Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4519: Ambush in advance



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Zhao Yunshan said: “In the last battle of the six peaks, there will be three matches, and the final winner will be the master of the hundred peaks!”


A map was thrown out by Zhao Yunshan, and Lei Guang outlined the hundred peaks of the City of Thunder.


This is what you will get after winning this battle.


The eyes of the several peak masters became extremely hot, they must get it, they never want to lose, their fighting spirit is boiling!


Zhao Yunshan said: “The battlefield is these three peaks, you can choose whatever you want, and the opponent is up to you to decide.”


A high degree of freedom is more beneficial to the strong, and the weak are beaten.


They were not in a hurry to choose, they all looked at Mu Qianxi, waiting for Mu Qianxi’s choice.


It’s not because of Mu Qianxi’s face, but everyone knows that if you fight against them, the first battle can be very easy, and you can reserve your strength for the next two battles.


“Peak Master!” Everyone was angry and underestimated, but it was the truth.


Mu Qianxi said with a light smile: “Since everyone is so modest, then I will not be polite.”


For her, the three peaks are the same, but she chose the farthest one.


The remaining five peak masters wanted to catch up, and their swords were on the verge of breaking out. In the end, one of the peak masters said: “I understand that everyone has the same idea. The first battle is the key. The loss is the least, and the chance of winning is greater later.


“But there’s no need for us to compete for the same opponent. If we lose both here, it’s really not worth the loss. Otherwise, if we compete in speed, whoever arrives first will be the opponent of Peak Master Mu.”


They also felt quite reasonable after hearing it, “Okay! Then let the senior brother decide when to start, and set off at the same time.”


Zhao Yunshan did not expect that the simplest rules did not allow the game to start immediately, and there would be a competition before the game.


All this is because the power of the six parties is not balanced, and one party is particularly weak.


He Lianqing said something to Zhao Yunshan, “Brother, it’s no problem! Let them treat Junior Sister as a soft persimmon, they will regret it.”


Zhao Yunshan agreed to be their referee, and said: “It’s just a competition of speed, no hands are allowed, is that so?”




“There is a little distance from that peak here. In order to ensure fairness, I have to send some people to watch halfway. How about starting in half an hour?”




Although Mu Qianxi has already set off, she is still very concerned about the situation here.


She sighed secretly: “It’s a pity that I didn’t fight directly, and let me reap the benefits of the fisherman!”


Of course, she didn’t naively think that these peak masters who fought to the end are so stupid.


“Peak Master, how should we fight? The opponent is very strong, even if you have powerful group support skills, Peak Master, the possibility of our winning is only 20-30%.”


Mu Qianxi looked at them and said, “Do you want to win?”


“Of course I want to win, who doesn’t want to win?”


“Do you want to win at all costs?”


“Yes, within the rules, any method can be used, even if it is unscrupulous, the feeling of being underestimated and despised is so annoying!” Their eyes were burning with flames of war.


The corners of Mu Qianxi’s mouth slightly raised, “That’s good! Listen to my order and start planning! Time is tight, we only have half an hour.”


At that time, they will know how serious the consequences of generously giving up the right to choose the battlefield and arrive at the battlefield first to the opponent.


After all, she is not only a pharmacist and a poisoner, but also a weapon refiner and a formation master.




She had a lot of people under her command, so she immediately acted swiftly.


A series of powers and ambush tricks made everyone’s jaws drop.


The peak master who played plots and plots was really scary, and he couldn’t help but sweat coldly for the next opponent.


Half an hour has come, Zhao Yunshan said: “Start!”


The five peak masters dashed out at high speed.


Being overtaken by others, it’s true that you can’t control the itching of your hands and want to block it, or sneak attack on a weak back.


However, seeing elders staring at him on the road, he resisted the urge.


We will fight again when we meet, now we will compete for speed.


In the end, Feng Qi, the young head of the Feng Clan who had the most advantage in speed, arrived first.


He smiled and said: “Everyone, let me go! I, Feng Qi, will be the fastest winner in the final battle. Come on, I wish you good luck.”


“Hmph!” The four of them snorted coldly, and glanced at the other two battlefields.


Occupy the peak first, as for the opponent, who has the courage to face them, who will come?


Feng Qi’s team gathered at the foot of the mountain, he looked at the quiet mountain in front of him, as if no one existed.


“Are you all hiding? Because you are afraid? Or do you think that if you come early, you will have a chance to ambush. This young patriarch will tell them that these tricks are useless in the face of powerful forces! Attack!”




The opponent enters the field and the battle begins.


Feng Qi never expected that Mu Qianxi was indeed ambush, but the lethality of this ambush was far beyond his expectation.


They were hit in the head, and the loss was not small, and his eighty-one confidantes protected him in the center.


“Peak Master, it seems that she is really desperate, and even used poison.”


Feng Qi said calmly: “She is a pharmacist, it is normal to use poison when the strength of the enemy and the enemy are very different, continue to attack.”




“Young patriarch, be careful, there are hidden weapons!”


“Report to the young patriarch, we seem to have entered a killing battle.”


A series of ambushes made them overwhelmed, and their morale was high. Now they are in chaos.


It seems that this mountain is under the control of the opponent, and they are like sparrows caught in the net. This is the price they pay for underestimating the opponent.


He Lianqing was delighted, “I haven’t fought with my junior sister head-on, so I have lost so much!”


Elder Feng’s complexion was a bit bad, “Even if she gains the upper hand by using tricks and tricks now, it is difficult for her to become the final winner.”


He Lianqing went back, “They gave the junior sister a chance to deploy, so who is to blame?”


These methods were useless for Mu Qianxi’s early battles, which Feng Qi did not expect.


After a series of violent destruction, they finally ushered in a frontal battle.


“Where is Mu Qianxi! Let her come out and fight us!” Feng Qi roared.


“Our peak master has always been there, fighting you all the time.” The next moment, their spiritual power surged.


Mu Qianxi has already activated the strongest support of the wood spirit power, and the next step is up to them.


“That’s not right! This assist has been improved even more, and it’s even more perverted.” Zhao Yunshan immediately discovered this.


He Lianqing said: “Little junior sister has advanced! The fourth level has reached the fifth level, is it normal for the auxiliary to be improved?”


Others just want to give He Lianqing a supercilious look, raising such a level is nothing to their God Emperor? It is impossible to make such a big change. Abnormal, super abnormal!


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