Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 743:


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]The value of such a thing as foundation cannot be revealed in normal times.

The three reasons combined, even if not 100% convincing, are enough to make the vast majority of viewers make rational judgments.

Third, Ye Sinian and Gongfa are personally in charge of the Assassin’s Association.

This is like the battle experience of veteran masters. Even if the overall strength of the two sides is equal, when the time comes to die, they often have a greater chance of winning, and even turn defeat into victory.

Just now he was still swearing that Lin Yi would be a coward, but just after he finished speaking, his face was slapped from the air.

Secondly, the Assassin Association has a background far beyond that of Lin Yi Group.

But in the eyes of any insider, these two are undoubtedly real monsters, and any one of them will definitely be a decisive and terrifying force, let alone the two together.

At this time, another executive of the alliance suddenly reacted: “That’s not right! The deadline for the giant’s qualification review is February 28. What does he mean by setting the date on February 27?”

For a while, the audience was dumbfounded.

Master Chu glanced at Long Xu lightly: “Now I know why Lin Yi hasn’t responded?”

Chapter 10743

This subtle coincidence is really hilarious.

A league executive read it out on the spot.

However, Lin Yi, the person involved, turned a deaf ear to all this.

“That means no one can ride on Lin Yi’s head, let alone examine him! Anyone who wants to disgust him must be prepared to wipe his neck!”

Following Master Chu’s burst of laughter, everyone present came to their senses and looked at Long Xu with weird eyes.

In fact, not only did he think so, but most of the league executives present also felt the same way.

The advantage of the home court has a considerable impact even on individual duels, and it will naturally have a greater impact on large-scale collisions between the two forces.

Before blatantly declaring war on the Assassin’s Association, in their eyes, it was an extremely arrogant and bold move. Now they have clearly released the date of the attack. Is it because the Assassin’s Association is not well prepared and the difficulty is too low? ?

In addition to announcing the date of attacking the Assassin Association, the entire Lin Yi Group has entered again

First, the Assassins Association has the advantage of being at home.

No matter how violent the rise of Lin Yi Group is now, it can’t change the reality that it is just a new force, and this has a huge natural disadvantage compared with the long-established Assassin’s Association.

At this moment, Long Xu’s face has completely turned into a liver color.

Especially on the Internet, it is even more lively.

“Can’t you see that yet?”

One of the most intuitive reflections is that in almost all the underground markets, the odds that gamblers beat with real money are obviously on the side of the Killer Association.

Although Lin Yi is strong, compared with the weight of these two, he is obviously still far behind.

Long Xu held back for a long time, and finally coldly choked out two words: “Arrogance!”

Although the top ten killers in the killer list, apart from the first and second Ye Sinian and Gongfa, there is only one clown left. The whole army is wiped out, which can be regarded as vitality for the entire killer association Big injury.

Three reasons are listed and generally accepted.

Even though many intelligence agencies on the market generally have the shadow of the West Tathagata Group behind them, it is bound to affect the objectivity of the evaluation and analysis given by them to a certain extent, but at least in this matter, it is enough to get Lu The trust of hundreds of millions of viewers in Shangshen Kingdom.

“Lin Yi publicly announced that on February 27, the headquarters of the Assassins Association will be attacked.”

Everyone held back their laughter, and Lin Yi had been silent before, not because he was cowardly, but because he was planning such a big move!

At this moment, not only is the atmosphere of the VIP restaurant at the Alliance Headquarters lively, but the same situation is happening in various places in the Kingdom of God on land.

However, most of the intelligence agencies, in the final book analysis, still believe that the Killer Association has a better chance of winning.

The Assassin’s Association was blatantly attacked by someone. It is really embarrassing to say it, but it has a real advantage in the home field. Given the overall strength of the two parties, this factor is entirely possible to determine the final result. Win or lose.

These two silver medalists left over from the era of Kong Shengtemporary, although they do not have a strong sense of existence in today’s mainstream public opinion, and even very few people really know their deeds.

“Tsk tsk, Lin Yi’s meaning is already obvious, that is to let the Assassin’s Association wash their necks and wait for death!”

Some alliance executives couldn’t help muttering: “Is the Lin Yi Group so confident in its own strength? The Killer Association is also an old-fashioned force with a deep foundation. Why should he?”

Of course this is not about Master Chu, but about Lin Yi.

Even various intelligence agencies took advantage of this wave of unprecedented enthusiasm and made systematic reviews of the core members of Lin Yi Group and the Assassin Association, taking the opportunity to attract a large wave of attention traffic.

It is no exaggeration to say that once Ye Sinian and Gongfa join forces, even the real giants will stay away.

Listening to the heated discussions among his colleagues, Master Chu faintly said: “That’s crazy.”

But once the critical moment comes, especially the moment of life and death, its existence can often determine the most crucial decisive moment.


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