First Immortal of the Sword Chapter 2537: The Change of Heart Lake


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The entrance of jujube is crispy, sweet and sweet.

Chew carefully, a refreshing fragrance will be produced, and the mouth will be full of fluid.

The taste is indeed as Emperor Lingran said, it is a strange fragrance of the Dao, sweet like a spiritual spring, and fragrant like freshly peeled lotus seeds, completely different from the rare and exotic fruits in the world.

The swallowed fruit turned into a trickle, blending into the spirit of the whole body.

Su Yi instantly noticed the ripples in his heart.

If you compare your state of mind to a lake, then at this moment, the lake is like a spring rain. The rainwater hits the lake, splashing circles of ripples, awakening the whole lake.

The whole lake glows with vitality.

Su Yi felt it quietly, and clearly felt that his state of mind seemed to have been washed by the spring rain. Not only was it much clearer, but it also received a kind of moistening and silent nourishment and refinement.

He couldn’t help being surprised.

The state of mind is mysterious and mysterious.

Who could have imagined that just eating a small bite of jujube would produce such a miraculous and mysterious change in one’s state of mind?

“Fellow Daoist, can you feel the aura of thunder and fire quenching your heart?”

The voice of Emperor Lingran sounded.

Su Yi was stunned, and shook his head slightly: “No, I’ll try it after I finish eating the whole jujube.”

As he spoke, he ate up the jujube in his hand in two bites.

In the heart lake, there suddenly seemed to be a strong wind, which set off layers of waves, the lake water surged, and there was spring rain pouring down, and the tide of the heart lake rose accordingly.

That kind of change made Su Yi feel as if he had eaten a sumptuous meal and was nourished.


But he didn’t feel the breath of “thunder fire quenching heart”.

“What is Thunder Fire Quenching Heart?”

Su Yi asked out his doubts.

“The aura of karmic fire contained in this jujube is like the vitality bred by thunder. While the state of mind is being tempered, it can also absorb the mysterious power of the heart and soul, thereby strengthening the state of mind and making a person of Taoism feel stronger. The heart is lifted.”

Emperor Lingran explained, and said, “Fellow Daoists, haven’t you ever felt this kind of feeling?”

Su Yi shook his head slightly.

Emperor Lingran thought for a while, “I understand. Fellow Daoists have reincarnated and recultivated many times, and their state of mind is so strong that it is far from ordinary. You can try another jujube.”

God Lord Anji couldn’t help being stunned. Before Lingran Emperor Zun could pass, you can only eat one of these jujubes. If you eat more, it will cause fire in your heart and hurt your heart and soul. No exception!

But now, Su Yi is not affected at all. Does this mean that Su Yi’s state of mind is no longer comparable to that of the Immortal Nine Refining God Lord?

While thinking about it, on the branch of the jujube tree, a jujube hidden among the green branches and leaves quietly fell and floated in front of Su Yi.

Su Yi smiled, and said: “These rare treasures are so precious, if you eat more, I’m afraid you will feel like swallowing them whole.”

Emperor Lingran said: “Fellow daoist, don’t worry about it. Although fire dates are valuable, they are just foreign things after all. It is my way of hospitality that let fellow daoists appreciate the mystery of these rare treasures. “

Su Yi was no longer polite, and ate the fire date, taking a sip of the wine.

It seems that the jujube is used as an appetizer.

“How do you feel?”

Lingran Emperor asked.

Su Yi felt it calmly, and said casually: “There are waves in the heart lake, the heavy rain is pouring, and there seems to be spring thunder resounding, but there is still no sign of thunder quenching the heart lake.”

Not enough for two?

God Lord Anji couldn’t help being shocked.

How strong should Su Yi’s state of mind be, so that it is difficult for such rare things from the long river of fate to truly temper his mind?

In the ancient palace, Emperor Lingran, who had been lowering his head to mend his clothes, couldn’t help being startled.

Immediately, she said: “On the long river of fate, those countless Taoist masters who have set foot in the eternal realm will only take out Karmic Fire Heart Dates to entertain guests when they gather to discuss Taoism, but the number is not large, and each person can swallow at most Take three.”

“I didn’t expect that Fellow Daoist Su’s state of mind has become so strong.”

Su Yi raised his eyebrows. This Lingran Emperor can casually talk about some things on the long river of fate, and he is also familiar with the details of the meeting of countless Taoist masters. This is not easy!

“Fellow Daoist, would you like to have another one?”

Lingran Emperor Zun asked, it seemed that he was aroused with strong curiosity, wanting to see where the limit of Su Yi’s state of mind is.

Su Yi smiled and said, “Then I will thank you in advance.”

He would never miss such an opportunity that came to his door.

“This Emperor Lingran is really rich and powerful, what a miraculous and rare treasure that fire date is, it is impossible for such a rare thing to be born in God’s Domain, but she… doesn’t seem to care!”

The Lord of Silence secretly said.

At this moment, the way she looks at Emperor Lingran has changed, as if…seeing a rich man with precious light all over his body!

Soon, Su Yi ate the third jujube.

At this moment, there was a strong wind, thunder and lightning in Su Yixin Lake, and stormy waves were set off on the lake.

In the depths of the heart lake, there seems to be an irresistible vitality boiling, as if there is a volcano at the bottom of the lake, which is about to erupt!

Can finally…

The volcano has never erupted, and the thunder and fire have never come.

All transformations have fallen into a bottleneck that is about to break through.

Su Yi couldn’t help but sigh secretly.

It’s just one step away!

But obviously, treasures such as Yehuo Xinzao can also allow oneself to break the barrier of this state of mind and step through the threshold of the next realm.


This time, without waiting for Emperor Lingran to ask, Su Yi took the initiative to speak out.

“Not yet…?”

The pretty face of Mingxiu, the master of Anji, revealed an expression of disbelief.

Speaking, she picked up a jujube, “I’ll try it.”

When a jujube was eaten, the body of the Anji God Lord shook, and a different look glowed from the corners of his brows and eyes.

Su Yi noticed that the aura all over her body was changing, surging like a tide.

In just a few blinks of an eye, the Lord Anji, as if waking up from a dream, let out a long breath and exclaimed:

“Is this the power of thunder and fire to temper the heart? Cutting it off, like cutting off the fetters of the mind, I got a kind of… relief!”

Su Yi said: “Relief?”

“Yes, relief!”

God Lord Anji is obviously very happy, and he is in high spirits, “I can even feel that if I want, I can immediately seek the secret of eternity and prepare for the eternal realm!”

It can be seen that after swallowing the fire jujube, God Lord Anji gained great benefits, and his joy is beyond words!

Immediately, she looked at Su Yi beside her, and the joy in her heart dissipated a lot inexplicably.

For a character like myself who has already touched the threshold of the long river of fate, he can feel the power of “thunder fire quenching the heart” just by swallowing a jujube.

But Su Yi swallowed three pills, but none of them worked.

Such a comparison can only prove that Su Yi’s state of mind is far stronger than hers!

“Tao begets one, one begets two, two begets three, three begets all things.”

Lingran Emperor said, “This is the principle of the Dao and all phenomena, and the secret of Zhou Xu’s rules and changes is hidden inside. Just like this fire date, the countless Taoist masters on the long river of fate can swallow no more than three, because That kind of power is simply not something they can bear.”

“It can be seen that fellow daoists are different. The strength of their state of mind has far surpassed the limitations of their own cultivation, and has reached an incredible level.”

“Naturally, it cannot be measured by common sense.”

There was also a hint of surprise in his words.

Immediately, Emperor Lingran said, “Fellow Daoist, would you like to swallow another one?”

Su Yi shook his head slightly, “No need, no matter how much I swallow, I won’t be able to break through my state of mind. Instead, I will waste such a rare thing.”

“Mood barrier?”

Lingran Emperor Zun talked to himself, thoughtful.

“Fellow Daoist invited us here this time, and why?”

Sitting under the jujube tree, Su Yi looked at Emperor Lingran in the main hall, and began to get to the point.

“One is to meet fellow Taoists.”

Emperor Lingran, “The second is to make a statement.”

Su Yi said: “I’ve seen it now, but I don’t know what you mean by your statement?”

At this moment, Emperor Lingran finally put down the needle and thread in his hand, and looked up at Su Yi outside the hall.

The pair of eyes were bright and clear, shining like stars, the moment they fell on Su Yi, the latter reacted instinctively.

Intuition tells Su Yi that this woman is terrifying! !

However, in just a moment, Emperor Lingran closed his eyes and said: “When the age of dark mythology comes, there will be a battle between you and me.”

The heart of God Lord Anji tightened.

Su Yi smiled and said, “Why not fight now?”

“The timing is wrong.”

Lingran Emperor Zun said, “However, fellow Taoists, don’t worry too much. The confrontation between you and me has nothing to do with hatred, nor is it hostility. I am not from any camp.”

“Struggle on the road?”

Su Yi raised his eyebrows.

Emperor Lingran thought for a while, and said: “Strictly speaking, it’s a battle to determine the way. There must be winners and losers, and we will never give in.”

Speaking from her ethereal and peaceful voice, the words are peaceful and natural.

But God Lord Anji felt the pressure coming to his face!


Su Yi was a little puzzled.

Emperor Lingran respected Xin’s low head and picked up a needle and thread to mend his clothes: “A long time ago, an elder told me that reincarnation is not invincible, and the fire of the era is not indestructible.”

“On the road of eternity, all order rules that contain the supreme secret of fate have the opportunity to break the cycle of reincarnation.”

“And the way I seek is one of them.”

The God Lord of Anji took a deep breath.

If reincarnation can be broken, then why do the old guys on the long river of fate focus on Su Yi?

According to Emperor Lingran, she doesn’t seem to be interested in reincarnation at all, but is very interested in defeating reincarnation!

Besides, she seems very confident about is a sense of confidence in her words.

Does this mean that she really holds a great avenue related to the supreme secret of destiny?

And this kind of avenue, even in the long river of fate, is rare?

After all, the word “supreme” cannot be crowned casually!

Su Yi also figured out some flavors, and couldn’t help raising his eyebrows.

For a moment, he was a little skeptical that Lingran was not the only master figure who proved his way in God’s Domain in the Taisu era, but a character from the long river of fate!

There is no other reason.

This woman not only knows some secrets on the river of fate.

It is not only closely related to some immeasurable Taoist masters on the long river of fate.

She still holds a way to the secret of the supreme destiny!


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