Flower Master in the City Chapter 2896: It’s not your turn to dictate terms


There was no warning before this sound came out.

Yue Qingya was startled and raised her eyes to look at where the sound came from.

“Who are you!” Ji Qingying had already dodged in front of the man, a short sword flew out from the bottom of his sleeve and touched the back of the man’s head.

The other women also became alert and looked nervous.

They are all immortal cultivators in the tribulation stage. Although they have not yet developed the tribulation power, they cannot exert their full strength in the tribulation stage.

However, it is still a period of transcending tribulation, and both the spiritual consciousness and the five senses are far beyond those of ordinary immortal cultivators.

This man was able to avoid the consciousness of all of them and reach the core of the Immortal Island. This strength should not be underestimated.

“Don’t be nervous, I don’t mean any harm.” The visitor was a young Taoist priest who looked young and handsome, but his calm demeanor and elegant manner clearly revealed the air of an outsider.

Yue Qingya glanced at Ji Qingying and the others, and then said lightly: “I don’t know where my friend came from and why he came here? Can you tell me your name?”

“Pindao is the Wentian Taoist you just talked about, from the Supreme Society of the Immortal Cultivation Alliance.”

The handsome Taoist priest chuckled twice and asked with a smile: “After traveling so far, my mouth is a little dry. Can you invite me in for a cup of tea?”

“You say you are, you are!”

Ji Qingying was shocked. They had just been discussing this person, and unexpectedly this person appeared. It was really unbelievable: “Who knows if you overheard our conversation and then deliberately impersonated him.”

Taoist Wentian did not refute, but gently waved Ji Qingying away with a flick of his sleeve, and the sword at the bottom of his sleeve fell into his hand.

“This sword is the low-grade divine sword Tingpu. Unfortunately, it is a replica and has only about 60% of its power.”

“Such a shoddy work should not exist in the world. It has the reputation of insulting the Divine Sword, so it should be destroyed.”

Taoist Wentian admired the sword casually, and then with a slight shake, the sword shattered into fly ash and scattered in the wind.

“What are you doing? That’s the sword I took out from the sect’s treasure house!”

Ji Qingying bit her teeth gently, with a scowl on her face, she raised her hand and clapped her hand: “Give me the sword!”

This palm was issued with anger, using nearly 80% of the spiritual power. It not only meant to teach the other party a lesson, but also wanted to vent his anger.

“Is this the Xiaoyao Palm?” Wentian Taoist stood there leisurely, letting Ji Qingying’s palm force hit him, and then frowned: “Unfortunately, it was also changed beyond recognition. Xiaoyao Palm , in the word “xiaoyao”, the palm power must be flexible and traceless,

It floats without a trace, but it surges like waves in a river. Once it hits the opponent, it will destroy all its meridians and holes, leaving it unable to fight back. ”

As he spoke, Taoist Wentian moved his left palm slightly, like a butterfly lingering among the flowers, dancing gracefully and leisurely.

However, when the palm force was less than half a meter in front of Ji Qingying, it suddenly turned into a rolling flood and came with a crash.

Ji Qingying was startled and took up her misty steps to dodge.

Unfortunately, it was already too late, because Taoist Wentian happened to appear on her retreat, and slapped her again, covering her head and face without mercy.


At this moment, Yue Qingya took action, slapping three palms in the air, blocking one of Wentian Taoist’s palms, then flinging out a flying sleeve, rolling up another wave of palm power, and leading him out of the Immortal Island outside.

“This fellow Taoist, the two palms you just used were intended to take people’s lives.”

Yue Qingya hugged Ji Qingying, slowly landed in front of the tea house, and said in a cold voice: “Is this what you said without any malice?” “Now you learn to call me a fellow Taoist, this is not respectful of your teacher. ” Taoist Wentian folded his hands indifferently and said with a smile: “I am the master of the founder of your sect, even if you call me ancestor, I will not accept it.

Affordable. ”

Ji Qingying was very unhappy and shouted coldly: “It’s good that I didn’t call you Niubi. Even if you are really Wentian Taoist, so what. If you want to take advantage of us, there is no need to talk about it.”

“My temper is not small, so don’t bark if you don’t want to. It’s up to you to call me whatever you want.”

Taoist Wentian nodded slightly and said with some emotion: “But it’s no wonder that in such a place with thin spiritual energy, you can still practice to the stage of transcending tribulation, and you are indeed qualified to be proud.”

As he said that, the conversation suddenly changed again, “However, Pindao is a little curious. I haven’t seen any traces of the separation of souls or the legalization of Tao from you. How did you reach the stage of transcending tribulation? ”

Ji Qingying’s answer was quite straightforward: “It’s none of your business!”

Simple bad breath, ultimate enjoyment.

“Senior, let’s be honest, what is the purpose of your coming here?” Yue Qingya changed her title to a more respectful one and said softly: “Although your cultivation level may be higher than ours, we are There are more than a dozen stages of transcending tribulation. If we go all out together, I’m afraid it will be difficult for you too

Escape and die. ”

“Let alone a dozen, even if there are seven or eight, I won’t be able to withstand them.”

Taoist Wentian smiled very modestly and said: “However, you will have to die at least six or seven times. Is it a good deal to trade your wonderful years for me, an old man who has lived for tens of thousands of years?”

“Of course it’s not cost-effective.”

At this time, a lazy voice rang out and said with great displeasure: “Your life is not even comparable to a hair on my woman’s head.”

“Summer, summer?”

When Ji Qingying heard this voice, her mind automatically started ringing, and her mood was extremely agitated. After seeing the person clearly, she could not suppress her excitement, but she became arrogant again: “Why did you come to Xianyun Continent? ?”


As for Enkeke, Yunqing and Princess Sama, they were not reserved at all and threw themselves directly into Xia Tian’s arms, and their bodies immediately softened.

“Don’t be excited, and don’t cry.” Xia Tian hugged the three of them with a smile, and waved to Yue Qingya: “Sister Fairy and Wife, have you missed me?”

Yue Qingya stood on the spot, looking at Xia Tian’s figure intently, her beautiful eyes filled with a joyful smile.

Xia Tian did not just sink into the gentle land. He patted the three of them casually and said with a smile: “We have plenty of time to be intimate. Now let’s deal with this idiot first.”

It was only then that Yun Qing and the other three girls realized that there were outsiders here, and they couldn’t help but feel ashamed.

“Sister Yue, Sister Ji.” Qiao Xiaoqiao also slowly landed in front of the Xuanmen and greeted with a smile.

“Xiao Qiao, where did you… come from?” Yue Qingya asked in surprise.

Qiao Xiaoqiao didn’t know how to explain it, so he could only say: “Let’s talk about this in detail later.”

Xia Tian walked slowly towards Taoist Wentian and said with an unhappy look on his face: “Idiot Niubi, you dared to attack my woman just now. Have you thought of your own way of death?”

“Boy, I’ve seen you.”

Taoist Wentian stared at Xia Tian for a few times and said with a smile.

Xia Tian curled his lips: “Don’t get too close, I’ve never seen you.”

“That’s natural.” Taoist Wentian chuckled twice, “Just now, Pindao was in Yunzhou and saw the two of you passing by.”

This is a common thing to say, but it actually contains a mystery.

Yue Qingya heard it instantly. This person saw Xia Tian and Qiao Xiaoqiao flying towards the Immortal Island. He then set off and was able to arrive here before Xia Tian. This was obviously saying that his strength was far away. Above summer.

“Don’t play around with me like this, it’s of no use.” Xia Tian could certainly hear it, but he never liked playing this kind of game, so he said directly: “I haven’t seen my wives for a long time. , we need to have a good communication, and I don’t have time to talk nonsense with you here, so either you do it now

Go away, or I’ll kill you now, and you choose one. ”

“You are really impatient, so let’s not beat around the bush.”

The smile on Taoist Wentian’s face never diminished, “Pindao is here to find the reincarnated soul boy of my disciple. I stopped by to inspect the situation in the Immortal Abandoned Land so that the Immortal Cultivation Alliance can adjust its countermeasures.”

“The reincarnation of your apprentice?” Xia Tian curled his lips: “Who is your apprentice?”

Qiao Xiaoqiao smiled helplessly and reminded: “He is Wentian Taoist, and his disciple is the founder of Piao Miao Xianmen, Piao Miao Fairy.”

“There is only one Fairy Piaomiao, and that is my fairy sister and wife.”

Xia Tian quickly flew to Yue Qingya, gently hugged her waist, and solemnly said to Taoist Wentian: “She is the person I cherish the most. Anyone who dares to have an idea of ​​her, I will kill her directly. “Don’t worry, it’s not her.” Taoist Wentian waved his hand and said calmly: “My disciple’s reincarnated soul boy has an immortal talisman on his body. If he is forcibly awakened, he will emit nightmare energy and be contaminated with this kind of evil spirit.” Immortal cultivator of breath, capable of spirituality

The energy is exhausted, and the whole body collapses and dies. ”

“Fairy Poison!” Yun Qing and the other three girls immediately shouted involuntarily.

“Oh, you can also say that.” Taoist Wentian nodded, “Pindao was at the Immortal Cultivation Alliance and sensed that the Immortal Mystic Talisman was opened, so he asked for orders.”

Yue Qingya immediately asked: “Did you place this immortal poison?”

“No.” Taoist Wentian shook his head and explained: “It was placed by the Chaos Demon Lord Yedi who disrupted the Immortal Cultivation Alliance more than 10,000 years ago. He failed to woo my disciple, so he attacked and killed him.

In order to avoid entanglement, my disciple gave up on resurrection and reincarnated directly into other realms. Unexpectedly, he still suffered from his poisonous hands. Pindao now wants to take her back to restore the memory of his previous life so that he can start practicing again. ”

Ji Qingying said coldly: “Pei Hongxiu is the reincarnation of his apprentice?”

“I think you’re talking shit.”

Xia Tian didn’t believe a word of what the Taoist said, “Then why is the Emperor of the Night not here? Isn’t that what you say?”

“That’s the truth.” Taoist Wentian said calmly: “Besides, even if it’s false, what do you have to lose?”

“I rescued that woman from a secret room at the bottom of the lake.” Xia Tian said with a matter-of-fact expression, “Then she is mine, and I have the final say whether she stays or goes.”

“She is my disciple, and of course it is me, the master, who has the final say.” Taoist Wentian snorted coldly, and soon became calm again, saying: “Boy, although you are in the stage of transcending tribulation, you should We have just crossed this threshold, so be it, Pindao has a copy of “Yingjie Xuanming Lu” here, which contains Pindao’s most important information

In the past three thousand years, you can increase your chances of successfully overcoming the tribulation by reading it several times. “”Not interested in. “Xia Tian’s tone did not change at all: “I want to overcome the tribulation, that is my business, it is not your turn to dictate here. ”


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