Complete Martial Arts Attributes Chapter 2365: Paint a cake! It seems to have seen another self! You…


Wang Teng said this naturally to bring this [Tiger Demon Soul] to the same front and increase its sense of belonging.

You see, everyone has the same enemy and should share the same hatred.

Despite these words, this [Tiger Demon Soul] cannot escape his grasp.

But the results are still different.

This is to make [Tiger Demon Soul] completely on his side psychologically. In this way, both parties will naturally have a common goal and their power can be used in the same place.

Besides, this goal is still a relatively long-term goal, enough for him to fool [Tiger Demon Soul] for a long time.

As for the future?

When his strength increases, a mere [Tiger Demon Soul] will mean nothing.

If you still don’t know what’s interesting, just change it.

It would be too naive to really think of him as a good person.

Essentially speaking, there is no difference between him and the Bone Demon God.

Sure enough, when he heard Wang Teng’s words, [Tiger Demon Soul]’s eyes suddenly lit up, and he asked almost out of control: “Seriously?”

“Of course it is true, otherwise why do you think I appear here.” Wang Teng asked calmly.

“That’s right.” [Tiger Demon Soul] reacted, and an unprecedented light burst out in his eyes, which was a light of hope.

The hope of revenge.

It has been suppressed for so many years. It has not forgotten its hatred, but it has to bury it deep in its heart.

It thought it would never be possible to take revenge. Even now that it has been reborn in this way, it dare not imagine that it can take revenge.

After all, the gap between it and the Bone Demon God is really too big.

Not to mention now, even when it had demigod-level strength in the past, it couldn’t beat the opponent.

So the so-called revenge is actually sometimes just a self-comforting thought, and it is also a belief that allows it to survive.

Powerlessness is still powerlessness.

Unexpectedly, the new owner in front of him now actually told it that the other party also had a grudge against the Bone Demon God.

This is like pie in the sky.

I almost knocked it unconscious.

They have a common enemy, so it can use the power of this new owner to take revenge.

With the other party’s miraculous methods, he should have a certain degree of confidence in dealing with the Bone Demon God.

After all, being able to separate the soul from an artifact without letting the Demon God of Bones notice it is not something ordinary people can do.

At least it has never seen such a person.

This is incredible.

Back then, it was a demigod-level existence with profound knowledge and background, as well as a corresponding racial inheritance, but it had never seen such a person.

When you think about it, you will know how bizarre this is.

Such a method is indeed not something ordinary people can possess. It is no wonder that [Tiger Demon Soul] misjudged Wang Teng’s strength.

How would it feel if it knew that Wang Teng was only at the peak of Domain Lord level, but also a warrior of the bright universe?

“Master, do you need me to do anything?” [Tiger Demon Soul] quickly entered the role and asked extremely cooperatively.

A trace of amusement suddenly appeared at the corner of Wang Teng’s mouth.

The effect is very good.

This [Soul of the Tiger Demon] was immediately stimulated. Sure enough, painting a cake is the most basic way to be a boss.

Now he is almost the same as those black-hearted bosses.

“Do you know the secret method of forging?” So he asked immediately with a flash of his eyes.

“Uh… I don’t know about that.”

[Soul of the Tiger Demon] I didn’t expect Wang Teng to ask this question. I always felt that something was wrong. I was stunned for a moment and then explained helplessly:

“When I first refined the Evil God Tiger Seal, I didn’t see the process. I was only integrated into it at the end, so I didn’t know anything about it.”

Wang Teng was a little disappointed and sighed in his heart, but he did not dwell on the matter and asked instead: “Where can the body of the Evil God Tiger Seal be found?”

“No, what’s here now is actually just a fragment of my soul.” [Soul of the Tiger Demon] said.

“A split soul is not even a complete weapon soul.” Wang Teng’s eyes lit up, and he felt a little enlightened at the same time.

He finally understood why he felt something was wrong with the giant skeletal tiger outside from the beginning.

The aura is obviously very similar to that of the Bone Demon God, but there seems to be something missing.

It turns out that the giant skeletal tiger is a fragmented soul, not a real complete soul at all.

Let’s just say, how could the Demon God of Bones bring this artifact over casually? It’s simply impossible.

“Yes, the Bone Demon God itself is just a wisp of soul, so how can it be possible to bring the complete Evil God Tiger Demon Seal.” [Soul of the Tiger Demon] said.

“Why did the Bone Demon God place you here?” Wang Teng asked expectantly.

He is now almost certain that the soul body of Lord Xingyun is here, but whether it is true or not needs to be confirmed from the [Soul of the Tiger Demon].

“He asked me to suppress an immortal master of a bright universe here.” [Soul of the Tiger Demon] said.

“Sure enough!” Wang Teng suppressed the excitement in his heart and continued to ask: “Can the Bone Demon God be here?”

[Soul of the Tiger Demon] felt a little strange, and a doubtful light flashed in his eyes, but he still replied: “The Immortal Lord is a mechanical being in the bright universe, and he needs to exert all his strength to control that mechanical being. body.”

“Oh, control it with all your strength.” Wang Teng’s eyes flashed and he said with a smile: “It seems that it is quite difficult for him to control the body of this immortal master of the mechanical race.”

“This is natural.” [Tiger Demon Soul] nodded and said: “After all, he is an immortal venerable of the mechanical clan, and the Bone Demon God is not good at this. If he does not exert full control, he will not be able to fully control it. That mechanical body.”

“And He seems to be being chased by the strong men of the bright universe. If he is not careful, he may be overtaken.”

“Furthermore, the immortal-level venerable of the mechanical race is also restless. If he hadn’t trapped the opponent with his secret method, I wouldn’t have been able to trap the opponent with just this fragment of my soul.”

“But in this way, the power of his soul is also consumed more.”

Wang Teng did not expect to hear so much useful information from the [Tiger Demon Soul], and he was immediately overjoyed.

The situation was much better than he imagined.

The Bone Demon God is not here.

And the power of his soul has also been consumed a bit too much.

This all shows that the Demon God of Bone Guo is completely strong on the outside but weak on the inside. On his own, he is probably unable to escape from the trap set by the strong men of the bright universe.

No wonder He still wanted to cooperate with Demon God Sayanluo even after suffering such humiliation.


A sneer couldn’t help but come from Wang Teng’s mouth.

[Tiger Demon Soul] was shocked, the laughter sounded really penetrating, what on earth was this mysterious new master thinking? Why did he suddenly burst into such terrifying laughter?

“Don’t be afraid, your information is very useful, won’t it be very helpful for us to deal with the Bone Demon God?” Wang Teng’s tone suddenly became extremely gentle, and he said with a smile.

“You are right.” [Tiger Demon Soul] heard that he was going to deal with the Bone Demon God, his eyes suddenly brightened a little bit, and he immediately nodded in agreement, and then asked: “Then what are your plans? How about dealing with the Bone Demon God?”

“It’s very simple, doesn’t He want you to trap the immortal master of the mechanical race?”

Wang Teng’s voice was like a devil bewitching an innocent little girl, and he said slowly: “Then we will do the opposite and release the immortal master of the mechanical race.”

“This is a good idea.” [Tiger Demon Soul] hesitated a little and said, “But if this happens, he probably won’t let go of my main soul.”

It is still a little hesitant. If the main soul is destroyed, there is little hope of regaining its former strength by relying on its split soul alone.

If we can keep the main soul, there is still a little bit of hope.

The difference is huge.

Although [Tiger Demon Soul] has recognized its master, it is inevitable that it will still have its own ideas.

“You are overthinking. You are the soul of the Evil God Tiger Demon Seal. How could the Bone Demon God be willing to destroy you?” Wang Teng said.

“No, Master, you don’t understand the Bone Demon God. At his level, he is completely moody. He will never allow uncontrollable factors to exist.” [Tiger Demon Soul] said.

On this point, Wang Teng quite agrees with its statement. Previously, the Bone Demon God kept scanning the Bone Demon Prison, trying to find the problem, which is enough to explain some problems.

In this way, directly releasing the soul body of Lord Xingyun is very likely to affect the [Soul of the Tiger Demon].

For this [Tiger Demon Soul], Wang Teng now regarded it as his own private property, and naturally he did not want it to be destroyed, so he did not force it, but pondered.

“Then can you let me contact the immortal master of the mechanical race without being noticed by the Bone Demon God?” Wang Teng asked instead.

[Tiger Demon Soul] was even more surprised, what on earth did this master want to do?

For a while, I wanted it to release the immortal master of the bright universe mechanical clan, and for a while, I wanted to contact the other party.

This style does not look like a dark species at all.

However, when it saw that Wang Teng did not insist on letting him release the immortal master of the mechanical race, it felt relieved for no reason.

“If we just contact the immortal master of the mechanical race, we can do it.”

[Tiger Demon Soul] pondered for a moment and said: “But I must contact you. If you, the master, contact me, you will definitely be discovered by the Bone Demon God.”

“After all, I am the weapon soul of the Evil God Tiger Seal, and the Evil God Tiger Seal is the natal artifact of the Bone Demon God. He has very strong control over this artifact.”

“Any slight movement will be noticed by Him.”

“No.” Wang Teng shook his head and vetoed: “I must contact you personally.”

This matter is of great importance, how could it be borrowed from others under false pretenses.

What’s more, if [Tiger Demon Soul] is asked to deliver the message, you don’t need to think about it, Lord Xingyun will definitely not believe it.

Which normal warrior from the light universe would believe the words of a dark creature? Isn’t this nonsense?

“But this will lead to discovery.” [Tiger Demon Soul] didn’t know the twists and turns, and said helplessly.

It is now sure that the new owner in front of it must be hiding something from it, but it just can’t figure out the joints and is really very passive.

“Don’t worry, I have a way to hide from the Bone Demon God. You must be aware of this.” Wang Teng said calmly.

[Tiger Demon Soul] suddenly reacted. It had not noticed the arrival of this new master before, which was a bit disadvantageous.

I don’t know how he did it?

“Let me lend you a ray of soul power.” Wang Teng said again before it could speak.

“Borrow the power of the soul?” [Tiger Demon Soul] didn’t know what he was going to do, but he didn’t hesitate. He immediately said: “Master, just take it.”

Wang Teng did not see any movement, and a ray of soul power was extracted from the [Soul of the Tiger Demon].

The next moment, a strange scene appeared.

A soul power appeared out of thin air, with a strong sense of death and darkness, and even a feeling of overlord that was very similar to it.

[Tiger Demon Soul] suddenly showed a hint of shock in his eyes, looking at this scene with some disbelief.

It seemed to feel the aura of its own kind.

Could this new owner have some relationship with the Dark Demon Evil Winged Tiger clan?

[Tiger Demon Soul] couldn’t help but be confused, and even such a ridiculous idea came to its mind, but it quickly denied itself.

This is simply impossible.

If it were of the same race, the two sides would not be in this situation now.

And it felt that the aura of death and darkness seemed to be stronger and purer than it.

This new owner is certainly not simple.

The next moment, [Tiger Demon Soul] saw the soul power directly covering its soul power, like an invisible big hand falling from the void, holding its soul power.

[Tiger Demon Soul] is still connected to the power of his soul, so the feeling is very clear at this moment.

The feeling was indeed very strange, as if there was an extremely powerful dark existence in front of him, making him unable to resist.

And the meaning of death and darkness is even more intense and pure.

Feeling it at such a close distance, its soul couldn’t help but tremble.

This is obviously suppression at the life level.

At this moment, the situation in the void suddenly changed, and the power of the soul suddenly underwent extremely miraculous changes. It turned directly into a… Dark Demon Evil Winged Tiger! ! !


[Tiger Demon Soul] widened his eyes for a moment, looking at the scene in front of him as if he had seen a ghost.

It seems to have seen another self.

That thought just now popped up again. Could it be that this new owner is really a member of their Dark Demon Evil Winged Tiger clan?

“How is it?” Wang Teng asked in a calm voice.

“Lord, Master, who are you?” [Tiger Demon Soul] couldn’t help but ask with black question marks on his head.

“Me? You will know later.” Wang Teng did not answer directly and asked again: “You only need to tell me, can I hide it from the Demon God of Bones now?”

[Soul of the Tiger Demon] That ray of soul power kept spinning around the Dark Demon Evil Winged Tiger transformed by Wang Teng’s soul power, as if trying to find some flaw.

It’s a pity that both the appearance and the breath are exactly the same, and there is no difference at all.

In the end, it couldn’t help but jump out and cautiously approached the Dark Demon Evil Winged Tiger transformed by Wang Teng. Seeing that Wang Teng didn’t stop it, it became bold and even sniffed it with its nose.

After a while…

“ are not really our Dark Demon Evil Winged Tiger clan, are you?”

It subconsciously made a swallowing movement, but still couldn’t help but ask this question.

It’s incredible.

Looking closely, it discovered that the Dark Demon Evil Winged Tiger in front of it even looked exactly like it.

If you are a person of other races, you may not be able to tell the subtle differences. At most, you will think they are very similar.

But as the Dark Demon Evil Winged Tiger, if there really is a difference, how could it not notice it?

But the problem is, it really can’t even find the slightest difference now. This is really damned.

At this time, they are standing together. People who don’t know may think that they are brothers. (End of chapter)

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