First Immortal of the Sword Chapter 2436: Phoenix Phoenix Dance


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The dao sword is very old, with a dull luster, many gaps in the blade, and dried blood stains on the hilt.

Very inconspicuous.

But when Luoyao and the others saw this sword, their pupils shrank.

Fengming Daojian!

That is Li Fuyou’s saber! !

When Li Fuyou was besieged and died in battle, his saber fell into the hands of the Burning Buddha.

Luo Yao and the others have always wanted to take it back, but they have not been able to do so.

No one thought that this saber would fall into the hands of the demon old man!

Seeing this sword, Su Yi couldn’t help being stunned, and immediately frowned, as if realizing something.

“This dao sword is naturally very familiar to fellow daoists.”

The heart demon old man gently rubbed the Dao sword with his fingertips, and said in a gentle voice, “Fellow Daoist, if I exchange this sword, can I get reincarnation from your hand?”

Take a relic from Su Yi’s previous life in exchange for reincarnation!

This made Huang Qi and the ancestor of the nightmare feel a little bit astonished. It’s just a broken sword. Could Su Yi agree?

Unexpectedly, Su Yi remained silent!

All of a sudden, everyone was keenly aware that the saber Fengming probably had a very special meaning to Su Yi.

After a while, Su Yi said: “I’m very curious, what is the relationship between you and the Lantern Buddha?”

The heart demon old man smiled and said gently: “I will tell you when you make a decision.” Then, he looked down at the Fengming Dao sword in his hand, “You don’t need to discuss other conditions, or use other conditions If you agree, you will exchange the sword with reincarnation. If you refuse, I will destroy the sword and make a complete break.

Yes. “

The gentle voice echoed between heaven and earth.

Everyone noticed that there was a gloomy look on Su Yi’s eyebrows!

Undoubtedly, this kind of exchange has captured Su Yi’s weakness!

After a while, a rotten scabbard appeared in Su Yi’s palm, and said indifferently:

“You can destroy the Fengming Dao Sword, and I can also uproot the extraterrestrial demons. It’s nothing more than ruthless, you can do it now.”

The atmosphere is dull and depressing.

The heart demon old man stared at Su Yi for a moment, and said: “I’d rather fight for my lack of Taoism than hand over my reincarnation?”

Su Yi said calmly: “For me, it may affect my Dao heart, but why not cut off an obsession and fetters from the previous life?”

The conversation between the two shocked everyone present, only then did they realize that the Fengming saber could actually affect Su Yi’s state of mind!

And now the rhetorical battle between the two is actually tantamount to a mental contest!

The heart demon old man took out a trump card that was enough to make Su Yi lack of morality.

However, Su Yi does not intend to compromise, but regards this killer as the obsession and fetters of his state of mind, and wants to kill it!

“Lingmi, what is going on?”

The ancestor of the nightmare frowned.

The heart demon old man said calmly: “A long time ago, Yi Daoxuan refined two sabers, one named Fengming and the other named Huangwu.”

“The two Taoist swords each contain a ray of life origin of Yi Daoxuan and his Taoist partner Yu Xinyao.”

“The Fengming sword is held by Yi Daoxuan, and the Huangwu sword is worn by his Taoist companion Yu Xinyao.”

Everyone was stunned.

This matter actually involved Yi Daoxuan and his Taoist companion Yu Xinyao again! ?

Su Yi looked calm and didn’t say anything.

Seeing the heart demon old man, he continued: “In the battle of Qingwu Shenting, Yu Xinyao saved Yi Daoxuan’s life at the cost of his life.”

“At that time, when Yi Daoxuan fled, he took the Huangwu saber with him. When he wanted to find reincarnation in the future, he rescued his Taoist partner Yu Xinyao and brought him back from the dead.”

“Unfortunately, Yi Daoxuan failed to fulfill his wish in the end. “

“During the period of time when he was chasing and killing him, he seemed to know that the general situation was over and his vitality was exhausted, so he fused the Fengming Sword and the Huangwu Sword into one, and hid it in a place of pilgrimage recognized by sword cultivators in the Divine Realm. “Tianxiu Sword Tomb”. “

“These two swords are not very powerful, but they contain the life essence of Yi Daoxuan and Yu Xinyao.”

“Later, Yi Daoxuan died.”

Speaking of this, the heart demon old man looked at Su Yi, “Later, a sword cultivator named Li Fuyou came to the God Realm, and he swept across the world, and his sword crushed the heavens.”

“Afterwards, whether it was a coincidence or a predestined relationship, Li Fuyou also went to the Tianxiu Sword Tomb and took away the Fengming Sword that was combined into one.”

At this moment, everyone finally understood why the Fengming Sword became Li Fuyou’s companion sword. It turned out that there was another reason for it! !

From the beginning to the end, Su Yi stood there calmly, without saying a word, without showing any emotion.

Just take out the flagon, and occasionally take a sip.

The heart demon old man continued: “Li Fuyou is the reincarnation of Yi Daoxuan, whether he is awakened or not belongs to Yi Daoxuan’s memory, but he can naturally see the secrets in Fengming Sword.”

“Before Li Fuyou died, he used his life to protect the Fengming Sword from being destroyed. It should be to keep the secret hidden in this sword.”

“Unfortunately, he kept the sword, but he also died like Yi Daoxuan.”

“And this sword fell into the hands of the Burning Buddha.”

At this point, everything is revealed and the truth is revealed.

Everyone finally understood why the heart demon old man exchanged Fengming sword with Su Yi for reincarnation.

The reason is very simple, this sword is not important, but the ray of life of Yu Xinyao hidden in the sword is extremely important to Su Yi!

Exchanging Samsara for a sword is an opportunity to save Yu Xinyao.

After all, he is the reincarnation of Yi Daoxuan and Li Fuyou! !

“Did the Lantern Buddha tell you?”

Su Yi finally spoke, his expression remained indifferent. The old man Xinmo smiled and said: “It’s not important. What’s important is that Yu Xinyao was your Taoist companion and died to save you. Right now, you don’t need to sacrifice your life. You just need to hand over your reincarnation and you will get a Rang Yu.” Xinyao came back from the dead

The opportunity, you… really want to refuse? “

Luo Yao, Wen Qingfeng and the others felt heavy.

I have to say that the trump card of the heart demon old man is indeed too powerful!

Su Yi took a sip of wine and said, “If she dies and comes back to life, she will never recognize me again, and I will never treat her like Yi Daoxuan again. If that’s the case, why should I do anything extra?”

Speaking, he put away the jug, and said: “It is true that you destroyed Fengming Sword, it can indeed have an impact on my Dao Heart, but… that’s all.”

The heart demon old man frowned and said, “Really?”

Su Yi said: “Why don’t you try?”

The heart demon old man took a deep look at Su Yi, “I really didn’t expect that you would be so ruthless, no wonder you killed those old friends without hesitation before evacuating from Wendao City.”

It’s okay if you don’t talk about it, but if you talk about it, Luo Yao and the others will feel unspeakable grief and hatred!

Who can forget the scene when Su Yi personally sent those old friends into reincarnation?

Su Yi said lightly: “I did kill them, but I might be able to save them from reincarnation in the future, but if your extraterritorial demons are uprooted, they are destined to be truly wiped out from the world, leaving nothing behind. “

The heart demon old man squinted his eyes and said with a smile: “You are not afraid of being threatened, how can I be afraid? If so, this Fengming sword is useless, just destroy it.”

With a touch of his fingertip, he made a gesture to destroy Fengming Sword.


On the sky, the Five Decline Dao Calamity that turned into a blood-colored calamity cloud suddenly descended, the thunder was like anger, and the calamity light was like snowflakes.

Almost at the same time, the ancestor of the nightmare and the ancestor of Huang Qi moved together.

The ancestor of the nightmare raised his hand and threw a bronze mirror into the sky. The mirror surface was bright, like a magnificent lotus flower blooming, shining a mighty stream of water.

And in the water flow, countless bright moons are reflected.

Each bright moon is like a mysterious avenue rune, condensing an illusion.

Countless bright moons emerge in the water, like countless illusions emerging densely.


The sights are magnificent and shocking.

Water moon flower mirror!

Taking the meaning of “flowers in the mirror and moon in the water”.

It is the trump card of the ancestor of the nightmare!

Easy has never been used at all, but as long as it is used, it must be time to decide the outcome in one fell swoop!


The souls of Luo Yao, Wen Qingfeng and the others were severely injured immediately, and they were severely affected, their cognition was deceived, and their memory was confused.

Almost instantly, their consciousness seemed to be completely manipulated, and they all violently killed and rushed towards Su Yi! !

At the same time, Huang Qi’s ancestor held a **** sword in his hand and slashed across the sky.


All around Su Yi’s figure, countless blood-colored chains suddenly appeared, entangled with each other, completely binding and imprisoning the place where Su Yi was standing!

At first glance, it looks like a cage made up of blood-colored chains, and Su Yi, Luo Yao and others who killed Su Yi are all trapped in it! !

Blood battle! !

The killer mace of Huang Qi’s ancestor can break space, cut five elements, and reverse Yin and Yang. It is a peerless killer made of the order of space.

With one blow, you can slaughter the Nine Lords!

Just like the ancestor of the nightmare, when the ancestor of Huang Qi made a move, he also directly used his trump card without reservation.

What I want is a one-hit kill!

I don’t intend to give Su Yi any chance to struggle and maneuver!

The movement of the chaotic ancient well under the sky also released the monstrous chaotic light at the same time, resisting the five decaying dao calamities falling from the sky.

The heart demon old man who was about to destroy the Fengqi sword laughed, and raised his hand to sacrifice the Fengqi sword.


The Fengqi sword exploded with dazzling sword energy, and two phantoms appeared in it.

One is Yi Daoxuan, and the other is a woman with ethereal temperament, Yu Xinyao!

The two phantoms teamed up to urge the Feng Qi sword together, and slashed in the air.


The sword qi is it cut directly at Su Yi’s state of mind!

In the place of Su Yi’s state of mind, the silhouettes of Yi Daoxuan and Yu Xinyao who joined forces to kill were reflected.

At this moment, deep in Su Yi’s heart, the memory belonging to Yi Daoxuan was completely awakened.

“If you kill Xinyao, you are destroying your Dao Xin!”

“Don’t forget, Xinyao died for you!!”

Yi Daoxuan’s voice was shouting angrily.

“Daoxuan, let him kill him. In the final analysis, he is no longer you. Killing the mark we left is not a bad thing for him.”

Yu Xinyao sighed quietly.

… And as the voice continued to sound, various memories related to Yi Daoxuan and Yu Xinyao appeared like a landslide and tsunami, raging wildly in Su Yi’s state of mind. Su Yi’s state of mind also suffered an unprecedented serious impact at this moment!


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