Daily Life at Hogwarts Chapter 1170: The Terrible Albert



“You failed, Bella.”


Voldemort put down the newspaper and looked down at the woman beside him. He even forgot when he started reading these lying newspapers.


“Master, I’m sorry, please forgive me, I…”


“Enough, you really let me down. We lost four more Death Eaters because of your stupidity and arrogance.” Voldemort interrupted Bella’s defense indifferently, raising his wand at the idiot in front of him. woman.




Bellatrix fell to the ground writhing and screaming in pain, and the surrounding Death Eaters all cast indifferent glances at Bella, they had already had enough of this crazy woman,


“I don’t want this stupid thing to happen again.” Voldemort raised his wand and warned the Death Eaters present.


Actually, Voldemort didn’t expect Bella to be able to kill the wily Mudblood from the very beginning, but the stupidity and arrogance of this woman, who killed several Death Eaters, is the real reason for Voldemort’s anger.


In less than three months, the number of Death Eaters has been reduced by a quarter, how can this not make Voldemort angry, even the last wizarding war has not seen such serious losses.


This is almost a series of slaps to Voldemort at the same time, and a punch to his face in the face, and those who don’t know think that Voldemort’s nose is being flattened by someone.






“Is there anything you want to tell me?”


Voldemort stared sharply at the only escaped Death Eaters.


“The Mudblood has more ties to the Ministry of Magic than we thought, and he is using the power of the Ministry of Magic and the Order of the Phoenix to attack us.” Alecto bowed his head, “Maybe, we should get rid of him first. , and then deal with that mudblood.”


“Albert Anderson.”


Voldemort whispered the name of the Mudblood who had cost the Death Eaters so much.


“I’ve been wary enough of him, but that Mudblood has proven to us more than once that we’re far from being wary enough of him.”


“He possesses the power to foresee the future, and uses it very skillfully to strike us with the help of the Ministry of Magic and the Order of the Phoenix.”


“But, is it really possible? Scrimgeour is definitely not an idiot. How could he easily believe it.” .


Actually, as long as anyone who knows divination knows, that thing is often a joke. It is very difficult to predict the future, let alone predict the future accurately.


“The Mudblood is undoubtedly smart, and he always has a way of convincing Scrimgeour to believe him.” Alecto asked Snape in a positive tone, “He must have convinced the Order of the Phoenix too. The group of people!”


“Yes, the people of the Order of the Phoenix believe in his prophecy. It is said that there has been no mistake since he started prophesying to the present.” It may also have something to do with his relationship with Dumbledore.”


Perhaps aware of Voldemort’s gaze, Snape continued, “It is said that he is hiding in a house under the Faithful Charm, and only Dumbledore knows his exact location and wants to find and kill him. It was very difficult to kill him.”


“I remember that Mudblood was very close to the two Weasleys,” Alecto reminded. “They also opened a shop together.”


“Yes, it did happen, but because James Potter was betrayed by Peter Pettigrew, Albert Anderson learned a lesson and didn’t trust his friends, maybe worried about being betrayed by his friends. Betrayal, or other reasons. In short, the man was very cautious, and that’s why he provided Dumbledore with some of the prophecy information.” Snape said blankly, “Dumbledore also paid for the prophecy. .”


“What price?”


“He seems to think Dumbledore is dying and has his sights set on his legacy!”


Snape felt that Bella’s group would be so unlucky because the last time the Death Eaters tried to kill him at Albert’s wedding, he completely hated him, plus 10,000 Galen’s bounty, Bella was able to come back alive, which surprised Snape.




“It’s a book. This is the news I heard by chance. He was worried that this part of the knowledge would be lost after Dumbledore’s death, so he wanted to leave this part of the content.”


“It’s hard to believe he’s a Gryffindor and not a Ravenclaw?” a Death Eater couldn’t help sneering.


“We’re not talking about these things today, we have to get rid of this trouble, or something like this will happen a third, or even a fourth time.”


Voldemort’s face is also very ugly, because he thinks of the secret base that has been completely looted.


To this day, Voldemort still hasn’t caught the **** thief.


However, he’s almost certain that the guy who did it was definitely the damned Mudblood.


“I think we should ignore that Mudblood first, find a way to get rid of Scrimgeour first, support our people, and prevent the Ministry of Magic from becoming our enemy again.” Yaxley expressed his views on this matter. , arguing with the Ministry of Magic is undoubtedly a rather stupid thing.


“As originally planned, we should take control of the Ministry of Magic first, turn the employees of the Ministry of Magic into our helpers, and find ways to expand our power.”




Voldemort never imagined that the Ministry of Magic could become so troublesome, “I need you to speed up the infiltration of the Ministry of Magic, and I will take out Scrimgeour myself.”


“Until then, we cannot remain indifferent to the deaths of the Lestrange brothers and the other Death Eaters. Let everyone act on me and teach the Ministry an unforgettable lesson.”


“Severus, what’s the matter?”


After the meeting, Voldemort motioned for him to sit down and talk, looking at Snape who was left behind.


“About Draco Malfoy’s plan.” Snape twitched his lips and said before the Dark Lord. “His plan is not very good, and it is likely to be a surprise. If the situation is right, please Allow me to take this opportunity to get rid of Dumbledore.”


“Oh, looks like you’re sure.” Voldemort looked at Snape and said nonchalantly, “I don’t want you to make stupid mistakes like Bella and Lucius.”


Snape was Voldemort’s secret trump card for killing Dumbledore, and he wouldn’t allow any mistakes in it.


“It’s actually related to another thing I’m going to report to the master,” Snape explained while looking at Voldemort.


“Dumbledore was injured, very badly, and while I don’t know how he was injured, he obviously didn’t have a few years to live”


“I’ve heard rumors like that,” said Voldemort.


Dumbledore’s injury was noticed by the vast majority of Hogwarts students at the opening dinner.


“It’s true, I checked it for Dumbledore, and I’m probably still alive for five to eight years.” Snape expressed his judgment, “Although I can’t confirm whether Dumbledore has the strength or not. He’s worn out, but I think he should gradually become weaker.”


“Draco Malfoy’s plan was to find a bunch of people sneaking into Hogwarts and besieging Dumbledore.”


Voldemort frowned slightly, clearly not optimistic about the plan, or rather, he was not optimistic that Draco Malfoy would succeed in the first place.


“I don’t think Draco Malfoy’s plan is a threat to Dumbledore, but if the right opportunity arises, I will kill him by sneak attack from behind.” Snape stated his plan in full. He didn’t hide his intention to use other people as cannon fodder.


Of course, these so-called plans were not actually his idea, but Dumbledore’s idea. However, Snape probably didn’t know that this whole plan actually originated from Albert’s suggestion to Dumbledore that he should make some contributions before he died.


“Don’t let me down, you know the consequences of failure,” said Voldemort nonchalantly.


Unknown to Voldemort, however, an hour later, Snape was in the Headmaster’s office to report to Dumbledore on the evening’s events.


“You’re doing well, Severus,” Dumbledore said softly. “However, Draco’s side you need to pay special attention to, don’t let him carry out those unreliable plans, that’s what’s wrong with Hogg Dangerous for Watts students.”


“Dangerous, don’t you think it’s more dangerous to allow Death Eaters to break into Hogwarts?” Snape said grimly.


“So, it must be at night, when everyone is resting,” Dumbledore said calmly.


“I don’t think this matter can be hidden from that Anderson,” Snape suddenly thought of something, and suddenly looked up at Dumbledore: “Are you going to use this to deceive the Death Eaters who broke into the school? Do you want to catch up?”


“I heard that Voldemort recruited Greyback as well?” Dumbledore suddenly changed the subject, “And dear Bellatrix. Honestly, I’m a little surprised that she’s still alive. “


“That guy’s methods are terrifying.” Snape understood what Dumbledore meant.


“Werewolves are worthy of sympathy. No one wants to suffer from lycanthropy, but wanting to spread it is extremely outrageous, especially since Voldemort will definitely use werewolves to threaten ordinary people in the future.”


Dumbledore disliked Greyback, not only because of his fondness for attacking children, but also because of his commitment to making more people werewolves and spreading lycanthropy to others. So, when Albert proposed to do something meaningful before Dumbledore died, he did not refuse.


“Do you really believe him, or are you trying to use him, as you use me?” Snape narrowed his eyes slightly, “I think you’re playing with fire, Anderson is very smart, very smart, he He even used the Ministry of Magic and the Order of the Phoenix as pawns, and I remember he seemed to have won the International Wizarding Chess Championship.”


“Thank you for the reminder, but I agree with him more, it’s a win-win!”


Dumbledore is not really worried about Albert. He also watched the child grow up and graduate. The other person is indeed very brainy and smart, but from Albert’s attitude towards friends and family, and even his actions Style, Dumbledore could conclude that Albert was more harmless than he was when he was younger.


In some ways, Albert is better suited to be his successor than Harry.


“Win-win? He probably wouldn’t be happy if he knew it was you who asked me to convince the Dark Lord to turn against him,” Snape said grimly.


Part of why Voldemort was so afraid of Albert was the message Snape delivered.


Dumbledore wanted to pull Albert into the water and put him on the side of the Order of the Phoenix, and the effect was unquestionably good.


It’s not hard to see this from the Death Eaters who have died over the past few months.


“Albert actually knew it long ago.” Dumbledore said calmly, “He knows the danger of the mysterious man better than anyone else, otherwise he would have gone to settle in another country, you really think I can convince him ?”


“Didn’t that wedding attack completely **** him off?” Snape thought it was the wedding attack that **** Albert off.


“Certainly not, he stayed of his own will,” Dumbledore said softly, “and it’s no use even if You-Know-Who is hostile to him, because Voldemort couldn’t find him or his family at all, the Be cautious as you anticipate.”


“What’s more, he is a master of prophecy, able to peer into the past and predict the future.”


“Can prophecy really do this?”


“Yes, someone can do it to such an extent that he can predict what we do before we do it!” Dumbledore fell into short-lived memories: “It’s just that Albert’s gift of prophecy is stronger, He is quite possibly the most powerful Master of Prophecy of all time ~IndoMTL.com~ Incredible, maybe he will be a modern-day Merlin.”


“I thought you were the modern Merlin.” Snape pouted.


“You think too highly of me,” said Dumbledore modestly. “Anything else?”


“If he really is the most powerful prophet of all time, I think I might die too?” Snape said suddenly.


“What do you mean?” Dumbledore looked at Snape in surprise, wondering why he would say such a thing.


“Anderson left a prophecy for me and Draco.” Snape walked over to the Pensieve and extracted a memory from his own mind that had been buried deep in his memory.


Dumbledore raised his eyebrows slightly and came to the Pensieve, looking at the memory that was gradually clearing.


“In the future when something happens to my cat, I’ll think you did it.”


Abbot’s threat sounded from the Pensieve, and then Dumbledore saw the memory Snape wanted him to see, which was Albert’s prophecy to Malfoy.


“Something related to your name will bring you an unexpected journey; cursed blood will not bring eternal life, and you will be a witness, he is with you. Stay away from that Dark shadow, otherwise the conspiracy will start because of you, bring you death, or bring death to others.” When he pondered this prophecy in a low voice, Albert prophesied to Snape again.


“Be wary of black and white, stay away from that cursed course, or when your wish is fulfilled, death is not far away from you!”


“What a terrible prediction, I’ll find a chance to talk to Albert.”


Dumbledore knew what Snape meant, and there is no doubt that Albert’s prophecy has basically come true, whether it is Malfoy or Snape’s prediction may come true.




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