Almighty Student Chapter 2210: A strong alliance



The greedy wolf is a domineering man.


He has never really served anyone except Xia Xia. Even Xia Xia, he thinks that he must surpass him in the future.


“Crappy, the opportunity is given to you. If you don’t cherish it, then you will regret it later and you won’t have another chance!!” Zero Jiu said.


“It’s really sad to be like you, and you will come back and talk to me like this one day!!” Greedy Wolf was not polite at all.


Don’t show mercy to each other either.


His meaning is simple.


If you treat the other party as a dog, then at least you have to eat the bones that the other party gave you before running over to me to show your superiority.


However, Zero Jiu was not angry: “If it was me in the past, I would definitely be very angry, but now I am not the same as before.”


“That’s your business. You can do whatever you want.” Greedy Wolf despises this kind of person.


“Farewell!!!” Zero Jiu bowed his hands and left.


“These guys are really capable. They can be saved even if they die like that, and they can turn that arrogant guy into such an honest servant!!” Greedy Wolf is not surprised that the other party can be saved. zero nine.


He was surprised.


The kind of person who used to be aloof and trampled the entire Shenzhou under his feet, was able to be domesticated into a servant, and his temper became so gentle.


That’s the scariest thing.


” Greedy Wolf, Greedy Wolf!!” Nightmare sent a message to Greedy Wolf.


“What’s the matter in such a hurry?” Greedy Wolf rushed to Nightmare immediately.


“Did Zero find you?” Nightmare asked.


“After he saw my breakthrough to become a spirit, he found me!!!” Greedy Wolf explained.


“He also found me and seduced me with an ancient formation!!!” Nightmare said.


“What do you think?” Greedy Wolf naturally understands the importance of the ancient formation to the nightmare.


“Of course I won’t agree, but I recently investigated information about them, so I came to you. I’m worried that they will kill me if they find out!!” Nightmare reminded.


“I also investigated some, their organization is called Shenji!!!” Greedy Wolf explained.


“That’s right, it’s the magic machine.” Nightmare nodded.


“They seem to be all spirits!!!” said Greedy Wolf.


“You are right, they are all spirits, and there are already eight people in the three islands and ten states for the time being. They don’t want all spirits. They found the real emperor because the real emperor is a descendant of the ancient immortal race. , The body contains the secrets of the ancient fairyland. I came to me because I was the only one who could interpret the ancient formation. I also found you for some special reasons, but I don’t know what it is, but it is definitely not that simple, and I found that they can do whatever they can to achieve their goals. Since their team lacks people like us, if they can’t find a replacement, they will definitely try every means to subdue us!!!” Nightmare feared the most That’s it.


There are already eight spirits.


And definitely that kind of special spirit.


If they think about themselves, they’re in trouble.


“I said, if they don’t come to provoke me, I naturally won’t provoke them, but if they come to provoke me, I’m not easy to deal with!!!” Greedy Wolf has only known Xia Xia in his life. Too cowardly.


He has the same attitude towards everyone else.


Don’t look down on anyone.


“I know that you are spiritual and strong now, but those people are different. I have roughly investigated them. Those people’s background is not small, and each of them is the most elite existence. No less than you.” Nightmare also understood the arrogance of Greedy Wolf.


But the information he found was not simple.


At this point he took out a jade slip.


Handed the jade slip to Greedy Wolf: “Look for yourself. Among the eight people, I have investigated the identities of four people and what they have done recently!!!”




When Greedy Wolf saw the identities of the four people above, he was obviously stunned, and when he saw what he had done, he was even more dumbfounded.


“They killed spirits!!!” Greedy Wolf said in surprise.


“Yes, they once hunted and killed a spirit, but it was not an ordinary spirit, but a spirit of a beast, and it was a spirit with the bloodline of an ancient beast!!!” Nightmare said.


“What exactly do they want to do?” Greedy Wolf frowned.


“I don’t know this yet, but one thing is certain: they are definitely planning a big conspiracy. If the conspiracy of these eight people is successful, when the ancient fairyland returns, the eight of them will become very terrifying. existence.” Nightmare did not dare to investigate further after investigating some news.


He is worried that his investigation will affect the interests of the other party. In this case, the other party will definitely not let him go.


That would be dangerous.


“Nightmare, let’s work together, I’m talking about the kind that go into the world together!!!” Greedy Wolf looked at I can’t ask for it! ! “Nightmare is also very arrogant, and there are really not many people who can make him fancy.


Although he has met many friends along the way.


But none of these people can accompany him all the way down.


It is also impossible for him to forcefully go down together, because the opponent’s strength cannot be improved, and if he forcefully pulls the opponent, he is sending the opponent to death, and the enemies he encounters behind him will become stronger and stronger.


If there was a fight, it was to kill the brothers.


So he chose to leave.


“The two of us join forces, in this world, apart from summer, who else can make us lose!!!” Greedy Wolf stretched out his hand.


Nightmare stretches out her hand too.


The two clapped their hands together.


“Don’t talk about that pervert in summer.” Nightmare kept shaking his head when he mentioned summer.


He is also an arrogant person, but even he has to admit that Xia Xia is the one who keeps him from being arrogant forever.


The only one that made him admit that in every way surpassed his existence.


“He is indeed a pervert. He doesn’t pursue cultivation, and everything follows his fate. If he pursued cultivation wholeheartedly, he would already be a spirit, but once he becomes a spirit, his strength is simply beyond our imagination. !!” Greedy Wolf also sighed.


Although he has now become a spirit.


But he doesn’t think he can compete with Summer.


“Don’t compare with him, the two of us will deal with the magic machine first, and then we will follow in his footsteps!!!” Nightmare also felt that a person like Xia Xia was incomparable.


“God machine, here we come, let’s see if you kill our brothers first, or let us brothers figure out you first!!!” Greedy Wolf clenched his fists.


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