Deep Sea Embers Chapter 320: No. 22 process


Latest URL: The last corridor leading to the mechanical cabin is stuffy and dark, the disturbing mechanical vibrations and roars are endless as if they want to drill into people’s brains, the lights on the walls seem to meet The problem of unstable air flow was solved, and the flame in the lampshade flickered and flickered.

But all of these are nothing compared to the depression caused by the increasingly strong sense of disobedience and tension, and the dizziness caused by the gradual tearing of the mind.

Berazov controlled his steps and his expression.

The closer he got to the deepest part of the Haiyan, the more he kept his steps steady and his expression was as calm as usual.

There are crew members who stop and talk in the corridor. They wear weird leather…”coats”, the skin folds on their faces are stacked, and the sound sounds like a buzzing noise.

Berazov walked towards them, his mind told himself that these crew members were his soldiers, but he couldn’t recall their names.

“General?” A soldier came forward and looked at Belazov curiously, “What are your orders?”

“Just to check the situation in the mechanical cabin,” Belazov calmly responded to the strange soldier, “Stay at your post.”

The soldier stared at him, then bowed and backed away: “Yes, General.”

Belazov passed among these people, walking steadily as usual. He could feel that the eyes of these soldiers stayed on him for a while, but then turned away quickly.

But suddenly, the mechanic’s lips moved a few times.

This even brought about some terrible rumors-some people often said that they saw pale lights floating above the fence in the cemetery after nightfall, and this was the soul of the guard who had already been separated from the body, and some people said that this The terrible old man would lay himself in a coffin at midnight, stop breathing with the dead, and wake up at sunrise the next day.

He locked the door of the captain’s cabin, came to the safe next to the desk, and started to turn the combination lock dial. Amid the crisp and pleasant clicking sound, his fingers became paler due to the exertion.

He guards the cemetery, and he also guards the city outside the cemetery.

He looked up again, at these working steam engines, at these hissing piping systems.

Berazov raised his head and glanced at the mechanic.

The road leading to the cemetery is deep and quiet, with few passers-by, but even so, residents who live in nearby neighborhoods often pass this path.

These creepy rumors haunt the cemetery and the caretaker, but the eccentric caretaker never seems to care about it—in fact, he hardly deals with the nearby residents, except for going out occasionally to buy some Apart from the necessities of life, he lived most of the time in the caretaker’s hut in the cemetery, and the only people he dealt with on weekdays were the church’s corpse bearers.

The knock on the door was a little more urgent than before.

The old man raised his head, looked at the gate of the cemetery, and stopped suddenly.

“The pastor is untrustworthy…the situation is out of control…Procedure on the 22nd.”

Berazov frowned slightly, and read a few words from the mechanic’s lips. Today’s situation seems a bit special.

The gas escaping from the steam pipe is blood-colored, and the edges of the slow-rotating gears are blurred and distorted. It seems that something is parasitic in this huge machine, replacing the original sacred spirit with its kind soul. steam.

“General, are you inside? We have received orders from Frost…”

The machine was running very happily, even… so cheerfully that it was a bit fanatical.

The hiss from the steam pipes seemed to be mixed with murmurs.

They didn’t like the guard, but instinctively had a little fear, not only because of the eerie atmosphere of the cemetery itself, but also because of the old man’s withdrawn and indifferent character—even if he looked at the entire cemetery area, and Compared with these other more or less indifferent guards, the old guard of Cemetery No. 3 can also be called the most intimidating one among them.

Berazov reached out his hand towards the button, and almost at the same time, he heard a knock on the door: “General, are you in? We have received a call from Han

Shuang’s instructions need to be handled by you personally. “

It is the voice of the adjutant.

Suddenly, there was a hint of hesitation in Belazov’s heart, “Fucking heresy!”

At the same time, in Frost City, in the distance from Cemetery No. 3, an old guard in a dark coat with a slightly stooped back was slowly walking back from the city.

The latter just responded to his gaze indifferently.

The steam core is running at full power, an amazing surge of power is brewing in the spherical container, the complex piping system is hissing on the ceiling of the mechanical cabin, and the huge connecting rods and gears are slowly moving in the steel frame at the end of the cabin. running.

When they noticed the figure of the old guard, they would adjust their footsteps unconsciously, keeping a little distance from the stooped gloomy old man.

There is a line of small text next to the button: No. 22 procedure, use in extreme cases only.

It is his responsibility to keep the living away from the world of the dead. The former should not have excessive curiosity to avoid harm, and the latter can enjoy the peace after death so that they can go on the road with peace of mind.

What if I make a wrong judgment?

The machine is polluted, in a state of desecration—the thought floats into Belazov’s mind for a second, but then it blows away with the wind.

He turned and left the mechanical cabin, but did not go to any cabins. Instead, he continued to maintain a calm posture after leaving the bilge corridor, and returned to his captain’s cabin all the way.

“Let me take a look at… the situation of the steam core.” Belazov said, his eyes fell on the incense burner in the priest’s hand.

It’s like a restless soul, pushing those steel gears to rotate rapidly, pushing the ship to sail towards the cities of the civilized world at the limit speed.

What if there is really no problem on board, and the problem is only yourself? It was because he was severely polluted, which led to cognitive and memory deviations, and even hallucinated auditory and visual hallucinations along the way… If this is the case, then he is now going to bury a whole ship of people to bury his nervousness!

There must be intelligent humans among those soldiers—but Bellazov has no way to distinguish them, and he doesn’t have time to contact or identify the eighty humans on the ship except himself and the mechanic.

He has been in this position for so long that even he has acquired a “dead” temperament.

I just went to a distant street to buy some daily necessities. Now it is approaching dusk, and he has to return to his “position” before the shift time

Berazov’s body was shaking a bit, but he soon stabilized and walked towards the steam core.

“General,” a mechanic with oil on his body suddenly came from the side, reaching out to block the control lever, “Don’t touch these, machines are sometimes very fragile.”

Berazov’s eyes skipped over the grid where the files were stored, and landed on the red button at the bottom of the box.

Procedure on the 22nd?

Someone is injecting “impurity” into their thinking!

Earlier mechanical noises hit our faces.

Accompanied by the light sound of the lock being opened, the safe door opened.

The little meat ball swayed gently in the air, and a pale eye opened on it.

From time to time, soldiers stepped forward to greet him. Some of them gave him a vague impression, while others could not be called by name at all.

Berazov was taken aback for a moment, and then he saw the mechanic turned sideways, wriggling his lips slightly while fiddling with the joysticks.

A priest was shaking incense in front of the valve. He suddenly turned his head and looked at the general who was entering the mechanical cabin. The church emblem pinned to his chest seemed to be stained with oil, making the sacred symbols on it blurry. unclear.

The mechanic knows the “heart” of the ship better than anyone.

“The machine is haunted and cannot be shut down or destroyed.”

“General?” The pastor looked curiously, “Why did you come here suddenly? Here…”

Belazov woke up suddenly at the knock on the door, and he suddenly realized that those thoughts just now might not be in line with his personality

G… He is the one who will not suddenly hesitate at the last step of the action.

Are they really their own soldiers? Are they really the crew of the Haiyan? Are they this hidden thing? Or some kind of minion? Did they notice? Or vigilant? In the next second… will these soldiers who can’t remember their names rush towards him?

Berazov’s heart soon, he knew what he should do.

Berazov suppressed all his thoughts in his heart until he reached the entrance of the mechanical cabin and opened the unlocked gate.

But he still walked towards the console of the steam core—even though the huge “steel heart” seemed normal to him at the moment, he slowly stretched out his hand to the console.

Without any further hesitation, Belazov pressed the red button instantly.

After a very short delay, a terrifying explosion swept the entire ship—the mechanical clipper Haiyan was instantly shrouded in flashes and flames, and was torn apart in the terrifying destruction caused by the high explosives.

The wreckage of the Haiyan, burning with raging flames, floated on the sea surface for a while, and was gradually pushed to the northern sea area under the action of the current, and then its floating began to reach the limit——the scorching wreckage began to accelerate. Shen, as if being dragged by some invisible force, its sinking speed became faster and faster, and finally completely disappeared on the sea surface.


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