Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 4173: Yangsheng, please respect yourself



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Big Xia Guixu Cave.


This is a burning emperor-level star cave world. The whole world is like a cave. The source power roared and swept outside the cave wall, causing the entire world to continuously vibrate and roar.


Nowadays, due to the establishment of the Xiaxu Star Eye, the Great Xia Fusion Barrier is riddled with holes. Many Ditian star sources have poured into the star cave, destroying a lot of land and sea, and destroying the Daxia Emperor Clan Lai. space to live.


Among them, the part of the territory belonging to the Tianjiu Sect was the first to be destroyed. Because of this, the Tianjiu Sect wandered in the starry sky.


Mountains, rivers, seas, and homes, under the destruction of the most precious star source of the Great Xia Emperor Clan, have already lost their original appearance and turned into disaster ruins.


If the ancestors watched this scene again, I don’t know how sad it would be.


The descendants of Daxia did not cherish all this.


In this furnace-like world, it is now crowded with eight armies of gods. They impatiently stationed in this broken world, waiting for an order, like a herd of beasts coming out of their caves!


Not counting disorderly reflections, there are a total of seven armies. According to standard calculations, each of the seven clans has 100 million, Huantian has an additional 200 million, and Zhantian has an additional 100 million. A total of exactly one billion Eternal Divine Army is almost assembled!


“This star cave world could have lasted for more generations. It was the establishment of the Xia Ruins star eye that accelerated the destruction of this emperor-level world, haha.”


In a certain corner under the starry eyes of Xia Xu, a dark Zhou Shenyou said with a sneer, a sarcastic laugh.


This Zhou God is also 10,000 meters tall. He has a tall and thin body, no hair on his head, but a goatee with a length of several hundred meters on his chin, and a pair of curved horns on his head. It’s a human standing goat!


But in fact, he is a human race.


He comes from the evil gods, and he is known as the “God Saint”, and he is the emperor of the evil gods.


The name of Saint Yang in Shangxingxu is actually louder than other emperors. Many people have heard that its characteristic is extreme chaos. The entire growth history of Saint Yang is actually the history of his chaos. .


Now, this tall, thin, terrifying Zhou God with sunken eye sockets and thin lips has come to this land that the eight gods have never conquered.


The evil gods have a good relationship with the demon gods. At this time, an old man in black robe standing next to the sheep saint is the first to arrive from the demon gods, Anshen.


He pointed to the front, and said cheerfully, “Xia Hui’s star eyes are managed by this woman.”


Yang Sheng followed Anshen’s gaze, and saw the dignified and noble Emperor Xia, wearing a hot long dress, like a burning phoenix, with charming curves.


At this moment, Emperor Xia was talking side by side with a beautiful middle-aged man who was white for a month.


“This man is the strongest of the Kunlan Yuanyi Clan, what is his name, Yuezun?” Yang Sheng stared at the two with dark green eyes, and said quietly.


“Yes. They are interracial couples, and they control Taikoo Hengsha together.” An Shen said happily.


“Couple? It’s over!” Yang Sheng said hehe.


Anshen looked weird, and said: “They are all Yuanyi clan, but you are the eight gods, and he is our lackey, it really doesn’t make sense. This woman is very realistic. Push up and kneel down.”


“Wandering!” Yang Sheng licked his lips and said cheerfully, “Let’s go, tease them.”


As he spoke, he quietly approached from behind, like a gust of black wind, without a trace.


Soon, a big hand stretched out from the black wind, reached forward, and grabbed Emperor Xia’s waist and hips.




Xia Huang’e frowned, and suddenly flung Yang Sheng away.


She knew that Yang Sheng was coming, but she never expected that he would do such a shameless thing in public and under the attention of countless Great Xia emperors!


“Goat Saint, what are you doing?” Emperor Xia looked back, and the obvious slap print on his dress indicated that the Goat Saint deliberately left a mark here.


Yue Zun next to him also frowned, looking at Sheng Yang with cold eyes.


The sheep sage stretched out his hand, sniffed his nose, and said with a smile: “What are you doing? Squeeze your ass, burn the goods.”


His words, coupled with his previous actions, immediately ignited the surrounding fire. Many Daxia emperors were dumbfounded, staring blankly at Yang Sheng, completely unaware of the noble and civilized eight gods and emperors. How handsome, he would actually do a hooligan and cheap act in public.


“Saint Yang, please respect yourself.” Yue Zun was furious and couldn’t hold back his words.


The other party is the sinful Yuanyi clan, who has always been the enemy of Kunlan Yuanyi clan, and also the line that Yuezun fears the most among the eight gods.


If you surrender this time, your status will be lowered, and life will definitely be difficult.


“I respect your old mother, what are you, you deserve to talk to me, get away.” Yang Sheng sneered.


“You!” Yue Zun gritted his teeth.




The sheep sage suddenly appeared in front of his eyes, and he slapped him like a sea of ​​dark stars.




Yue Zun blocked it with his hand, and the body of the star sea giant retreated a few steps!


“I slap you in the face, do you still dare to block? It seems that you, the Kunlan Yuanyi Clan, don’t want to surrender at all, right? Or do you really want to be an undercover agent here?” Yang Sheng said with a sinister smile.


The Yue Zun’s chest was on fire, his eyes were red, and before he could speak, Emperor Xia stopped him, and quickly apologized: “Saint Yang, we made a mistake, and we admit it to you. Please also ask Sheng Yang to say goodbye to us.” General knowledge.”


When Yue Zun heard this, he felt extremely uncomfortable.


Just seeing Emperor Xia keep shaking his head at him, he could only hold back and hold back his anger.


“Did you hear that?” Yang Sheng laughed loudly, stretched out his hand and patted Xia Huang’s waist and hips again, and said with a sneer, “This is the attitude that the eight gods should have when they take refuge in us, you are like a dog!” can’t bark, so what use are you?”


Emperor Xia could only lower his head, smiled sarcastically beside him, and said: “Sage Yang, don’t be as knowledgeable as him, he has lived in a corner for a long time, and his knowledge is short, and he will be sensible in the future.”


“Xia!” Yue Zun heard this and his internal organs were torn apart. Only now did he understand that when a person surrenders, he thought that the other party would treat him as an ally, but often people treat you like a dog.


This is the real reality.


Yang Sheng is even unrestrained, without hiding it at all.


Yue Zun has never been so angry at this moment in his whole life, he has always been a proud person, last time Feng Linxue didn’t make him so angry.


“You silly dog ​​still dare to get angry, don’t you?”


Yang Sheng made it clear that he wanted to let these surrendered people know how much he was. He pushed Xia Huang away and walked towards Yue Zun again. At the same time, I also grabbed a hand by the way.


“I’ll slap you this time, if you dare to fight back, I’ll kill you and give you Da Yue Xing Xing to Da Xia!” Yang Sheng grinned.


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