Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1427: The Law of Thunder



In the middle of the sky, Ye Chen looked at the uninvited guest below. It was a blue and white giant whale with a size of more than 100 meters and a unicorn on its head. It was the unicorn that poked the big boat Hole, and then the head slammed the big ship into the sky, and the sky was broken into two pieces, but what Ye Chen cared about was not the physique of the giant whale, but the arc that permeated the giant whale.


If Ye Chen guessed correctly, this giant whale should be born with the law of thunder.


The law of comprehension is different from the power of the inherent law. The former has a wider application range and higher lethality, while the latter can only use the power of the law unconsciously and regard it as an instinct.


Nevertheless, giant whales born with the law of thunder are not so easy to mess with, let alone supreme, junior demigods have to shy away when they encounter them. Big, it is very troublesome to kill it. If one is not good, maybe it will be killed by the other party.


“Chaos Thunder Whale!”


On the half of the boat, Danzi saw the blue and white giant whale below, and his expression was frightened. The Chaos Thunder Whale was a sixth-level chaotic creature, which is an existence that can only be resisted by a junior demigod.


Half of the Chaos Thunder Whale was exposed above the sea, waiting for the ship to fall.


“Pick me up!”


Ye Chen took out the sword of the sky, pulled out the sword, and slashed down with a wave sword. In an instant, the boundless sea water and the torrential rain gathered together, turning into a waterfall-like wave, surging down like the water of a river pouring down , Immediately after, the waterfall turned into a blue sword glow, and it slashed down, with a huge momentum.


The Chaos Thunder Whale’s big eyes showed a dignified color, and it jumped vigorously and rushed out of the sea. The single-horned lightning flashes on his head. Head towards the blue sword glow.




Arc explosion. The water vapor filled the air, and the Chaos Thunder Whale flew back and fell into the sea.


The hull under Ye Chen’s feet was touched by the electric arc and water vapor, and it fell apart and burst in an instant. Fortunately, he was protected by the Xuanwu holy armor, and the remaining fluctuations of the law of water and the law of thunder could not hurt him.


Seeing that Tuanzi and the other half of the ship were about to fall into the sea, Ye Chen had no choice but to activate the law of water. Condensed into a water rope wrapped around the dumplings and pulled him over.


“The Law of Water?”


Duanzi felt that his head was about to be stunned, but Ye Chen actually realized the law of water, which is something that many advanced demigods can’t do.


I didn’t plan to fight with the Chaos Thunder Whale, Ye Chen and Tuanzi’s silhouettes instantly became transparent, turned into two water men and flew out, the speed was faster than the speed of sound, but silent, it was the water movement technique . The water movement technique allows Ye Chen to move freely on the chaotic battlefield, and flying is also one of them.




The water jumps and shakes. The Chaos Thunder Whale rushed out of the sea again, but unfortunately Ye Chen and Tuanzi had already run away, and they didn’t even see a figure.


Unwillingly slapped the sea water, the Chaos Thunder Whale gradually sank.




The raft fell into the water, and Ye Chen and Tuan fell on it.


“Ye Chen, you are really amazing.” Tuanzi admired Ye Chen immensely. If Ye Chen was a junior demigod, he would not admire him so much.


“Stop flattering, we’re going to find some islands and rebuild a big ship.”


Ye Chen shook his head and sighed. The only big ship was scrapped after sitting for a while. It was really bad luck. It seems that the next storm should be more careful. Chaos thunder whales are still very common in the chaotic sea.


Floating on the sea, unknowingly, more than 30 years have passed. In the past 30 years, nearly 200 rafts and 15 large ships have been destroyed, if not always encountered along the way. On some islands, Ye Chen and Tuanzi could only swim across the sea.


On this day, when the two passed a lifeless volcanic island, a beam of golden light shot up from the center of the volcanic island.




A look of surprise appeared on Ye Chen’s face. This small island is not very big. Logically speaking, the probability of the Chaos Talisman appearing is very low.


Duanzi said: “You are really lucky. Chaos symbols do not necessarily appear in the densely populated areas of the universe. Chaos symbols may also appear in some barren places. In the later chaotic battlefield, many people who do not have enough chaos symbols will explore everywhere, looking for The missing Chaos Talisman, if you are lucky, you can also collect the Chaos Talisman.”


“You stay here, I’ll come when I go!”


Into a water man, Ye Chen soared into the sky and swept toward the volcanic island.


Water movement has a great effect on Ye Chen. Without water movement, Ye Chen might have been eaten by the Chaos Thunder Whale long ago. Without water movement, Ye Chen could not come and go freely on the vast ocean.


In the blink of an eye, Ye Chen appeared in the center of the volcano island.


“Is it the blue Chaos symbol?”


A surprised look appeared on Ye Chen’s face again.


The Supreme only needs to collect ninety-nine golden chaos symbols in order, while the demigods need to collect nine blue chaos symbols in order in addition to the golden chaos symbols.


Although the number of blue chaotic talismans is far less than that of golden chaotic talismans, it is ten thousand times more rare than golden chaotic talismans. The place where blue chaotic talismans appear is bound to be accompanied by danger. Near this blue chaotic talisman, Ye Chen found a huge flame bird, which was a sixth-level chaotic creature – the chaotic flame bird.




As soon as Ye Chen appeared, the Chaos Flame Bird found Ye Chen, screamed, and the Chaos Flame Bird opened its mouth and spewed fireballs towards Ye Chen. These fireballs were extremely fast, like red Same as laser.




An extinct volcano was hit by a fireball, exploded and turned to ashes.




Ye Chen felt a thrill in his heart. This chaotic flame bird was more powerful than the chaotic thunder whale, and at least he knew how to use the law of fire.


The water movement technique was performed again, and Ye Chen turned into a water man and flew towards the sea.


As for the blue chaotic talisman, Ye Chen has no idea. First, he is not a demigod, so he doesn’t need to gather the blue chaotic talisman. Second, with the chaotic flame bird here, even a junior demigod can’t please him. Not to mention him.




Let Ye Chen’s unexpected scene The Chaos Flame Bird seems to be proficient in some fire techniques. The flaming flames cover its body, spread its wings, and quickly chase after Ye Chen.


Where does Ye Chen know that the level 6 chaotic creatures guarding the blue chaotic talisman are the top tier 6 chaotic creatures, invincible below level 7, and sometimes even level 7 chaotic creatures guard the blue chaotic talisman.


After chasing and fleeing, the two reached the vast sea.


Ye Chen’s speed is obviously faster. After all, Ye Chen’s water movement is very skilled, and it is not comparable to the half-baked fire movement of the Chaos Flame Bird. Gradually, the Chaos Flame Bird is thrown out very far, and the Chaos Flame The bird didn’t seem to be too far away from the blue Chaos Talisman, turned around quickly, and flew towards the volcanic island.


“Good risk!”


In the distance, Ye Chen exhaled a suffocating breath. This chaotic flame bird actually knew the fire technique, which was unimaginable to him.


In fact, only a small number of sixth-level chaotic creatures are born with the power of law, such as Chaos Thunder Whale, Chaos Flame Bird, and Chaos Powerful Whale, and even fewer know how to use the power of law. This Chaos Fire Crow Bird It’s an odd number, Ye Chen guessed, this should be the Chaos Flame Bird King! (To be continued..)


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