Complete Martial Arts Attributes Chapter 2351: Lao Ji’s question! 1 true god! 3 immortals…


Messages will be delayed, but they will never be absent.

Especially such important news!

Wang Teng was actually kidnapped by a strong person from the dark race, and even an immortal-level venerable from the mechanical tribe was also kidnapped together.

This news is really shocking.

Wang Teng!

The Starfall Lord of the Mechanical Clan!

No matter which one they are, they are all extremely important figures, but now they have all fallen into the hands of the dark species.

If they hadn’t heard the news from the mechanical tribe in person, they wouldn’t even be able to believe it.

Even now, many people are still confused and unable to recover for a long time.

For a time, the powerful people from all sides were in an uproar.

Because of this incident, Commander-in-Chief Xing Ce once again summoned powerful men from all sides and held an emergency meeting.

This meeting actually happened after the Machine Tribe sent out a request for help.

At this moment, powerful men from all forces appeared in the conference hall of the coalition headquarters, either in real form or as a projection, no matter what, they all appeared.

But when these powerful men from various forces just appeared, they fell into silence and did not speak.

Because they don’t know what to say.

This news is really surprising.

In the end, Mr. Ji from Starry Sky Academy could not help but angrily said to the Star Machine King of the Mechanical Clan: “What on earth did your Mechanical Clan do? You can’t even save yourself.”

The unabashed questioning tone made the expressions of everyone present become a little subtle, and it also made the Star Tool King’s eyes change slightly.

He felt uncomfortable when something like this happened, but now that he was being questioned like this, he almost had an attack on the spot.

But after seeing that the person who spoke was Mr. Ji from Starry Sky Academy, he still took a deep breath in his heart and forced himself to calm down.

Can’t afford it!

I can only endure this tone.

Although the Machine Tribe is mysterious and very powerful, Starry Sky Academy is also not weak in strength, and there are countless strong people among them.

And the strength of Mr. Ji in front of him was much stronger than him.

Besides, their mechanical clan is being unreasonable in this matter.

If something like this happens, the machine race cannot escape the blame. There is no way to escape responsibility.

Instead of arguing about who is right and who is wrong, it is better to find ways to save talents as soon as possible.

“Mr. Ji, our machine tribe doesn’t want this to happen.”

“Even Lord Xingyun of our mechanical clan fell into the hands of the dark species. The loss is not small.” The Star Machine King said solemnly.

“What the Star Machine King said is true. Although the Machinery Clan has some responsibility for this matter, it was indeed an accident. Who would have thought that the strong man who appeared in Lanji Void Fortress was actually a demon god!”

General Manager Xing Ce also immediately came out to smooth things over, not wanting the two to continue arguing over this matter.


When the strong men present heard this, their expressions changed.

Although they had received the news before, it was not detailed. The mechanical tribe completely sealed the news, and the specific situation was naturally not spread.

As for the fact that there are so many people in Lanji Void Fortress, how do they block the news?

This is not a problem for the mechanical clan!

You must know that the entire void near Lanji Void Fortress is basically under the control of the mechanical tribe.

Before the war begins, they may still be concerned about the Tianlan territory and will not blatantly interfere in the void on the side of the Tianlan territory.

But now that the war has begun, all the forces have already become a mess. How can the Tianlan territory care about this?

So the mechanical tribe completely took over the star territory around Lanji Void Fortress, whether it was the mechanical territory side or the Tianlan territory side.

It means that from now on, no news can be spread out without the permission of the mechanical tribe.

Of course, some people with special means may have a way to spread the news.

But for such a big event, everyone must be tacitly aware of it and have some scruples. Even if they know the news, it will probably only spread among the top brass and will not reach the ears of the lower-level people at all.

Otherwise, it would be a slap in the face of the machine race.

It’s okay to know some things, but you can’t just talk about them.

Misfortune comes from words, not just words.

From the current point of view, the information blockade of the Machinery Clan is still extremely effective, at least the information known to the top management is not comprehensive.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t be so surprised when they suddenly heard the word Demon God, and they should have been prepared.

“A demon **** actually took action!”

“Really or fake?”

“How could a demon appear in Lanji Void Fortress?”

“But that’s not right. Since there is a demon-level existence, why not take action during the war? Instead, wait until the end of the war before taking action. Isn’t this putting the cart before the horse?”

“It makes sense, if there were demon-level beings, how could they sit back and watch their dark species lose in the battle at Lanji Void Fortress!”


The discussion suddenly rang out in the conference room, like a pot exploding, and all the powerful people could no longer remain calm.

The influence of a demon **** is so great that no one can ignore it, even if they are all immortal-level powerhouses, and many of them are immortal-level sages.

In front of a demon god, these people may not be enough to see him.


Commander Xing Ce had to interrupt everyone’s discussion and explained in a deep voice: “That is not the true body of the demon god, just a ray of soul.”

There was silence all around, and then everyone’s eyes showed a hint of surprise.

It’s not the real body coming, it’s just a ray of soul!

That makes sense.

“But how can the demon **** descend with a ray of soul? Even if it is just a ray of soul, there must be no way to easily cross the boundary and descend into our bright universe, right?”

Soon another strong man asked about his doubts.

“I have to ask the Star Tool King.” Commander Xing Ce didn’t know much about this and turned to look at the Star Tool King.

“It’s a long story, I’ll make it short…” The Star Tool King immediately told what happened that day in a brief way.

After hearing this, the strong men were shocked again.

“Those two demon-level dark species were able to quietly leave soul means in Lord Xingyun’s body?!”

Everyone found it unbelievable, some could not accept this fact, and their hearts were heavy.

If this is true, doesn’t it mean that they have to be more careful when facing the upper-level demon-level dark species in the future.

Otherwise, I don’t know when my soul was left behind by the other party.

It’s a bit scary to think about it.

When they thought about that situation, they even felt a little scared.

Although everyone present is an immortal-level powerhouse, they still dare not underestimate the dark species.

Especially the demon-level dark species, which are existences on the same level as them.

“It is precisely because of the soul means left by the two demon-level dark species that the demon god’s wisp of soul descended.”

“If you encounter a high-level demon-level dark species in the future, you may have to be wary of this method.” The Star Tool King said with a solemn voice.

The strong men present nodded, naturally they would not take it seriously.

The matter of Lord Xingyun is the best example.

Even the Immortal Masters of the Mechanical Tribe have been tricked. How can they fare better if they face the same situation?

So at this moment, the strong men present couldn’t help but sound the alarm in their hearts, secretly warning themselves that next time they encounter a demon-level dark species, they must be wary of the other party’s soul methods.

There are even some strong men who are ready to go back and specialize in soul methods.

For most warriors, soul means are their shortcomings.

Few people can achieve much in their souls.

Only those with extremely talented souls can achieve both soul and martial arts cultivation.

However, after reaching the immortal level, they can cultivate their own soul bodies and master some soul methods.

This is the advantage that high-level warriors have over low-level warriors.

Low-level warriors have no time to practice martial arts, so how can they cultivate their soul body at the same time.

But as the level of martial arts improves, the soul body will also grow stronger, and you can naturally start to cultivate the soul body.

It’s just that many people simply can’t get to this point.

From this point, we can also see the benefits of specializing in one. After all, not everyone is so talented and energetic.

I want to learn everything, but in the end I can’t learn anything well.

Even for the powerful people present, it will take a lot of time to practice soul skills, which will inevitably take up their martial arts training time.

Although the immortal-level powerhouses are said to be immortal, they have a long lifespan and are immortal.

But this is normal. If you encounter a strong enemy and have your immortal power wiped out, you will still die.

So for immortal-level experts, improving their martial arts strength and constantly pursuing higher levels are their main goals.

Although the soul cultivation method is also very useful, the income-output ratio is too low.

MMP blames those dark species for being too difficult to deal with.

A group of immortal beings were cursing and feeling very unhappy. How long had it been since they had experienced this feeling of being forced to practice a certain method?

It is really frustrating and helpless.

In the past, we had to worry about the dark contamination of the dark species, but now we have to worry about their soul methods. Does this allow people to live?

“You can all be aware of this matter. According to my guess, not all high-level demon-level dark species have mastered such soul methods.”

Seeing everyone’s silence, Commander-in-Chief Xing Ce couldn’t help but speak to lighten the atmosphere.

Everyone nodded slightly, they naturally thought of this.

After all, soul methods are not so easy to cultivate. Even if they are dark species, not everyone should be able to cultivate successfully.

With their immortal soul realm, ordinary soul methods will not leave them defenseless.

So what General Xing Ce said is indeed reasonable, and is not just a simple word of comfort.

“Now that you know what happened, you should still think about how to save people.”

“Whether it is Wang Teng or Lord Xingyun, they are very important to our bright universe and cannot be captured by the dark species.”

Commander Xing Ce immediately changed the topic and said seriously.

Wang Teng’s deeds have been widely publicized, creating a storm of public opinion. It is indeed great exciting news for warriors in the entire three major territories.

Many warriors today regard Wang Teng as an idol and a miracle.

With his presence, everyone seems to be able to see a glimmer of victory in this war, and the previous gloom and despair have almost been swept away.

This is the great role of a benchmark and a spiritual pillar.

Under such circumstances, what would happen if news came out that Wang Teng was captured by a strong man of darkness?

The spiritual pillar collapsed!

The previous haze and despair will sweep over again, and will be more intense and terrifying, enough to drown everyone.

This is not a joke, nor is it an exaggeration.

That’s the truth.

From despair to hope, and then to despair, this two-level reversal is enough to break people’s mentality and drive them into isolation.

From this aspect, Wang Teng is even more important than Lord Xingyun.

Therefore, it is absolutely impossible for the coalition forces to watch such a thing happen.

At this moment, when everyone heard this, their faces became serious, and they all returned to reality from their thoughts.

“The higher-ups should already know about this matter, but what are their plans?” Mr. Ji immediately frowned and asked.

Commander Xing Ce glanced at Mr. Ji, then glanced around again, nodded slightly and said:

“According to the above speculation, since the soul of the devil has appeared, it is very likely that a real devil-level existence will appear.”

“Although it is just a guess, we must prepare for the worst.”

“A real demon-level existence!” Everyone stared at Commander Xing Ce with their eyes wide open, and asked, “So, do we also need to dispatch a god-level existence?”

In order to save Wang Teng and Venerable Xingyun, a true god-level existence must be dispatched. This is somewhat magical.

They originally thought that at most they would send out a few immortal-level venerables to surround the opponent.

After all, the demon **** only used a ray of soul to control the mechanical body of Lord Xingyun, and it was not his true body.

And this can be regarded as mobilizing troops and mobilizing people.

Every Immortal Master is an extremely important strategic resource. Every time one is dispatched, it will be a huge pressure for the coalition forces.

Because these immortal-level lords have more important things to do, some are guarding one side, and some are secretly confronting the higher-level demon-level beings of the dark species.

In short, they don’t have to take action, but they must exist.

Presence is a shock!

Once it is dispatched, it will inevitably affect the whole body.

What’s more, several immortal masters were dispatched at once.

But now it seems that they have underestimated the seriousness of this matter. It is no longer enough to dispatch immortal-level lords, and they have actually reached the point of dispatching true god-level beings.

This is probably the highest level of dispatching of strong men since the beginning of the war.

Who would have thought it would be for such a thing?

Facing the questioning gazes of a group of immortal-level Commander-in-Chief Xing Ce nodded slowly and said: “True god-level beings will be dispatched, but they may not take action.”

“It depends on what the dark side is planning.”

After receiving this affirmative answer, everyone fell silent.

It seems that the decision has been made above, and now it is just a matter of informing them.

“In addition to true god-level beings, we also need to dispatch several immortal-level venerables.” Commander Xing Ce added.

“The Zhulong Territory and the Tianlan Territory have agreed to produce an Immortal-level Venerable each. Together with the Immortal-level Venerable from our Machinery Clan, there will be three in total.” The Star Mechanical King said suddenly.

“The Zhulong Territory and Tianlan Territory have already agreed, so happy!” The powerful people present were a little surprised.

(End of this chapter)

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