Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1429: chaos



Chapter 1429 Chaos



The Chaos Continent is extremely chaotic. Anyone who is suspected of possessing the golden Chaos Talisman will be hunted down. Those with insufficient strength will not survive for 100,000 years. Along the way, Ye Chen saw dozens of fights, more than The sea is also chaotic and cruel. Ye Chen has taken it for granted. The chaotic battlefield is not called for nothing. Everyone is crazy for the golden Chaos Talisman.



Although the Forty-Eight Regions is only one of the ninety-nine regions of the Chaos Continent, its area is very vast. It is said that it takes ten years to walk through the entire Forty-Eight Regions by walking.



In the center of the forty-eight domains, there is a town, this kind of town is called domain town, and every domain has it.



The domain town can only accommodate a maximum of 1,000 people. Others can stay in the domain town, but at night, they must leave. There is a time limit for staying in the domain town. After living in the domain town for 10,000 years, they cannot stay in , in this ten thousand years, every day needs to work, and a total of ten trillion yuan must be paid.



The reason why it is so harsh is that fighting is not allowed in Yu Town. Even a demigod should not want to kill someone in Yu Town. As long as he doesn’t leave Yu Town, it can be said to be extremely safe.



“Fortunately, I have already prepared ten trillion yuan of stones.” Tuanzi’s strength is not strong, but Ye Chen’s wealth is impressive. After handing in ten trillion yuan of stones, Tuanzi officially became a member of Forty-Eight Yuyu Town. It is not yet full. After all, it is not possible for anyone to gather 10 trillion yuan of stones. In addition, the chaotic battlefield is covered by the laws of chaos, and every move consumes energy very quickly, so there must be enough primeval stones to replenish itself. energy, otherwise the energy will quickly run out.



“Ye Chen, thank you for sending me all the way here, thank you.”



The dumpling felt jī.



“It’s alright, it’s just a little effort.” Ye Chen said: “By the way, what will you do after ten thousand years?”



A person in Yu Town can only stay for 10,000 years, and after 10,000 years, he still has to leave.



“Take one step at a time. In fact, the number of life in the universe will be reduced by more than half at that time, and the outside world is not as dangerous as it is now. As long as you are careful, there is still a great chance of survival.”



Tuanzi said seriously.



“That’s right.” Ye Chen nodded. It was indeed the most dangerous when he first came in. There were too many beings in the universe, and they were everywhere.



“See you later.”



Ye Chen bid farewell to Tuanzi and left Yu Town.



He couldn’t hide in Yu Town like Tuanzi. He had to find out the situation in the forty-eight domains first, and then see if he could find Xu Jing and Murong Qingcheng.



In the 150th year of the Forty-Eight Regions, countless golden lights shot up into the sky, and a large number of golden Chaos Talismans appeared.



All the cosmic beings in the Forty-Eight Regions went crazy, desperately competing for the golden Chaos Talisman.



Ye Chen is no exception.



Since the Forty-Eight Regions is so vast, Ye Chen can only watch even if he can see the golden light. This time, he grabbed two golden Chaos Symbols, the seventh Chaos Symbol and the thirty-third Chaos Symbol.





Fighting, fighting, everywhere.



A group of people passed by a python head peak. One of them glanced and saw a person sitting cross-legged on the python head peak.



“Look, there’s a man there, cut him off.”



They are a gang. They make a living by looting, and they get the golden Chaos Talisman to be divided equally. This time for you, next time for me, no one dares to be greedy. no



“You are courting death! I don’t know that the Mangtou Peak has been occupied by the Heaven Defying Supreme? It’s good that he doesn’t rob us.”



The other was startled and hurriedly stopped the other.



The person on the Mangtou Peak is Ye Chen. After several competitions for the Chaos Talisman, his fame has spread. Basically, no one dares to provoke him. Some quasi-demigods do not believe in evil and want to defeat Ye Chen. After obtaining his wealth, he was beheaded by Ye Chen with one sword. Since then, no one dared to approach the Mantou Peak again.



But Ye Chen felt that his strength was not strong enough, and he needed to go further.



After more than 500 years in the chaotic battlefield, his martial arts primordial spirit has already stabilized, and he intends to break through the martial arts primordial spirit to the peak level of silver. In this way, even if he encounters an intermediate demigod, he has the confidence to escape In other words, while others were busy fighting, he was busy cultivating, using the primordial energy of chaos to nourish the primordial spirit of martial arts.



Opening his eyes, Ye Chen secretly said: I am already quite famous in the Forty-Eight Regions, I hope Xu Jing and Murong can find out about me.



There is a reason for Ye Chen to be so public. It is really difficult to find two people on his own. Therefore, he intends to spread his fame.



In the first thousand years of the chaotic battlefield, a large number of golden chaotic talismans and even two blue chaotic talismans appeared again in the Forty-Eight Regions, which triggered a melee of several demigods, and one of the demigods completely fell. , The scene is shocking. Under normal circumstances, Heaven Defying Supreme would not dare to provoke a junior demigod. After all, Heaven Defying Sovereign can only compete with a junior demigod when it explodes completely. In terms of staying power, it is not a little bit worse than a junior demigod.



This time, Ye Chen was lucky. The three golden Chaos Talismans were not far apart, and they were obtained by Ye Chen one by one.



At present, Ye Chen has a total of seven golden Chaos Talismans, all of which are not repeated.





“Want me to hand over the golden Chaos Talisman, dream!”



On the island in the lake in the Forty-Eight Regions, a metal life glared at the tentacle life floating in the air.



The metal life on the island in the lake is the same as Ye Chen. He is also the Supreme Being. What he has learned is the law of gold, which can condense the armor of gold. Even the junior demigods cannot break the defense and fight the enemy At the same time, the golden spear can be condensed. Except for the primary demigods, no one can escape a shot.



“If you don’t pay, then give me death!”



The tentacle life is a primary demigod. With a flash of body shape, the tentacles on the body instantly grow and thicken, wrapping around the metal life like a python.



“Break me!”



The whole body shone with golden light, and the metal life condensed the golden armor to protect Immediately, the golden light flashed in his hand, and a golden spear appeared, which swept toward the tentacles.






The two are fighting hard, and the lake is choppy.



In the end, the metal life died tragically, and the tentacle life was also seriously injured. The Heaven-Defying Supreme erupted. It is very difficult for the junior demigod not to be injured. Life wasn’t even sure that he would have the last laugh, so he underestimated Heaven Defying Supreme.



At the same time, other demigods in the Forty-Eight Regions were also looking for other Heaven-Defying Supremes.



In addition to the demigods, the God-Defying Supreme received the most golden Chaos Talismans, and getting a Gold-colored Chaos Talisman from the Heaven-Defying Supreme could at least save many years of hard work.



A junior demigod also came to the Mangtou Peak where Ye Chen was located.



This is a junior demigod with a pig’s head. His fangs are very long, like two large scimitars. He is over three meters tall and covered with a blue-black carapace.



“Hand over the golden Chaos Talisman to spare you from dying.”



Pigtou Life shouted loudly.



Ye Chen had already woken up from his practice. He looked at the pig head life and frowned, “Although you are a junior demigod, you can’t help me.”



“I’m not ashamed, if I don’t pay, then die!”



The fangs were pulled out from the mouth, and the pig head killed Ye Chen. (To be continued) If you like this work, you are welcome to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation. )


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