Flower Master in the City Chapter 2898: He is waiting for me to kill him


“Go, why not go.”

Xia Tian yawned lazily, and then glanced at Taoist Wentian: “Are there many peerless beauties in this Immortal Association?” Taoist Wentian laughed: “That’s natural. Peach Fairy Association. However, this grand gathering of the Immortal Cultivation Alliance is held once every three thousand years. Not only the cultivators in the tribulation period will participate, but also many female cultivators who want to become famous will also participate in the gathering.

The female cultivator will receive a unique fairy title. ”

“For example, the Piaomiao Fairy back then?” Qiao Xiaoqiao suddenly remembered what the Holy Shadow Demon King said before, “She also became famous at the Peach Fairy Fair back then?”

“Yes and no.” Taoist Wentian said calmly: “My disciple is already in the tribulation stage and has received the invitation letter, but none of the fairies back then can match her. One percent beautiful, so she was granted the title of Piaomiao Fairy

No. ”

Xia Tian curled her lips: “Although Pei Hongxiu is really good-looking. But compared to my fairy sister and wife, Fuyao Fairy’s wife, she is still far behind.”

“The title of Fairy Fuyao was actually obtained at the Peach Fairy Fair.”

Taoist Wentian said calmly: “It’s just that she offended the leader of that session after the meeting, so she was deprived of the title of fairy by the Supreme Association and was exiled to the land abandoned by the immortals.”

“Who is that idiot leader?”

Xia Tian said with some displeasure: “If I go to that illegal guild, I will definitely beat up the guild leader, and then kill him to avenge Fairy Fuyao’s wife.”

“Haha.” Taoist Wentian shook his head: “I won’t tell you. If you want to know, you have to go to the Immortal Cultivation Alliance to find the answer yourself.”

Xia Tian did not ask any more questions, but said unhappily: “Old Niubi, then why are you still here?”

“I haven’t finished what I want to say yet.”

Taoist Wentian drank tea slowly and methodically, and said with a smile: “When I finish speaking, I will leave naturally, I don’t need you to rush me.”

“You just said so much, haven’t you said enough?” Xia Tian is most annoyed by people who tell stories slowly.

Princess Sama stepped forward and hugged Xia Tian’s head: “Husband, don’t you like listening to him? Then I’ll give you a massage. You don’t have to listen.”

“Princess Wife, you should be nice to me.” Xia Tian lay in Master Sama’s broad mind.

An Keke immediately came up and said with a smile: “Husband, I will press your feet for you.”

“You really enjoy it!” Ji Qingying glared at Xia Tian with dissatisfaction, “Are you here to enjoy yourself?”

Xia Tian said with a smile: “Queen’s Wife, if you are jealous, you can massage my belly for me.”


Ji Qingying punched Xia Tian in the stomach: “Be more serious.”

“What’s the point of being serious?” Xia Tian didn’t dodge, because he knew that Ji Qingying couldn’t use much strength.

Taoist Wentian said calmly: “Boy, you are really blessed with boundless beauty. It’s a pity that Pindao is a monk and has practiced boy’s skills. Otherwise, he would be as carefree and unrestrained as you.”

“Old Niubi, then you are not so lucky.” Xia Tian curled his lips.

“There is no such thing as a poor Taoist.” Taoist Wentian continued: “So, my only wish in this life is to succeed in the Tao and ascend to the true immortal world.”

Xia Tian lazily said: “Then just do it, you tell me what to do.”

“The skills that Pindao has practiced have reached their limit.” Taoist Wentian shook his head with emotion, “Furthermore, Pindao survived the disaster, but failed. Fortunately, he didn’t die, but he didn’t I don’t have the courage to go through the tribulation again, because if I accidentally go through the tribulation next time, I might be directly blasted into ashes

No chance of reincarnation. ”

Ji Qingying said calmly: “Then you can be reincarnated and cultivate again like Fairy Piaomiao.”

“Reincarnation and rebuilding are not easy, and there may be unnecessary karma.”

Taoist Wentian still shook his head, “Unless he has great perseverance or reaches a dead end, ordinary quasi-immortals will not take this path. Tribulation immortals, even less so.”

After observation, Yue Qingya could see that this Wentian Taoist was not hostile to them, at least not yet, and he had some vague intention of showing kindness to them.

Although I don’t know why, since they are friends rather than enemies, I can use his mouth to understand the situation in the Immortal Cultivation Alliance.

“Senior, please give me tea.”

Yue Qingya dismissed the female doctors who were making medicine, started making tea again, then poured a cup for Taoist Wentian, and then said: “You just mentioned Quasi-immortal and Tribulation Immortal, what is the difference between the two? Difference? ”

“This brings me to the point.”

Taoist Wentian obviously deliberately leaked some information, and then took the opportunity to raise Xia Tian’s questioning.

It’s a pity that Xia Tian didn’t react at all, it was Yue Qingya who gave him face.

“As we all know, there is only one step away from becoming a true immortal during the tribulation period.”

Taoist Wentian chuckled and continued: “But this step is actually far 10,000 times farther and 10,000 times more difficult than the distance from the Qi Refining Stage to the Tribulation Stage.” “This understanding.” Qiao Xiaoqiao said calmly: “It only takes more than ten years from elementary school to graduation. There are many steps and there are many things to learn. But when you become a doctor and want to make a breakthrough in the professional field, Even if I just want to

It will take more than ten years, or even decades, of time and energy to take another small step forward. “Pindao doesn’t understand what you are saying.” “Taoist Wentian shook his head, but he didn’t mean to understand. He continued to follow his own thoughts and said: “When it comes to the period of overcoming the tribulation, if it breeds before the tribulation is overturned

The immortal cultivators who have emerged from the calamity power are called calamity immortals. Such people have a high probability of successfully overcoming the calamity, so they are also quite respected in the Immortal Cultivation Alliance. ”

“The other kind is that cultivators who have survived the heavenly tribulation, but neither succeeded in ascension nor died, call themselves quasi-immortals. For example, Pindao is actually a quasi-immortal in the Three Tribulations.”

Xia Tian said disdainfully: “You haven’t succeeded in overcoming three heavenly tribulations, Lao Niubi, you are too useless.”

Taoist Wentian rolled his eyes at Xia Tian: “What you said is really not pleasant to listen to.”

Yue Qingya smiled and smoothed things over for Xia Tian. In fact, it was just a different way of saying: “I have survived the tribulation three times and still haven’t died. Senior has also obeyed the destiny. If you don’t die in the catastrophe, there will be consequences.”

“That’s what you said.” Taoist Wentian immediately smiled.

Xia Tian said casually: “What’s the use of listening? You’re not a waste.”

“Boy, you will know after you go through the tribulation yourself.”

Taoist Wentian did not refute, but said earnestly: “Having seen the true power of Huanghuang Heaven, you will not be so arrogant.”

“I’m not arrogant, this is called confidence.” Xia Tian lazily retorted.

Taoist Wentian chuckled twice: “Haha.”

“I would like to know what kind of organization the Immortal Cultivation Alliance is and who are the people in it!” Ji Qingying was not as casual as Xia Tian, ​​nor was she as calm as Yue Qingya, so she directly asked what she wanted to know most. Question: “Also, who is so hostile to Xianyun Continent and the Earth? Actually

They turned our place into a place abandoned by immortals, and even sent people over to kill us. ”

“The Immortal Cultivation Alliance, as the name suggests, is the alliance of all the Immortal Cultivation Star Regions.” Wentian Taoist said calmly: “There seem to be tens of thousands of Immortal Cultivation Star Regions under its umbrella, and there are countless planets. The headquarters of the Immortal Cultivation Alliance is called Endless Deep Kong, the place with the most abundant spiritual energy, has nine realms, eighteen realms, and twenty realms

The theory of the seven realms. ”

Ji Qingying didn’t quite understand: “Don’t you still know how many realms you have planned for yourself?”

“The Immortal Cultivation Alliance is just an alliance.” Taoist Wentian chuckled, “According to the Supreme Association, the Immortal Cultivation Alliance only has three realms, which is where these quasi-immortals are located, divided into upper, middle and lower levels.

But under the Supreme Society, there is also the Immortality Society. They believe that the endless deep space is the eighteen realms, which are also divided into three levels: upper, middle and lower.

Below the Immortal Society, there is the Ten Thousand Dao Society, which is organized by cultivators at the peak of the integration stage and those who fell from the Tribulation Stage. They have expanded to twenty-seven realms, and they also have upper, middle and lower levels. ”

An Keke asked casually: “Are there any opportunities for those below the integration stage?”

“Below the integration stage, there is no right to speak in the endless deep space.” Taoist Wentian said with a look of disdain: “They are just vassals of the other quasi-immortals. They are not worthy of speaking, let alone creating any association.”

As he spoke, he became more interested and said with a smile: “As for the person targeting the Immortal Abandoned Land, he is the person I didn’t mention just now. If you want to know, you can go to the Endless Deep Space and find out for yourself. ”

“You always advise us to go to the Immortal Cultivation Alliance, is there some conspiracy?” Ji Qingying said coldly. “There is no conspiracy, but there is an abacus.” Taoist Wentian did not hide it, “The poor Taoist was also suppressed in the Supreme Association and needed some external help. He inspected hundreds of star fields and all the new recruits Among those who are cultivating immortals during the tribulation period

, only your method best suits Pindao’s taste. ”

“What to do?” Princess Sama didn’t quite understand.

Taoist Wentian laughed loudly: “Hahaha, of course I killed the loyal dog of Lord Wuluo.”

“Do you have any grudge against Lord Wu Luo?” Xia Tian asked.

Taoist Wentian said directly: “There is no grudge, but Pindao just doesn’t like that dog. Because he has a good master, he is shaking himself. He barks when he sees people, which is really annoying.”

Xia Tian said with an understatement: “Since you don’t like him, why don’t you kill him?”

“It depends on the owner to beat a dog.” Taoist Wentian replied with a smile: “Pindao is familiar with his owner, has eaten and received some benefits, so it is really inappropriate to beat his dog.”

Xia Tian disagreed with this **** and said unhappily: “Then what else do you call Taoist Wentian? Just call him Taoist Coward.”

“Wentian, not Doutian.” Taoist Wentian chuckled, “I am a Taoist who is well-educated. If I don’t follow anyone, I will kill him if he doesn’t like him. I have an affair with Taoism.”

“I’m just a coward. Why are you making so many excuses?” Xia Tian pointed out. Wentian Taoist squinted his eyes slightly and looked at Xia Tian: “If you knew the identity of his master, the custody would be faster and more severe than the poor Taoist. That person is almost the absolute master of the Immortal Cultivation Alliance, and many people even doubt it. him

He is already a true immortal, he just deliberately suppressed his own cultivation and stayed in the endless deep space. ”

Ji Qingying was very puzzled: “Then what is he trying to do?”

“Who knows.” Taoist Wentian shook his head. Xia Tian suddenly said: “I know, he is waiting for me to kill him.”


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