First Immortal of the Sword Chapter 2521: Where is the Buddha in this world


Latest website: As if seeing Su Yi’s thoughts, Zu Wu sighed: “I have a special status. Before I suffered from karma, I was regarded as an enemy by several heavenly emperors. How could they be kind enough to help me?” Su Yi Can’t help but be surprised.

Heavenly Emperor, the ruler of the Eternal Heaven Realm, the true overlord on the eternal path. And this ancestor witch can be regarded as an enemy by several heavenly emperors, it is conceivable that this old guy is also not simple!

“If fellow daoists are willing to help me, apart from the secret key of eternity, I swear by my dao name and my natal path, from now on, I will never make enemies with fellow daoists.”

“And this kind of kindness, I will remember it in my heart. If there is a request from a fellow Taoist in the future, I will do whatever I can!” Deep in the star gate, Zu Wu’s face full of stars became solemn stand up.

With those words, God Lord Anji’s face changed again. She originally thought that when Master Zu Wu met Su Yi, he wanted to directly take down Su Yi.

But who ever thought, it’s not like this at all! But at this time, Su Yi did not respond immediately, but glanced at God Lord Anji, took a full view of the astonished look on the other side, and said: “Is she yours?”


“Do you know all the things she did to me in the past?”

“That’s right.” Zu Wu didn’t deny it, and seemed extremely frank,

“In the past, like other old guys on the river of fate, I was determined to seek reincarnation.”

“However, the difference between me and them is that in the past long years, I know very well that your past lives did not really control the power of reincarnation.”

“Therefore, I have never done anything, and just let An Ji arrange some chess pieces, scattered all over the world, so as to understand and gain insight into the movements of fellow Taoists in their past and present lives.” He hesitated for a while, and finally Sighing: “Besides, I was an enemy of you in the previous life in Eternal Heaven.” Su Yi raised his eyebrows,

“You are very honest.” Zu Wu’s wrinkled old face showed a complex look,

“I only know that if you want to talk about things with fellow Taoists, you must not hide them.” Enemies, but no personal grievances, this point will be clear when you awaken the memories of your previous life.” Su Yi smiled and said: “Let’s not talk about the grievances in the Eternal Heaven Realm, let’s just talk about those in the human world and in the God Realm How can the grievances be written off like this?” An eternal secret key, a promise and a favor, in the eyes of outsiders, can definitely be regarded as full of sincerity.

But in Su Yi’s eyes, he didn’t care. If it wasn’t for that Zu Wu being honest enough, he wouldn’t bother to chat any more.

The Lord of Silence frowned. But Zu Wu didn’t get angry, and calmly said: “If you have any conditions, fellow Taoist, you might as well say it.” Su Yi pointed at God Lord Anji, and said: “If I let you kill her, what should I do?” God Lord Anji His eyes narrowed, showing anger.

Zu Wu shook his head slightly,

“She also obeyed orders, if the culprit…is me, fellow Taoist, forgive me for not being able to do this.” Su Yi said: “I would rather not exchange for a chance to resolve karma than do this? “Zu Wu’s eyes are calm,

“It’s not because I don’t want to, but because I don’t want to. Anji has served me for many years, and in my heart, she is like my own child. She will never be involved because of my affairs.” It is undeniably decisive.

The tender body of the Anji God Lord shook, and he lowered his head, causing waves in his heart. Su Yi nodded slightly, and said: “It’s understandable. Next, you only need to answer some questions for me, and I will consider your request.” God Lord Anji was stunned.

She thought that the talk was about to collapse this time, and she was ready to do it, but Su Yi seemed to have changed her mind!

There was a look of relief on the brows of Zu Wu, and he said gratefully: “Thank you, fellow Taoist, if you have anything to say, you can speak up, I will know everything.” Su Yi said directly: “Lamp Buddha, future Buddha, present Buddha Is it from the ancestral court of the Lingshan Mountain in the Eternal Sky Territory?” Zu Wu said: “That’s right.”

“Where is the current Buddha now?” Zu Wu shook his head: “I don’t know.” Su Yi said: “Are these three Buddhas transformed into three clones by the same person?” Zu Wu was stunned and said: “Western Heaven The position of the ancestral court in the Eternal Heaven Realm is quite detached, hidden from the world, and rarely walks in the world, so almost no one can understand the secrets of their sect.”

“Why did you make such an inference?” the Lord Anji asked suddenly. Su Yi said: “I was once used by the Lantern Buddha to solve the calamity of karma for him, so I have this inference.” The Lord of Anji said: “I don’t know whether the three Buddhas were transformed by another person, but if My guess is right, the current Buddha is not in the realm of the gods.”

“I once heard Gu Huaxian talk about that the current Buddha is the biggest trump card of the Lantern Buddha. One day, without the help of others, only by relying on the power of the current Buddha, the Lantern Buddha can easily go to the river of fate.” Su Yi slightly nodded.

This answer can be regarded as solving a doubt that has always been in his heart. Su Yi looked around and said, “If I guessed correctly before, when I came here today, the two of you planned to do something, but why did you change your mind?” God Lord Anji was silent for a while.

It’s not just Su Yi, she doesn’t understand either. Originally, she had carefully planned and prepared for a life-and-death battle with Su Yi!

But Lord Zuwu didn’t do that. In the depths of the star gate, Zu Wu’s old face showed a trace of self-mockery,

“Sure enough, this kind of little trick that can’t be seen on the stage can’t be concealed from fellow Taoists.” After speaking, he looked through the star gate, looked at the black jade box placed on the sacred bone altar, and said: ” Before that, there was a change in the eternal secret key.”

“Just because of this?” Su Yi frowned. Zu Wu nodded and said: “My shamanism lineage values ​​the principle of change the most. Any change or abnormality is hidden in the mystery. It has been tens of thousands of years since this eternal secret key fell into my hands, and it has never happened before. A mutation.”

“It’s not unusual for this Eternal Secret Key to have such a change in the first time I saw a fellow daoist.” After a pause, he looked at Su Yi,

“Besides, I don’t have absolute certainty in my heart that I can win the fellow daoist. Before I do everything possible to show my sincerity, I will not fight with the fellow daoist easily.” Zu Wu sighed: “After all, once I do it, everything will be lost.” It will be irreversible, and the calamity of karma on my body… I can’t wait to find the next opportunity to solve it.” At this point, God Lord Anji finally understood.

“It’s kind of sincere.” Su Yi approved this answer. Zu Wu showed a wry smile, and said: “Your life is hanging by a thread, how dare you be negligent in the face of fellow Taoists.” Su Yi didn’t ask any more questions, and said directly: “What is your karmic calamity?” Zu Wu’s spirit A shake.

He originally thought that Su Yi would ask a lot of secrets, and he would not easily fulfill his conditions. I never thought that the other party would agree so readily!

The Lord Anji also heaved a sigh of relief. If there is a war, she is not absolutely sure that she can win Su Yi. In today’s God’s Domain, Su Yi is at the height of his power, who can know how terrifying it is?

Zu Wu did not act immediately, but looked solemn, and began to swear: “I, ‘Xuanming’, swear by the origin of my own life today, and from then on, I will eliminate all grievances and grievances with Su Daoyou…”

“If you violate it, you will suffer eternal catastrophe, your life will be difficult, and you will not die!” The oath rumbled through the depths of the starry sky.

Until the oath was made, Su Yi suddenly had a feeling in his heart, as if there was an invisible force in the dark, falling on the place between the eyebrows of the ancestor Wu Xuanming, and disappeared.

Soon, Su Yi realized that it was the power of the oath contract, which was concluded with the eternal rules and the life force of the ancestor Wu Xuanming himself!

At this point, Su Yi was finally convinced that this old fellow sincerely asked him to help, rather than having other intentions.

Otherwise would never have made such an oath.

“Fellow Daoist, please take a look.” Zu Wu opened his mouth slightly after taking the oath. boom! The star gate trembled, and Zu Wu’s huge face crowded with the starry sky suddenly showed a look of pain, and all the wrinkles on his face were squeezed into a ball.

A terrifying and boundless coercion spread across the starry sky, and countless blood-colored stars crashed down. Then, a shocking scene appeared—from Zuwu’s opened mouth, countless figures flew out.

Every figure has the same appearance as the ancestor witch, but they are all the same size as ordinary people, densely packed, tens of thousands.

As soon as they appeared, they bit Zuwu’s face like crazy bloodthirsty bugs. In the blink of an eye, many broken wounds appeared on Zu Wu’s huge face.

The piercing scene made the head of the Anji God Lord tingle, his heart was jumping with fear, and his hair stood on end. What kind of karma is this!


“Fellow Daoist, please help me—!” Zu Wu hissed, his voice full of pain.


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