All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 5024: They know I am Feng Aotian (one hundred and twenty-nine)


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Qian Yan circulated his power and ruthlessly shattered the heart of the Lord Yao Xing.

The couple who had just come down collapsed and shouted, took out their weapons and rushed towards Qian Yan, looking to fight her desperately.

The body of the Yao Star God Lord slowly dissipated, and countless powers fell across the continent, nourishing the lives of the entire continent. Seeing this, Qian Yan was able to satisfy his curiosity.

Facing the two men who rushed towards them, she swung her sword at them.

I don’t know who they are.

Even if it has some relationship with the original owner, it happened in the original owner’s previous life. Does it have anything to do with this life?

The two couples who wanted to fight her frantically saw that she was like a murderous god, but they became frightened and did not dare to rush forward again, so they quickly dodged the sword light.

Qian Yan didn’t target them deliberately, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to hide.

“Lan Qianyan, it’s not enough for you to kill your biological brother. You actually want to kill your biological parents. You are indeed an evil god!” The man in the couple said, his expression was angry and frightened.

Qian Yan looked unconcerned: “Are you my parents? I have no impression. Don’t come here to identify relatives. Having said that, if the man who died just now was my biological brother, how could he deliberately plot against me? You Don’t you object? Even if there was some connection in the previous life, if I have been reincarnated and you want my life, the relationship will be severed.”

Maybe we were too sincere, but Qianyan actually heard our confession and found it annoying and noisy.

Qianyan is the evil **** who has always been active, but he is actually afraid of it. Xing Shenjun must really want to benefit Mowu Xiaolu, and he should have done it. Instead, he asked that question, at least because he wanted to scare people.

“Am I really dead?” Wen Mu walked down. I knew that the Star God Lord was very weak and that it was very unlikely that he would win, but I was also so nervous thinking that you would win.

People from all over Mowu Continent were silent after hearing those words.

If it is true as Yaolan Qianyan said before, Qi Rongbang is my sister, you may be the evil god. Yaolan Qianyan only revealed his identity at the critical moment of life and death. If he faced safety, he would probably always reveal his identity.

Before the crowd started discussing, these people who had helped Yaolan Qianyan resist the Star God Lord had sneaked away, and even went around looking for your idol to confess.

No one has turned pale with fear, even if we haven’t realized that Star God Lord is an evil god, we are still scared in our hearts.

Qian Yan does have plans to do something to Mowu Xiaolu, and the culprit will be solved through activities.

“Your evil god’s bad image has moved.” Qianyan’s voice spread everywhere, “Yaolan Qianyan said that Xiaolu will suffer disaster because of you. Are they afraid?”

Qian Yan nodded again.

The two of them still wanted to say something, at least say something, but when they saw the giant sword in Qian Yan’s hand and the look in her eyes, they put away their weapons and ran away slowly.

That scene was also seen by countless believers of Yaolan Qianyan. Originally, the believers’ faith collapsed. When they saw the seven people running so slowly, they understood that it was a fight between two gods, but a matter of the good **** destroying the evil god.

As for whether people in Mowu Xiaolu will believe in you in the future, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, it will be useful if you believe in it. You will give us any feedback.

With a slight movement of mind, these statues were exploded, scaring these people half to death.

Is Wen Mu a fool: “I still have my front hand?”

Qian Yan nodded: “The one who appeared is indeed dead.”

Seeing what the two of them were going to say, Qian Yan spoke up: “If you want to survive, it’s too late to run away. If you talk nonsense, I’ll kill you both.”

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