Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 3539: Lin Tianming and Wang Tianming



Di Yan, Qi Tian Mu Yu, and Gu Zhu’s faces were calm and serious.



Obviously, despite their secret conversation, the estrangement and hatred in their hearts have not really been let go.



And now, Burning Star stood up and became the bridge.



Among them, Qi Tian Mu Yu was the quickest to respond. He looked at Burning Star and said, “Then what is the key?”



“The three families are here, sign a covenant, and swear an oath in front of the ancestors. In the future, no matter what treasures and Xinghai Divine Ship appear in the Yin-Yang Realm and the Secret Realm of the Copper Coffin, they will be included in the Ancestor’s Instructions and the Holy Book of Ten Thousand Paths. The three families have a fair inheritance and fair distribution, and whoever stirs up disputes will be abandoned by thousands of ancestors!”



In other words, the top-level Xinghai Divine Ships such as the Acacia Ball and the Bronze Coffin Secret Realm are made to belong to the three public families of Daoyu, just like the Great Ruins of Wandao.



Inherit according to the rules!



“By re-establishing trust, the Wandaogu and Daoyu families can return to the past. This is the root of the problem. If this problem is not solved, there will be Li Tianming today, and there will be Lin Tianming and Wang Tianming tomorrow. Taking advantage of your civil strife, I will take your life! I have already said this, the two of you can do it!” Ranxing finished speaking and shut up.



Qi Tian Mu Yu talked to him about it, but in fact it was also about ‘letting go’.



On this point, they are more consistent.



Only Di Yan and Gu Zhu did not let go completely. Even when the secret realm of the copper coffin appeared just now, they all had stray thoughts and desires in their hearts.



Why is there no one to rob the Great Market of Wandao, and every generation has passed it on smoothly?



It is because it is in the Holy Book of Ten Thousand Taos, and it is passed down by rules.



The ‘link’ connecting the three is trust.



Wandao Daxu, Wandao Tianxing Array, etc., among the three families, have been passed down from generation to generation.



Because of the yin and yang world, the three families of Tao and Yu were completely torn apart, and now a new catastrophe is coming, which is an opportunity to completely let go of desires and return to the past.



The secret realm of the bronze coffin is a fatal temptation.



“Father, Di Yan, it’s time to wake up. The ancestors of the three families have reprimanded them for countless years. We are all prehistoric remnants of Wandao Valley, and we are brothers and sisters for tens of millions of years. Only by holding together can we control the world. Private thoughts, Wan Dao Valley, is really doomed…” Qi Tian Mu Yu’s voice softened.



After that, there was a long, long silence.



“Okay, I’ll let it go!”



Di Yan sat on the ground, blood and tears streaming from his eyes.



These tears are for the dead prisoner.



For the old lady.



But he knew that the death of twenty holy ancestors in the boundless realm, as well as the death of ten holy ancestors such as Di Xi, would be a greater loss.



The former has yet to find the murderer, and the latter must have something to do with Li Tianming.



This hatred is already even bigger!



In the end, there is only the owner of the valley.



Shiyuan Beast, although not killed by Di Yan, but he also participated in the battle.



The secret realm of the copper coffin also made the owner of the valley rekindle the dream of the yin and yang realm.






Qi Tian Mu Yu and Ran Xing looked at him expectantly.



The owner of the valley has become an obstacle to the complete integration of the three!



At that moment, he seemed much older.



“The world is yours.”



He said this, waved his hand, turned around, and said, “You swear!”



His decision is already obvious.






Qi Tian Mu Yu and Ran Xing finally smiled.



“Rebuilding trust is the most fragile, and it is the time when protection is most needed. Killing Li Tianming and seizing the secret realm of the bronze coffin is the first step for the three of us to prove this ‘trust’. We must work together. Whoever has the slightest dissent will be doomed!” Ranxing said solemnly.



The road ahead is clear in his eyes.



Actually, unlike others, he never really had the dream of being a big family.



He just wants to enjoy the fruits of his ancestors’ establishment, and he just wants to be the owner of the valley and become the next Qi Tianxiao.



He is the most stable one!



Once this covenant is established, as long as he successfully achieves super perfection, he will be the first to enjoy it in the future, whether it is the Yin-Yang Realm or the Bronze Coffin Secret Realm.



Therefore, he will be the biggest beneficiary!



It’s just… Qi Tian’s and Yu Mo’s, I never thought before that, among the three helms, the Burning Star, who was originally the most inferior, has now touched the threshold of super perfection, and is only a short distance from Junlin Wandao Valley. A layer of window paper…



The oath, the covenant, was made.



At this moment, the owner of the valley was equivalent to retreating, and the three helmsmen, the three scorching palms, held together.



“Wandao Valley is supreme!”



“Three families of Taoism and imperialism are eternal!”



In the eyes of the three of them, the ultimate power of belief surged. They completely let go of the barriers and merged their wills, regardless of each other!



Burning Star was the initiator and the most important bridge among them, allowing Qi Tian Mu Yu and Di Yan to join hands.



At the moment when the covenant and oath were confirmed, Burning Star’s eyes burned like two stellar sources.



“With today’s grasp, I can rest assured to suppress the traitors in the Sui Shen Clan, kill the demons, and restore the Sui Shen Clan’s ethos! At that time, when you need help from the two of you, don’t hide it any longer. Tucked.” Burning Star said with a smile.



“Ranxing, don’t say ‘help’. Killing traitors and exterminating demons is a matter of the three Daoyu families, and even the entire Wandao Valley! Life and death, Wandao Valley, everyone is responsible!” Qi Tian Muyu said with a smile.



“Hurry up and kill your original partner, and then marry the love matchmaker. Just take this opportunity to break the boundaries of history and bring our three families closer together. After all, there is no mention of the three families in the Holy Book of Ten Thousand Daos. In between, you can’t get married.” Di Yan said.



Although you can’t have children, you can make an exception for love, right?



Hearing this, the three of them smiled.



Di Yan can even say these words, and he really let it go.



Next to it!



Qi Tian Muyue could totally feel the determination of the three of them to resonate in their hearts.



They are of the same generation and can cherish each other.



“It’s not a good thing for me that they are united…”



Qi Tian Mu Yue really didn’t expect that her mission had not yet been completed, but instead, these three helmsmen would be twisted together!



He hates Burning Star!



It was him who prevented everyone from going to the secret realm of the bronze coffin first, and then used it as a bridge, and decided to kill Ranxing, Jiguang, and Li Tianming together!






The little butterfly in her arms has heard everything.



Otherwise, I don’t know that their determination is so strong. When they come back this time, Li Tianming, Jiguang, and Xiyue are even in fatal danger.



“This burning star is a dangerous person. He took the initiative to take the lead. What is his goal?”



Taking the lead means giving up the great consummation of Aurora and Xiyue.



And most of the Sui Shen clan are unwilling to give up on them, and they even have many supporters.



Today the old saint is not here!



Burning Star, did he decide everything privately?



“The old sage may not care about Sui Shen Xiyue, but Jiguang, the youngest daughter, he loves extremely, and Ranxing at this moment is equivalent to giving her a death sentence. What would the old sage think? “



Qi Tian Mu Yue was deeply aware of Burning Star’s cold blood.



“Aurora and Xiyue still underestimate his ruthlessness. I didn’t expect that the secret realm of the copper coffin made this Burning Star make up his mind and was even more anxious to kill Li Tianming…”



“Fortunately! He should have heard everything, and should have made a decision.”



If it wasn’t for Qi Tian Mu Yue, Yin Chen would not be able to enter this secret negotiation place!



Without a doubt.



After this moment, the three Daoyu families are completely integrated, and Li Tianming, Jiguang, and Xiyue are excluded, and they are already like water and fire.



“At least I’m still useful. If it weren’t for me, the three of them wouldn’t know yet. Murder and shadows are already coming to their heads. Even Aurora, the future candidate of the Valley Master, will be abandoned by them!”



“The only risky part of this move is that whether it is Li Tianming or Aurora, it is the hope of the future in the eyes of the two million practitioners in Wandao Valley, and Ranxing is to get rid of the Sui God Clan by himself. An uncontrollable future… In this way, in the eyes of Wan Dao Valley cultivators, he must be notorious and despised by others!”



“However! Wandao Valley practitioners have too little power to speak. Once Li Tianming and Jiguang are killed, with the passage of time, the storm will pass. Under the common will of the three Daoyu families, these people will eventually If suppressed, history will eventually be forgotten.”



This point, Qi Tian Mu Yue felt the deepest.



It seems that people quickly forget the old valley owner, forget Qi Tianxiao to kill his wife and sacrifice his ancestors, and to cut down on the Qingchuan family.






At this moment, Qi Tianmuyue thought of that woman.



Gentle, genial, not fighting or grabbing, just like all Wan Dao Yuan Ling beastmasters.



She did nothing wrong and gave Qi Tianxiao four children.



Then, she was beheaded and bled in public.



Qi Tian Mu Yue was fortunate for many years that she was the Qi Tian clan, not the Qing Chuan clan.



But now, the sadness that has been covered in dust for a long time is still coming to my heart.



“What do you do next, do you have any eyes?” Di Yan asked the two.



Ranxing didn’t even think about it, and said, “I’ll go back to Sui Shenshi, and take Yaoyao and Xiaozhao with me. Li Tianming, Jiguang, and Suishen Xiyue consider them more important than their own lives. As long as they In my hands, they will appear eventually.”



Hearing this, Di Yan and Mu Yu both looked at Ranxing with admiration.



“Righteousness is the most important thing! Admirable!”



In order to protect the three families, even sons and daughters can be used as hostages.



It is indeed a burning star!



The real toughest one.



“Once you find it, do it directly. At that time, I will ban the Ten Thousand Daotian Star Array, and they will not be able to escape anywhere.” The valley owner said something from a distance.



He must be listening.



“Yes! Valley Master!” Burning Star nodded.



“Where’s your father?” Gu Zhu looked at him coldly, “Does he know what you did today?”



“I don’t know.”



“What would you do if he stopped him?” the owner of the valley asked.



“Guzhu, he is old and can’t stop him.” Ran Xing said.



“Haha… Yes, I’m getting old too. I can’t think through it like you young people.” The Valley Master was dumbfounded.



Among them, there are three helmsmen, one Valley Master and one Qitian Muyue. Compared with Aurora and Xiyue, they are still much stronger.



“For my father, on Jiguang’s side, it’s different to kill… But, I will abolish her for a robbery.” Ranxing said solemnly.



A Sui God who abolished a wheel of robbery can never achieve super perfection.



“Jiguang is a weak person. She has no ability or the courage to oppose me. She has come to this point because Sui Shen Xiyue is bewitching her. So Jiguang can be abolished and let her be the original she. , just be at ease. But that Sui Shen Xiyue, she must die! Let me kill myself.” Ran Xing said fiercely.



“Okay. Then your father’s side, leave it to me. I will make it clear to him.” The valley owner nodded.



“There is a labor valley owner.” Burning Star nodded.



“Let’s do things. The most urgent thing is to hold your children in your hands.” The owner of the valley waved his hands.



“Burning Star is retiring.”



The man in the black and red robe flicked the robe and turned to leave. He walked like a tiger with a terrifying aura, and escaped into the darkness. Even the dark fog was terrified.



“I’ll go back first, and I’ll take care of the dead.” Di Yan sighed and left as well.



Here, there are only three of Qi Tian’s father and son left.



The Valley Master squinted his eyes, looked at the direction of Ranxing’s departure, and said solemnly: “Ranxing is more ruthless than imagined, so be careful with him.”



“Father, are you here again?” Qi Tian Mu Yu shook his head.



“Are you sure about the super-consummation?” The Valley Master asked him attentively.



“Not yet.” Qi Tian Mu Yu bowed his head.



“I look at Ranxing, and I’m very sure. His spirit is stronger than you and Di Yan.” The owner of the valley gritted his teeth and said: “If this goes on, I’m afraid that the next owner of the valley will still be the Sui God clan. .”



“If he can achieve super perfection, so what? The reincarnation of the three families of the Valley Master is the definition of the Holy Book of Ten Thousand Daos! If he succeeds, I am convinced. Because he succeeds, he comes in an upright manner, which is normal. , deserve it!”



“A few generations ago, this is a normal thing, how come you can’t do it?”



Qi Tian Mu Yu couldn’t help complaining.



These words made the owner of the valley silent for a long time.



“Okay! It’s still you.”



There are some things in the world that can’t be changed.



Such as the thoughts and temperaments of children.



If there is a choice, Qi Tianxiao at this moment wants to choose Burning Star as his son.



However, it is impossible.



Qi Tian Mu Yu didn’t say more.



He knew that his father’s insecurities actually started from the Great Ruins of Wandao. He was the first valley owner who did not inherit the Great Ruins of Wandao in history.



That’s because he is the first person in history to win the position of Valley Master not through inheritance, but through deceiving teachers and destroying ancestors.



The core of the Great Ruins of Ten Thousand Paths needs to be inherited by the previous generation of Valley Masters, otherwise even if people are killed, they will not get it.



This is the shackle set in the ancestral training, and the inheritance of the acacia ball requires blood, which is similar in purpose.



This is the reason why Qi Tianxiao didn’t kill the old valley owner for so many years.



“That’s it, does it work according to Burning Star?”



The silver-haired valley owner is still a little restless.



“Forget it, it’s time to take this step in this situation! Without the Great Ruins of Wandao, I, the Valley Master, are constrained everywhere.” The Valley Master gritted his teeth.



With the Great Ruins of Ten Thousand Paths, you can also guard against Burning Star first.



After all, even if Burning Star is quite the valley owner, he will still want to get the Great Ruins of Ten Thousand Paths.



At that time, Qi Tianxiao will not inherit, he will have to wait.



“ What do you mean?” Qi Tianmuyue asked.



“Go and control all the blood descendants over Qingchuan and prepare to take them to the Great Ruins of Wandao. I want to kill them one by one to the old man. Until he transfers the Great Ruins of Wandao to me.”



In the eyes of the master of the valley, a ferocious cold light flashed.



“Father, if we kill all of them, our companion beasts of Qi Tian’s clan will no longer be able to eat Wan Dao Yuan Spirit. The progress of the talented disciples will be much slower that day.” Qi Tian Mu Yue said quickly.



It is precisely because they want to treat Qingchuan clan as grass, grow and eat a little bit, that Qi Tian clan did not use their lives and directly forced the old valley owner.



After all, the former Qi Tian Clan didn’t really need the Great Market of Myriad Dao, so they could drag it on so that young people could eat more Myriad Dao Yuan Spirit.



In history, the Qi Tian Clan has never exterminated the Qingchuan Clan, which shares the same origin with them.



And now.



The Valley Master, who has lost his sense of security, finally decided to take the most ruthless step!



“Don’t talk about it, just arrest people. Empty the Great Ruins of Wandao, and I’ll go talk to this old ghost myself!”



Thinking of that old man, the corner of Gu Zhu’s mouth raised, and deep indifference surging in his eyes.



“Master, father-in-law… long time no see!”





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