Almighty Student Chapter 2250: Yangmou


Chapter 11889 Yangmou

Yandiling looked at Haotian in front of him like this.

He is addressing this practical issue.

He believed it.

Having come all the way, Haotian should have seen what Yanzhou looks like, so he should understand that people who really came to Yanzhou must not like to return to the backward Shenzhou.

“What you see along the way is just the surface, and the places they go are professional refining, alchemy and formation places, as well as virtual scenes. It can be said that the people they just came here, In a short period of time, the growth rate will be hundreds of times stronger than usual. Until they completely digest everything they have now, the technology will stabilize little by little, and I will give them better things in the future , Let them continue to grow.” The meaning of Yandi Ling is very simple, here they can get everything they want.

They also get more and better things.

Then what reason do they have to leave?

Haotian was also speechless for a while. . .

According to what Yandiling said, then Xia Tian really has nothing to say.

People don’t want to leave.

Besides, if asked, those people would also say that the prison spirit invited them here, so Haotian has no reason to bring them back.

Although some of them may go back because of emotional problems, they may come back in the end.

“Haotianling, if you need their reply now, then I will take you to see them right now. If anyone wants to leave, we will definitely not stop you!!!” Hell Spirit echoed.

Hear him.

Haotian did not speak.

Before he came, he even prepared a big battle, even if he died here, it doesn’t matter.

He also thought a lot of cruel words.

I want to break the face with Yandiling and so on.

But he didn’t expect that the other party was so talkative in the end, and used this kind of conspiracy to deal with him.

This made him feel like he punched the air with all his strength.

“If Haotianling still wants to visit our Yanzhou, I will definitely send my subordinates to be your guides, so that you can take a good look at it. Of course, we will have other cooperation in the future. If Haotianling If Tianling is interested, we can talk slowly too!!!” Yan Diling’s words were murderous.

He didn’t just want to keep these talents.

In the future, it is possible to poach God and walk other corners.

And digging in front of your face.

Leaving you helpless.

Even Haotian can already think of it.

In the future, Emperor Yandiling may come to Shenzhou to get resources, and let those he recruited in the past get them. In this way, Haotian will have nothing to say, and the final Shenzhou will become a kindergarten-like place, and all powerful people will leave , he either succumbed, or he played with these children from Shenzhou every day.

“Then I’m leaving!!!” Haotian also understood that it was meaningless for him to stay here any longer.

He has to go back and discuss countermeasures with other experts in China.

Let’s talk later.

“If Haotianling has any other ideas after going back, you can also let me know at any time, and I will send someone to pick you up!!!” Obviously, Yandiling has completely grasped Haotian.

He saw through all Haotian’s thoughts.

No matter what kind of thoughts Haotian has next.

He has countermeasures.

All his actions have been predicted by Yandi Ling, so how can he resist?

“Don’t worry, I will definitely not let you down!!” Haotian said nothing more.

But he also expressed his attitude.

Next time he comes over, he will definitely have some countermeasures.

“Then I’ll wait for your arrival!!” said Yandiling.

Haotian returned to Shenzhou in this way.

He came back with everyone’s expectations.

But he came back alone.

At this moment, it is inside Haotian Hall.

People from all major forces are here.

“Haotianling, did something happen? Or do they have too many masters? At worst, we will fight them!!” They also understood that it was impossible for Haotian to come back by himself.


Haotian sighed.

“They were very polite and gave me the opportunity to ask the captured people if they would like to come back, but I didn’t go, because they definitely don’t want to come back!!” Haotian then explained what happened Say it again.

I heard Haotian say that.

Everyone fell silent.

“Is it really that good?” someone asked.

“It will only be better than what I said, and what I see is only the surface!!” Haotian said helplessly.

“If that’s the case, then there’s really no reason to bring the captured person back!!” The man said again.

“Now it’s not about the people who were taken away. Yan Diling expressed his attitude in my words. He wants to make Yanzhou the core of the three islands and ten states in the future, that is to say, including all of our Shenzhou. Master, they will come to win over in the future, if this continues, I am afraid that Shenzhou will really be over, and it will only become a subsidiary land in the end!!!” Haotian can already imagine what kind of scene it will be in the future.

Everyone fell silent.

They are all from China.

Although Yanzhou is better, they don’t want to really succumb to Yanzhou. In Shenzhou, they are all superior They are the overlords of Shenzhou, but they went to Yanzhou, What are they worth in Yanzhou?

Over there, we still have to start from scratch!

There are no resources.

Going to other people’s side, they have no backing, no background, if there is a conflict with the local power, the chance of dying in the end is even greater.

Available now.

The other party has already made things so obvious.

And what can they do?

“Why don’t you ask Mr. Xia!!!” someone suggested.

In everyone’s mind, as long as Xia Tian stepped forward, there would be nothing that could not be resolved, so they also expected Xia Tian to resolve this matter even more.


Haotian sighed, he felt really useless, obviously Xia Tian had given him so much.

Available now.

He still can’t solve the problem.

I still need to ask Xia Tian for help.

“Don’t think too much, everyone doesn’t mean that you are not doing well enough, but this time the enemy came prepared, we should ask more people to see if there is any other way, one more person , we will have a little more chance!!” Di Ling comforted.

“Don’t worry, I’m not a narrow-minded person, it’s just that I’ve been bothering Xia Tian, ​​I’m very embarrassed!!” Haotian explained.


“Then I’ll contact him. If this matter can’t be resolved, the fate of our Chinese people will be in jeopardy!!” Di Ling took out the communication talisman.

When everyone heard that summer would come.

Everyone cheered up.


In their hearts, Xia Tian is the only person who can solve the problem.


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