Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 1: My little girl


“Father… Father…”

Shen Mag heard a crisp and tender voice shouting, as if calling himself, his fingers moved, and suddenly he grabbed something soft, the desire to survive broke out instantly, he stood up suddenly, opened his eyes When he saw it, he was stunned.

Where is this?

Rescued or crossed?

Shen Mag still remembered that he was fishing for king crabs on his yacht just now. For this reason, he deliberately turned the chef of the Emperor Pavilion onto the boat. Unexpectedly, the crab was not caught. At the stern of the boat, he swayed directly into the sea, and in a daze, he heard the woman’s exclamation and diving sound, and finally everything was calm.

When I woke up again, I was in a European-style room, holding the hand of a silver-haired little loli who was about four or five years old.

However, before Magog Shen could speak, countless information suddenly flooded into his mind, and his perception of the outside world was instantly closed. This feeling was somewhat similar to the moment when he was suffocated at the end.

In his previous life, Shen Mag was a well-known rich second-generation, but he generally likes to call himself a gourmet, and has no interest in inheriting the family business. The evaluation of various gourmet restaurants, because of the sharp and poisonous commentary style, and the local tyrants who swept almost all Michelin restaurants, have gathered millions of fans in two or three years.

He felt that he was just writing his comments based on the facts. Although he usually emphasized his shortcomings and used a little exaggerated words, he still received thousands of messages every day accusing him of falling into the sea and drowning, and being a cook for the rest of his life. Still feeling a little uncomfortable.

Now that I think about it, I fell into the sea this time. Could it be that these people’s dreams have come true? God is too disrespectful, right?

Without waiting for him to think about it, his consciousness was already attracted by the information. He saw another ups and downs in the life of iron and blood. He was sure that he had crossed over, and had crossed over to a desolate knight who could no longer hold a heavy sword.

Some of those messages and emotions were slowly starting to merge with him and couldn’t refuse.

This is a fantasy continent with dragons, demons, orcs, elves, dwarves, humans… and many other races.

A hundred years ago, the various races in the Norland continent signed an armistice agreement, and the millennium-long racial war came to an end, and all races rested in their respective territories.

However, in the millennium war, the hatred between the various races cannot be broken just because of a paper agreement, and there are constant local conflicts between them, but they are generally tacitly maintained at the borders of each territory, and no large-scale ethnic wars have occurred.

And the man Shen Mag crossed was called Mag Alex. The Alex family was a family that had been glorious on the continent for hundreds of years, guarding the border of the human empire for hundreds of years. Let the orcs cross the border half a step.

But three hundred years ago, the Iron Fort was broken by the orc coalition forces that colluded with demons, and the family was almost wiped out. The glorious Alex family was destroyed, and only a few small branches survived. And when it came to Mag Alex, it was already a single pass.

However, Mag Alex has been outstanding since he enlisted in the army. His powerful force and military ability made him quickly appreciated by the commander, won numerous merits, and became the youngest griffin in just a few years. The knight, the hottest young man in the empire, is known as the successor of the commander of the empire, and can re-brighten the successor of the Alex family.

If he hadn’t encountered the dark night three years ago, McGonagall Alex was destined to be a man standing on the top of the continent.

And that night, elves, demons, and human magicians attacked him at the same time.

This is his child, the child born to him by the princess of the elf race. The contradiction between races cannot be run in. He was betrayed by his once most trusted companion and fell into the dust.

The broken hands and feet were barely healed under the treatment of an old friend, but he could no longer hold a sword. He changed his appearance and brought his child to the City of Chaos, where he regained his footing, and his father and daughter depended on each other for life.

The days were poor and miserable, and a wind chill made this poor knight regret and gave Shen Mag a chance to travel through.

The end of the hero made Shen Mag a little emotional, but he didn’t feel the knight’s obsession with revenge, and he was more worried about how his daughter would survive.

“Don’t worry, revenge is enough, but I will take good care of the child.” Shen Mag promised in his heart that all the information receded like a tide, and the last trace of obsession disappeared.

He is still Mag Shen, but has all the memories of Mag Alex, and some of his emotions.

“From now on, I’ll be called Mag.” Shen Mag said silently in his heart.

When he opened his eyes again, Mag’s eyes had become clear, and there were waves of weakness in his body.

“Father… What’s the matter with you?” Little Lolita’s hand was still in his palm, and her face was full of nervousness.

Mag’s gaze became a little gentle, the little Lolita kneeling beside the bed had long silver hair draped over her shoulders, her azure blue eyes were bright and moving, the half-covered little pointed ears and pink The tender skin was inherited from the elf princess, and she was wearing a half-old gray cotton and linen clothes, but the appearance of pink and jade carvings was still cute and cute, making people want to kiss.

This is Mag Alex’s daughter, Amy, now his daughter.

Mag was unmarried and had no children in his previous life, so he didn’t know how to get along with children, but after merging the memories of his predecessor, looking at Amy with a worried look on her face now, she felt like she was in Looking at his own child, the urge to get close made him a little flustered, but in his previous life, because his parents were busy with business and lacked affection, he was more looking forward to the feeling of being a father.

“I… I’m fine, Xiaomi, you don’t have to worry.” Xiaomi is Mag’s usual name for Amy. He awkwardly reached out and touched Amy’s hair, his voice a little hoarse.

The soft hair felt very comfortable, which made his heart tremble. This is his daughter! There is a feeling of blood connection, which is wonderful.

“ It’ll be fine, my father.” Amy rubbed Mag’s hand with her hair and narrowed her eyes slightly, like a cute kitten, pouting her mouth and acting like a spoiled child Said: “But my father, I’m hungry, you can make something delicious for Xiaomi.”

Mag felt that her heart was about to be sprouted. Even the stars in the sky wanted to be picked for her, but when it came to cooking, she suddenly felt a bit of a headache.

In the past life, he ate a lot of delicious food, but when it comes to cooking, he has never even touched a kitchen knife. Looking back on the memory of his predecessor, he can only cook a few dishes that are so rough that he is too lazy to start. I was thinking about going out to eat.

At this moment, however, a neutral voice suddenly sounded in his mind: The Master Chef cultivation system is activated!

McGonagall was startled, what the hell? God of Cooking system? How did this thing get into his head? Is it related to this crossing?

The neutral voice continued: Because the host in the past life willfully destroyed the reputation accumulated by the restaurant for several years or even hundreds of years, and accumulated the grievances of too many chefs, Tiandao launched the chef’s cultivation system, which will supervise the host to learn cooking skills in this world , grow into a generation of chefs. Since the host’s culinary talent is too low, the system will release tasks from time to time to urge the host to improve. Completion of tasks can be rewarded by the system, and failure of tasks will be punished by the system.

Listening to the voice in his head, Mag was stunned for a while before he could react, I rub it! what is this? He would travel into this world just because his evaluation of those restaurants in his previous life was too vicious? So he brought him into this world to be a new person, and he also specially got a chef training system to let him learn to cook?

I think of the message I received the most in my previous life: I wish you a chef in your next life!

A word suddenly flashed in McGonagall’s mind: Look up at the sky, who will the sky forgive…


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