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Seven Emotions, Fear


To sum up, this is the fourth seven emotions condensed by Chen Luo.


The anger of “Du Shiniang”, the joy of “The Story of the West Chamber”, the sadness of “Dou E’s Injustice”, and now, the fear of “The Case of Gu Mei”!


After all, there are only three items left: worry, thought, and shock.


Speaking of, panic and fear are actually very similar in performance, but panic is more of a sudden panic, and you don’t know what happened; while fear is something you know, which is often referred to as “guilt of heart” “. For example, in “The Guillotine Case”, Chen Shimei knew exactly what she had done, and she also knew what would happen if she was exposed, so when the guillotine was lifted up, she felt “fearful”.


However, the supernatural power of “fear” is not a combat supernatural power, but a supernatural power that assists cultivation. Chen Luo can use this magical power to evoke the most feared things in the hearts of practitioners, so that practitioners can face it bravely and increase their mental state of practice.


It’s not that you can’t use it during battles, it’s just that practitioners always hide their fears in the deepest part of their hearts. Unless there are too many differences in their state of mind, it’s too much effort and it’s not worth it. Only when the other party cooperates and takes the initiative to let go of their defenses, it will be easier for this magical power to be displayed.


It seems that there is another sacred place for martial arts practice. “Chen Luo raised the corners of his mouth, and there was a glint in his eyes.


“When there is time, solidify this magical power and throw it to Dongcang City!”


“I have a house of horrors!”




While Chen Luo was still comprehending this magical power, Luo Hongnu suddenly pulled the sleeves of his sleeve, and Chen Luo came back to his senses: “Hongnu, what’s the matter…Fuck!”


At this time, I saw a group of princesses running towards the stage full of smiles and murderous intent.


“Young Master, you shouldn’t stay here for a long time!”


“Have you made a mistake? If you want to find trouble, you have to find the concubine yourself!” Chen Luo mumbled, “Also, what are those seven or eight-year-old princesses doing with them!”


Luo Hongnu smiled and said, “His Majesty asked them to come to the son to share their experiences!”


Chen Luo hurriedly said: “Speaking of which “Journey to the West” has been updated for a long time, I will go back and write the next chapter.”


At this moment, I saw several blue lights flashing in the princess group, flying towards Chen Luo.


There are masters among the princesses too!


Chen Luo didn’t care about escaping slowly, he was directly covered with red dust, and the martial arts supernatural power and somersault cloud activated, and disappeared in place in an instant!


Patriarch Subhuti said that this somersault cloud was used by Sun Wukong to escape disaster.


Don’t deceive me!




All the way through the clouds, Chen Luo returned directly to the Anguo Gongfu.


The mastiff hurriedly greeted her: “Young Master, you’re back…”


“Yeah! Lock the door and open all the formations.” Chen Luo said, “I haven’t seen any guests in the past few days, so I won’t answer all the invitations!”


“Especially from the Princess Mansion!”


The mastiff was stunned for a moment, then nodded quickly and said, “Yes.”


Chen Luo breathed a sigh of relief and walked slowly into the study.




Sitting at the desk, Chen Luo made himself a cup of tea and relaxed.


In my eyes, I’m almost the same as the Dharma sign.


As soon as “Gou Mei Case” came out, and with the stories written before, Bao Qingtian’s image has been initially established, and the reputation of Kaifeng House has also reversed 90 degrees.


The next step is to wait for the public opinion to ferment, and then kill a few children of the noble family who cannot be forgiven for their sins, and shake the unspoken rule that “the noble family cannot be punished, and the law does not blame the saints”, then his initial goal is completed. .


Yes, this is just a preliminary goal.


And Chen Luo’s ultimate goal is to truly realize “no level of punishment”


It’s not that Chen Luoai takes responsibility for herself and pursues equality and justice too idealistically. Some people may say that the noble family has sacrificed a lot for the human race, and some privileges are reasonable.


But Chen Luo, who is familiar with the past century of this country’s modern history, understands that class injustice under legal power will cause tears within the human race.


The human race came from the slash and burn, the ragged road, and became the first race under the heaven. What did they rely on?


It depends on one heart and one mind and the same enemy!




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The saints determine the lower limit of the human race, and the endless mortal beings determine the upper limit of the human race!


Now he also has access to many of the world’s core secrets. Emperor Lin is leading a group of “dead” civil servants and military generals to fight against the pseudo-Buddhas in the dark world, while Taoism and Confucianism are still fighting with the devil in the outer world…


Where is the time!


It’s just that those figures who are carrying weights are hidden in the darkness and can’t be seen.


Reshaping the authority of the law and bringing the noble family under the rule of law may harm the interests of some noble families, but it is of great benefit to the human race.


It’s worth it.


As for Chen Luo himself, he happened to have this ability and happened to be in this position.


Then why not do it?


With great power comes great responsibility!


After confirming his goal again, Chen Luo took a sip of tea.


Now, with “Three Heroes and Five Righteousness” and “The Case of Gu Mei”, it only needs a suitable person to be sent to the door, so that the Xie Zhi San Gu of Kaifeng House will appear in front of the world, and the bias will be completely Enter a new era of case by case!


Suddenly I’m looking forward to it.




I can’t wait for the public opinion to ferment.


The work of the “Journey to the West” side of the united front demon clan cannot be relaxed.


It’s true to escape from Mid-Levels Academy, but it’s also true to come back to write “Journey to the West”.


Rolling out the paper, Liao Wan went through the contents of “Journey to the West” in his mind.


After the blue-haired lion in the Wuji Kingdom, Tang Seng and his disciples went to the Huoyun Cave in the Dry Pine Stream and met the famous bear boy in Journey to the West.


The boy of good wealth a few days ago, the King of the Holy Infant today.


Red boy!


Chen Luo dropped pen and ink on the white paper——


Episode 40: Babies play Zen and are confused, monkeys, horses, swords, woods and mothers.




For the next three days, Chen Luo seriously locked himself in the Duke Anguo’s mansion. .


One of the first things to do is, of course, the rapid spread of “The Guillotine Case”.


I have to say, the love triangle and the royal family’s secret love between the princess and the concubine, the attached horse and the original spouse, can cause the most heated discussions in the market, not to mention the fact that there are also heartless women who kill their wives and children, and Xiqiang warriors who commit suicide. The dog blood plot.


Especially the aria of “The Concubine’s Close Look and Look”, not only spread throughout Daxuan immediately, but was even taken to the Southern Wilderness by some demon clans, and was deeply loved by some demon clans.


I heard that Feng Nanzhi, the female emperor of the tiger clan, likes the part about Chen Shimei even more. She spent sky-high prices to buy a lot of jade amulet for taking pictures. She watched it every day and was in a good mood.


The popularity of “The Case of Gu Mei” has once again brought about the reading upsurge of “Three Heroes and Five Righteousness”. Bao Zheng solved the mystery case ingeniously, and his selfless image was sought after by the people, and even the reputation of Kaifeng Mansion also took off. , It is said that some people took the initiative to send food and drink to Kaifeng House, and they asked for warmth.


This kind of pursuit has further stimulated the officials of the Kaifeng government. The entire Kaifeng government system has a new look from top to bottom. Officials at all levels actively organize and study the “Bao Qingtian Spirit”, and seriously discuss the “Gou Mei Case” and “Three Heroes”. The way of being an official in the Five Righteousnesses.


The title of Master Qingtian has become the latest official pursuit.


Of course, this change does not rule out some other objective factors.


For example, although the Supreme Court is still fully established, Chen Xiliang still sent an inspection team to wander around after discussing with the other two deputy ministers.


There are some things that others don’t know, but the officials of the Kaifeng government system know.


There is really a guillotine in the lobby of the Kaifeng House headquarters!


In addition to the “Side Beauty Case”, another sensation in the capital is that Enke released one by one!


Actually, if Enke released the list after Liao Wan appeared, it would indeed be a sensational event. However, with the birth of Chen Luo and his frequent reorganizations, the people of Zhongjing City have seen the world, and they are very concerned about the list. This kind of thing, only maintains polite enthusiasm.


But this time Enke is a little different, because this time the champion of Enke is gone!




Enke released the list, the first place in the top


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It’s Tang An from Luozhou.


But then things get a little weird.


First of all, the good news people searched the address left by Tang An, and also found Tang An.


Then Wenchang Pavilion took Tang An’s test paper as a guide, pulling the literary spirit and searching the whole city, there are still traces of Tang An.


Could it be that after Tang An finished the exam, he went straight back to his hometown without waiting for the rankings?


At this time, the most explosive news came.


The household registration document registered by Tang An is fake!


He’s not called Tang An at all, and he’s not at all from the place of origin he filled in.


For ordinary people, there may be many possibilities. But this Tang An is now the champion!


Everyone was waiting for Tang An’s sudden appearance on the day when they saw His Majesty, but they were still disappointed.


The original position of the champion is empty!


Therefore, some people speculated that this Tang An might be some kind of half-sage disciple who took the test under false name, and he was almost brought back by the family.


It’s just that there are quite a few saints who are officials in the imperial court, so why is there any need to pretend to be?


All kinds of conspiracy theories are rampant, but that Tang An has never appeared again.






It’s an ordinary morning, and a man in rough clothes is walking fast in the mountains.


His name is Lu Ada, and he is the long attendant of the head of the Lu family in the capital.


The Lu family in Zhongjing is not a wealthy family. The most famous person in the ancestors is also a first-class scholar. However, from generation to generation of poetry and calligraphy, almost every generation has a great scholar, so it is also called the family of Zhongming Dingshi, and it is called a wealthy family.


And Chen Luoneng is in such a situation today, a large part of the reason is because the ancestors of the Lu family made military exploits for the human race and was rewarded with a Linghui tea tree by the church.


If the new tea picked from the Linghui tea tree is for pregnant women to drink, it has a great chance to improve the fetus’s Wenhua qualification. Since the Lu family opened the door, the Lu family has regarded the tea tree as the treasure of the family, and almost half of the Lu family’s efforts are spent on cultivating the Linghui tea tree.


Now, the wife of the young master of the Lu family is pregnant and will continue to spread branches and leaves for the Lu family. And good tea needs good water. Autumn and winter are a good time to get the water from the frosty and cold streams in autumn. Lu Ada’s trip is to go to the Yunyan Valley, two hundred kilometers outside the capital of Zhongjing, to get the cold spring water flowing from the high mountains.


Lu Ada also has a fifth-grade master’s realm cultivation base, so it’s not a problem to climb mountains and rivers, and although this road is inaccessible, he has come and gone many times, so he didn’t spend much effort, just Came to Yunyan Valley.


Yunyan Valley, there is a deep stream, the ice is blowing all year round, the water is like frost, and the cold air rises like clouds, hence the name. It is rumored that the ice river in Lu Fangweng’s “Iron Horse Glacier Comes to Dream” was based on this place.


Lu Ada walked upstream along the cold spring. The deeper he went, the colder the water became. After boiling, the effect of Linghui tea could be stimulated. Don’t be sloppy.


I walked for more than a while, until the cold air in the water made Qing’an Mansion endure it, then I stopped and took out a dozen buckets from the storage talisman, ready to fill with water. Suddenly, Lu Ah The big man made a move.


His ears moved slightly, as if he heard something.


Lu Ada put down the bucket and followed the sound to find it. Finally, behind a pile of big rocks, he saw a seriously injured man. Judging by the outfit, it should be Lu Ada.


“This son… Lu Ada hurriedly stepped forward, but at this time this scholar of the Confucian sect was already full of anger, as if he was holding his breath.


Only at this time did Lu Ada realize that the Confucian scholar’s hands and feet were all broken. At this time, when the Confucian scholar saw Lu Ada, he smiled and looked at his chest with his eyes.


Lu Ada understood and quickly put his hand into the opponent’s chest and took out a token.


As the long attendant of a wealthy family owner, Lu Ada naturally had some knowledge. As soon as he saw the token, he recognized it as the token for the scholar to enter the Gongyuan.


Lu Ada turned over the token, and the other party’s identity information was on the back, but just this sight made Lu Ada’s scalp tingle.


The token reads: Luozhou, Bing Yinke No. 13, Tang An.


“Are you Tang An? Are you the new champion Tang An?” Lu Ada looked at the taxi in front of him that would die at any time


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Son, he hurriedly sent Hao Ran righteousness into his body.


“Zhuang Yuan Tang, if you hold on for a while, I will send you back to Zhongjing.


“You insist…”


Lu Ada stopped halfway through his words.


Because he discovered that his aura of righteousness entered Tang An’s body, but could not be absorbed at all.


This champion of Tang Dynasty not only lost his seven limbs, but also broke his Confucian heart!


Tang An opened his mouth slowly, as if he was about to say something. Lu Ada understood what he meant, and quickly put his ear close, only to hear Tang An’s voice intermittently——


“I am Tang Anshi…. The one who killed me, Qing’an Prefecture…”


The voice came to an abrupt end.


Tang Anshi’s pupils dilated rapidly, and he seemed to see that smiling figure saluting him slightly.


“Sorry….” Tang Anshi sighed in his heart and slowly closed his eyes.


In this regard, I’m out of breath!


“Tang champion? Tang champion! Tang champion!”


Looking at Tang Anshi’s corpse, Lu Ada got up and bowed when he noticed that Tang Anshi had lost his breath.


“Zhuang Yuan Tang, I’m sorry.”


“You are the champion of the new division, the background of the person who killed you must be not small.


“My old Lu is only a servant of the Lu family, and I must not bring disaster to the master’s family.


“I buried you and didn’t let your bones be exposed in the wild. I didn’t hear what you said to me.”


“Meeting by chance, my old Lu, I have done my best.”


After speaking, Lu A stool looked around, found a soft spot, and began to dig a hole.




“Why, haven’t Tang An been up and down yet?” Chen Xiliang looked at Kuang Zhong and asked in the biased place.


Kang Zhong shook his head: “Please ask the great Confucian of Chunqiu Tang to trace it on your behalf, but I can only see that Tang An ran out of the inn and can’t be traced afterward.”


“The great Confucian of Chunqiu Tang said that there is power to erase the trace of Tang An’s existence.”


Chen Xiliang frowned slightly, and Zhong continued: “Teacher, to erase the existing track and block the Shi family’s tracking, only…”


“The power of rules!” Chen Xiliang took over and said, “It seems that the story behind this Tang An is not simple.”


Kang Zhong nodded: “The Great Confucian Chunqiu Tang estimates that the cultivation base of the person who starts will not be lower than the seventh rank, and may even be the first rank.”


“It’s a pity that there is a top talent. Originally, there must be room for him to show his talents in the Supreme Court.”


Chen Xiliang sighed: “If it’s just a matter of concept and is taken away by the elders of the family, that’s fine, it’s always the backbone of my human race. I’m just afraid that this disappearance is not a good thing…


Kang Zhong thought for a while: “The disciple goes to check again, the supernatural power technique is not good, the disciple will try the mortal tracking technique again.”


“There may be other discoveries.


Chen Xiliang waved his hand: “I will arrange people from Six Gates to follow up on this matter. Hai Rui is now presiding over the inspection team and wandering around Daxuan. You should do a good job in the preparations for the establishment of the Supreme Court. >


“Yes!” Kuang Zhong bowed to take orders.


Chen Xiliang looked at the full moon in the world and sighed softly.


“Are you coming for Zhuguo?




Zhongjing, Lujia.


As a loyal servant of the Lu family, Lu Ada’s status in the Lu family is no less than that of some collateral children, and he also has a small house.


At this time, Lu Ada was lying on the bed, and Tang Anshi’s appearance kept appearing in his mind.


The champion.


In Lu A’s eyes, this is a person who stands up to the sky.


Don’t look at the champion’s cultivation base is not low, but that is the reason why he is young and deliberately suppressed. The talent of the champion is supported by the luck of the race. In the future, cultivating a great Confucianism is as simple as drinking water and eating, and many of them can even reach the first rank.


Just like that!


Lu Ada tossed and turned. A moment ago, he sat up again and pulled out a book from the bookcase.


That is the “Clan Chronicle” which records the family under heaven.


Lu Ada saw Luozhou, scrolled down, and found Qing’an House very slowly.


“Qing’an House, settle down…


Lu Ah


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Look down. There are quite a few An family members in Qing’an Mansion, but those An family members all came from an An family.


Saint family, Qi Shui settles down!


Also known as Qi An!


Being able to be called a saint means that there are still half saints alive in the Qi Shui An family.


Seeing this, Lu Ada hurriedly closed the “Clan Chronicle”, stuffed it back into the bookcase, and lay down on the bed.


“I can’t, I can’t, I can’t…” Lu Ada kept persuading himself in his mind.


If it really is this Anjia, then even if the Lu family sends the whole family away, it will be useless!


Forget, forget, forget all this.


Ada Lu forced himself to stop thinking about it.


A grain of dust from the saints falls under the heads of ordinary people, and it is a mountain.


Even the Lu family is just a larger ordinary family in front of the saints.


Can’t think any more…




The next day.


Gongsun Bo arrived at the biased place on time and on time, but since before the “Guillotine Case” was staged, he developed a new habit, that is, before going to the deputy minister’s office, he must take a detour to the lobby of Kaifeng Mansion Headquarters Take a turn.


Just to have a few more glances at this three guillotine!


I couldn’t even resist touching them one by one.


In the eyes of others, it looks like a tiger and a wolf, but in Gongsun Bo’s eyes, it looks like three cute kittens.


The cat is catching the mouse!


Not mice, afraid of what they do.


At this time, Gongsun Bo was coiling the three guillots of Xiezhi when suddenly an official came over, saluted, and said, “Secretary, someone threw this into the Kaifeng Mansion last night.”


Speaking, the little official handed down a small bag, but strangely, there was a heavy gold ingot hanging on the bag.


“I’m afraid you won’t open the burden!” Gongsun Bo guessed at a glance the intention of the plug-in gold ingot, stretched out his hand to take the burden, and his face became solemn.


As the vice-chancellor of the Prejudice Department, a second-rank official of the imperial court, he naturally knows that this burden has been checked by others, and it must be something they cannot handle before handing it over to him.


Gongsun Bo untied his burden, and his eyes suddenly froze.


He saw the scholar token at a glance, and read the words on it clearly.


“Tang An!”


Under that token, there is also a piece of paper. The notes on the paper are immature. It seems that the other party intentionally prevents people from finding their traces from the notes.


Gongsun Bo looked at what was written on the paper, and his expression changed suddenly.


“This person is dead, and the body is buried in the cold spring of Yunyan Valley.”


Gongsun Bo took out a token of his own from his sleeve, threw it to the clerk, and said, “Take my token, go to the six doors, dispatch two golden-character catchers and a servant, and follow me to Yunyan Valley .”


The little official took the token and left.


Gongsun Bo thought of something again, and threw the burden in his hand to another official, “Send this to Lord Zhuguo.”




“What? Tang An is dead?” Chen Luo was stunned after seeing what Gongsun Bo had sent.


He naturally heard about Tang An, especially Chen Xiliang who said that Tang An was originally going to be enrolled in the Metropolitan Court.


“Where is Vice Minister Gongsun now?” Chen Luo asked.


“Back to the Dharma Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister Gongsun has gone to Yunyan Valley with the golden inscription of six doors!”


Chen Luo nodded and asked, “Do you know Yunyangu?”


“Ah? The officer knows!”


“Then it’s hard for you, help me lead the way!” Chen Luo grabbed the official’s shoulders, straightened his body, showed his tendons, and disappeared in a blink of an eye.




“Deputy Minister Gongsun has been found!” In the Yunyan Valley, a cold spring gurgled, exuding a chill to the bones, Xiao Changfeng, the head of the six-door golden inscription, said to Gongsun Bo, “The body of Tang Zhuangyuan was buried and has been dug up. out, the work is in progress


Autopsy. “


Gongsun Bo nodded, looked around again, and said, “Look and see if there are any traces of other people nearby


Track. “




At this moment, a figure fell, Xiao Changfeng saw


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Like, he hurriedly saluted: “Six gate catcher Xiao Changfeng has met


Dharma. “


Chen Luo waved his hand and stopped Gongsun Bo who was about to salute: “This matter has not been reported to His Majesty for the time being, what do you have




Gongsun Bo shook his head: “Xiaguan has just arrived, and Tang An’s body has been found, so the information of the person who reported it is not good


False. “


“But Tang An is dead. If the person who reported the report can be found, there may be more news.”


Chen Luo nodded and looked at Xiao Changfeng: “It’s hard work.”


Chen Luo then walked towards Tang An’s body…


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