Flower Master in the City Chapter 2895: Wentian Taoist


“What’s going on?”

Qiao Xiaoqiao turned to look at Xia Tian.

Xia Tian took out the silver needle that fell to the ground and said calmly: “Someone has set up a consciousness bomb in his mind. As long as the key words are spoken, it will explode automatically.”

“This is a troublesome thing.” Qiao Xiaoqiao groaned and murmured: “What if someone else uses this method on us in the future?”

Xia Tian thought about it and replied: “Wife Xiao Qiao, don’t worry about this. You are all in the tribulation period. Unless a true immortal comes to the world, there is no way to make a fuss about your consciousness.”

“Is there any way to solve this consciousness bomb?” Qiao Xiaoqiao asked with some confusion.

“Yes.” ”

Qiao Xiaoqiao nodded slightly, and then murmured: “This Taoist Wentian always feels that he has something to do with Mr. Wentian.”

“So what if it’s relevant?” ?”

“That’s true.” Qiao Xiaoqiao agrees with Xia Tian’s point of view. Even if Wentianjun comes back to life, it’s not worth mentioning. Ji Qingying could crush him with one punch back then. Now there are so many sisters in the tribulation period, one person A mouthful of spit could drown him.

However, if this Taoist Wentian is not Wentianjun, but a quasi-immortal sent by the Immortal Cultivation Alliance, then it cannot be ignored.


At this time, the entire Holy Shadow Hall suddenly began to collapse, and countless pillars collapsed into black smoke.

Those little demons also disappeared one after another, including the white masked man who led Xia Tian here.

“It seems that this hall was condensed by the spiritual power of this Holy Shadow Demon King.”

Qiao Xiaoqiao was not panicked at all, but was just curious about what was hidden under the hall.

After a while, the entire hall collapsed completely, revealing a huge pit with countless people trapped inside, struggling and squirming in the black mud.

Soon, the black mud gradually receded, and the people trapped in it gradually regained their freedom.

“Yishan Zongyu Qingfeng, thank you both for your life-saving grace.” One of the men in white robes, after escaping from the trap, knelt down directly to Xia Tian:

“I am a Taoist from the Pure Land of Wuji Realm. Thank you both for saving my life!” There was another Taoist in blue robe, and he handed over to Xia Tian and Qiao Xiaoqiao.

“Nangong Fang, the master of Diyong Hall in Beihan Realm, thank you two for your great kindness.”

“Nanlijie Xiaotai Chi, thank you…”


Xia Tian became a little impatient after listening to these people’s nonsense: “You’re welcome, I didn’t plan to save you at all. That idiot died because his brain exploded.”

“Without the two of them, he would not have been able to trigger the thunder of divine consciousness.” Taoist Duoling said very solemnly: “We have been trapped in his abyss for I don’t know how many years. If there were no Taoist friends, Help me, I’m afraid I won’t be able to escape forever. How can I not thank you for such a great kindness?

Please also inform us of your name. We will surely report generously in the future. ”

“I’m not interested. Do you want to repay it or not.” Xia Tian curled his lips.

Qiao Xiaoqiao chuckled and said calmly: “This is indeed just a coincidence. If you feel sorry for it, just say thank you. There is really no need for anything in return.”

“You two have great righteousness.” Yu Qingfeng gave a solemn gift: “You don’t have to want to repay me, but I, Yu Qingfeng, have been practicing Taoism for half my life. If I don’t remember my great kindness, I’m afraid it will hinder my future practice. Will also become a demon.”

Other people say the same thing.

“It’s really troublesome, then you guys go back to this abyss and stay there.” Xia Tian lazily yawned and found that there was no attractive beauty in this group of people.

Yu Qingfeng was immediately embarrassed.

Others were also at a loss.

At this time, Qiao Xiaoqiao suddenly asked: “Is there anyone named Nie Zixiong among you?”

“Nie Zixiong?” Yu Qingfeng and Taoist Duoling looked at each other, and then replied at the same time: “Yes, it is at the bottom of the narrow gap in the abyss.”

Taoist Duoling lifted up his Taoist robe and was about to go down into the pit again: “Principal Taoist, go down and rescue him right now!”

“No need, I’m out already!”

A figure followed the sound and landed in front of Xia Tian and Qiao Xiaoqiao.

“Mr. Xia, Miss Qiao, we meet again.”

This man was dressed casually, with a white shirt on his upper body and jeans on his lower body. He had long flowing hair and looked quite wild and casual.

Xia Tian took a look at this person, and his appearance did not change much from twelve years ago.

“Thank you both very much.” Nie Zixiong didn’t know how to express his thanks, so he just said sincerely: “I didn’t expect you guys to be so generous. I thought I would be trapped here and die here for the rest of my life.”

Qiao Xiaoqiao said calmly: “We are saving you, firstly, we did have some friendship in the past, and secondly, we want to know what you found out in your investigation.”

“This is not the place to talk.” Nie Zixiong glanced around and found that everyone around him was listening to their conversation.

Xia Tian glared at those people unhappily: “Now that we are out of trouble, let’s go back to our homes and find our mothers. Why are we staying here? Do we deserve a beating?”

“Then I’ll say goodbye!” Yu Qingfeng was also an arrogant person. When he heard Xia Xia’s words, his face lost all control and he immediately handed over and left.

Qiao Xiaoqiao was a little curious: “This is the abyss leading to Xianyun Continent. How do you plan to get back?” Nie Zixiong replied: “Miss Qiao, you don’t need to worry about them. They are all in different places. The world was attracted here by the Abyss Box, and then controlled by the Demonic Mist of the Holy Shadow Demon King. Now the Holy Shadow Demon King is dead.

They will be automatically repelled to their original world soon. ”

As soon as he finished speaking, countless large and small white vortexes suddenly appeared in the air.

“Whoops!” Yu Qingfeng didn’t say anything more. His body immediately flew up and fell into one of the air vortexes, and then the air vortex also disappeared quickly.

So does everyone else.

In the end, there was only a tiny whirlpool left, still hanging in the air.

“Because I was sucked here from the Earth, so I have to go back to the Earth first.”

Nie Zixiong said to Xia Tian and Qiao Xiaoqiao: “This is caused by laws and is irreversible. After I return to Earth, I will go directly to Jianghai. I will wait for you at the Divine Doctor Building.”

After saying that, the person quickly flew up and submerged into the whirlpool of energy.

When everyone left, the passage began to shrink,

In the distance, a golden light flew towards the two of them quickly.

It passed by the two of them in the blink of an eye.

“It’s right this time.”

Qiao Xiaoqiao took a look, and immediately a familiar feeling came to her heart, “This is Yunzhou in Xianyun Continent. Let’s rush back to Lanjing’s Immortal Island. It’s just in time to give Sister Yue and the others a surprise.”

“That’s great.”

The two people suddenly turned into a rainbow and flew towards Lan Jing.

“What a beautiful movement.” In a temple in Yunzhou, a handsome young man dressed as a Taoist raised his eyes and saw the startling rainbow brought by Xia Tian and Qiao Xiaoqiao, and said with a smile: “It seems that Xianyun Continent It has developed well in recent years, but why is the spiritual energy not as abundant as before?

What about? ”

After visiting the whole temple, he shook his head again: “The ancient temple that has been built for thousands of years has been abandoned here, with no successors. Like the Ghost King, the inheritance has been cut off.”

“Piaomiao Xianmen, on the other hand, seems to be growing in prestige. If it is true as what the alliance said, it will live up to my disciple’s hard work in the past, let’s go and have a look.”

Junlang Taoist stepped forward and turned into a stream of light, flying towards Lan Jing.


Xianyun Continent, Fairy Island.

Ji Qingying rode a flying boat, carrying Princess Sama, An Keke and Yunqing, and floated in from a distance, landing on the small building in the middle of the lake on the island.

Yue Qingya is leading Liu Yunman, Gu Hanshuang and others to prepare the antidote for the “immortal poison”. In the distance, there are many female palace doctors transferred from the palace. They are also helping to classify the drugs and analyze their properties.

“How’s it going?” Ji Qingying got off the flying boat and immediately entered the small building and asked Yue Qingya.

The other women walked in with some books in their hands.

Yue Qingya casually summoned an emerald green pill and said calmly: “This is the preliminary finished product. It can suppress the fairy poison for about a month, but it cannot completely suppress the spread of the poison, so after the effect of the drug wears off, the symptoms will only get worse. Serious.”

“Although I drink the dove to quench my thirst, I have to do it.” Ji Qingying did not hesitate and asked: “How much was refined?”

“Less than a hundred.” Yue Qingya’s face was a little solemn, “The main reason is that the key medicinal material, the Holy Shadow Stone, is somewhat missing, but I have asked the sisters to go out to collect this medicinal material.” Ji Qingying nodded, and then looked at Yue Qing Ya said: “In the past few days, I took Sama, Keke and Yunqing to look through the imperial documents and finally found some records about “immortal poison”. Can you guess the earliest “immortal poison”?” Poison

“Who came here? Where did it happen?”

Yue Qingya did not guess, but smiled and said: “Just tell me.”

Ji Qingying raised her hand to summon a jade slip and handed it to Yue Qingya: “This immortal poison was actually created by Fairy Piaomiao, the founder of our Piaomiao Immortal Sect.”

“Are you talking about the founder Meng Guanghan?” Yue Qingya was indeed a little surprised. Her voice brought a trace of consciousness into the jade slip: “Why did she develop this kind of poison?”

“The specific situation is not clear.”

Ji Qingying pointed to the jade slip: “This book is a travel note written by a casual cultivator named Pengci Taoist more than 10,000 years ago. It’s called “Simmanzhai Notes”. He happened to be in Lanjing at that time. It coincided with the Millennium Ceremony of the Founding Sect of the Piaomiao Immortal Sect. As a result, during this celebration, countless immortal cultivators suddenly died suddenly. The symptoms were almost exactly the same as the current [immortal poison], but at the time it was only said that these people were affected by the evil spirit. After the invasion, Piaomiaoxianmen was banned.

It took three months to eliminate the so-called evil spirit in the area of ​​nearly eight states. In fact, all the poisoned immortal cultivators were directly burned with calamity fire. ”

“The symptoms are indeed very similar.” Yue Qingya quickly read the contents of the note, but she was a little confused: “But this style of conduct is completely inconsistent with the style of the founder of the sect.” Ji Qingying did not think so, He nodded and said: “I used to think that the founder of the sect was a little too weak, but now it seems that he is ruthless and decisive enough. Without such a character, how could he survive among the many sects and still carry forward the glory?

Big. ”

Yue Qingya still disagreed with Ji Qingying’s speculation, but did not refute it.

“By the way, one of these notes also mentioned a person.” Ji Qingying then mentioned another matter, “It’s about the origin of the founder of the sect and her inheritance. She is actually from the Immortal Cultivation Alliance. , her master is a quasi-immortal in the so-called Supreme Association of the Immortal Cultivation Alliance, named

Be a Wentian Taoist. ”

Ji Qingying said with a faint smile: “This Taoist Wentian is incredible. He can cover the sky with just one hand. It is simply unbelievable.”

“I saw it.” Yue Qingya said lightly: “It’s just that chapter, which is just a few hundred words long and unclear. It’s not trustworthy.” Suddenly, a strange voice suddenly sounded: “Why is it not trustworthy? ?”


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