Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4615: Brother shot


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Nine nights replied: “That’s not the law against me, I can’t feel it, so I can’t erase it.

“The reason why Jingying can sense it is because they are twins. Believe in them! They are the Supreme Beings of Time and Space. It is only a matter of time before half of the punishment law is erased.”

He used to be arrogant and domineering, and he didn’t think that the eternal artifact was special and powerful.

Even if you get it, you don’t have any idea of ​​a contract.

But now, he understands that they are strong, at least Jing Ying and A Ting have strengths that he admires.

Mu Qianxi nodded and said: “Yes! I also believe that Jing Ying and Ah Ting can work together to overcome this ghost punishment.”

Under the perfect tacit cooperation of the power of space and the power of time, the law of punishment cannot be completed, and it is fragmented and ultimately unable to pose any threat to Ah Ting.

Ah Ting was very tired, his forehead was covered with sweat.

But he won, and after getting rid of this terrible punishment, he was extremely excited, as if welcoming a new life, as if he was shining.

Crystal Ying walked up to Qianxi and smiled at Huang Jiuye: “Jiuye, I really appreciate you helping my brother.”

“It’s for myself too.” Jiuye replied.

There are two meanings in his words, Ah Ting is his natal contractor, helping him is helping himself.

Another point, they understand each other.

“Boom—” The ground trembled violently.

The chaotic domain that split countless times was really merged by A Nian forcibly with chains.

Anian’s voice came from the air, “Ah Ting, I did it. I really want to see the complete you and the complete world you created.”

Ah Ting nodded and said: “Hmm! I saw it, you can stop. I will use the power of time to repair it, and my Chaos Domain will definitely not be worse than other domains.”

“Yeah!” Ah Nian nodded.

“Boom——” However, the next moment, the Chaos Realm, which had already been integrated into one, collapsed again, and it seemed that the collapse was even more severe.

“Ah Nian can’t stop. Do you have to use your own body to maintain the lock to maintain the stability of the Chaos Realm? This is impossible!” Mu Qianxi’s face changed.

Ah Ting and Jingying said at the same time: “No, there is still a part of the law, the law for the Chaos Realm, which is destroying the Chaos Pavilion.”

Ah Ting sent Ah Nian away in the realm of chaos, which was created by Ah Ting again, and the law of punishment imposed a punishment on the realm of chaos for no reason.

Of course, this unreasonable punishment is definitely caused by the unreasonable Heavenly Dao, so don’t think about it.

This world is already broken, and it is impossible to resist and obliterate the law of punishment like Jiuye and Jingying A Nian, so there is only…destruction!

“I’m really angry, all of you…all of you don’t follow the path stipulated by the Dao of Heaven! I am the Dao of Heaven, I am the Dao of Heaven, you should listen to me, you should listen to me…”

Heavenly Dao is so angry that he doesn’t even open a one-on-one chat channel anymore, just play the voice out!

This time in the Chaos Realm, it is obvious that the goal can be easily achieved.

However, unexpected changes occurred again and again, and nothing was done in the end.

And it can’t turn things around anymore, so let’s destroy the Chaos Domain to vent our anger!

At least it can make the Pavilion of Eternity unhappy and bear its sins.

Being born as the Dao of Heaven, it kept saying, what to do for the common people.

Now it is a bit of a dog to treat the common people in the entire Chaos Realm as dust and mayflies, and let death and destruction swallow them up.

A Nian appeared in the void and said: “Ah Ting, I have heard all the emotions of the creatures in the entire Chaos Realm, and the most common ones are not terror and despair, but firm belief.

“They all firmly believe that their master can give them a new life in this destruction. I can’t let you, Ah Ting, lose your trust. I can hold on! It splits, and I continue to merge.”

More chains appeared in the sky, traveling through the broken time again, linking broken jigsaw puzzles with absolutely powerful power.

Ah Ting roared angrily: “Stupid! Stop it! I never promised to protect these ants, and it is not a breach of trust if I fail to protect them well. Don’t meddle in your own business, the Chaos Domain will be destroyed as soon as it is destroyed! As long as you are fine. “

Ah Ting’s hand trembled slightly, Jing Jingying took his hand and said: “Yes! Ah Ting, you are right, let’s stop Ah Nian together! Create a new chaotic domain in the future.” Ah Ting’s heart slightly Startled, “Even if it is created again, it is not the current Chaos Realm. I will not do such a thing in the future! Creating a world is irresponsible, so it is better not to create it. The most important thing now is to stop the world.”

Stop Ah Nian from doing stupid things. “

When they were about to rush out, a voice like a clear spring came.

“Maybe, I can try to help.”

Mu Qianxi was slightly taken aback, looking at the peerless brother in front of her in surprise.

No matter how much Mu Qingchen tried to find a way to save Xi’er, he didn’t get an effective answer.

But after seeing Huang Jiuye destroying the power of law, Jing Ying and Ah Ting teamed up to destroy the power of law, he finally realized something.

Mu Qingchen told Qian Xi, “Before I progressed to the Chaos Realm, I met the lord of the sealed city who sealed the Chaos Realm. He taught me the sealing technique and said that I might be able to help.

“I thought that this sealing technique could be used when Xi’er was besieged by the three clans, and then I wanted to use the sealing technique to prevent the **** emperor from reversing your time, but I didn’t expect the real effect here.

“His sealing technique seems to be best at the sealing law. I can try it. This is the first time I use the sealing technique. I don’t know if it will be successful?”

Crystal Ying smiled softly: “Since he has made such an arrangement, then you can trust him, trust yourself, and try it out!”

A Ting also nodded and said: “No matter how bad it is, it’s not worse than now, just go ahead and try! Even if you kill yourself, I will reverse the time and I will reverse the time and bring you back.”

It is really not difficult for Ah Ting to go back in time in a short time.

The corners of Mu Qianxi’s mouth twitched slightly, she was still very worried about her brother.

Sealing technique, this is a power she has never understood.

“Brother, what will happen to you if you fail? Will your life be in danger?”

“No, at most, the soul will be damaged. My sister is a ghost doctor, so it’s not a big problem! Trust me once, okay?” Mu Qingchen said with a smile.

Mu Qianxi looked at Ah Nian who was willing to do something for her partner regardless of her own death?

Perhaps he has been affected by negative emotions, his depression is really too deep, and he takes his own life too lightly.

“Yeah! Brother, come on.” Mu Qianxi cheered her brother up with a smile.

“Yeah!” In the next instant, Mu Qingchen’s soul power dissipated. The entire chaotic domain swayed with a force that even the heavens felt strange, and the next moment, the entire chaotic domain instantly fell into a state of stillness.


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