Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 3942: Shen Chen



Originally, Jiang Lincheng was going to let Li Tianming go, but Li Tianming didn’t bother to entangle with them, making Jiang Datou’s brothers and sisters embarrassed.


He still likes Jiang Datou and the others.


However, the forest is getting bigger, and there are indeed all kinds of birds. There are people like Jiang Yulian here, and the three of them are very helpless.


As for other people from Taikoo Hengsha, they don’t know the whole story. Jiang Lincheng is the master here, and they naturally have no right to speak.


So, as soon as the golden nine fruit of life came out, Jiang Yulian was going to kill again.


She has a killing word in her eyes, and she implements it very thoroughly.


“Jiang Yulian!” Jiang Datou was completely annoyed, “You are sick, aren’t you? When you say all this, you look down on us at all. Do you have a role to play here?”


“What if I look down on you? Aren’t you just a reckless man? What brain do you have?” Jiang Yulian sneered.


Ginger’s head is angry.


“Let’s go!” He was also extremely embarrassed to meet such a woman.


“Can’t go! He has to stay.” After Jiang Yulian finished speaking, she stared at Jiang Lincheng, “Are you talking? If you let this person go, the news of the Golden Nine Life Fruit will be leaked. The people of the gods will not only be busy working in vain, but will also kill the brothers!”


As a matter of fact, everyone knows that this is not a problem of inner ghosts, but a problem of trust. Jiang Yulian looks down on Jiang Datou’s siblings, and the people they introduce are naturally wrong.


If you have enough trust, you don’t need to talk so much.


“Brother Cheng?” Jiang Datou was full of anger and looked at Jiang Lincheng.


Jiang Lincheng was helpless when he saw his daughter-in-law’s annoyed look. He could only say: “Well, before I find out who I am, I can only aggrieve this brother and tie him up first. Informant, we will naturally let him go…”


“So in the end, you just look down on me.” Jiang Datou said.


Jiang Xiaobai glanced at their husband and wife with contempt, and scolded: “You chicken Sichen, there are so many shits!”


“Shut up!” Jiang Yulian shouted sharply, so wronged that she was on the verge of crying, she quickly took Jiang Lincheng’s arm, and said sadly, “I’m just thinking about everyone’s life, you don’t mean the woman who scolds you like that. Now, are you still a man?”


Jiang Lincheng has one head and two big.


“It’s alright, alright, don’t say a few more words.” He glared at Jiang Yulian, “Don’t talk about it, it’s important to get the golden nine life fruit first.”


What he meant in his words was still to tie Li Tianming first to prevent him from leaking information.


“Just tie it up? The effect of the Golden Nine Life Fruit is said to be amazing. Since we discovered it first, don’t make any mistakes…”


Seeing that her husband was angry, Jiang Yulian only dared to mumble a few words in a low voice, but she was still quite unhappy when she looked at Jiang Datou.


“Lin Feng! I’m so sorry…” Jiang Datou was completely depressed. He originally wanted to introduce Li Tianming to the big family of Taikoo Hengsha, but because of a woman, the trouble was caused by a woman. In fact, the faces of the brothers and sisters were ugly.


“This woman has always been like this. No one looks down on her. She is smart every day. It’s really disgusting!” Jiang Xiaobai knew that Li Tianming was fast, so he said: “You go first, contact the communication stone! When there is a chance, we will find you! “


Now, Jiang Lincheng will not let them go.


Seeing that Jiang Yulian called out several Tier 3 Eternal Gods to capture him, Li Tianming was also a little bored.


“It’s a small matter.” Li Tianming patted Jiang Datou’s shoulder, “I’ll find you again when I have a chance, and I want you to take me to Taikoo Hengsha.”


“No problem, brother.” Jiang Da patted his chest.


As soon as he finished speaking, Li Tianming suddenly turned into a black lightning thunder, surrounded by white thunder circles!




In just a split second, he disappeared in front of everyone’s eyes.


“Hurry up!!” Jiang Yulian shouted with a cold expression on her face.


A few Tier 3 Eternal Gods had no choice but to chase after them, and several starlights crashed into the corridor!


Jiang Yulian looked gloomy, looked at Jiang Datou and Jiang Xiaobai and sneered: “Are you stupid now? I’ll just say he’s an insider, but you’re still stubborn? Shake your heads to see if there’s paste inside! Stupid.”


“Why do you decide that he is an inner ghost?” Jiang Xiaobai said with a hehe.


“It’s not an insider, what is he running for?”


“Are you seriously ill? You are about to be imprisoned for no reason, and there is a poisonous woman next to you. Why don’t you leave?” Jiang Xiaobai said disgustingly.


“You will run away if you have a ghost in your heart!” Jiang Yulian sneered, “However, a half-step Eternal God has some life-saving means, where can he escape?”


“Enough!” Jiang Lincheng scolded, “Shut up! Let’s go pick the golden nine life fruit first.”


“Let’s go!”


The other geniuses of the ancient Hengsha did not want to continue this farce.


They were led by the person who just reported the news, and a group of young Zhou Shen rushed into a corridor!


“Hey, isn’t that the direction that Lin Feng ran?” Someone suddenly said.


“It’s just a coincidence.” Jiang Yulian looked coldly ahead, “speed up, everyone! Baby waits for no one.”


After she finished speaking, she went ahead.


Jiang Datou glanced at Jiang Lincheng next to him and sighed helplessly.


The elder brother who grew up together since childhood, because of a woman, has no minimum respect for his younger brother, which is indeed chilling.


“Marriage is terrible, I don’t want to get married, otherwise I won’t even have myself!” Jiang Xiaobai muttered beside him.


“Look at the person!” Jiang Datou looked at Jiang Yulian’s back and whispered, “If you are unlucky, if you meet some women, a man will be ruined in his life.”




“Golden Nine Destiny Fruit? Never heard of you.” Li Tianming had long since dumped the stalker a hundred thousand miles away, and then asked Yinchen again.


He turned into a light of lightning and walked in the depths of this deep Nine Lives Cave.


“Indeed, relatively, rare.” Yin Chen said.


“How’s the effect?” Li Tianming asked with burning eyes.


“Sure, fine?”


The tone of Yin Chen’s question naturally means that it doesn’t know either.


“They are so attentive, it must be a good sign!” Li Tianming looked behind him and sneered, “This woman, do you have to do it? Okay, then I will rob you of what you want most. , to see how you cry!”


Xianxian sighed on his lap: “In this comparison, I found that Xiao Lizi can’t do anything, but his eyesight is okay. The girls around him are all good girls. They all have blessings and prosperous husbands.”


“Then can you not file a complaint?” Li Tianming asked Are you dreaming about spring and autumn? “Xianxian hehe said.




Not long after, good news came from Yinchen.


The location of the Golden Nine Life Fruit has been found.


“I will act alone, you will act in a group, and when you arrive, the day lily will be cold!”


He suddenly accelerated, heading towards the target location.


With the guidance of Yinchen, Miaomiao will act without words, and everyone’s cooperation will come naturally.


In addition, the golden nine life fruit itself is not far, so soon, Li Tianming is close to the destination!


Ahead, a dazzling golden light.


And under the golden light, there are still many Eternal Gods.




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