Deviant Immortal of Uncanny Dao Chapter 860: Select


In the house, there was the rustling sound of Yi Donglai slowly flipping the paper, which recorded everything that Li Huowang told him in detail just now.

After waiting for more than ten minutes, Yi Donglai raised his head, “So it is because of these that you feel that you are a season disaster, in charge of the bewildered way of heaven?'”

“Hmm.” Li Huowang, who was wearing a blue and white hospital gown, lowered his head and nodded with his arms crossed.

“Did you take your medicine today?”


“Confirm again, are you really willing to cooperate with my treatment now? In the spiritual field, the patient’s mentality will play a decisive role in the treatment.” Yi Donglai took out his mobile phone, clicked on the recording and put it aside.

“Of course, otherwise, why am I talking nonsense with you here? I’m sick and I need your treatment.”

“No, Li Huowang, you didn’t understand what I meant. This kind of willingness needs to come from your heart, and you must never escape it.”

“I, Li Huowang, will never escape!”

“Li Huowang, it’s too early to speak. I have seen many patients, even if they faintly know that it is a hallucination, they will pretend not to see it.”

“Compared with hallucinations after all, reality is too cruel, and their instinct drives them to hide in their hallucinations.”

“It’s like letting a supreme **** in charge of the order of the world forcefully admit that he is a worthless young man who is blind in one eye, has not graduated from high school, and has serious mental problems.”

Yi Donglai paused after saying this, and gave Li Huowang enough time to think about it.

“Don’t worry, that side is definitely not a comfort zone, and that side is definitely more cruel than reality.” Li Huowang remembered something, raised his right hand and bit the back of his right hand hard.

“Yi Donglai, I don’t care if I’m in command or not, and I don’t care if it’s a season disaster! Qing Wanglai doesn’t even care. He’s a person who has no feelings for crossing rivers and tearing down bridges. It would be great if they were all hallucinations!”

“Now everything is over, I want to go out, I want to live in peace and security!”

“If those things are true as you said, they are all illusions, then come on! Use any means! I will continue!”

Li Huowang said firmly: “If you have the ability to make me never see them again, I will believe your words!”

“Very well, now let me tell you which part of your previous experience was an illusion.” Yi Donglai put the paper full of words in front of Li Huowang. Use the pen in your hand to draw a line under the word.

“Here, see, you didn’t kill anyone, and you didn’t kill the so-called God Yuer.”

“No one shot you with a gun, you have no gunshot wounds, and your clothes are not bulletproof.”

“At that time, in the eyes of others, you were just crazy. They called the police, so our personnel knew where you were at that time, and sent someone to drive you back.”

“Impossible!” Li Huowang’s mind was filled with the shocking commanding battle, and with Yi Donglai’s guidance, that memory also became unstable. “Is it all fake? Is it fake from the beginning?”

“No, what you say is not proven, you need to show evidence, just listen to what you say, I can’t convince myself by force, it’s all an illusion.”

“I will look for the evidence. Since you are sincerely willing to let me treat you, then first try to look at the whole issue from the perspective that the whole thing is an illusion.”

Seeing Li Huowang nodding with a serious expression, Yi Donglai felt a little better, at least the other party was willing to cooperate with him.

“Come on, look at this article. You said that there were armored vehicles in the place where Qian Fu died. If you think about it, you will know how illogical this is. Now it is a society ruled by law and surveillance is everywhere. Is it possible for such a big guy to appear in China? So this article must be false.”

Li Huowang looked at the line drawn under that line, and said to Yi Dong, “Not necessarily, find a way to find out Qing Wanglai, to find out his real identity, if you say he is fake, then It must be impossible to find it.”

“Don’t tell me this, Li Huowang, I’m treating you now, not you treating me, understand?”

During the conversation, Yi Donglai’s cell phone rang suddenly. He picked up the cell phone to look at it, swiped his finger, and stuck it to his ear. “Hello? Warden?”

Yi Dong took a look at Li Huowang, and went out to answer the phone. Li Huowang only saw Yi Donglai outside, nodded his head a few times and said something, then hung up the phone and came back.

“Come here for the time being today, wait for me to sort out the treatment plan, and then start the treatment again, be careful not to indulge in hallucinations. You have to recognize the reality.”

“As long as the person I care about is not an illusion, I can definitely recognize the reality.” Li Huowang stood up.

But after he walked a few steps, he stopped again, “Yi Donglai, your medical skills are so good, so depression should be easy to cure?”

Yi Donglai pushed his glasses on the bridge of his nose and looked at Li Huowang with interest. “Your girlfriend? I took a few glances at her medical, easy to cure.”

“Really?” Li Huowang’s face was overjoyed immediately, his calculation was really right, depression is not a problem in front of him at all.

“Well, exogenous depression can be cured as long as you stay away from the triggers, so I can’t treat her unless I cure you first.”

Hearing this, Li Huowang remembered something, and his complexion became extremely bad.

“Li Huowang, at your age you think that sincerity is everything.” Yi Donglai’s tone was no longer so harsh, as if an elder was teaching the younger generation.

“But when you reach my age, you will understand that it doesn’t matter whether you are sincere or not, what matters is what your sincerity brings to the person you love.”

“Don’t always look at things from your own point of view, you can also try to understand from the point of view of others.”

“If your love will only make Yang Na more painful but you choose to continue loving, then your love is selfish, and what you love is only yourself.”

Seeing Li Huowang standing still, Yi Donglai reached out and patted his head, then turned and walked out.

“I know that although you are sick, you will make the right choice.”

Li Huowang just stood there for a while, his face trembled slightly, and finally returned to calm again.

With his shackles on, he continued to walk towards the door step by step, and finally returned to his empty ward peacefully.

He slowly shrank his body under the bed, bit the sheet in his mouth, and beat the wall frantically with his hands clenched into fists.

The pain in his hands will only make Li Huowang swing harder, until his hands are completely bloody, and then he stops.

Li Huowang retracted his trembling hands into his arms, and slowly curled himself up. The beautiful experiences of the two of them in the past flashed through his mind over and over again.


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