Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 3686: Who said that Xingxu couldn’t become the Eternal God?





The night pours into the brains of this doomsday paladin.


This giant’s brain is more than two meters in diameter, and it is filled with a large number of spiritual body-shaped star particles. Bai Ye escaped into it, and immediately opened his ‘white basin’ and rolled over like a storm, just like eating jelly Like, a bunch of them.


The brains of the sunset gods have been smashed into a paste by Bai Ye’s magical ‘dream bubble’ before, but now it’s chaotic, let alone resistance, even if Bai Ye doesn’t eat it, his own soul will be shattered. And die!


“The ancestral soul of the origin of the heavenly realm in the Qifang Jingjing, plus the power of the souls of the souls of the gods, is no joke.”


The two Illusory God women used the Illusory God to protect their brains and stars, and just escaped the catastrophe, and the Beastmasters of the Sunset God, with the back of their heads facing Bai Ye, were instantly penetrated!


This is the way of the soul. The defense and the defense are fundamentally different.


Obviously, the Sunset Gods and their accompanying beasts all have the power of Zhou Tianxinghai in the six derivative realms, as well as the ‘eight realms of soul generation’, but they have no means of soul defense.


In this case, as long as he can’t kill Bai Ye in a short time, he will be killed by Bai Ye.


Whoever is slow will die!


“Liu Liu’s character is probably forged like this. It’s really exciting!” Li Tianming thought to himself.


Soul is another cultivation system!


“In this way, as long as I am strong, Xiao Liu will not be killed faster by others, it will be unsolvable!”


He and this soul beast can be said to be the best combination.


It’s not an exaggeration to say that he is Xiao Liu’s armor.


“Of course, its terrifying power is only limited to No. 1 Shenji… I wonder if I can let all beings provide it with soul power when I return to the Imperial City of Destiny?”


“Since it is a symbiotic cultivation system, it cannot be the only one that benefits me, I should be able to benefit it too!”


And after symbiosis cultivation, its upper limit has also increased, and the number of soul species has skyrocketed!


“Hurry up! What are you doing standing still? Are you making fun of him?” Bai Ye greeted Li Tianming while devouring other people’s brains.


“He’s a man!” Li Tianming said speechlessly.


People are dying, how can I still care if I can become a **** of the universe?


Li Tianming actually understands why these arrogant sons who have gone to the Xingxu City would call themselves ‘stinky’.


He felt it, the power of Zhou Tianxinghai, a derivative form of star particles, of the sunset gods is too pure, this power is perfect, and the power absorbed by Li Tianming from the stellar source of the Xingxing Ruins, not only Weak, and a lot of impurities.


“People who go to the Xingxu think that the power of stars below level 6 will taint their physique, so that they can’t become the Eternal God… This is the reason why it is impossible for the Eternal God to appear in the previous Wandao Valley?”


Apparently, that’s it!


“No wonder people who go to the star market are unwilling to come down and rule the orderly starry sky!”


Let’s not talk about domination, as long as people who want to become Eternal Gods will not enter the ‘sewers’, they will even panic and stay away from the fleas that run out of the sewers.


So, this ‘stink’ doesn’t refer to the smell, but to the power that is too complex to taint their derivatives.


Therefore, these sunset gods are ‘frightened’ when they see Li Tianming.


Now this guy is about to die, there is really no need to think about Zhoushen, Li Tianming stepped on his face, and a lot of Li Tianming from Xingxing Ruins poured into his body. brought power.


Clap clap clap!


Li Tianming stomped on his disintegrated face a few times, and he was out of breath.


“Ah! Ah!”


It doesn’t matter what family this Sun-Sunset God is from, if you encounter a brain-eating monster, no matter how deep-rooted people are, you can’t do anything except scream in horror.




On the other side, Umiya Huixueji and Umiya Huiyanji saw such a terrifying picture, and they were already scared to death.


They want to run!


Zizhen fought with them for a period of time, and relied on his own five-derivative realm to beat the two Illusory Gods until their noses were bruised and their faces were full of blood from stars.


They are sisters, together they are a phantom **** clan!


In addition, Li Tianming was freed at this time, and turned back to look at the two people coldly. The two Immortal God Clan sisters immediately gritted their teeth and thumped together, and knelt down toward Li Tianming!


“Please spare us!” Umiya Teruhime lowered her proud head and slumped to the ground, her body dirty and covered in blood and sweat.


“I beg you, our sisters have no grievances with you, please spare our lives, we are willing to do everything for you.” Umiya Huixueji whimpered, her blue eyes blinked, like I feel pity for the elf in the snow.


They were not frightened by Li Tianming!


It’s Xiao Liu and Zizhen!


The fate of the Sunset Gods, and the appearance of the purple monster in front of them, made them terrified.




Li Tianming appeared before them.




They subconsciously wanted to avoid, but the fear in their hearts made them stop, and they could only let the power of Li Tianming pour into their bodies.


Li Tianming stretched out his hand and pinched Umiya Teruhime’s chin!




To be honest, because of the huge difference in body size, this picture does not show domineering, but it is a bit funny.


But Umiya Teruhime couldn’t smile.


In her bright red eyes, tears fell in an uproar, and her whole body trembled. Those tears were bigger than Li Tianming’s head, and the uproar dripped into the unfathomable abyss below, moisturizing it.


She cried because Li Tianming’s Zhoutian Xinghai power from Xiaxingxu was pouring into her body unscrupulously, entering the derivative star particles, polluting her pure power!


Seeing this, Kazuyuki Umiya next to her cried even more.


“Sister, we’re done…”


They are one, and one finished is equal to two finished.


I can’t even become a **** of the universe!


A lifetime, a broken dream.


Only at this time, the desperate cries of the sunset gods made them feel that this ending was okay.


And Li Tianming hasn’t spoken How do they know, will they die next?


“My lord, please! We don’t want to die!”


Umiya Kazuyuki began to kowtow, tears streaming down her face.


They are more afraid of dying than dying!


Li Tianming looked at her, then looked at her sister, the book written by the old Guzhu couldn’t help but come to mind, what is Lin Feng’s first sister, the other… What is that book called?




He threw this thought out of his mind, and then said in a serious tone: “Who said that if you have the power of Xingxu, you can’t become the Eternal God?”


They were stunned for a moment, then said in unison: “The whole world says so.”




Li Tianming knew that in their eyes, only the Shangxingxu was the whole world, and the Xingxingxu was a sewer that must not go…


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