Complete Martial Arts Attributes Chapter 2369: Ancient mechanical runes! Special mechanical mechanism! Spirit…


After contacting Lord Xingyun and getting the information he wanted, Wang Teng left without stopping.

Venerable Xingyun was worried, but a glimmer of hope emerged.

Now we can only watch Wang Teng. This guy can create miracles. I hope it will be the same this time.


The battle between the true **** level and the demon **** level was beyond his imagination.

It seems that there is only one level difference between the Immortal Level Venerable and the True God Level, but in fact there is an invisible gap between them.

Then he fell into deep sleep again.

Now he must retain his soul power as much as possible to prepare for the subsequent development.

No matter whether Wang Teng can succeed or not, he must retain his soul power, otherwise if he is too infected by the dark power of the demon, the consequences will be disastrous.

It is even more difficult to purify later.

This is not comparable to the power of darkness left by ordinary dark species.

Maybe even Wang Teng will be helpless this time.

And if the worst happens, he may not even be able to turn back.

Fortunately, Wang Teng’s arrival still brought him a glimmer of hope, allowing him to persevere.


Wang Teng didn’t know what Lord Xingyun was thinking, but he also knew that time was running out.

After leaving the body of the giant skeletal tiger, he rushed non-stop to the hiding place of the soul liaison device.

He did not leave his soul power behind, because it had no meaning.

This trace of his soul power is too weak, and it will have no effect even if he stays.

The only function is to contact Lord Xingyun and then pass on the information.

As for when the time comes to go back and save Lord Xingyun, I guess we have to wait for his main soul body to get out of trouble.

But this requires waiting for an opportunity.

The best time to take action.

Now that the Bone Demon God still has the energy to pay attention to them, he cannot take it lightly or act rashly.

Only when He had no time to take care of them was the time for Wang Teng to take action.

He will definitely give the other party a big surprise by then.

Now, Wang Teng’s interest has also been attracted by the soul communicator.

Able to send special signals without being detected. I don’t know what it looks like?

Can he pick up the relevant attribute bubbles?

Curiosity has been aroused.

“There are really a lot of good things from the Machine Tribe.” Wang Teng sighed secretly while speeding through the soul world of Lord Xingyun.

Because this time we are walking out from the core area, the difficulty increases from difficult to easy.

In addition, Wang Teng has already walked through it once and has gained experience, so the speed is naturally much faster.

Not long after, he followed the instructions of Lord Xingyun and went straight to the place where the soul liaison device was hidden.

There was nothing special in front of me. It was just covered in golden mist and looked no different from other places.

But Wang Teng, who already knew the function of this place, naturally saw the difference instantly.

Under his [Eye of True Sight], there were many runes in the area in front of him.

These runes are very hidden, and they are all mechanical runes. They look no different from the runes of the Heart of Evolution itself.

For those who don’t know, they would probably just think that these are some special structures of the [Evolutionary Heart], and would not dare to touch them easily.

After all, we still have to control this body. Once there is a problem with the [Evolutionary Heart], it will be like a piece of cake.

I have to admit that the structure of [Evolutionary Heart] is indeed extremely complex. In addition to the core area, there are actually many secrets in it.

It is absolutely impossible for outsiders to figure out these secrets in a short time.

Especially those who know nothing about it, don’t want to pry into its secrets.

Therefore, I am afraid that even the Bone Demon God would not have expected this.

Wang Teng looked at the area shrouded in golden mist and thought to himself.

But this is fine, the more complicated it is, the better it is for him.

Now the situation is completely reversed.

He understands things that the Bone Demon God doesn’t understand. Isn’t this an advantage?

By performing some operations here, the chance of being discovered by the Bone Demon God will undoubtedly be greatly reduced.

Wang Teng smiled faintly, and with a flash of soul power, he galloped straight into the golden mist in front of him.

Vientiane, evolution!

This time, what evolved was the power aura of Lord Xingyun.

He is extremely familiar with the aura of Lord Xingyun. After all, he has picked up a lot of the soul’s original attributes belonging to him before.

What’s more, the two sides also worked together to perform the Shenkong Mountain.

That kind of cooperation can be described as intimate, enough for both parties to understand each other’s soul.

To be honest, although Wang Teng and Lord Xingyun had cooperated in the battle of Lanji Void Fortress, they were already quite trustworthy partners.

But without the oppression of the Bone Demon God, they would not easily carry out this kind of soul-level cooperation.

The soul is the most important thing in a living being, how can it be allowed to be easily accessed by outsiders.

However, the situation at that time was indeed too special. If we did not cooperate, there would be no hope of escape.

So both Lord Xingyun and Wang Teng chose to cooperate in the end.

In this way, there are some benefits. At least the level of trust between the two parties has increased a lot.

Otherwise, Lord Xingyun would not inform Wang Teng of this soul liaison device and even the information about the mechanical nest.

Although there are factors forced by the situation, if there is no such trust, Lord Xingyun would probably rather watch things happen than reveal this information.

At this moment, Wang Teng’s soul aura was completely transformed into the soul aura of Lord Xingyun, and entered the golden mist very smoothly.

He was still cautious, carefully passing through the mechanical runes to avoid causing any unnecessary noise.

Finally, he saw a rather special rune.

Yes, it is exactly the rune.

There is no special device, just a rune.

And this is the so-called soul liaison device.

If Wang Teng had not already known the relevant information, he would probably have missed this rune.

Because from the surface, there really is no clue.

At this moment, his eyes showed strange colors, and he looked at the runes in front of him, and his thoughts about [Mechanical Runes] flashed through his mind one by one.

As a result, he discovered something extremely embarrassing.

He can’t understand!

【True·cannot understand】jpg

It doesn’t look very complicated, and most of the runes are familiar to him, but he just can’t understand them.

There seems to be no connection at all.

It is a place where simple runes gather.

“This is…a bit interesting.” A light flashed in Wang Teng’s eyes, and his curiosity was completely aroused.

Facts have proven that the more simple and ordinary something looks, the more secrets it may hide.

He looked around and his eyes lit up again.

As expected, there are attribute bubbles.

Pick it up!

Without any hesitation, Wang Teng immediately picked up several attribute bubbles shrouded in mist.

He just came all the way and didn’t see any attribute bubbles. He thought there were no attribute bubbles to pick up here.

Now it seems that is not the case.

The runes outside are all very familiar to him, so there will be no attribute bubbles falling, which is normal.

But there is obviously something wrong with the runes in front of me, so how can it not drop attribute bubbles?

After picking up those attribute bubbles, Wang Teng discovered that there were still many attribute bubbles hidden in the mist, and immediately picked them all back up.

[Mechanical Runes*200]

[Mechanical Runes*250]

[Mechanical Rune*180]


[Ancient Mechanical Runes*150]

[Ancient Mechanical Runes*200]

[Ancient Mechanical Runes*120]


[Soul Mechanical Talisman Array*80]

[Soul Mechanical Talisman Array*50]

[Soul Mechanical Talisman Array*100]


“Ancient…mechanical runes?!”

Attribute bubbles poured into Wang Teng’s mind, making him stunned.

Mechanical runes are actually ancient?

This is a bit strange!

Originally, he was very strange about the existence of [Mechanical Runes]. Logically speaking, runes are a manifestation of the original law.

And he has not yet figured out whether there are mechanical original laws in the universe, so he does not know the origin of this [Mechanical Rune].

Now another [Ancient Mechanical Rune] has appeared.

Doesn’t this mean that the mechanical race also has an extremely ancient history?

And this kind of history is comparable to the history of all living things in the universe?

This point completely confused Wang Teng.

The existence of the mechanical race is too special.

According to the speculations of many people, the intelligent life forms of the mechanical race were originally created by humans. It was only after changes occurred that they gradually developed into the mechanical race.

But if there are [ancient mechanical runes], doesn’t it prove that in ancient times, the mechanical race has already appeared.

When was the Machine Tribe born?

How were they born?

Everything seemed to be shrouded in a layer of fog, making Wang Teng completely unable to see clearly.

It seems that I know something, but I also seem to know nothing, and there are more and more things I don’t know.

“I feel like I’m growing a brain.” Wang Teng’s main soul couldn’t help but touch his head.

Although he seems to know nothing, his understanding of the mechanical race is undoubtedly deeper.

At this moment, the realization about [Ancient Mechanical Runes] suddenly appeared in his mind, turning into strange runes filled with ancient meanings.

These runes are extremely mysterious. They seem simple, but they seem to contain many changes.

Wang Teng had seen some of these changes on [Mechanical Runes], and some of the rune characteristics overlapped.

Since Wang Teng’s [Mechanical Runes] attainment has reached Xiaocheng, his understanding of absorbing [Ancient Mechanical Runes] at this moment is even deeper and his understanding is more thorough.

But it’s more of a paradox.

Fortunately, Wang Teng absorbed more than this kind of ancient rune insights. He had already experienced it before, and he was accustomed to it, so he wouldn’t make a fuss.

After a while, the insights of [Ancient Mechanical Runes] were absorbed.

Wang Teng’s understanding of this rune became clearer, and the vague feeling of paradox dissipated.

“That’s it!”

He looked at the runes in front of him, his eyes flashing with light, as if there were runes looming in it, comparing them one by one with the runes in front of him.

At this moment, he finally understood what the runes in front of him were about.

The feeling of familiarity but not so familiar just now turns out to be from this.

The runes in front of me look like ordinary mechanical runes, but they are actually hidden [ancient mechanical runes].

[Ancient Mechanical Runes]: 470/1000 (entry);

Wang Teng glanced at the attribute panel and found that the attribute value of this [Ancient Mechanical Rune] reached 470 points, and he was just getting started.

On the other side, the insights of [Mechanical Runes] were also absorbed by him.

The insights I just absorbed are not only [Ancient Mechanical Runes], but also [Mechanical Runes].

[Mechanical Runes]: 9230/10000 (small success);

“This [Mechanical Rune] has not yet reached perfection.” Wang Teng was a little surprised.

If it is a rune with other attributes, after picking up the ancient rune, the general rune will directly reach the perfect level.

Because ancient runes have extremely high coverage of ordinary runes, ancient runes can often be picked up, indicating that the control of ordinary runes has been perfected.

However, Wang Teng’s situation is obviously a bit buggy.

He gained insights by picking up attributes, so he skipped the previous completion steps and went straight to the ancient runes.

This is like when trying to conquer a beautiful woman, directly skipping the previous steps and taking a shortcut to reach the soul. I just ask you if you feel good about it.

Of course it’s great, but the speed is too fast and it always feels like something is missing.

Wang Teng was muttering in his heart.

“It seems that this mechanical rune is really special. I have picked up so many attributes that even Dacheng cannot achieve it.”

He no longer thought about it, nor was he in a hurry to move the runes in front of him, but instead focused on another attribute.

Soul Mechanical Talisman Array!

He had already seen this attribute bubble just now, and his surprise was no less than when he saw the [Ancient Mechanical Rune].

It just needs to absorb the attributes of [Ancient Mechanical Rune], so I put it aside for the time being.

Now I can finally absorb it.

A large amount of insights poured into his mind along with the attribute bubbles, and then a strange picture emerged.

A series of strange runes were outlined, but they moved and arranged like a machine, and then turned into a strange formation.

Wang Teng has never seen such a formation.


This formation is indeed like a machine.

Although some people often compare a formation to a huge machine, the runes inside are just small parts.

However, compared with the formation in front of, other runes cannot be called machines.

The difference is too obvious.

And the talisman array in front of him gave him a too strong sense of déjà vu.

The arrangement of those runes reminded Wang Teng of the mechanical physiques he got from the mechanical beings. Their control over the Force was just like these runes.

It’s just that one is the Force mechanical army, and this is the rune mechanical army.

“Does the machine race run everything in a mechanical way?” Wang Teng felt a little weird in his heart. He wanted to complain but didn’t know how.

I feel very strange.

How can ordinary people guess the strange and unique operating mechanism of the mechanical race?

If Wang Teng hadn’t mastered the physique of their clan, he probably wouldn’t have been able to see through the mystery. (End of chapter)

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