Flower Master in the City Chapter 2899: Eat a palm that falls from the sky


“It’s easy to talk big words, but hard to do practical things.”

Taoist Wentian waved his hand, showing an uninterested expression, then stood up slowly, and raised his palm to slap Xia Tian without any warning.

The wind in the palm is as fast as lightning.

Xia Tian casually slapped away Taoist Wentian’s palm and said unhappily: “Old Niubi, do you think you are very brave?”

I saw the palm power running like thunder, flying out of the fairy island in an instant, exploding in mid-air.

If this bomb hits, not to mention Xia Tian, ​​it is estimated that the entire Fairy Island will also suffer.

“I guess you have bad intentions!” Ji Qingying made a move, and a sword flew out from the bottom of her sleeve and pressed it against Taoist Wentian’s throat.

Yun Qing, An Keke and Princess Sama also reacted at any time, each taking a corner and surrounding Taoist Wentian.

Looking at this posture, she must have practiced how to deal with similar situations in advance.

“Don’t be anxious, don’t panic, and don’t be confused.”

Taoist Wentian chuckled and said calmly: “Pindao is just curious about fellow Taoist Xia’s skills and wants to give him a try. He has no hostility.”

“If you want to fight, just say so.”

Xia Tian stretched out slowly and said indifferently: “Although I always like to convince people with virtue, but to deal with some idiots who can’t understand people’s words, it is more useful to use fists.”

“Fighting is afraid of young people. Pindao is an old man of more than 20,000 years old, so he may not be able to hold up your fists.”

Taoist Wentian moved his waist and legs a little, and then said: “However, I am indeed very curious about you. I want to test how much of the essence of Ni Tian Jing you have grasped, so that I can have a better judgment in my mind. You won’t bet on the wrong thing.”

“I don’t know the anti-natural sutra.” Xia Tian corrected him seriously: “What I know is the eight anti-natural stitches. You’d better remember it. If you make another mistake, I will beat you directly.” asked. The Heavenly Taoist said calmly: “It doesn’t matter, whether it’s the Eight Heaven-Resisting Needles or something else, it always comes from the Heaven-Resisting Scripture. Now, except for you, no one else seems to have made it. Don’t look for it. You try, it’s still OK

I really can’t appreciate the glory of Ye Emperor back then. ”

“If you want to appreciate the splendor of Night Emperor, just go find that Night Emperor.” Xia Tian said extremely unhappily: “I am me and have nothing to do with that Night Emperor.”

Taoist Wentian said calmly: “The terrain here is restricted and it is not convenient for fighting.”

As he said that, he turned to look at Ji Qingying: “You are the king here, right? Is there a suitable place for fighting?”


Ji Qingying glanced at Xia Tian and found that he had no objection, so she said: “Three thousand miles north of Lanjing, there is a flattened mountain. It is the newly built martial arts field. It was originally used to develop the skills of overcoming tribulation for the sisters. ”

“Just go there.” Taoist Wentian chuckled, and he stood up from the ground, like an arrow from a string, flying to the north in an instant.

Xia Tian smiled and said to Yue Qingya and the others: “Sister Fairy, three wives, I’m going to give this old cow a good beating on the nose, and I’ll be back soon.”

“Husband, what are you talking about? We must go and have a look.” Yun Qing said directly.

An Keke nodded: “That’s right.” “It’s rare to see a cultivator in the tribulation period take action. This is a rare experience.” Ji Qingying also looked interested and said: “Although because of the spiritual energy sanctions, The exercises during the tribulation period cannot exert their full effect, but

You can learn something by taking a look. ”

Yue Qingya saw it very clearly: “Senior should know our shortcomings in this area, so he deliberately wanted to fight Xia Tian so that we would not be ignorant.”

This is not unreasonable.

Although they have already passed through the tribulation period, they have been guarding the gold mountain for a long time, but they have no idea how to dig out the gold.

Because neither on earth nor on the Xianyun Continent, there are no techniques to survive the tribulation period.

As a result, over the years, they can only rely on the Piaomiao Immortal Sect and collect ancient borrowings from other sects, while studying the mysteries and trying to develop their own techniques.

Previously, the arrival of Lord Wu Luo and the three divine generals did bring them some gains, at least they knew the concept of calamity.

Immediately afterwards, Xia Tian made a breakthrough and quickly mastered the calamity power.

Now there are several women in Xia Tian who are able to refine the calamity power. It is estimated that in a while, everyone will be able to master the calamity power proficiently.

At this time, Taoist Wentian showed them some techniques, which could help them deepen their understanding of the Tribulation Period.

After a while, Xia Tian took them to the martial arts arena.

Yue Qingya even sent a message to several other women who were on business trips, asking them to come back as soon as possible to observe the battle.

“Coming?” Taoist Wentian stood in the middle of the martial arts arena, looking at Xia Tian and the others with his sleeves, “Are you going to come together and beat up an old man like me?”

Xia Tian curled his lips: “No need, I can beat you up alone.”

“That’s good.” Taoist Wentian nodded lightly, “I wonder if Fellow Daoist Xia has the power to master the calamity?”

“I’ve mastered this a long time ago.” Xia Tian said casually.

“It seems that you are indeed a Tribulation Immortal and very talented.”

Taoist Wentian nodded, stretched out his hands from behind, and his body glowed with golden light. The eight meridians and internal organs were all ignited: “I have a little fighting spirit, let me see Let’s see how you use tribulation… huh?”

Before he finished speaking, Xia Tian appeared in front of his eyes, and his fist seemed to hit his face at an extremely slow speed.


Hit him with one punch.

However, Taoist Wentian was not seriously injured because Xia Tian’s fist energy was directly absorbed by his body and dispersed into his body at a very fast speed.

Then in less than a hundredth of a second, this dispersed calamity force gathered together again after circling for several days. After passing through the palms of Wentian Taoist, it blasted toward Xia Tian.

“Ask the Heavenly Tribulation Palm!”

Xia Tian did not hide, and forcefully took the palm.

It’s just that his body couldn’t use this catastrophic force for his own use, so his whole person was immediately blown away.

If you don’t use it, you can only unload it.


Xia Tian quickly lost his strength, but the dissatisfied temper in his heart came up, and he shouted: “Old Niubi, you are quite capable, it’s your turn to take a punch from me!”

“Just come!” Wentian Taoist stood still.

Hit as he said, Xia Tian used about 60% of his strength, shrunk to an inch and arrived in front of Taoist Wentian.

Before the other party could react, a fist hit Taoist Wentian in the chest.

This punch was a real hit, with no tricks or tricks.

It’s just a simple fist, relying purely on strength, and of course there is also a part of the earth’s tribulation power mixed in.

Taoist Wentian once again used the technique of doubling the feedback just now, but this time something unexpected happened.

Because Xia Tian used the ice and fire tribulation power, which are two completely opposite tribulation powers. When he was still in Xia Tian’s body, because of the relationship between the ice and fire spirit bodies, these two tribulation forces could completely coexist peacefully.

But once they leave Xia Tian’s body, they will naturally be completely incompatible.

Taoist Wentian accidentally let these two catastrophic forces enter his body. As a result, he could not be resolved at all, because the two catastrophic forces directly fought first, destroying his original circulation system.

“Huh?” Taoist Wentian said in surprise, and Gujing Bubo also showed an unexpected look on his face, but he quickly reacted, condensed his palms, and first pulled away Xia Tian’s fist, Stick another palm to it, and first return the fire tribulation power

Go back.

“Old man, you can’t hold on anymore.”

Xia Tian smiled and showed a clear expression: “Then I will add more fire to you.”

Taoist Wentian suddenly stepped back several hundred meters, then raised his finger and directly ejected a calamity force.

This tribulation force turned into several streams of light, heading straight towards Xia Tian.

Xia Tian didn’t care about the calamity of the past few days at all, and still rushed straight towards Taoist Wentian.

Of course, Xia Tian was not unprepared. He took out a silver needle and stabbed it at those streaks of light.

“Get out of here!”

Those streams of light were instantly shattered.

“Well done.” With a smile on his face, Wentian Taoist held his secret seal and pushed Xia Pingping over: “I’m a poor Taoist, please give me a big Buddha’s palm!”

I saw a huge Buddha’s golden body appearing behind Taoist Wentian. He raised his palms that covered the sky and blasted towards Xia Tian.

This palm faintly carries the power of law, making Xia Tian feel like he cannot dodge.

However, he had no intention of evading.

Xia Tian clenched his fists and faced him forward.

Ji Qingying looked at it from a distance and felt puzzled, and subconsciously cursed: “He is not a Taoist priest, why would he use Buddha’s palm?”

An Keke suddenly remembered a novel he had read many years ago and murmured, “Maybe because…Buddha is the Tao.”

“What is this?” Ji Qingying looked confused.

Yun Qing said with some worry: “Do you think my husband can win?”

“My husband will win!” Princess Sama did not hesitate at all.

An Keke also nodded and said: “My husband must win, he can’t lose.”

Although Ji Qingying also felt that Xia Tian would not lose, she also had a clear understanding of the strength of this Taoist Wentian.

So far, neither of them has used their full strength.

But Wentian Dao is obviously more comfortable, while Xia Tian is a little passive. Yue Qingya’s beautiful eyes were staring straight at the battle on the field, and she was analyzing the pros and cons of the two people at the same time. She actually didn’t care much about the outcome. She wanted to remember more details about Wentian Taoist so that she could It will be dismantled slowly in the future

and research.

“Ah, husband, be careful!”

At this time, Yun Qing suddenly screamed.

There was only a loud “bang” sound, and Xia Tian was hit by a giant palm, and his whole person flew backwards again.

“This is the Palm of the Thousand Thousand Buddhas, and this is just the first move.” Taoist Wentian held the secret seal with both hands, and chuckled at Xia Tian: “Your calamity power is very unique, but you haven’t gone through the heavenly calamity yet. It has been tempered, so it is not strong enough to face immortal cultivators who are in the same realm as you, or even one level higher than you

At this time, your robbery power can take advantage of it. ”

As he said that, his face suddenly turned away, revealing a look of disdain: “But the person you want to deal with is not even a little bit higher than you, let alone one or two levels. With your current strength, I’m afraid even his I can’t even get close.”


Xia Tian did not accept this statement, and directly made a fist and struck again: “I will beat you down now!” Taoist Wentian pressed down the secret seal lightly: “Then I will let you take another one, falling from the sky Palm technique! ”


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