Deep Sea Embers Chapter 379: Confront the lunatic


Agatha walked on the deserted street, and the familiar city-state scenery in the past seemed to be filled with a quiet and strange atmosphere everywhere. Between the shadows of the surrounding buildings and behind the closed doors and windows, there seemed to be hidden secrets. Prying eyes.

She is looking for the exit of this “foreign land”, or the culprit who caused her to be trapped here.

Every place that seems inconsistent may be a gap interlaced with the real world, but so far she has not found such a gap in this weird “Frost City”.

The only thing she can be sure of is that she has already touched the shadow that has always shrouded the city-state—whether it was a mistake or a deliberate effort by the mastermind behind the scenes, she has successfully crossed that layer The “barrier” that keeps blocking his sight.

This specious place with Frost must be the source of frequent strange situations in the city-state during this period.

The sound of wheels rolling over the stone road came from a distance, and the faint sound of car bells and the sound of doors opening and closing floated into my ears.

Agatha looked up to the direction from which the sound came, but she could only see an empty street—but farther away, she could indeed see some shadows that looked like carriages and horses flashing from the intersection However, I saw figures that looked like pedestrians hurrying past those intersections.

There are “people” in this city, but most of the time, only some distant phantoms can be seen. The voices of residents can be heard here, but it is often impossible to accurately locate the source of the sound.

It’s like a bizarre, confusing and twisted dream.

The figure of Agatha crossed another intersection, and then stopped in the shadow of the building.

Blind exploration is just a waste of energy and time, she needs to carefully judge the surrounding situation.

She closed her eyes and allowed her perception to spread around, carefully screening all kinds of information in the environment – sounds, smells, wind direction, and… the temperature of living people.

A moment later, Agatha looked up in a certain direction and took steps towards that direction—she still had her eyes closed, but she avoided all the obstacles on the road as if she could see her surroundings clearly , She walked through the alleys, passed through intersections and paths, and walked for an unknown amount of time before stopping in front of a building on the corner of the street.

Agatha opened her eyes, and saw a small restaurant in front of her. The restaurant was brightly lit, and there were lively voices coming from inside.

The voice is very real, and there is a breath of a living person in it.

Agatha collected herself and stepped forward to push open the door of the restaurant.

The crisp bell rang, the door opened, and the scene inside the restaurant rushed towards her, and she was caught in Agatha’s eyes—at this moment, she was in a daze, and even suspected that she had escaped from that weird “foreign land” and returned to normal in the real world.

The lights in the restaurant are bright, and you can see diners and service staff busily shuttling between tables and counters everywhere. Crisp voices, as well as the voices of people talking about the weather, work and prices, the dead and cold atmosphere accumulated on the streets outside seemed to be swept away by this lively “earthly scenery”.

However, in the next second, Agatha discovered the obvious violation here-even though the diners were eating at the table, the glasses and plates in front of them were empty, even though the clerk was behind the counter He was busy, but he was just walking around in place, wiping the same cup in his hand repeatedly.

Everyone is like a puppet that has been programmed, just repeating the life actions that normal people should have, but…they imitate it vividly.

Agatha frowned. After discovering the truth, the atmosphere here became even weirder than the empty street outside, but she didn’t turn around and leave, instead she stepped into the store.

The weirder the place, the more it means that I have found the right direction.

As Agatha took the first step, the lively conversation in the restaurant suddenly stopped.

All the diners who were talking closed their mouths at the same time, but they still had the various expressions on their faces when they were chatting just now, and they still maintained the gesture of eating in their hands-in the huge space, after the sound of people disappeared, only The rest of the cup and plate collided with the knife and fork

The monotonous sound of clicking.

Agatha took the second step, and all the sounds of cups, plates, and knives and forks also disappeared—everyone in the restaurant stopped their movements, as if their energy was suddenly cut off, and they stood still in one place. At Zhang Fang’s table.

Agatha took the third step forward, and everyone in the restaurant put down their knives and forks. They stood up like zombies, turned their heads expressionlessly, and dozens of gazes fell on her blankly.

Agatha looked at the counter in front of her, and the clerk who had been wiping the same cup finally stopped, but unlike the “diners” around who were as hollow and stiff as zombies, this clerk slowly raised his head , with a faint smile on her face when she looked at Agatha.

That smile was even a little friendly.

“Hello, Miss Gatekeeper,” the clerk said. He was a young man with short blond hair and a pretty good appearance. He was wearing a white shirt and a black jacket. Entertain the guests who come to the door, “I’m glad you can come here as a guest, what do you think of this refreshing city?”

“It seems that you are the culprit of all this,” Agatha calmly stared at the blonde “clerk” in front of her, “it was easier to find you than I thought.

“Maybe it’s not as easy as you think,” the blond young man laughed, “Do you want something? Poisoned dirty water? Or bread made from dirt? Or…an empty bowl ?We have plenty here.”

Agatha didn’t intend to answer at all, she just raised her cane and waved it in the air.

The blond young man behind the counter was instantly wrapped in layers of pale flames that appeared out of thin air, and the skin was burned to ashes by the gatekeeper’s “cremation” ability almost within a few breaths, leaving only gray ashes The wind blows away and lands on the counter.

However, the expression on Agatha’s face did not change at all, because before the flame ignited, she sensed that the young man no longer had the breath of a living person in his body.

A strange viscous material wriggling sound came from the side. Agatha turned her head and saw a “diner” standing stiffly at a table not far away suddenly trembling all over. The next second, the person’s body It melted like wax, and the black muddy substance swelled and deformed on its body surface. Within a few breaths, the diner transformed into a blond young man in a white shirt and black jacket.

“What an unfriendly way of saying hello,” the blond young man flicked the dust off his clothes, and looked at Agatha helplessly, “Miss Gatekeeper, don’t you think this can solve me—— Do you think I will rashly expose my body to such a dangerous place?”

“I know you’re not here,” Agatha said deadpan, “but at least it will give you a break from the noise.”

“Well, well, it seems that you are not interested in chatting-you are a boring woman, by comparison

Now, that Professor Myerson’s performance at the last moment is much more interesting,” the blond young man shrugged, “but it doesn’t matter, as long as you can stay here honestly for a while, I don’t Mind if you’re a boring prisoner.”

The moment Agatha heard the words “Professor Myerson”, Agatha’s expression changed slightly. She thought of the disappearing Dagger Island, and thought of the island mentioned in the report, the moment before the disappearance of Dagger Island. A series of explosions occurred on the Internet—and then, she noticed the intelligence revealed in the last few words of the other party.

“What do you mean by the last few words?” She stared at the blond young man in front of her and said in a cold tone.

“It’s nothing, I just invite you to stay here for a while,” the blond young man laughed happily, “You don’t have to worry about the situation in ‘Upstairs, as soon as ___ soon, another one of you will return there, She will gather the guards just like you, and then compile a report based on the actual situation of the sewage treatment center. Go back to the cathedral to report on your work as usual, talk to that Bishop Ivan, and then she will visit the city-state, continue to deal with various problems faced by the city, and continue to carry out those investigations that you failed to complete… ·Everything will not be delayed.”

Agatha’s face finally turned completely

Staring at the blond young man in front of him: “You even made a ‘fake’ of the gatekeeper?!”

“Is this difficult?” The blond young man slowly suppressed the smile on his face, looked at Agatha sarcastically and said, “Of course, she doesn’t have your strength, but other than that, She’s flawless, even more perfect than any previous replica—do you know how perfect it is? She… doesn’t even know she’s a fake.”

Agatha’s complexion was as frosty, and the knuckles of her clenched cane were slightly pale: “Fakes can’t be fooled by the cathedral—there are countless pairs of alert eyes.”

“Countless pairs of sharp eyes—the eyes of mortals, you must have overestimated your colleagues,” the blond young man met Agatha’s cold gaze, and said unhurriedly, “and said Fakes Do you really think there is any difference between you and other people and the ‘fakes’ in your mouth?”

He laughed again, and slowly raised his hands, as if a preaching saint was revealing the truth of the world: “Miss Gatekeeper, there have been no fakes from the beginning, or… we It’s all fake, this is the truth.”

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