Deviant Immortal of Uncanny Dao Chapter 762: Weapon


In the unfinished unfinished basement, Li Huowang patiently discerned the fingers of these captives, trying to find the person who kidnapped him.

However, after looking around, Li Huowang was very surprised to find that there were no fingers. Everyone’s fingers were complete.

“How is this possible? It shouldn’t be.” Just as Li Huowang was thinking about this question with his brows furrowed, what Zhao Lei said just now reappeared in his mind.

Li Huowang shook his head, looked at the row of bound captives on the ground, and their not-so-frightened expressions, a trace of doubt flashed in their eyes.

Suddenly he thought of something, and quickly squatted down again to check the fingers of these people again. This time he didn’t look at them, but pressed each finger.

This time I finally made a new discovery. When Li Huowang felt that the touch of **** was not the normal skin touch, he glanced at the man, stretched out his hand and gently pulled the **** on his hand. Genyi finger was taken down.

“So it was you before.” Li Huowang looked at the strange guy in front of him.

Seeing that Li Huowang took his righteous finger away, the man said something to him with an indignant expression, but it was obvious that Li Huowang didn’t understand at all.

Li Huowang turned his head to look at Qing Wanglai in the distance, “What is this guy talking about? Translate for me.”

Qing Wanglai, who was talking to Zhao Lei, came over, and after listening for a few seconds, he said, “He is scolding you, do you still need me to translate?”

“Forget it.” Li Huowang kicked that guy’s abdomen hard, and said to Qingwang: “So many people are **** here, is it really okay? And so many people died before .”

“It’s okay, as I said before, I still have a lot of contacts, and besides, the identities of these people are not so fair.”

“Don’t worry, leave these things to me, don’t worry too much, but if there is a next time, you’d better not work so hard.”

“That’s a truck. It’s iron and you’re meat. You dare to go on it. If you don’t pay attention, you may not even get the whole body back.”

“I know, you don’t need to say that.” Hearing the other party’s choice, Li Huowang showed a hint of impatience on his face.

“Since everyone has been arrested, it’s not a problem to keep them locked up. We only need so many people. If they don’t cooperate, what are you going to do?”

“Then use them as bargaining chips and negotiate with those outside. It is best to ask clearly what their purpose is and how much they know about the other side of the projection.”

Li Huowang frowned and meditated for a while, facing these unknown people, he couldn’t think of any way for a while.

“You can call and ask about the thing on your foot. After so long, it should be removed.” Qing Wanglai asked Li Huowang with concern.

“I’ve asked about it a long time ago, and they said at least two years. Within two years, it is forbidden to approach any school.”

“Two years? It’s too long. It’s not in compliance. I’ll go find a lawyer friend for you.”

Li Huowang glanced at Qing Wanglai in surprise, “You are a graduate student with great energy, why do you know everyone?”

“Hehe, are you complimenting me?”

“Go ahead with the interrogation, I’ll go see how Qian Fu is doing. Fifth sister, give me the car keys.”

After receiving the key ring with the multifunctional saber, Li Huowang came out from the basement and walked towards the RV parked beside him.

Glancing at the luxury car from Qingwang, Li Huowang patted it with his hand, and opened the door of the car with the key.

As soon as he entered, Li Huowang saw Qian Fu who was **** in five flowers. He stretched his neck long, trying to use his mouth to pick up the dagger on the table beside him.

Li Huowang reached over to pick up the dagger, and threw it directly into the pile of weapons on the table beside him, which were all collected from the strongholds of those people before.

Seeing that his escape plan failed, Qian Fu suddenly became distraught. “What are you doing! I beg you! Let me go!”

Li Huowang went to the pile of weapons and began to pick and choose

Come on. “Qian Fu, be quiet, this is for your own good. They are obviously coming for us. If you want to run around alone, you will definitely be caught by them.”

Although they brought a litter, it is not known whether they will send another person. “

Qian Fu looked at Li Huowang with crazy eyes, he took a few deep breaths and said: “Qingwang came to tell you that? He lied! He is a big liar!”

Seeing Li Huowang picking up a crossbow and aiming at him with one eye closed, Qian Fu’s face turned pale immediately.

“Don’t look at his good-looking face, that’s all he pretended! I went to a hospital with him! He lied to the doctor every time, saying that his illness was cured, but every time he fell ill, he was rehabilitated. Lock it in!”

“Don’t trust him! Don’t trust him!”

Li Huowang put down the crossbow in his hand and looked at Qian Fu, “I don’t trust him, can’t I trust you? Just be honest.”

“We don’t want to tie you up either. After this trouble is over, you can go wherever you want. I don’t care if you go to the street to pick up garbage and eat.”

After finishing speaking Li Huowang didn’t bother to pay attention to Qian Fu, and concentrated on picking his own spoils.

Qingwang couldn’t get a gun when he came, but someone else brought it over. Li Huowang picked up the heavy weapon and played with it carefully.

Holding this thing in his hand, Li Huowang suddenly felt a lot more at ease, but he still couldn’t use the thing, even though he had it.

Although he said before that the medicine from Qingwang was not easy to use, Li Huowang knew in his heart that his “rule of law” played a very important role in taking them down this time.

Otherwise, relying on a few of them, it would be even more difficult to capture them without being injured.

Li Huowang played with it for a while, but found that he didn’t even know how to return the magazine, and he didn’t know how to open the insurance, so he put it down.

When Qingwang is free, I will teach myself to talk.

Li Huowang picked up a saber and looked at it. It was a dog-leg knife with a wide head and a narrow handle, but he put it down again soon.

This thing is more suitable for killing people, not for killing people. Unless the main artery is cut, it is easy to give the adrenaline surged enemies a chance to escape.

Li Huowang picked it up for a while, and picked out a pointed saber from it with satisfaction.

The whole knife is black, 30 cm long, with an I-shaped handle, and the blade is thin and sharp. The handle is wrapped with hemp rope so that it will not slip even if it is soaked in blood.

He picked it up, and stabbed straight at the table in front of him, the sharp edge of the knife easily pierced a hole.

He pulled out the knife, looked at the deep gap, Li Huowang nodded with satisfaction, and picked out another one to pin it behind his clothes.

It’s still easy to use, simple, portable and hidden, and you don’t need to learn it.

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