Accel World (先飞看刀) Chapter 1: I’m just a delivery guy!


Night view of Luofeng City.

A city made of steel is like a monster with criss-crossed teeth. There are tall buildings rising from the ground, and rows of square lights are inlaid in the dim night.

In a secluded place in the city, there are abandoned buildings on both sides that are about to be demolished. On the avenue about ten meters wide, there are no people. The light was not too bright, and the light bulb on one of the lamp posts, because it had not been cared for for a long time, flickered and made a “sizzling” sound.

A beautiful figure walked forward under the bad light. The girl was wearing a jasper red skirt, with a slender waist and elegant appearance, as if she had stepped out of a painting.

Standing in the middle of the street, the flickering, sparkling spar-powered light finally snapped and could no longer be lit. Only in front of her, there was still a lamp post burning, casting a slender shadow behind her.

Exquisite face, the corner of her mouth overflowed with a cold but beautiful arc, her voice, although a little cold, was as sweet as an oriole: “Still coming out?”

The sweet laughter that resounded through the entire street sounded from above.

Blue lightning crackled and flickered between the buildings on both sides, like criss-crossing fire snakes. A girl of about the same age was spinning and falling obliquely above her, holding a delicate folding fan in her hand, wearing a goose yellow waist skirt in the style of Western aristocrats, and her long hair was curled into a spiral at the tip.

“Since you’ve already arrived, don’t pose here. This boring way of acting is as boring as your taste!” The girl in the jasper red skirt said coldly.

The girl in the light yellow waist skirt landed on the ground, danced the exquisite folding fan and twirled it gracefully, and laughed, not to be outdone: “What age is this, and you still dress like this, what do you know?” Outdated antiques called trendy.”

The eyes of the two intertwined in an instant, as if sparks collided in the air between each other.

“Nie Chengyan!” The girl in the goose-yellow waist skirt flicked a folding fan in her hand, and lightning gathered around her body, “Tonight, I want to let you know that compared to my ‘Thunder God’s Purple Mansion’, you are so pitiful.” The escape method is not worth mentioning at all.”

The girl in the jasper red skirt, named Nie Chengyan, made more and more mockery at the corner of her mouth: “Except for the louder name, your Su family’s ‘Thunder God Purple Mansion’ can’t be compared to my ‘Flower Dance'” ?”

“Speak as if you beat me!”

“Each each other!”

The spark formed by the intertwined eyes of the two people further expanded: “Tonight, I will let you know how powerful I am!”

The two who decided to really decide the winner before the start of school launched their own escape methods at the same time. The girl in the goose-yellow waist skirt emitted a strong light from her body, the strong light was like a monster with a bear body and a snake tail, and the white tail was curled into a ball, which was the appearance of a thunder beast. The Thunder Beast further emitted electric light with a faint rumbling sound, crackling and crackling, forming a huge beautiful light ball containing streaks of purple lightning.

The girl called Nie Chengyan did not show any weakness. First, the gust of wind blew countless leaves and danced around her densely. Amidst the sound of rushing, the wind and leaves mixed together and turned into thousands of colorful flying flowers. . Different from the powerful enemy on the opposite side, “Thunder God’s Purple Mansion” belongs to the divine escape in the nine escapes, and her “Flower Dance” is a combination of wind escape and cloud escape.

Crack! Behind the girl in the goose yellow waist skirt, the lamp post that could continue to work, seemed to have something exploded inside, and after the sound of firecrackers, the light bulb on the post went out directly.

The purple lightning light ball and the colorful flower clusters are constantly expanding, and when they collide with each other, they arouse the air into black chains. The abandoned high-rise buildings on both sides are illuminated by the light emitted by the escape method, and the rows of dust-covered windows reflect purple-white light and shadow, like many skylights opened in the night.

The girl in the jasper red skirt called Nie Chengyan had a mysterious smile on her lips: “Wait a minute!” She took out her phone and put it to her ear: “Wen Jiaoao restaurant? Send a takeaway here, um, set meal two, Send it to Taibao Street!” After explaining, put away the phone.

“Are you still in the mood to order takeaway at this time?” The girl in the purple thunder said sullenly.

“It’s called self-confidence,” the girl from Ruqun pretended to be indifferent, “I will be the last one standing here. After finishing work, I just went back to bed after eating supper. As for you, you will be sent to the hospital anyway. , I won’t call for you.”

The other party’s disdainful tone made the girl in the goose yellow waist skirt even more angry: “You are the one who yelled for nothing. It seems that your fast food is going to be sent to the hospital.” With a cold snort, she also took out After the phone was connected, she said gracefully: “Wen Jiaoao Restaurant? Send a takeaway here. The set meal is six, and the large portion is also delivered to Taibao Street!”

Putting away the phone, he snorted arrogantly: “Hmph, don’t worry, this lady will not only call an ambulance for you, but also help you pay for your part, it’s a pity that you don’t have a chance to eat it. “

Still an idiot! Nie Chengyan evaluated silently in his heart.

She knew that the girl in the goose yellow waist skirt, “Thunder God’s Purple Mansion” was more powerful than her “Flower Dance”, but the stamina was weaker. It’s very important, so I used the other party’s easily stimulated personality to trick the other party into calling her on the mobile phone together. Her “Flower Dance” is a combination of Fengdun and Yundun. The process of talking on the mobile phone has no effect on the power of the spell, but the opponent’s “Thunder God’s Purple Mansion” is different.

Sure enough, in the process of calling the other party, in order to prevent the phone from being destroyed by the spell with lightning as the external manifestation, the girl in the purple lightning subconsciously allocated part of her energy to protect the phone. Weakened a little.

The Ruqun girl, who had succeeded in her scheme, secretly rejoiced, but her face still showed a cold and mocking look.

The two began to circle in circles while staring at each other with hostility. Zidian and Feihua rose further, and it was fortunate that they deliberately chose such a remote place and such a quiet night; The duel of spells will definitely attract the attention of an unknown number of people.

Bang bang bang bang bang!

The glass of the tall buildings on both sides shattered at the same time, exploding countless fragments, like firecrackers being ignited. In the impact of the lightning ball and the colorful flower clusters, it is like a flattened 3D image, blowing out lightning and spraying out flower shadows.

In the collision of light and flowers, the two girls were approaching quickly, raised their firm fists, and punched each other with their respective energies. This will be an earth-shattering battle, this will be a duel that is about to cause a sensation in Jiangmei City, this is a symphony of fate that meets opponents but finally decides the winner, they have even seen the opponent fall at their feet, That blood-boiling feeling.

“The takeaway is here!” A loud cry suddenly rang out above their heads.

Originally thought that apart from them, no one else would appear at this time. A cry came from the crackling sound caused by the escape method, and the chain reaction caused by the breakthrough of the magic method made them feel a strong sense of crisis. They all raised their heads at the same time, and then saw a figure that seemed to fly from outside the sky. , quickly approaching them.

The purple lightning from “Thunder God’s Purple Mansion” and “Flower Dance” scurry between the two abandoned buildings, and beautiful flowers dance between the electricity. A small figure rushed in from the gap between the corners of the building with a black comet tail, “embedded” in the dreamlike scene between the flowers and the electricity.

“What’s the matter? Why is there so much electricity? Who is throwing flowers here? Oh, oh, the electricity is here, the electricity is here, it hurts, it hurts!” The boy with a childish voice screamed.

The forcibly interrupted technique caused the energy to dissipate, and the chain of electric light snapped, leaving only streaks of afterglow on the walls of the building. The out-of-control petals fell all over the sky, and were blown away by the wind brought by the little figure flying through the sky.

Among the scattered flowers and residual electricity, there is a boy who is only twelve or thirteen years old at most, holding a food box in each of his left and right hands. The shattered glass crashed down, but the moment the petals touched the ground, they disappeared like a dream.

“The takeaway…the takeaway is here! Where is the person? Why is there no one? Hey, is there anyone? The takeaway you ordered has arrived!” The boy looked around suspiciously, but he didn’t see anyone. He shouted twice , until there was a grunting sound of gnashing teeth under his feet, he looked down and said in surprise: “Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

Under his feet, one on the left and one on the right, were stepping on the faces of two young girls.

The boy jumped away hastily. In front of him, the girl in the jasper red skirt and the goose yellow waist skirt sat up side by side, each with footprints on their faces.

They stared at this little boy who was at least three or four years younger than them, and they were about to burst into flames.

The boy raised the food box in his hand: “Is this… you called it?”

The next moment, on the intersecting streets of the city, a boy was running desperately with a food box in his left and right hands. Behind him, lightning, thunder and rumbling, and viburnum flowers and leaves rattling, kept bombarding him. In the furious pursuit of the two schoolgirls, the boy’s legs flew fast and he exclaimed, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it… Help me, I’m just a delivery man!”

This…is the first day of our protagonist, a little delivery boy, in an ordinary yet strange city called Luocheng City…


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