First Immortal of the Sword Chapter 2428: The most mysterious sword cultivator in Eternal Heaven


Under the sky.

The chaotic road ancient well was suspended, and the chaotic light and rain filled the air, so there was no attempt to break through.

In front of the Immortal Mountain, the heart demon old man fixed his eyes on the vague and illusory figure of the first life, as if he wanted to see through the details of the first life.

Luo Yao, Wen Qingfeng and the others had already got up and retreated far away.

Their gazes were also looking at the figure of the first life, and the brows were full of shock.

The first ancestor of Huang Qi and the first ancestor of phantom nightmare died one after another, and there was no room for struggle. This made them all see the horror of the first life!

That is a kind of power that far surpasses the Immortal Realm.

It is impossible to guess how powerful the other party’s Taoism is.

“You don’t seem to be afraid?”

The first life turned around and looked at the heart demon old man.

At this moment, the body of the heart demon old man trembled, and he said immediately: “It’s nothing more than death, what’s the point?”

The first generation raised his hand and pressed it.


The heart demon old man was suppressed and knelt down on the ground.

There is no strength to struggle at all!

“It doesn’t matter if you are afraid or not, just kneel first.”

In the first life, “It’s just a fallen demon soul, not qualified to stand and talk to me.”

Heart demon old man’s kind and gentle cheeks were ashen, he lowered his head, and said hoarsely:

“I probably already know the origin of Your Excellency, but unfortunately, Your Excellency has already died, and what is reflected in front of me is nothing more than a force. If I defeat him to death, Your Excellency is destined to disappear completely.”

The first world was obviously a little surprised, and said: “You know me?”

“On the long river of fate, although the rumors about you have long been wiped out, no one knows about it, but I happen to know a little bit.”

The heart demon old man lowered his head and his voice was low.

The first life said with great interest: “Then tell me, who am I?”

The heart demon old man said firmly: “It’s not difficult to guess at all, on the long river of fate, the most mysterious sword cultivator in the eternal sky!”

Eternal Heaven?

It was the first time for Su Yi and Luo Yao to hear this strange name.

A place that exists on the river of fate!

The first world was obviously taken aback, and then sighed: “I thought you really knew, so it turns out…”

He didn’t go on.

But the meaning in the words is surprising.

The demon old man guessed wrong?

“Aren’t you?”

At this moment, a voice came from the Chaos Dao Ancient Well.

The first world said in a regretful tone, “Since you don’t know, it proves that you are not qualified to know.”

“This is impossible!”

The heart demon old man lost his composure for the first time at this moment, “We all knew that Su Yi is the reincarnation of the mysterious sword cultivator of the Eternal Heaven Domain. If you weren’t him, who would you be?”

Luo Yao, Wen Qingfeng and others were all moved.

They never thought that Su Yi had a previous life, and he would be an existence in the Eternal Heaven of the River of Destiny.

And depending on the situation, the old man with the heart demon seems to have already known the inside story!

This is really shocking.

Su Yi vaguely figured out the taste.

The mysterious sword cultivator mentioned by the demon old man is either his third life, Xiao Jian, or his second life!

Otherwise, the first life would never have said those words.

“Strange, it’s just an identity related to me, but you are acting so abnormally, why is that?”

The first life also noticed the gaffe of the heart demon old man.


The heart demon old man fell silent for a moment.

“It’s fine if you don’t answer, it doesn’t matter to me.”

The first world shook his head slightly.

As if he had a premonition of what was going to happen, the heart demon old man suddenly raised his head, stared at Su Yi, and said, “Do you really think… that you won this time?”

His gentle face was livid and gloomy, but he didn’t have many emotional fluctuations. On the contrary, there was a hint of cold luster in the depths of his eyes that was difficult to understand.

Su Yi frowned.

The next moment, the first life made a move, and with a flick of his sleeves, the body of the suppressed and kneeling old man collapsed and dissipated.

In the void, the words he said before he died still echoed.

In addition, there is still a crystal clear stone left at the place where the heart demon old man died.

The heart demon old man is also dead!

Luo Yao and the others have erratic eyes, feeling unreal.

In the past few years, what they were most afraid of was these three ancestor-level existences.

Especially the old man with the heart demon, who is the most mysterious and terrifying, who can manipulate other people’s minds silently, making it hard to guard against.

Just like today’s killing round, starting from Wendao City, Su Yi had to be forced to send a group of old friends into reincarnation, and had to set off to evacuate.

The interception encountered along the way can be described as extremely dangerous.

Behind all this, the old man with the heart demon is planning and planning.

However, who would have imagined that such a mysterious and terrifying dominator-level figure would disappear in a flick of his sleeve!

This kind of shock is so great, who can believe it for a while?

It was also at this moment that Luo Yao and the others finally realized why Su Yi was so calm even though he encountered all kinds of dangers and crises on the way to flee to Wanxiu Mountain.

I also finally understood that when Huang Qi and Huanmai were jointly intercepted by the two ancestors, he would propose to cooperate and go to Wanxi Mountain.

Everything is because he has enough confidence!

Everything is to wipe out those three ancestor-level existences! !

“It can be seen that he has another backhand.”

The first world said, “But… it has nothing to do with me.”

Under the sky, the Ancient Chaos Well suddenly let out a roar like thunder.

This mysterious dry well seemed to be on fire, bursting out with dazzling and chaotic flames.

In the first life, the right hand was raised like a sword’s edge, and it swept across the air.


The ancient well of Chaos Dao trembled violently, and a shocking sword mark appeared on the wall of the well.

A painful murmur came from the ancient well.

What’s weird is that the ancient well suddenly squirmed, and quietly turned into a light like nothingness, and disappeared.

There is no trace of it.

The first generation frowned, looked at his hands, and seemed a little dissatisfied: “The power of the book of legends is not enough after all…”

Su Yi understands the meaning of this sentence.

The first life shown right now is condensed by the power of the Book of Legends.

But it is obvious that even the forbidden items from the long river of fate, such as the book of legends, cannot really carry all the Taoism of the first life at all!

That’s why the figure of the first life is so illusory and vague.

Therefore, when dealing with the Ancient Well of Chaos Dao, the opponent will be allowed to escape.

But the more he understood, the more Su Yi couldn’t calm down.

A first life reflected in the book of legends, the consciousness is still controlled by the heart demon of the first life, but that kind of power is so terrifying that it frightens away the five declines, severely damages the ancient well of chaos, and kills the ancestors The level is like killing chickens and monkeys.

How strong should the real first life be?

How high is Tao Xing?

Before the start of the war, Su Yi also said that he wanted to see the power of the first life.

But now, he is a little uncertain.

Because the more you understand, the more you can’t guess how strong the first life is!

Soon, Su Yi stabilized his mind.

The first life may represent an unimaginable height in the way of swordsmanship, but Su Yi is more convinced that the path he pursues is destined to catch up with or even surpass the first life in the future!

This is also the purpose of his nine reincarnations!

Silently, the figure of the first life collapsed and withered, and disappeared in the sky with light and rain.

And the voice of the first demon came from the decayed scabbard:

“What do you think of this cooperation?”

“I owe you once.”

Su Yi said, “As long as you propose cooperation next time, as long as I can do it, I will definitely not refuse.”

The demon of the first life said disdainfully: “Cooperation is cooperation. Why should I force you to owe me favors? Remember, sooner or later, I will let you willingly ask me to do it. This… is between you and me.” The fight!”

Su Yi was startled.

Before, he teamed up with the first heart demon and snatched two pages of the book of legends from that handsome young man.

According to the agreement, he and the first demon each shared a page of the book.

The pages of the book that were used before were the spoils that Su Yi should have shared.

In this regard, it really doesn’t help.

But Su Yi knew that the page was nothing more than an item.

The one who really played a key role was the demon of the first life, who summoned the power of the first life!

This is naturally a favor that cannot be denied at all.

It is true that Su Yi can shamelessly choose to ignore it, but…

How can such a thing as kindness be denied by cheating?

As long as it is owed, it is a debt of favor.

If you owe more times, you will become a heart debt!

“You don’t have to care, but I can’t.”

Su Yi said, “You also said that this is a battle between you and me. Since this is the case, I should take it seriously.”

The heart demon of the first world was silent for a moment, then suddenly laughed, “How about this, when we find a chance, we will grab the book of legends again, and you will return my favor.”

Su Yidun was surprised.

“When I robbed the book of legends last time, I poked a mark on that guy. He couldn’t detect it himself, but I can sense it. As long as he wants, no matter where he escapes or hides, You will be able to find him immediately.”

The heart demon of the first world talked eloquently, “When the time comes, try to grab the entire book of legends, instead of just tearing up a few pages.”

Su Yi’s eyes were strange.

Listening to the words of the demon in the first life, he inexplicably thought of the fat pig being targeted by the butcher.

Besides, this fat pig was stamped with a mark, so he couldn’t escape from it in the future!

“Why are you so interested in the Book of Legends?”

Su Yi was puzzled.

“If you don’t understand, you will know later.”

The heart demon of the first life said, and then fell silent.

Su Yi thought for a moment, shook his head, stopped thinking, shifted his gaze, and looked into the void in front of him.

There are four objects floating in front of him

Fengming Sword and the relics left by the three ancestor-level existences of Huang Qi, Phantom Nightmare, and Heart Demon Old Man.

All are their eternal source.

According to what the first heart demon said before, these three ancestor-level existences are all robbed and fallen demons on the river of fate!

And the eternal origin they left behind has long since been obliterated by calamity.

In spite of this, these three original forces are still extremely rare and rare treasures, which can be used to refine the state of mind, soul, and body.

The value is immeasurable!

After all, this is the origin left by the ancestor-level existence. Looking at the entire endless battlefield, looking at the past and present, there are only these three kinds in front of you! .


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