little speechless, I have belittled myself, but you are confident in me.

“Maybe he is too confident now, people will always change.” He said casually.

The second pioneer shook his head and said, “You can’t take him lightly, I remember you were very cautious before.”

Li Yu: “…”

Fortunately, with the magic skill of camouflage, this degree of incongruity will not make the second forerunner suspicious.

A golden light enveloped Li Yu, as if he was conducting an inspection. After a while, the face of the second pioneer still did not feel relieved: “There is indeed no such thing as a tracking mark.”

“But, how could it be so easy for you to find a vacancy?”

Li Yu was really speechless, and said: “Long Zun is indeed very powerful, but don’t think too much about him

Powerful. “

“He’s paying attention to too many things now. In his opinion, I may be just a small role, playing casually, and not paying much attention at all.” “Really?” The second pioneer muttered to himself, obviously This statement did not convince him.

N, you have so much confidence in me, you can’t be my fanboy.

You don’t even believe that?

However, fortunately, the second advance officer is not a person who pushes the needle, and quickly said: “Maybe so, that is really your luck.” My luck… Li Yu muttered to himself, pretending to be unhappy on the surface Said: “You have already feared him in your heart. He is our enemy. This kind of thinking should not exist.”

“You don’t understand.” The second pioneer shook his head and sighed, “I had a brief contact with him…”

“Huh?” Li Yu was a little confused, why didn’t he remember being in contact with this birdman?

“At that time, the organization sent me to ambush Lehmann, but he took the lead. Instead, I became a scapegoat and helped him attract firepower at the first time…” Is there such a thing?

Li Yu suddenly remembered that he seemed to have vaguely heard that the Xingyao Empire had indeed hunted down suspects in its territory.

At that time, he wondered, which unlucky guy became his scapegoat, and it turned out to be this birdman.

The forerunner is also considered unlucky.

Li Yu kept silent, listening to the birdman’s narration, he was tracked down by Xingyao Empire for a long time.

Although Li Yu directly exposed himself later, he got rid of the suspicion on him.

But as a senior executive of the forerunner, Xingyao Empire will naturally not let this opportunity go easily, and wants to catch him.

It’s just that there was a lot of trouble about Lehman later, which made Xingyao Empire a little bit devastated, and gave the pioneers an opportunity to rescue the birdman.

It was precisely because of that time that he didn’t even see Li Yu’s face, and he carried a big pot for no reason, and suffered a lot of torture, which caused some shadows in the second pioneer’s heart.

In the eyes of him and the forerunner, what happened at that time must have been planned by Li Yu.

Otherwise, there would be such a coincidence that the ambush happened at the same time.

“Coincidence?” Li Yu secretly slandered:

“At that time, Lehman was in charge of dealing with the A-level alliance, and he usually stayed in the secret base. It happened that the Xingyao Empire executed your pioneers. It was a rare opportunity.”

The two talked about this matter for a while, and Li Yu comforted the other party, telling him not to pay too much attention to this matter, and there will definitely be a chance to get revenge in the future, and kill that Dragon Master under his horse!

The second pioneer didn’t have any hope for this, but he didn’t continue to talk about the sad past, but asked: “Since you are back, what are you going to do next?”

“I don’t know…” Li Yu said along the way: “I can’t contact the leader recently, so I can only help **** these resources first.”

“Can you contact the leader?”

The second forerunner shook his head first, and before Li Yu was disappointed, he said, “I only know that the leader went to the barren universe, and there is no way to contact the outside world there.” “He went to the barren universe?” Li Yu was a little surprised, Then another idea popped up-

It must be related to that alien life form.

His eyes flickered, and the second pioneer said: “There is still a batch of goods that will arrive soon, but they seem to be contaminated with some troubles, I will deal with them.”

“Just follow these resources.”

Without the leader, the second forerunner is naturally not qualified to appoint him.

Li Yu nodded and watched the other party leave.

The forerunner is indeed busy with some important matter, and the alien life body knows the secret that he is a titan.

The forerunners have a feud again. It’s really not a good thing for these two guys to collude.

I don’t know what they are planning, so what’s the dormitory.

Li Yu didn’t know what to do, but a sense of urgency suddenly rose in his heart.

The fleet transporting the source crystal ore set sail again, passed through four sub-bases for transshipment, and passed through a star gate hidden in a remote star field. A huge metal building covering a wide range, presented in

In front of Li Yu.

A large number of transport spaceships come and go in this star field, and the number of specially built giant metal structure “Hercules” spaceships is even greater. Although there is no sound, you can feel the busy atmosphere in it.

In the center, a square metal structure is built with a large number of high-precision alloys.

The metal structure is what is being built, and it is currently unclear what it is.

Because this thing only has a metal base.

The nearby metal forging factory is spewing smoke of various colors into the starry sky, obviously in the process of forging in full swing.

The source crystal ore was quickly connected and transported into a special factory.

This should not be the headquarters of the Forerunners.

After looking around, he came to such a conclusion.

This is obviously a hastily built integrated construction factory, and it is still open-air.

The main purpose should be to build that special thing.

Li Yu doesn’t know what it is.

“The third forerunner?” A stream of light flew from a distance and stopped in front of him.

The appearance of an interstellar human, with long golden hair, is not tall, only about 1.6 meters, and the pupils are crystal blue.

This guy looked Li Yu up and down, and there was no respect in his eyes, but provocation.

“It really is you, you are so embarrassed to come back.” He seemed to have taken a shot.

“If I were you, I would never face the shame of being captured.”

No.. who are you?

Li Yu’s face was strange. Among the relevant information he got, there was no information about this person, which made it difficult for him to speak easily. But this silent attitude, more like ignorance, seems to have angered the other party.

“I challenge you as the seventh forerunner, and deprive you of the third forerunner!” He shouted coldly.

Seventh Herald?

Aren’t there only six first officers?

Where is the seventh?

Li Yu was even more confused, and still didn’t speak.

Remove my identity?

Is there such a competitive ranking mechanism within an organization like the Forerunner?

“Seventh, step back!” A cold reprimand suddenly came.

Another ray of light landed, Li Yu’s face moved slightly, he knew this guy.

The first forerunner, the number one thug of the forerunner, has a very high prestige.

It is said that it is only one step away from the super life form.

It looks like an ordinary interstellar human, wearing a striped suit and looking polite.

The seventh forerunner looked unwilling, and said: “Why can he be the third forerunner, I can only be the seventh.”

“Still a captive who escaped!”

The first officer glanced at him and said, “Third is not as knowledgeable as you, so don’t be ashamed here.”

Immediately, he said to Li Yu again: “Seventh Forerunner, during the time you were captured, join the new members of the organization.”

“Join?” Li Yu captured these two words.

It is impossible for the pioneers to absorb high-level executives of this level, there is a problem.

“Yes, he didn’t grow up in the organization…” The first officer paused and said, “Strictly speaking, he is my son.” “Your son?”

Li Yu feels that the pioneers he has come into contact with seem to be different from what he imagined.

“Why haven’t you heard of it before?” Li Yu asked tentatively.

“Not long after birth…” is the first official way.

“Not long after he was born…” Li Yu looked at the little kid with a face full of reluctance, and said, “How old is he?”

“Eight years old…”

It’s t years old! ?

Eight years old is already a life form at level A5?

Your genes are so strong?

Titans are not so fierce. Li Yu blinked, something is definitely wrong, there is absolutely something wrong with this so-called “son”


However, the first officer obviously didn’t want to talk more about this topic, and instead said: “We were really surprised that you escaped from Li Yu’s hands, and there must be many dangers in it.”

“You doubt me?” There was a trace of displeasure in Li Yu’s expression.

The other party did not suspect that he was not the third forerunner, but had doubts about the third forerunner.

This is not within the scope of [Black Widow].

Those people I met before were not strong enough, and the second forerunner may have suspected it too, but he didn’t have enough authority to handle this matter. But the First Advance Officer has the ability and strength to handle this matter.

This is the last thing Li Yu wants to encounter, but it cannot be avoided.

“Shouldn’t it?” He asked back, his eyes dim: “This is not the first time we have dealt with Li Yu. We have experienced it several times before, and we have never gained an advantage.”

“Now you tell me that you did what the entire organization failed to do, let his plan fail and escape successfully, it is really hard for me not to doubt.”

Li Yu’s expression was complicated when he heard this.

So, because I am too arrogant, my lurking is likely to fail?


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