Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4406: Cubs Warning



“Aro, who is he?”


Xiu Di, who thought about his face and wanted to break his head, suddenly saw such a visually striking face.


The first reaction was that this was the face he wanted, the face that Aro would like.


Suddenly a frenzy of jealousy rose in my heart.


Why does this man appear here with Aro, and what is the relationship with Aro?


“Emperor Xiu! Come here, let’s kill together!”


Emperor Xiu was stared at by a pair of icy blue eyes with no temperature, and the killing intent to annihilate everything was overwhelming.


The embarrassed elders said: “Your Majesty, be careful!”


Be careful, is there anyone in the entire Shura world who deserves his attention?




When the terrifying dark power swept through, Emperor Xiu was shocked, what kind of ghost power is this? Not accidentally.




A particularly terrifying power pervades the entire Shura Imperial Palace.


Nine Nights’ power is getting more and more out of control. It seems that no one can match the strength, but his situation is actually extremely bad.


He locked his eyes on Emperor Luo, and there were two voices clamoring in his mind.


But the only thing he can agree with is to kill her!


As a result, a deadly attack hit Luo Huang once again.


A broken and gorgeous smile appeared on Luo Huang’s face, “Huang Jiuye, you know very well that killing me is useless! The only solution is to have a baby with me!”


“What? Ah Luo, you want to have a baby with him, I absolutely won’t allow it! You can only have a baby with me!” Emperor Xiu’s face became even more sinister.


At the same time, Mu Qianxi just arrived here.


She heard Luo Huang’s words without a word.


The transaction between the Emperor Luo and the Emperor of God, the Emperor Luo and the Emperor of God are going to work together to calculate the Nine Nights, the original content is this!


She looked at Jiu Ye and found that Jiu Ye almost lost her mind and turned into a killing machine.


She can sense in her soul that there are countless mysterious and mysterious forces around him.


These forces hold him like a chain, trying to turn him into a puppet.


From these intricate and complementary aspects, a restraining force that is difficult for anyone to contend with, plus the most important link, Luo Huang.


Mu Qianxi can see how painstakingly God Emperor and Wu Ya are!


No, the most important part is the Shura statue.


The Shura statue no longer underestimates the strength of this terrifying monster, so giving its child stronger strength and stronger defense will naturally not be so easy to die.


The stronger Nine Nights is, the more powerful the Shura statue will be for him.


Mu Qianxi’s eyes dimmed, and the statue of Shura was hidden in the dark, which could give Emperor Xiuluo infinite life and fighting power.


It’s pointless to fight like this, it’s just consuming Jiu Ye’s life and soul.


But today’s Nine Nights, the killing can’t stop at all.


She may be able to stop it by rushing out, but now the storm caused by the collision of their forces, her fleshly body can’t stop it.


Of course, it’s not impossible.


“A stop, time stops! Quick!” Mu Qianxi communicated with A stop using his soul voice transmission.


Nine nights had completely lost her mind because of the plot. She believed that Ah Ting definitely didn’t.


What A Ting can do is to keep Jiuye’s strongest fighting power and make him kill him happily!


Forget about killing all these Shura tribes, he has no other way anyway.


When he heard Mu Qianxi’s voice, he suspected that he had hallucinations.


Could it be that he was also counted?


“Dead woman?”


“Stop grinding and chirping, and do it now! Lord of the Nine-layer Chaos Pavilion of the Pavilion of Eternity, you won’t be able to do even this trivial thing!”


The tone that angered him was definitely her deity, not a hallucination.


“Why are you in the Shura Realm? Now you listen to me, run quickly! The farther away from Huang Jiuye, the better!” Instead of asking Qianxi to help, A Ting eagerly asked her to run.


“What are you running for? Even if Jiuye kills everyone in the Shura world, it won’t touch me!” Mu Qianxi replied.


“Of course he won’t kill you, he will have children with you! Cubs are the most annoying.” Ah Ting resisted this very much.


“It’s not a big deal anymore, you hurry up, don’t waste your energy with Emperor Xiudi Luohuang and the others, it’s not worth it.” Mu Qianxi said again.


A Ting was stunned, even if he hated it very much, he had to think about it.


The dead woman and Huang Jiuye are a legitimate husband and wife. The matter of creating a cub is a matter of course and a matter of course.


That’s true, but he’s just upset!


“A stop…” Mu Qianxi said again.


“Forget it! I can’t let Huang Jiuye really die. I’ll bury him with him! The young master is very precious! I haven’t seen my sister recover, and it’s not worth it now!” A Ting whispered in a low voice on.


The Shura world has the check and balance of the **** of the Shura statue, and the power of time is not so smooth.


However, it is possible to stop time for a while.


The next time when time stops, the world becomes quiet, and the only time that flows is the time of the three of them.


Mu Qianxi used teleport to swipe to Jiuye. When Mu Qianxi appeared in his sight, Jiuye suspected that it was an illusion created by others, just like Ah Ting.


But in the next instant, he was sure that it was true.


Even if it is inconceivable, even if the possibility of Xi being in the Shura world is zero, he is absolutely sure that she is herself.


The whole world was full of malice towards him, but when Shio appeared in front of him, he felt that the world was still a little kind to him.


The hot hand clamped Mu Qianxi’s wrist, and the other hand wrapped tightly around his waist, pulling her into his arms.


“Xi!” He spat out a single word, but it was like a heat wave, making Mu Qianxi feel hot all over.


Nine Nights is very wrong now, what the **** are God Emperor and Wu Ya doing?


Mu Qianxi said: “Nine nights, let’s leave first!”


“Okay!” Jiu Ye wanted to tear open the crack in the space and left immediately.


It can be solidified by time. Once the space crack is torn open, time will be broken.


Asura statue reacted, but it was not so easy to leave.


It doesn’t matter to him, he’s afraid that Shio will get hurt in a fight.


Mu Qianxi pulled him to: “Follow me, go to my place!”


A Ting was stunned, “Stupid woman, this is the Asura world? What territory do you have? You have opened a ghost doctor building to the Asura world, it’s impossible!”


After Jiuye and Mu Qianxi disappeared, time resumed flowing.


“Where’s the person! Where’s the **** person?” The Emperor Xiu, who couldn’t find his target, frantically searched around.


“My God, where is he? You must help me find him, definitely!” Luo Huang knelt down, his body trembling, sweat dripping from his pale face.


In order to succeed, she was desperate today, and she didn’t even give herself a way out.


But now, the man she fancy not only killed her countless times, but also ran away?


She’s here, why did he run away?


For him, in the entire Shura world, is there a more attractive woman than her?


Mu Qianxi took Jiuye to her cosmetic surgery salon, “A-Ting, Jiuye, let’s work together and try our best to isolate the Asura statue from detection!”


This is the site of the Shura statue, and it is not easy to hide.


After all, Jiu Ye doesn’t look like her. She pretends to be very good at first, doing things quietly and low-key. Jiu Ye was also very high-profile when he came, and he fought directly with the statue of Emperor Xiu Luo Huang Shura, so it was not so easy to hide himself.


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