Cannon Fodder Battle Chapter 1: First Encounter System


Tong Xinlan was floating in the air, looking helplessly at her shattered body after being run over by a truck.

Thinking of her mother who raised her alone, but now she was paralyzed in bed, Tong Xinlan’s eyes were sour. She died, what would her mother do?

She didn’t want to die.

Just when Tong Xinlan was about to try to get back into the corpse, a cold mechanical voice that could not tell the difference between male and female came from her ear.

“Do you want to continue living?”

Even though the question was humanized with a questioning sentence, Tong Xinlan didn’t hear any emotion or color in the voice, but she understood the meaning of the sentence.

“Can I continue to live?” Tong Xinlan pointed to her unsightly corpse in disbelief and asked in doubt.

“You only need to answer, think, or don’t want to, give you 10 seconds to think.”

The mechanical voice did not answer Tong Xinlan’s question, and gave Tong Xinlan a not-so-long final thinking time.

It still looks humane, but in fact it is, but it is not an egg.

10 seconds are fleeting.

Death is terrible.

After she died, she would not be able to take care of her paralyzed mother.

Keep living, of course.

But what will she give?

In 10 seconds, the mechanical voice made it clear that it didn’t give her time to think about any possibility.

After all, the more you think, the more likely you are to regret it.

The voice appeared strangely, and Tong Xinlan didn’t see the figure who said it, but if she wanted to survive, she could only seize this opportunity.

“I want to live!”

After Tong Xinlan finished speaking, she was no longer beside the road where she was crushed to death in the industrial park illuminated by street lights, but a snow-white space. Tong Xinlan found that she was still in a translucent soul state, and had never returned to My own body was about to ask a question, but the mechanical voice had already spoken on its own.

“Please look at the panel.”

In front of Tong Xinlan’s eyes, something like a glass plate covered with blue luminous characters appeared, which was very sci-fi.

“Ding~! System number 0561 is bound to the host’s soul, loading host information:

Name: Tong Xinlan

Gender: Female

Race: Earth Human

Age: 22

Intelligence: 46

Appearance: 48

Physical Strength: 50

Force: 10

Skill: Elementary Cooking

Speciality: None

Charisma: 8.

Above, in summary, the values ​​of the host’s attributes are too low. Looking forward to the growth of the host, you can call me 0561. “

She still seemed to be respected, and she was honored by this thing called the system, but Tong Xinlan didn’t feel that this thing respected her at all.

Just like what the boss said during the meeting that everyone should treat each other as equals in the company, don’t be restrained in front of him, raise any opinions on the company, and don’t be afraid of his public revenge, they can’t be taken seriously.

Those who are serious have already been fired by the boss for reasons, and they don’t even want to get the three-month dismissal compensation stipulated in the labor law.

For some reason, Tong Xinlan felt that this system was as authoritarian and ruthless as her boss, so she didn’t dare to make excessive demands on this system, or really regarded herself as its master.

However, she has to ask for what she deserves.

Gathering up her courage, Tong Xinlan asked: “0561, hello, didn’t you say that if I want to live, I can live? But why didn’t I return to my body?”

“Your physical body has been severely damaged. Even if it is repaired, it will not be able to bear the soul after you are bound to the system. As long as you complete the tasks I issued in the future, you will be able to get reward points. You can exchange points for A physical body.” The system replied patiently this time.

As an accountant, administrator, and handyman who was squeezed out by the company, Tong Xinlan has average intelligence, but she also understands the huge amount of information in the word system.

It seems that the system has something for her. Otherwise, why would the system that looks very powerful bind her and let her do tasks?

It’s so powerful, you can do it yourself.

However, the system can choose her, maybe, it can also abandon her, and then choose other people to bind.

Before she has confirmed her uniqueness, she can’t offend the system. After working as a part-time administrator for a long time, it is inevitable that the thinking problem will be much more complicated.

“So, what do you need me to do for you?”

Tong Xinlan knew that the task must be the main purpose of the system looking for her.

“I choose the host because I need him to go to various task worlds to perform tasks and help the task target fulfill their wishes. After completing the task, the host can get rewards and points. Rewards are randomly obtained, and the points obtained can be exchanged for commodities in the mall. The mission failed, obliterating the soul and body of the host.”

Does it mean that both the soul and the regained body will disappear?

No, it must not be obliterated.

Tong Xinlan, who often transcribes manuscripts, can hear that the words of the system are not aimed at her as a tasker. This sentence should have been said to many people, because this sentence is too template, it can be said to anyone, and it is not The dialogue object “you” is not added.

“Then, when can I go back… outside? My mother can’t be left alone. I’m afraid that the police will tell my mother that I’m dead. I’m afraid she won’t be able to bear it. I’m afraid those people will throw her out. The hospital…” Tong Xinlan’s heart was twisted, and she felt extremely uncomfortable.

If her mother died, she would have no motivation to live, the only warmth in the world.

“Don’t worry, the host, when you enter the system space and start binding with this system, the time outside has stopped, you see.”

The white wall in front of Tong Xinlan’s eyes gradually became transparent, and she saw the vehicle that caused the accident again. The driver who caused the accident was still panicking and calling the police, his frightened expression ~The whole person remained motionless, and the colorful flags on the side of the road were also kept in various strange postures, and no longer fluttered.

Seeing this, Tong Xinlan finally let go of her heart.

“So, no matter how long it takes me to complete the time, is time outside standing still?”

“No, this is just a gift package for beginners. Before you complete the first mission, this system will considerately help you stop the time of the plane you belong to, so that you can do the mission with peace of mind. If you complete the first mission After the task, if you have enough rewards and points, you can change to a corresponding ability or clone, let him work instead of you, earn money to pay for medical expenses, and take care of your mother. You can’t go back to your plane until you complete all the tasks.” The system threw words like rewards and points again to lure Tong Xinlan.

“Will the replicator help me take care of my mother?” Tong Xinlan asked expectantly.

“It’s not what the host thinks. If you are wiped out, your belongings will also disappear, including the replicants.” The system said as if seeing through Tong Xinlan’s thoughts.

After hearing this, Tong Xinlan’s eyes darkened, and she thought that even if she couldn’t complete the task in the future, that replicant could take care of her mother instead.

Thinking about it, she was still too naive.

“In this case, let me start the task.” Since it’s here, let it be, Tong Xinlan pressed the anxiety in her heart and asked.

“The host’s work attitude is very good, it is worthwhile to send you a newbie gift package from 0561, I hope the host will complete the task well.”

Before Tong Xinlan could ask what the task was, her eyes went dark.


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