Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 3580: The more ignorant, the more arrogant!



All of this has triggered the first “real life” of the endless common people. For Li Tianming, they mean infinite possibilities. Therefore, the state just now is just an ordinary state of Emperor Li Tianming Xinghai!


And now, when countless anger and resonance are pouring in from the endless starry sky, the power he carries has simply increased several times again, and he directly enters a runaway mode!


The strength of the Chaos God Emperor’s system and the ferocious potential of all beings once again gave Li Tianming a huge surprise.


“With such a homeland, with such compatriots… I, Li Tianming, what is there to be afraid of?”




He laughed suddenly, like a bell, shaking the starry sky.


“Everyone, I’m sorry, from now on, you are the turtle in the urn!!”


These powerhouses of the Illusory God Race never thought that the people who descended from the Xingxu would dare to describe them like this.


“The more ignorant, the more arrogant!” the blond sneered.




Their Heavenly Yuan Five Elements Illusory God Great Array, a pillar that gathers thousands of gold, wood, water, fire and soil, suppresses it on top of Li Tianming’s head. Light, kill Li Tianming!


“I’m ignorant? It’s you who are truly ignorant!!”


How do they understand Xinghai Emperor?


How do they understand the Primordial Chaos Behemoth?


How can they understand the Divine Sword of the Shifang Era and the Daxia Chinese Character Phantom God?


Boom! !


The power that comes from beings several times over exploded.


Li Tianming kept his eyes open, raised his head, and straightened his waist!


The divine power of the emperor, the shock gushing out!


Boom boom boom!


Thousands of Suppressing Divine Pillars immediately burst open, instantly turning into colored powder, and shattering in this starry sky!




Thousands of shining words rushed out from his body, as if the words followed the law. Each word hit the great formation of the Five Elements Illusory God of the Yuan Dynasty. The suppression of the formation collapsed like a glass falling on On the ground, all shattered into pieces!




The entire Illusory God formation stirred up like a twisted sea, forming a vortex storm, and the shining Li Tianming was in the center of the storm, his white hair fluttering, his black robes rolling, and two turbulent eyes erupted. The golden black divine glow!


His right arm is full of black and red sword-shaped feathers, his left arm is covered with thunderous dark scales, his left leg has countless plants and creatures, like a world, and his right leg has thick dragon scales !


Such a young man, just in appearance, already has the impact of a perfect emperor. When he broke the suppression of these five super powerhouses, his majestic demeanor at the moment deeply shocked those illusions. The heart of the strong gods!


“Impossible! This is Xia Xingxu!”


Under the Xingxu, how can there be things they don’t understand?


Fortune-level star source world and above, the world of star sea giants, is that a place of terror?


This boy is not a star giant!


With the last chance, they gritted their teeth, and the five looked at each other, and immediately decided to continue the charge and kill Li Tianming!


Of course, they are not allowed to be timid, because Li Tianming broke through the suppression and rushed to the thunder with the terrifying five directions, which has already killed them in front of their eyes!


Boom boom boom!


The infinitely strengthened power of the ancient chaotic giant beast’s supernatural powers impacted on these five people in the first instant, Sui Yuan Kun Xi, 卍 Jie Jian Array, Three Realms Rebirth Hall, Sunflower Flower, Tai Chi Tremolo, etc. The magical power, like a storm of destruction, hit the Huantian Divine Race!


It’s just a chaotic electric ball of Miaomiao, which can directly pierce through the star protection and fusion double-layer barrier of the Yangfan-level world, and directly destroy a world!


At this moment, they are indeed strong enough to destroy the stars with one move!


It’s just that they don’t do it!


There are countless beings from the sun and the dark stars, providing Li Tianming with the fastest and most ferocious power, clenching fists with both hands and substituting them into Li Tianming’s body, they are both on the field and off the field.


Be on the field and fight in melee combat with aliens!


Outside the venue, you can see countless stars bursting in the sky, and trillions of meteors flying in the sky!




Li Tianming uses the aptitude of an almighty warrior to present all his supernatural powers, phantom gods, consciousnesses, and fleshly bodies. God, and powerful flesh to kill!


In each of these steps, his companion beasts played a very important role. In fact, after the fusion, the more Li Tianming fought like this, the more he couldn’t live without them!


With a flash of lightning from all directions, he has arrived behind a blue-haired phantom **** clan powerhouse!


The man’s body is like a sea of ​​ten thousand worlds, extremely heavy, the sword force is huge, and his sword is like a trillion waves!


“Go back!”


Li Tianming roared violently and was domineering. He held the sword in both hands and waved the Eastern Emperor’s epee.


The road is simple!


He used to be very complicated.


And now, he has mastered the method of integrating everything, making his own attack, the core responsible, and the murderous intention presented, but it is extremely simple, efficient, and chilling!


The Great Sun Sui Divine Art looks very simple, but the core is extremely complex!






This sword Li Tianming had just cast on the Servant of God, but that sword and the present are not a concept at all. If the previous sword is like a candle, this sword is the real scorching sun. !


One sword was radiant, the blazing divine light shone on the heavens and the earth, the dark star was three-pointed brighter, Li Tianming fell from the sky, and the sword fell like a burning galaxy, and the entire starry sky seemed to be burning!


This sword will amaze the world!


This kill shakes the sky!


When the blue-haired phantom gods didn’t respond at all, he looked up and saw a sword-shaped flame galaxy falling down. All they could do as a husband and wife was to be confident, and then use the two phantom gods, the super-perfect Zhou Tian. The power of Xinghai, from bottom to top, smashed the turbulent sea swords!


Equally matched?




Neither! !


For the first time in the boundless realm, Li Tianming has broken through the limits of the Xingxing Ruins, and his explosive power has only one word, that is to destroy the dead!


Boom! ! !


The flaming sword-shaped galaxy, split the sea of ​​swords in an instant, the Eastern Emperor Sword slashed down, and immediately slashed the split the blue-haired phantom gods in half, the monstrous power Rush into these two halves, and annihilate them into several broken bodies!








A super-perfect Yujing Realm Illusionary God Clan couple burst into pieces!


They are too dangerous for Li Tianming. As long as they are allowed to escape, or use unknown means to pass on any information to the Huantian God Clan going to the Xingxu, then Li Tianming is absolutely finished!


The power of the boundless realm has an upper limit after all!


There is no other way. After Li Tianming severely injured their husband and wife, he directly killed them and smashed these star particles completely, shattered their cosmic grand plan, and turned them into complete corpses!


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