Complete Martial Arts Attributes Chapter 1775: Blood Tower Blacksmithing! crack! The goblet in the blood marrow jug…





Wang Teng’s eyes lit up, and both attributes were holy, just useful to him.


Before at the headquarters of the deputy professional alliance, the two sub-professional realms were promoted to the holy level, and they were promoted through Wang Teng’s own efforts.


Forge a holy artifact!


Refine a holy-level Second Tribulation Elixir!


This is all real experience, which is why he can be successfully promoted to the holy rank.


After reaching the holy level, only the holy level attributes can continue to improve him.


Therefore, although there are many forging rooms and alchemy rooms here, the ones that can really provide Wang Teng with attribute bubbles are extremely limited.


The holy level exists, after all, there are not many.


Now, as the attribute bubbles merged into Wang Teng’s mind, it immediately turned into a series of different insights, mysterious and miraculous, which made his forging and alchemy attainments immediately sublime.


These perceptions come from different blacksmiths and alchemists, and each of them has different perceptions, so the benefits they bring to Wang Teng are also different.


Although the perception is very complicated, it is only nourishment for Wang Teng.


For Wang Teng, this is undoubtedly a great thing. If the sentiments are the same, he will improve his ass.


As I walked along, attribute bubbles appeared in a few forging rooms and alchemy rooms, and the rest were empty.


Of course, it doesn’t mean that there is no one inside. In fact, there are still many master-level sub-professionals, but they are no longer able to provide Wang Teng with attribute bubbles.


Wang Teng was not disappointed either. He glanced at the attribute panel and was quite satisfied.


[Blacksmith]: 2500/30000 (Holy Grade);


[Alchemist]: 3200/30000 (Holy Grade);


The two attributes have been improved a lot, which made him have a deeper understanding of forging and alchemy, as if he had been promoted to the holy level for many years.


Although it seems that there are only two or three thousand attribute values ​​in the past, these attribute values ​​represent years of experience accumulated by a saint-level blacksmith or alchemist.


In terms of alchemy, Wang Teng can’t use it for the time being, but the improvement of forging one is just right.


At this moment, Wang Teng couldn’t help but feel more confident about the dismantling of the blood marrow pot.


The corners of his mouth twitched.


The Blood God clone is also synchronized.


The dark species of the blood race leading the way didn’t know what he was thinking, but the corner of its eyes kept glancing at the legendary blood child, and when he saw the other party suddenly showed a “gloomy” smile, he felt in his heart. Unexplainable shivered.




This smile was too sudden, and in the current environment, it seemed a little weird.


You shouldn’t have offended such a **** child, right?


Did you do something wrong just now?


All kinds of questions surfaced in the mind of this vampire dark species, causing it to sweat coldly on its forehead, and its heart couldn’t help but lift.


The main reason is that this blood child is too famous, otherwise it would not think so much at all.


The more nervous it is, the more cautious it is.


The blood **** clone is a little puzzled, what’s wrong with this blood race dark species, he doesn’t seem to do anything, right? Why are you so nervous?


“It’s here!”


After walking for a while, the surrounding stone chambers became less and less, and finally the blood race dark species who was leading the way suddenly stopped and said respectfully: “Xuezi, this is a relatively remote forging room, generally only Only a saint-level blacksmith can use it, but as a blood son, it can also be used, and there will be no one to disturb here, I wonder if the blood son is satisfied?”


The Blood God clone looked around, nodded, and said, “Just here.”


“Okay! Okay!” The vampire dark species heaved a sigh of relief, immediately took out a token, and opened the door of the forging room.


The Blood God clone glanced inside, and was even more satisfied. He could see at a glance that this forging room was indeed exclusively used by saint-level sub-professionals.


Whether it is the runes inscribed on the surrounding walls or some of the forging tools inside, they are all of a high level and can withstand the energy shock of the birth of the holy artifact.


This vampire dwarf didn’t get him.


“Does the blood son have other orders?” the blood race dark seed asked.


“It’s nothing, you go down first.” After the blood **** clone finished speaking, he stepped straight into the forging room, and the door closed with a bang.


The blood race dark seed wiped the sweat on his forehead, then turned around and left immediately, and when he was far away, his mouth couldn’t help gurgling: “This blood son is too scary, I don’t know why, Just standing in front of him gives people a faint sense of fear, is it my illusion? He is obviously only a low-ranking Demon Sovereign, what a hell, it seems that the rumors are true.”


It shook its head and walked away, not daring to stop at all.


The Blood God clone didn’t care about the dark race of the blood race at all. In his opinion, the other party was just a staff member here, and his strength was estimated to be average, so there was nothing worth paying attention to.


At this moment, after he entered the forging room, he swept his eyes and sat cross-legged. At the same time, his mental power swept out again to investigate the surrounding situation.


He discovered before that although there are not many forging rooms, there are still a few scattered places.


The more this is the case, the more unusual this place is.


And he can feel that the temperature here is significantly higher than the place he passed by before, obviously it is specially used for holy-level existences.


Of course, the stone chambers where he picked up the attribute bubbles were obviously also used by saint-level existences, and the temperature in those stone chambers was higher than other places.


It can be seen that the distribution of ground fires here is not uniform and very scattered.


Since entering this place, he has been observing the surrounding terrain and the distribution of the power of fire.


Similar to most places of forging and alchemy, they all use earth fire for forging and alchemy. After all, not everyone has the help of heaven and earth.


However, the ground fire here seems to be a little different, with a hint of dark power in it, which makes Wang Teng even more curious.


Dark flames, he only has one kind of dark flames, and he has never encountered other flames.


And the fire of darkness came from a Dark Seed when he was on Earthstar.


Now that I think about it, it’s a bit strange that the dark species is actually able to master the heaven and earth of the darkness.


And the opponent should be some kind of dark race with special fire talent.


So far, Wang Teng has not encountered a second dark species of the same race.


The more I think about it now, the more strange I feel.


Fortunately, the dark species named Chi Yan Demon Lord did not die, and was still trapped in the small universe by Wang Teng.


It’s just that Wang Teng has almost forgotten its existence for so long.


After all, the opponent only has the Demon King level. For him now, he is just a small character. He really can’t think of what it can do.


Fortunately, he didn’t remember it, otherwise he would have killed it.




In the small universe in Wang Teng’s body, located in the corner, a dark seed trapped in the flame prison suddenly sneezed and muttered: “Who is scolding this demon?”


“After so long, does anyone still remember this Demon Lord? It’s really touching.”


It suddenly had the urge to cry. After being trapped for so long, some people still remember it. Even if they scolded it, it regained its sense of existence.


At this time, it is already very weak, trapped in the prison constructed by the bright flame, and has no chance to struggle.


“Alas, when is this day going to end?”


The Demon Lord Chi Yan looked at the nothingness in front of him through the gap in the flame prison, and couldn’t help sighing, his eyes filled with despair.


“That guy seems to be getting stronger and stronger. This should be the small universe within his body, indicating that he is at least at the level of the human race.”


The complexion of Demon Sovereign Chi Yan was constantly changing, the weather was uncertain, and the young figure could not help but appear in his mind.


When it first saw the other party, it was the existence that the other party needed to look up to. If it wasn’t tortured by the “holy mountain” for a long time, it was very weak, and it could easily crush the boy to death.


But now that kid is much stronger than him.


The cosmic level of the human race is equivalent to the lower demon emperor level of the dark race.


That’s the Demon King class!


If it is not trapped, it is not difficult to advance to the Demon Emperor level with its talent, but who knows that the planet is so strange.


I thought it was just a very backward planet, but the actual situation far exceeded its expectations.


Whether it was the “Holy Mountain” who sealed it at the beginning, or the kid I met later, they were all extremely enchanting.


If it was in the past, it would never believe that such a monster could appear on such a backward planet.


But the truth is, it underestimated that planet and ended up where it is now.


It’s so sad!


“It seems that I have no hope of getting out of trouble unless he… dies!” Chi Yan Mojun’s eyes flashed coldly, like a dormant poisonous snake.




“As expected, there are attribute bubbles!”


At this moment, the mental power has feedback again, pulling back Wang Teng’s thoughts.


Holy Attribute Bubble!


It’s another holy-level attribute bubble!


He didn’t hesitate, and immediately picked up all the attribute bubbles he sensed.


[Forging (Holy Grade)*800]


[Forging (Holy Grade)*1000]


[Forging (Holy Grade)*1200]


【Blood Tower Forging Method*2500】




“The attribute value this time is actually more than before!” Wang Teng was slightly taken aback, a little surprised in his heart.


The forging attribute value I just picked up adds up to 3000, which directly exceeds the attribute value I just got.


[Blacksmith]: 5500/30000 (Holy level);


“Very good, now I have more confidence in dismantling the blood marrow pot.” Wang Teng’s eyes flickered, but soon another paragraph of different insights swept over him, which made him a little surprised: “Well ?”


Blood Tower Blacksmithing!



“This is actually a special forging method.”


Wang Teng did not expect to have such a harvest. The so-called forging method is not a general forging technique, but a method summed up by predecessors, which has become a brand new system.


This kind of forging method is a rare inheritance for blacksmiths, and it is absolutely impossible for ordinary blacksmiths to master it.


Because in general, only forging masters who have been immersed in forging for a long time, have a very deep understanding of forging, and have their own unique understanding of it, it is possible to make a systematic summary and create a set of their own. method to come.


This is called the forging method.


So this type of forging method is actually extremely rare, and it is impossible for ordinary blacksmiths to obtain it.


[Blood Tower Forging Method] (Holy Grade): 2500/5000 (Beginner);


“It’s still a holy-level forging method.” Wang Teng’s eyes lit up, and his heart was very happy.


This is really a pleasant surprise. He just wanted to pick up some ordinary Saint-level blacksmithing attributes, and he didn’t think about any blacksmithing methods at all.




It’s all luck!


Surely handsome people are lucky in everything they do.


“This blood tower forging method is very strange, and it is a unique forging method of the dark species.” Wang Teng felt the insights in his mind, and his heart became more and more strange.


The blacksmithing technique in the dark world is somewhat different from the forging technique in the light camp.


In some ways, forging in the dark world is more eccentric and has a feeling of being a different way.


And, they are more inclined towards the dark direction.


After all, the forging materials used by the Dark Seeds are all dark, and the inscribed runes are also dark runes.


In this regard, there are naturally many differences between the two.


“Okay, let’s start dismantling the blood marrow pot now!” Wang Teng took a deep breath. With this blood tower forging method, he was more confident, and immediately controlled the blood **** clone to take out the blood marrow pot and put it on the on the forging table.


This time he will use the Blood God clone to dismantle it.


In such a place where there are dark species everywhere, the main body can not appear as much as possible.




With the appearance of the blood marrow pot, he did not hesitate at all, and the other hand suddenly burst into dark fire, waved towards the front, and directly wrapped the blood marrow pot.


Severe high temperature burst out immediately, and under his control, it concentrated on the connection between the bottom and the body of the pot.


At the same time, his mental power also swept out suddenly, turning into one after another mental power carving knife, and dismantling it at the connection.


There are a lot of superfluous runes there, which are the backhands left by the forger at the beginning, and now Wang Teng wants to disassemble them.


The dismantling of runes can be said to be the most difficult. If there is a problem with any rune, a chain explosion will occur, so no mistakes can be made.


Wang Teng’s face was extremely serious, and he controlled his mental power. He untied the runes little by little. His movements were very gentle, like a flower thief who was undoing a beautiful woman’s clothes, for fear of waking her up.




A rune lit up, but it seemed to shrivel, then darkened again, and finally slowly dissipated.




Wang Teng let out a breath of turbid air, and a layer of cold sweat appeared on his forehead.


“It’s very dangerous, the first rune almost went wrong. The rune of the sacred artifact is too complicated, and the whole body is affected by a single stroke.”


He is more serious and begins to dismantle the second rune.


Time passes slowly in this disassembly…


Second rune!


The third rune!




One after another rune was dismantled by Wang Teng and disappeared at the connection between the bottom of the pot and the body of the pot.


I don’t know how long it took, when the last rune dissipated, the bottom of the pot and the body of the pot were automatically separated with a click.




A strange light flashed in Wang Teng’s eyes, and he made the Blood God clone stretch out his hand, wrap the bottom with flames, and take it into his hands.


“Why does this bottom look like a wine glass?”


The disassembled bottom is hollow, and now it looks like a wine glass.


However, he soon discovered a problem. The “wine glass” seemed to be thickened and covered with a thick layer of metal, so it looked a little bigger.


“There might be a wine glass in here!”


Wang Teng’s eyes flickered, and he secretly guessed in his heart.


This makes him even more curious.


He never imagined that this jug was actually a wine glass. What’s the use of this thing?


“Continue dismantling!”


Wang Teng continued to disassemble the runes on the base with curiosity.


The next work is more tedious. The rune at the bottom has a certain function of absorbing energy, so it is not a useless rune.


So these runes can be said to be a whole, many times more complex than the previous linking runes.


“This structure should be dismantled from the center rune first.” Wang Teng touched his chin, and after studying for a while, he finally found the node of the rune. Condensed on the fingers, it turned into an invisible knife, and instantly cut into a certain point on the base.




The base shook suddenly, and the runes on it all lit up.


Wang Teng’s eyes were like electricity, and he snorted lightly. The fire of darkness merged into the mental energy carving knife, and the high temperature erupted, instantly piercing the protective light of the rune.




A soft sound came out, as if something had shattered.


Then the invisible mental energy carving knife directly pierced a rune, and completed the dismantling before it could react.


As long as the reaction is fast enough, the rune will not have time to explode.


Wang Teng’s eyes flickered with purple-gold light. [True Sight Child] had been activated to the extreme. He shot very quickly, and he cracked every rune.


Like dominoes, dismantling from inside to outside, circle after circle, the light of the rune keeps on lighting up and going out, as if the blooming flowers are fading in the darkness, only for a moment. .


I don’t know how long it took, but the runes on the entire base were cracked by Wang Teng one by one, and none of them exploded.




When Wang Teng’s last knife fell, the rune on it had completely disappeared, and a soft sound was heard.






One after another cracking sound came out, and there were cracks on the surface of the base, spreading from the top to the bottom, all over the bottom of the pot.


“It’s done!”


Wang Teng’s eyes lit up, and the dark fire in his hand burst out, completely wrapping the bottom of the pot.


Without the protection of the rune power, the metal layer on the bottom surface of the pot began to soften under the high temperature of the dark fire.


Wang Teng is very careful, for fear that the high temperature outside will hurt the things inside, but his worry seems to be unnecessary.


Under the observation of [True Sight Child], the internal things seem to have no influence at all.


The softened metal layer on the outside gradually fell off, and the things inside finally slowly revealed their true colors.




But at this moment, a dazzling golden-red light suddenly erupted.




Wang Teng closed his eyes immediately, the light was so dazzling that it almost blinded him.


“What the **** is this, even the [Child of True Sight] that I’ve been promoted to the Immortal Rank can’t resist.”


He was shocked and felt a slight tingling in his eyes, and it was difficult to open his eyes for a while.


If it hadn’t been for him to upgrade the [Child of True Sight] to the Immortal Rank, that one blow just now would have been enough to seriously damage his eyes.


Even if he has the power of immortality, it will take a while to fully recover.


“Too dangerous!”


Wang Teng’s heart has more than one season, but before he can recover, his body suddenly seems to explode, the body of the blood **** automatically opens, the heart beats violently, and the blood flows like a big river.


“What’s the matter?”


Wang Teng’s complexion changed, and he immediately controlled the blood **** clone, trying his best to calm down the blood **** body.


Fortunately, his main body is in the swallowing space at this time, otherwise the main body will also be affected.


But no matter how he controlled it, the body of the blood **** was still restless, and an indescribable impulse erupted in his body.




The next moment, before he could react, a **** aura burst out of his body, condensing into a blood **** statue on top of his head.


But it’s not over yet. After the statue of the Blood God was condensed, it began to expand rapidly, expanding towards the outside world.




The whole ground is shaking, and the ground fire is surging, gushing out from every fire outlet, and what’s more, it erupts directly from the cracks in the ground, straight into the sky.


Boom! boom! Boom…


The sound of explosions suddenly came from the forging rooms and the alchemy rooms. It was obviously the eruption of the fire, which made some sub-professionals who were alchemy and forging to lose their efforts in an instant. Their pills, artifacts, etc., all exploded, turned into waste.


“What’s the matter?”


“What happened? Why did the fire break out suddenly?”


“Ah… the medicine of this seat!”




One after another, desperate voices came from the alchemy room and the forging room, and then one after another silhouette rushed out.


“What… what is this?!”


“The Statue of the Blood God!


! “


When they saw the expanding blood shadow in the sky, they couldn’t care less about their anger, and they all lost their voices, as if they had seen something incredible.


“Shadow of the Blood God! How can there be a shadow of the Blood God here?”


At the same time, the blood race dark species in charge of this place also flew out from the ground. When he saw the blood shadow in the sky, his eyes widened. It quickly seemed to think of something, and immediately looked down. go.


“Wait, isn’t it?”


The gaze of this blood race dark species instantly fell somewhere, and that direction was the forging room he assigned to the blood son!


“Blood Parker, what the **** is going on? Do you know something?”


A vampire dark species next to him seemed to have heard its words and asked sharply.


“This, this…” Blood Parker suddenly broke out in cold sweat on his forehead. He wanted to give himself a ** pocket, why did he say it? It’s alright now. It’s because I didn’t provoke them. Looking at their appearance at the moment, I knew that I was in a bad mood, but I even hit the muzzle of the gun.


“Blood Parker, you are in charge of this place. Now that something happened, you must give us an explanation.” The other blood race dark species said coldly.


“I…” Xue Parker wanted to cry but had no tears. He was just a small character. He usually made money, so what was his responsibility? He couldn’t afford this responsibility.


“What the **** is going on? If you know, just say it directly. If it’s not your fault, we will naturally not embarrass you.” The other blood race dark species came out and sang a red face, Dan Dan said.


They know the blood parker well, that’s the slick, and if you don’t put some pressure on it, it won’t tell the truth.


“Okay, okay, I’ll tell you, but I’m just guessing.” Blood Parker finally couldn’t stand the pressure and whispered: “Don’t you think this Shadow of the Blood God looks familiar?”




Everyone was stunned for a moment and then reacted:




! “


A name suddenly appeared in their minds. After all, they had just seen the image of the blood god, how could they forget it.


“It’s inside at the moment, and it doesn’t seem to come out yet.” Blood Parker said through voice transmission: “That I didn’t say anything, don’t say I said it.”


Everyone ignored it at all, secretly shocked in their hearts.




Is it really the movement of the **** child?


At this moment, the shadow of the blood **** is still expanding, reaching a size of several hundred meters, as if it had grown from the ground.


And half of its body is under the ground, and half of its body is constantly rising towards the sky, like a giant that is holding the sky, which is breathtaking.


It stands to reason that with such a large body, it should be difficult to see where it erupted from, but for some reason, Blood Parker is more and more sure that the source is the forging room where the blood son is.


At the same time, in the forging room, Wang Teng finally saw what was in front of him.


Wine glasses!


This is indeed a wine glass!


The whole body of the wine glass is blood-gold, emitting a dazzling blood-gold light, and it is covered with mysterious and strange blood-red patterns, like a living thing, twisting and squirming, as if to get out of the wine glass spread out.




An ancient, vast, bloody, but also with a hint of noble atmosphere permeated from the wine glass.


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