Flower Master in the City Chapter 2897: Since it is poison, it can be cured


“Cultivation of the road to immortality cannot be accomplished by one person alone.”

Taoist Wentian was not angry at all, but said with some confusion: “The predecessors have already opened up the road. If you follow it, you can save time and effort, and get twice the result with half the effort. Why not do it?”

“That’s your way, not mine.”

Xia Tian lazily retorted: “If you like it to be smooth, then go for it. When there is no way to go smoothly, how are you going to be smooth?”

“Then wait for others to open the way.”

Taoist Wentian chuckled lightly and said nonchalantly: “Besides, isn’t the skill you practice the work of your predecessors?”

“The technique was indeed created by others, but I am the only one who learned it.” Xia Tian said with a nonchalant expression, “If you want to use this to refute me, you’d better avoid it.”

Taoist Wentian shook his head: “I’m not here to argue with you, but I’m looking for a disciple.”

“There is no apprentice of yours here.” Xia Tian waved his hand and said: “You have come to the wrong place.”

Taoist Wentian didn’t say anything more. He suddenly raised his hand and drew a circle out of thin air.

Then, the circle began to sink inward and turned into a space crack, from which a crystal coffin slowly flew out.

“This is Pei Hongxiu’s coffin!” Ji Qingying recognized it immediately and said coldly: “It is clearly placed in a secret room in the imperial city. How could he know?”

Yue Qingya quickly thought: “Anchor with spiritual consciousness, even if Pei Hongxiu may not be the reincarnation of his disciple, I am afraid it has a lot to do with him. Because those who can anchor with spiritual consciousness, except for the bloodline supreme, are There is only one teacher.”

“Isn’t it the reincarnation of the apprentice.” An Keke said with doubts: “How can this kind of spiritual consciousness be anchored?”

“As long as I don’t die, I will be able to find her even if she reincarnates thousands of times.” Taoist Wentian explained himself: “And she failed to escape the tribulation, causing the tribulation fire to enter her soul. In order not to be The calamity fire burned her to death and her cultivation was completely destroyed, so she chose to enter reincarnation automatically, hoping to get rid of the calamity by being reincarnated

Fire, unfortunately, doesn’t work. ”

Ji Qingying raised questions again: “What did she think and do? They are several realms apart. How do you know?”

“I am her master, of course I know.”

Taoist Wentian unpacked his baggage again and planned to put the coffin inside.

“Do I agree to let you take it?” Xia Tian looked unhappy and stretched out his hand to hold the coffin.

“Do you have a way to cure the calamity fire in her body?” Taoist Wentian said coldly: “If not, then don’t wake her up easily. The overflowing [immortal poison] is a warning. If you continue If you go on, there will be many incredible poisonous miasmas behind, which you cannot solve.

It’s not something you can solve. ”

“I am the best doctor in the world.” Xia Tian said directly: “There is no poison in this world that I can’t solve.” “In this world, there is not only the world, but also heaven, and heaven and heaven, and heaven and heaven. There is a sky!” Wentian Dao said with a bleak expression: “The world you have seen is so wide and so narrow, a little poisonous

, you have never seen it, how do you treat it? ”

Xia Tian said with a serious expression: “If you have never seen a poison before, it is also a poison. Since it is a poison, it can be cured.”

“The ambition is not small.” Taoist Wentian sighed, and then said: “Forget it, then I won’t take her away, just stay here. After all, she is also the founding ancestor of your Piaomiao Xianmen, stay here , maybe that’s what she meant.”

While the Taoist Wentian was talking, he found a place to sit down and said to Yue Qingya: “I am a guest from afar. After talking for a long time, why don’t you give me a cup of tea for the poor Taoist?”

“No.” Xia Tian curled his lips and said: “You are not worthy of drinking the food here.”

Taoist Wentian didn’t mind either. With a flick of his hand, a teacup and teapot flew to him automatically. He poured himself tea: “The tea leaves are too weak and the water is not clear enough, but my tea-making skills are okay. , barely able to enter.”

“If you like to drink, get out if you don’t!” Xia Tian said coldly.

Taoist Wentian raised his eyes and looked at Xia Tian, ​​and said casually: “Wu Luo and his three divine generals will die in your hands.”

“Yes.” Xia Tian said casually, “If you also want to cause trouble, you will also die here.”

“Don’t worry, Pindao is just here to check on the situation.”

Taoist Wentian waved his hand and showed a kind smile: “By the way, let’s take a look at the quality of the Tribulation Stage bred in this Immortal Abandoned Land, and whether it is qualified to compete with the Supreme Council.”

“Aren’t you the member of the Supreme Society in the Immortal Cultivation Alliance?”

Ji Qingying was still very wary of this Taoist and did not relax even a little bit: “Taoist Niubi, you should tell the truth. What are you doing here?”

“Pindao is indeed a quasi-immortal in the Supreme Society, but he is ranked last and not worth mentioning.”

Taoist Wentian chuckled and did not deny it. He continued: “Fairy, you are so hostile to me. I have nothing to do with you. If you have no complaints in recent days, please be patient and don’t be angry.”

“There are no good people in the Immortal Cultivation Alliance. They are all corpse-like people who harm low-level Immortal Cultivators and ordinary people.”

Ji Qingying looked at Taoist Wentian with disdain and said coldly: “Don’t think that we don’t know anything. We have collected a lot of ancient references over the years, many of which talk about the Immortal Cultivation Alliance. It’s nothing more than a past. In the name of the alliance, it is an organization that plunders and exploits its Immortal Cultivation Star Regions in various ways, especially the quasi-immortal old monsters of the Supreme Association who have survived the tribulation. Every time they survive a tribulation, they almost consume dozens of stars.


You guys are the big pests in the entire world of cultivating immortals. The Immortal Cloud Continent has been drained once before. Just because they were unwilling to cooperate, the Earth side was thrown into the Land of Immortal Abandonment and a spiritual energy blockade was implemented. Taoist Wentian drank tea and said slowly: “These situations you mentioned do exist.” But that’s not all. There are also Xianyun Yehe like Pindao in the Immortal Cultivation Alliance, who also support the underachievers and oppose the overlords.

You can’t rule everyone out with one stick. ”

“I’m not interested in making this kind of distinction.” Ji Qingying said coldly: “Who allowed you to occupy a high position, occupy an absolutely dominant position, and enjoy most of the resources, but you don’t want to take advantage of the cause and effect? ​​Do you think it’s possible? What?”

Taoist Wentian said calmly: “What about you? Now is the period of tribulation in Xianyun Continent. Doesn’t it also occupy an absolutely dominant position? Does it count as enjoying the vast majority of resources?”

“Of course not.” Xia Tian categorically rejected it and said coldly: “Because I have improved their realm.”

Taoist Wentian said with some surprise: “What about your realm?”

“My realm is achieved by relying on the eight heaven-defying needles and the ice and fire spirit body.” Xia Tian replied lazily: “I also have women with me who have improved through double cultivation. Do you have anything else to ask?”

“No.” Taoist Wentian shook his head, and then nodded: “It seems that Ye Di’s research really produced good results.”

Then, he came closer to Xia Tian and asked softly: “Can your acupuncture technique be used to teach a poor person?”

“I can’t.” In order to achieve the Great Dao, I have always practiced the Tongzi Kung Fu. If there really is a way to overcome tribulations by practicing dual cultivation, then how can I still do it?

What kind of home would it be to be as carefree as you? ”

Yue Qingya frowned slightly, this Taoist seemed a bit old and disrespectful.

“Old Niubi, if you are okay, you can leave now. I don’t want to talk nonsense to you anymore.”

Xia Tian yawned lazily and said unhappily: “If you don’t leave, then I will just kill you, so as not to take up the time for my wives and I to practice together.”

“That’s okay.” Taoist Wentian stood up slowly, but he just stretched and sat down again: “I just arrived here, and I still want to travel around, but I don’t want to have such a good time. Go.”

“Then I can only kill you.” Xia Tian said with a smile.

When the other girls heard Xia Tian’s words, they immediately stood ready. As long as they gave the order, they could take action together at any time.

“No need to be so extreme.” Taoist Wentian waved his hand, “I don’t have any ill intentions, Taoist.”

You may feel that the heat is almost the same.

Taoist Wentian took out a token from his arms and handed it to Xia Tian: “Have you ever seen this kind of token?”

“It seems to be called the Impermanence Order.” Xia Tian curled his lips and said, “I’ve seen it before.”

Taoist Wentian nodded, and then explained: “With this kind of token, you can set up a teleportation array at will, and you can teleport directly to the Immortal Cultivation Alliance’s Nine Worlds Welcome Platform in the Endless Deep Space.”

Ji Qingying asked directly: “Hey, Old Niubi, what do you mean, let’s go to the Immortal Cultivation Alliance and throw ourselves into the trap?”

“Of course not.” Taoist Wentian shook his head, “The Immortal Cultivation Alliance is an alliance. You can treat it as a whole, but don’t treat it as an absolute whole. Pindao has just said that.”

Yue Qingya seemed to understand a little bit: “Senior, what do you mean, let us win over some of them?” “Whether we win over some of them is another matter.” Taoist Wentian smiled and ate the food Yue Qingya and the others had just made. Dan Wan, like chewing beans, said: “Don’t think too scary about the Immortal Cultivation Alliance, and of course don’t take it too lightly.

You will know who is the enemy and who is the friend as long as you go to the Immortal Cultivation Alliance and experience it for yourself. ”

“I understand.” Yue Qingya nodded and said, “Do you want us to go to the Immortal Cultivation Alliance?”

Taoist Wentian narrowed his eyes slightly and said with a smile: “If I say that, then you must wonder if I have set a trap to catch you all.”

“Isn’t it?” Ji Qingying thought so.

“You can push one or two people out and go to the nine realms where the Immortal Cultivation Alliance is located.” Taoist Wentian took out another blank invitation from his arms, “The Peach Immortal Meeting that takes place once every three thousand years is going to be held. It has been held. In principle, all cultivators in the Tribulation Stage under the Cultivation Alliance are eligible to participate, and you are naturally qualified to go.

Xia Tian looked unhappy: “Old Niubi, just come here and send an invitation, going in such a big circle.” Wentian Taoist smiled and asked: “Then are you going?”


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