All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 4707: The Young Queen Mother (Seventy-one)


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“Get rid of all the useless things.”

Sooner or later…

He doesn’t believe that she doesn’t have any weaknesses, and he will be able to turn over one day.

Rongwang Mansion.

Qian Yan and Jiang Guhuai appeared in Chu Linyuan’s bedroom. She first applied Qian Ying’s acupoints and waited quietly for Chu Linyuan to wake up.

After a while, Chu Linyuan noticed something was wrong. He opened his eyes suddenly and saw two people sitting in his room. They were still drinking tea, looking very leisurely.

If this was not his bedroom, he would not have any objections.

When he saw clearly who those two people were, he couldn’t help but take a breath.

Chu Linyuan was not a fool, and he immediately understood that it was the emperor’s nephew who had drugged him and was discovered by the other party.

He slowly sat up and glanced at Qian Ying next to him. He noticed that she didn’t wake up at all. He quickly checked and found that Qian Ying had been tapped on her sleeping hole.

“I wonder why the Queen Mother came here?” Chu Linyuan had already stood up, facing Qian Yan, his body tense.

She didn’t call anyone, because she was too strong and calling people would have no effect.

Now it depends on what she wants to do.

“If the Queen Mother doesn’t care about what happened before, I will no longer interfere in any of your affairs in the future.” Chu Linyuan still tried to express his attitude.

He is actually a proud and arrogant person who has never bowed to anyone.

However, facing such a powerful person, he had to bow his head. If this test can be passed, he plans to take Qian Ying out for fun. As long as Yu Qianyan is in Daqian Palace for one day, he will not come back.

“What can you do if you interfere?” Qian Yan looked back and said this, making Chu Linyuan’s whole body filled with anger, but he could not refute even a single sentence.

She was right, even if he intervened there would be nothing he could do. A being as powerful as her can do whatever she wants.

Chu Linyuan felt a little regretful. He had known that he should not have gotten involved, and he did not expect that she could actually discover the existence of the medicine.

“I’m just here to repay a gift tonight. The Emperor’s Ai family has been returned to him, so I’m leaving you here.” Qian Yan took out a porcelain white medicine bottle.

Chu Linyuan’s face turned pale. She had indeed never taken him seriously.

“The emperor drinks it himself, what about you? Do you want to drink it yourself, or do you want Aijia to feed you.”

Jiang Guhuai glanced at Chu Linyuan and whispered to Qian Yan, “Leave it to me to feed him.”

Chu Linyuan couldn’t help but glance at Jiang Guhuai. He was suffering so much here, and this guy was still jealous.

He didn’t want to be fed poison by her.

Like Chu Mochen, Chu Linyuan also chose to be more decent and drank the medicine bottle himself.

After Qian Yan and Jiang Guhuai observed the changes in his body, they disappeared into the night, leaving a slumped-looking Chu Linyuan sitting by the window in a daze.

Without his martial arts, he would have to think twice before going on a trip. What’s more, he still had Qian Ying. Without his martial arts, he would not have the confidence to bring many people with him.

In fact, they have another card, the National Master.

The emperor’s nephew has probably thought that he would ask the national master to take action. He can no longer participate in these matters, so it is better to wait for the Imperial Master to arrive in Beijing.

He actually got a taste of Yu Qianyan’s temperament. As long as he doesn’t provoke him, there shouldn’t be any danger.

Looking at Qian Ying sleeping peacefully, Chu Linyuan’s inner joy was basically washed away because he had just gotten married. He took out the wine bottle and drank while looking at the night.

I always feel that I shouldn’t go against her.

He had a feeling that even if the national master came, he would not have a good chance of winning. The days have returned to the past, with Chu Mochen and Chu Linyuan seemingly unchanged.

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