Complete Martial Arts Attributes Chapter 2412: The role of mechanical ants! Mobile formation! Trapped Demon…


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The Star Machine King is still very confident in the strength of their true god-level existence of the mechanical race.

Although there are indeed shortcomings in expelling the power of darkness.

But this shortcoming is the shortcoming of almost all warriors, and he is not the only one.

Only light warriors have certain advantages in dispelling the power of darkness.

So, when he saw this true god-level being of the mechanical tribe using mechanical ants, he became jealous again.

The machine clan will never lose!

Venerable Tianyan, Venerable Tianlan Yuanhai and others looked at the sudden rise of the Star Tool King, and their eyes couldn’t help but look a little strange.

I looked nervous and worried just now.

Now there’s mystery again.

Are the people from the mechanical tribe a bit arrogant?

However, they are also very curious about the methods used by the true god-level being of the mechanical race.

The mechanical ant seems not simple.

“Mechanical Ant!”

On the other side, the Blood God clone on the Blood God altar also noticed the situation in the void, and his eyes shrank slightly.

It’s actually a mechanical ant.

He searched the chaotic star field before and found many mechanical ants, but now he actually saw them again.

Are those mechanical ants the means left behind by the true **** of the mechanical race?

“I don’t know what the specific function is?”

Although he got a hundred mechanical ants, he had no time to study them and didn’t know what their uses were.

The only thing that can be seen is that the level of those mechanical ants is not low, at least they are the existence of the fourth and fifth grade of the master level. When they are large in number, they must be very terrifying.

At this time, the true **** of the mechanical tribe used dozens of mechanical ants at once, and the number was really quite large.

And we still don’t know how many mechanical ants He has hidden?

What if there is a mechanical army?

It’s scary to think about it.

But he was also very curious.

The army of mechanical ants sounds very interesting. Regardless of identity, who doesn’t want to have an army of mechanical ants.

Anyway, he is not really a dark species. Naturally, the stronger the means of this bright universe, the better.

Ten thousand steps back, even if he can’t use it, can’t I still use it?

So, instead of worrying about the battle with Lord Candle Demon, it is better to pay attention to the mechanical ant.

The battle with Lord Candle Demon seems dangerous and tense. If you are not careful, you may be caught or even killed.

If it were any other dark species, they would probably be in a hurry.

But no one actually knows what the Blood God clone is thinking.

He really has nothing to worry about.

The worst possible outcome is death.

“You dare to be distracted when you fight with me.” Lord Candle Demon immediately noticed the gaze of the Blood God clone, and the anger in his heart emerged again.

So arrogant!

This vampire simply didn’t take him seriously.

At this point, the opponent actually still has the mind to pay attention to the battle elsewhere, as if he is not worried about the battle with him at all.

Isn’t he afraid of death?

Or does he have any other trump cards?

These thoughts flashed through the mind of Venerable Candle Demon, and he couldn’t help but snorted. He didn’t believe that this vampire of the vampire race could escape from his hands.


The terrifying power erupted from his Immortal Kingdom and suppressed it towards the Blood God Altar below.

Despite the support of the sixth-level immortal power, the Blood God clone gradually fell into a disadvantage in the face of the power of the Immortal Kingdom.

The **** light curtain of the Blood God Altar trembled again.

And the Immortal Divine Kingdom kept pressing down, getting closer and closer to the Blood God Altar, releasing an unparalleled sense of oppression.

The shadow cast by the Kingdom of God enveloped the entire Blood God Altar, making it impossible for it to break free.

Although the Blood God Altar is large, it is inferior to the Immortal Kingdom.

“He’s anxious!”

The Blood God clone frowned slightly.

This Lord Candle Demon is really annoying. If you keep disturbing him, why can’t you let him watch a battle properly?

“Time is running out. My immortal material cannot last for long, so I have to leave some for me.”

The Blood God sighed distractedly.

“My dear, when will you come out?”

At this moment, he actually missed Wang Teng himself. If he were here, why would he need to face the immortal master?

Just act with me.

Now, there is so much pressure.

Boom! boom! boom!

At the same time, the battle between the True God of the Mechanical Tribe and the Bone Demon God in the distance also took on new changes, with roars coming one after another.

I saw an astonishing scene in the void.

As the dozens of mechanical ants moved, streaks of light erupted from the mechanical ants.

Looking from a distance, they seemed to have turned into stars, emitting dazzling light, and even energy fluctuations swept out, as if they had turned into energy bodies.

But this is just the beginning.

The next moment, another stream of light spread out from the mechanical ant, intertwined in the void, and quickly connected together in a mysterious trajectory.


The Blood God clone’s eyes widened and he seemed to understand.


Those mechanical ants are actually forming a formation!

Outsiders may not be able to see it, but as a saint-level array mage, how could he not be able to see it.

He never expected this kind of effect.

But it seems to be reasonable.

Isn’t this a mobile formation?

At the exchange meeting at the deputy professional alliance headquarters, he once obtained a method of constructing a formation from the deputy professional genius Le Yan.

That formation disk is actually a mobile formation.

The so-called mobile formation actually means that the formation is engraved on certain specific things in advance, which can be carried with you. You only need to activate it to activate the formation.

It saves time on building formations.

Of course it is extremely convenient.

Now it seems that this mechanical ant is such a kind of existence.

“Interesting!” The Blood God was distracted and became even more interested.

And just when the Blood God clone guessed the role of the mechanical ant, a small to medium-sized formation suddenly appeared in the void.

Lights intertwined, and runes appeared in the void, complex and mysterious.

And located at the center of the formation is the Demon God of Bones.


The Bone Demon God’s eyes narrowed, and he finally realized something was wrong.

But it’s still too late.

The formation has taken shape, encircling him in the center. If he wants to break out, he still needs to ask the true god-level being of the mechanical tribe if he agrees.


The true god-level existence of the mechanical tribe naturally did not give him a chance to react, and immediately a calm voice came out of his mouth.


A buzzing sound came out of the formation instantly, running at high speed, energy gathered, and an invisible force spread rapidly in the formation.

“You want to trap me?”


The Demon God of Bones snorted coldly, and the dark power in his body exploded, trying to forcefully break through the formation.


I saw him condensing the huge skeleton shadow again.

Furthermore, combat soldiers were gathered in the hands of the skeleton, and they were about to bombard several mechanical ants located in different directions.

He wanted to distract the true **** of the mechanical race with this.

This formation composed of mechanical ants seems to be flexible, but in fact it has quite a few weaknesses.

Once a few mechanical ants are destroyed, the formation can be easily broken.

Wanting to trap a demon-god-level being is simply a fantasy.


An invisible force came in an instant, trapping his body, causing the phantom of his skull to freeze instantly, making him unable to even attack.

“What’s going on?” The Bone Demon God was shocked and angry.

“You have entered my formation and want to get out again. You are thinking too much.” The True God of the Mechanical Tribe said calmly.

This is an unparalleled confidence. Even if the opponent is a demon-level existence, he can still trap him.

“A lot of tone.”

The Bone Demon God roared angrily, bursting out with strength, trying to break free from the shackles of the invisible force.

Boom! boom! boom!

A roaring sound suddenly sounded in the void, and then there was a “bang bang bang” sound, as if something broke and opened.

“That’s all!”

The Demon God of Bones sneered, and the arm of the skeleton shadow that he condensed regained its ability to move, and a terrifying offensive instantly broke out.

Boom! boom! boom!

Either the light of the sword, the light of the sword, or the light of the ax… they are all carrying a strong sense of death and darkness, and they are blasted in several different directions.

But that invisible force appeared again, and several offensives were stagnated in mid-air, unable to make any progress.

The True God of the Mechanical Tribe waved his hand, and some special runes in the formation shone with strange light. Then the space fluctuated, and these offensives disappeared directly into it.

Boom! boom! boom!

The next moment, the sound of an explosion suddenly came from a void outside the formation.

“Space!” The Bone Demon God’s pupils shrank and he said in disbelief: “You are a space formation!”

“If you feel it carefully, this god’s formation is more than just space.” The True God of the Mechanical Tribe said calmly.


The Demon God of Bones was immediately choked.

In addition to the power of space, there are other powers, but he didn’t notice it immediately. Isn’t this a slap in the face?

What exactly is it?

He could feel that there was a very special power in this formation, like the power of space, but it was somewhat specious, and it seemed that other powers did exist.

He didn’t sense it carefully just now, he just felt that the power was quite difficult to control, and it was able to trap him.

Although he was somewhat freed, most of the power was still bound to his body, leaving him unable to move.

“It’s actually a formation that contains the power of space!”

The Blood God clone was also extremely surprised. He didn’t expect it to be a space formation, which was even more rare.

You must know that space formation is an extremely difficult type among many formations.

The true **** of the mechanical tribe actually engraved it into the body of the mechanical ant, which undoubtedly increased the difficulty several times.

From the perspective of the blood **** clone, this kind of mobile formation is much more difficult than engraving a small formation on the formation plate.

After all, the array plate still engraves the complete formation on a complete thing, and this mechanical ant truly separates the formation and then combines it when needed.

It is clear at a glance which is difficult and which is easy.

The formation is complicated and mysterious. If there is even a slight mistake, the entire formation will be scrapped.

What’s more, if it is split into so many “parts”, if one of the details of any of the “parts” is wrong, the formation will not be able to be assembled.

There are too many variables.

“But from what the true **** of the mechanical race said, it seems that it is not just the power of space.” The Blood God clone observed carefully.

It is a pity that the area he is in at this moment is completely shrouded by the Immortal Kingdom of the Candle Demon, and he cannot sense the power there at all.

He could only use the [Eye of True Sight] to spy on the structure of the mechanical ants so as to analyze the formation.


Venerable Candle Demon was really furious. He roared with anger and stared at the Blood God clone.


The Blood God clone subconsciously looked at him, and when he met his angry gaze, he couldn’t help but feel speechless.

As for what?

So angry!

After all, he is an immortal venerable. Can we calm down a little bit?

You fight yours, I watch mine, no one interferes with each other.

The Blood God clone felt that he was wronged. Wasn’t he just distracted to observe the structure of the formation? What happened to the Lord Candle Demon?


Because of Lord Candle Demon’s anger, the Immortal Kingdom’s suppression became even more intense.


Suddenly, a shattering sound suddenly came from above the blood-colored light curtain. It was so clear that it was difficult not to hear it.

The blood god’s clone shrank its eyes and saw a crack appear again on the blood-colored light curtain.

Although there was only one, his heart couldn’t help but sink.

Once cracks appear, collapse is quick.

Unless he has other power to repair this crack.

But is it possible?

The Blood God clone looked into the void, looking for a solution.

He felt that he should be coming out soon, so he planned to hold on for a while.


At this moment, he suddenly noticed something and his eyes suddenly lit up.

In the battle area between the true god-level existence of Guangming Universe and the Sayanluo Demon God, look for Shuyuan www. actually showed some… blood!

The blood of the true god!

In fact, the area was very chaotic, and the light caused by various force explosions continued to burst out, but the Blood God clone turned on the [Eye of True Seeing], so it could be seen just right.

So with this sweep, he noticed the blood floating in the void.


The Blood God clone did not hesitate, and the power in his body immediately exploded, using the Blood Kun method.


A strange roar sounded.

Above his head, blood-colored light gathered and quickly condensed into a huge blood Kun shadow.

A series of **** runes appeared on its surface, and turned into rune chains, intertwined and intertwined, which was very strange.

“What does he want to do?” Lord Candle Demon frowned, feeling something was wrong.


The huge Xue Kun phantom opened its mouth and roared into the void, and then an invisible suction force burst out from Xue Kun’s mouth.

Venerable Candle Demon’s expression changed. He actually felt that the blood in his body was stirring without any warning, and was about to leave his body.

“Is it the power of that huge blood beast?”

He looked at the phantom of the blood Kun, feeling truly shocked and angry.

At this point, does the vampire still have the means to block his offensive?

And just when he was confused and confused, the blood floating in the void in the distance was quietly sucked in, turned into a **** stream of light, rushed into the light curtain, and then submerged into Xue Kun’s mouth. among.

“Not good!” Lord Zhu Mo finally realized something was wrong, and his expression suddenly changed. ()

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