Death is the Beginning: Recommend a cool article to set foot on the peak


“Do you believe in fate, or destiny?”

A monster asked. The young man scratched his head and said helplessly, “Destiny…what is that?”

“It is that ‘thing’ that is so powerful that even the gods can’t escape and fell, and that is so far away that it has existed with all things since the beginning of this world. What are you doing?!”

“We don’t need to say more about this question, I will know after a Baidu…”


The young man touched the bag on his head, then put away his playful smile, looked at the ugly monster seriously and said, “I don’t know about fate…but I can at least get rid of part of my fate…when If I have the qualifications not to bow to others, I will let go of a part; when I can escape natural disasters, I am qualified to get rid of a part; if I have the ability to protect my beloved and save my friends, I will get rid of a part… So , as long as I step on the top, I can get rid of my fate? At least… get rid of that helpless fate and live a wonderful life.”

“Because I’m like those gods who want to be immortal and rule everything forever… I just want to live a wonderful life. I don’t need fate. I want to live freely and wonderfully, and at the same time, I can live every day I look forward to the infinite future every day…”

If it is the peak moment, I will definitely die…

A young man said confidently while looking at the sunset on the hillside where the setting sun was shining red.

Peak? Yes, let’s do it together.

Let’s… go to the top together!

I recommend Fat Panda’s book “Reaching the Peak”, which is a fantasy of other worlds. It has 2.7 million words and can be slaughtered. Friends who are interested can read it, ISBN 1159001~~~~~~~~ ~


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