Daily Life at Hogwarts: The trace has nothing to do with wands (must see)



【The trace has nothing to do with the wand】, has nothing to do with the wand, has nothing to do with the wand. Important things to say three times.


The relationship between the traces and the wand comes from the [fan setting]. Some HP fans are set like this, not the setting in the original book. This book does not apply this [fan setting]. If someone is poisonous because of [not applying the settings of other fans], then it can only be said that this book is not suitable for you. The tip of the tongue, the scholar, the legend, or the poisonous egg next door must have a suitable one for you. It’s suitable, then it’s best to ignore the HP fans for the time being.


Note: There are many fanatics who believe that if you change a wand, or if you don’t cast a spell in your place, you won’t be discovered.


Change a wand, not because there is a trace on the wand, but in order not to leave evidence, and you also need to make sure that the wand is not found by the Ministry of Magic. (This way, even if you are accused, you have an excuse to quibble, because there is no evidence to prove that you used a spell)




When the Waggadu (Africa) student was [accused] of violating the International Statute of Secrecy, they had a powerful excuse: “I just waved, I never meant to dislocate his jaw” (Many wizards will never be able to master wandless magic in their entire lives, let alone underage wizards. But that excuse can’t be used much, and don’t use magic where you live (muggle settlement).)


The best solution: stay in a place full of wizards. ([Diagonal Alley, Hogsmeade, or some wizard’s house], remember, it’s not just a random place.)


If underage wizards stay in places where adult wizards are everywhere, the Ministry of Magic will not be able to tell who is casting spells. At that time, you can only rely on family members to realize it. I believe that no one who hurts will go to magic. The Ministry charged you with violating the Reasonable Restraining of Underage Wizards Act.


Only when you are accused will you be in trouble. This is a legal loophole.


Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry’s second use of magic went unpunished because Fudge didn’t accuse Harry. (The punishment here may refer to expulsion.)


In Dumbledore’s exact words: You were very merciful at the time without making the accusation. “Order of the Phoenix”


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